German Dissidents Outsource Their Dissent to Switzerland

Dissent against the multicultural orthodoxy of Chancellor Angela Merkel and the German political establishment is being increasingly suppressed, so much so that a group of German dissidents was forced to publish an ad in a Swiss newspaper, since almost no German paper would accept it.

The following article from Berlin Journal was published earlier at Vlad Tepes in a slightly different form. Many thanks to Egri Nök for the translation.

Michael Müller — April 26 2016

Citizens place advertisement against Merkel in Switzerland

Page 2 of the Neue Züricher Zeitung on Monday shows a half-page advertisement with the title “Merkel still cheating. How long will this continue?” The authors criticise Merkel sharply. The German chancellor is portrayed as a smiling shell-game player

[Translator’s note: This type of play is illegal in Germany].

The advertisement in the Swiss daily cost more than 16,000 Swiss francs [$16,000].

It is not aimed at a Swiss audience, but a German one. The NZZ is widely read in Germany, too. The text of the ad obviously aims at German citizens:

Merkel cheats on!

For how long?

This is what the scam looks like:

With the EU-Turkey Treaty, Chancellor Merkel tries to convince us that she has got mass immigration into Germany under control. But the facts show: the Turkey Treaty is a sleight of hand.

1.   For every illegal Syrian refugee who is sent back from the EU to Turkey, a recognized Syrian refugee can enter the EU and therefore Germany, as most EU countries do not accept unlimited quantities of refugees. In other words: the illegal migration is rechristened into a legal migration —mass immigration into Germany remains consistently high.
2.   For this rechristening, EU citizens have to pay €20 million per month!
3.   As a “thank you” for taking them back, Turkey put the EU over a barrel and achieved visa freedom for Turkish citizens at the end of this year, at the latest.

More than 74 million Turks can come to Germany without any visa at all. The consequences? Bavarian Minister of Finance Söder warns of a Kurdish mass immigration, and the renowned criminologist Christian Pfeiffer calls this treaty a “monumental stupidity”, because freedom of movement could start “a wave of illegal mass immigration”.

4.   For this “monumental stupidity” the EU taxpayers have to send €6 billion to Turkey until the end 2018, to a country that tramples under its feet human rights, freedom of opinion, and freedom of the press.

Therefore we ask YOU to sign our appeal against the “Merkelian Welcome Culture” at

The Association for the Preservation of Law and Civil Liberty is behind the advertisement. Why did this German group place their advertisement in a Swiss newspaper?

The media businessman Josef Konrad answers an enquiry by Blick:

“Except for the Hannoversche Zeitung, all major newspapers in Germany refused to print this ad.” The NZZ-ad was fully funded by donations from supporters. But they do not plan further ads in Swiss media.

About 3,500 people have already signed “No” to the “Merkelian Welcome Culture”. Now they hope to find more signatures through the NZZ advertisement “Merkel cheats on!”.

The names of those behind the association still remain a mystery. The media businessman Josef Konrad says his cooperation with the association was only temporary, and he has no connections to the association.

“The founders and members of the association currently do not wish to appear in public or to be named,” says Josef Konrad, who is a member of AfD Bavaria [Alternative für Deutschland, Alternative for Germany]. It is a “loose coalition of concerned citizens from Germany”.

21 thoughts on “German Dissidents Outsource Their Dissent to Switzerland

  1. That the media and their owners would refuse to take ads in this regard is no surprise. They frequently censor by this means. In the 1990s, (supposedly conservative) Australian PM John Howard suddenly announced a nationwide ban on broad classes of hitherto unlicensed firearms used by many thousands of law abiding citizens. Various sporting shooters organisations tried to place newspaper advertisements opposing the ban. The ad bookings were refused – ‘space not available’. Some were booked successfully by individuals acting for the sporting shooters but when copy or art was received and the nature of the ads became clear, the publications suddenly found they’d ‘accidentally double booked’ the space.

    • When did Germany EVER provide freedom of speech? It is far different to tolerate something than it is to permit it. Remember always that progressive governments keep many, many laws on the books that go unenforced and often forgotten so that when they identify an enemy of the state they have some existing statute upon which to prosecute. It happens in the US, and I predict we will see the practice increase in frequency.

      • Rick said: “…When did Germany EVER provide freedom of speech?…”

        One of many instances was, more recent, in 1917, when the Russians surrendered and the evil Germans forced those horrible conditions on the poor Russians, namely:

        Free votes for all Baltic countries
        Free voting for Poland
        Free voting for the Ukraine
        Free voting for Belorussia

        Whoughh – those evil Germans! Fortunately the Americans came to the rescue and changed all that. What a relieve for those peoples… The war could thus go on till 1918, and as result the ‘treaty’ of Versailles caused the metamorphosis of … some guy … what’s his name? Oh yeah, Alois Schicklegruber. He was so happy about it — he even changed his name.

        The hilarious part is of course that NATO is now were those evil, menacing, stupid, backward Germans were in 1917. No not really, the Russians had surrendered to the Germans.

        That’s it! All you have to do is tell Putin how stupid, backward and evil those Germans are, and he will surrender to you. Given your smartness and wisdom, what else could he do?

        Gosh, aren’t you smart!
        (wonder how much, if not all, will be redacted)

        • Strictly speaking, Alois Schicklgruber was Adolf Hitler’s father. Alois Sr. had a son, Alois Jr., who was Adolf’s elder brother. Contrary to popular legend, Adolf Hitler never went by the name Schicklgruber — his father legally changed his name long before Adolf was born.

          • That certainly is news to me. I obtained a copy of ‘Mein Kampf’ (English) from WH Smith. Within which he stated that he himself changed his name because he wanted something that sounded ‘snappier’.

            I realize there are ongoing disputes about the translation(s) of his book, I do not know who translated the copy which I had. It was about 30 years ago, and I threw it away after reading. Nothing one wants to ‘hang on to’.

            Given what you said, I did some quick ‘research’. You could well be right, what speaks in favor of your argument or confirms your statement is the following:


            Hitler’s nephew:
            Hitler’s Nephew:

            So I seem to stand corrected in that respect. Goes to show what to think of translations, or at least some of these.

          • The rumor that Adolf Hitler had changed his name from Schicklgruber was widespread. But the historical documentation is clear: Alois Hitler, Adolf’s father, was given the surname Schickelgruber when he was born. He was illegitimate, and it was his mother’s name. His mother married when he was small, and his stepfather’s name was Hiedler. Many years later, but before Adolf was born, Alois changed his name legally to Hitler, after his stepfather. No one really knows how the spelling got changed.

            Alois Hitler Jr. was Adolf’s elder brother, the father of William Patrick Stuart-Houston (whose surname was originally Hitler).

  2. Mass migration into Germany of Muslims worries me. I am 1/4 German and hate to see the destruction of the culture of one of my ancestral lands. A good YouTube that sums up the fate of Germany is: What Islam is Not. I wish Gatesofvienna would post this YouTube, unless you already have–???

    • Unfortunately, German politicians believe that that Germany has to educate imams, otherwise the integration will fail! Turkey is forwarding Islam in Germany. The following article from “Die Welt” is for German-speaking only:

      CSU fordert Islam-Gesetz für Deutschland

      A very sad situation indeed!

  3. This reminds me of hardly a sentence or two in a history of the SS. (It may have been this one.) It recounted simply that certain lawyers early in the Nationalist Socialist regime sought to challenge some of the detentions, then not at all lethal and of short duration I believe. They had no idea of what they were dealing with and innocently assumed that the substance of German civilization lived on despite certain “surface” political changes.

    No equivalence is suggested here between Merkelism etc., etc. In fact, the contemporary plague appears to be sui generis, though with harmonic vibrations from communism and ultra-leftist nihilism. The glaringly undemocratic nature of the E.U., the vicious prosecution of free speech in the member states, and the loathsome, Orwellian lies of senior E.U. officials (prime example here) are proof positive that the stain that has spread over Europe is similarly not appreciated by people who believe that old values can, if not exactly dominate, be appealed to still.

  4. If you ever read Stanley Milgram Obedience experiment. He was American social psychologist. When this experiment run in Germany, astonishing 80% of subjects would follow authorities directives, even knowing it will hurt seriously the “learner”.Just as I believe not all Germans were Nazis, but it is that AGENTIC personalities, who just follow
    authorities ,even knowing its wrong. Thats what happened with following Nazis and now Merkel. You can see, even her own party members are scare to oppose her.
    Technicaly Gemany never had freedom of speech. Not in past, not now.
    All this Merkels invitation immigrants is Nazi driven quilt. But again, she never consulted any other country, never consulted her own people. Just “We shafen wir” that’s it.Basically saying:We can do it!Just shut up and follow.
    And we are again in the beginning. Obedience experiment, so controversial, but so true.Showing again Germans biggest weakness: OBEDIENCE AND ARROGANCE.

  5. Just look around at all the kill-destroy-virgin rape-you name it booty opportunities in Western Europe. The all-for-allah brigades of Mohammedans have a dream. Things should really take off at critical mass whenever or whatever that turns out to be. You can only do so much car burning before it gets odd. Condidering all the other opportunities that abound for creation of murder and mayhem in response to Kufar mental masturbation. Who could even have imagined anything so stupid and self destructive as a bunch of clever Dick nations opening their borders and their virgins to all and sundry in the Muslim pit just one stop away from Hell.

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