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A court ruling in Papua New Guinea has denied Australia the right to continue holding asylum seekers at the Manus Island detention center, and Prime Minister Peter O’Neill of PNG has promised to close the center. Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull is adamant that the detainees will not be allowed to enter Australia.

In other news, a Muslim husband and wife originally from Bangladesh were murdered in their home in San Jose, California. A mysterious and chilling message was left scrawled in ink on the floor next to their bodies.

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Financial Crisis
» America’s Millennial Dream: Making 20% Less & Drowning in Debt
» Did Goldman Sachs’ Latest Move Into Main Street Banking Just Give US a Warning About the Coming Financial Crisis?
» Economy in Decline: Apple Reports Massive Revenue +Decline as iPhone Sales Plummet Dramatically
» Saudis and the Dying Petrodollar: “the Global Economic Reset Has Begun”
» 13-Year-Old With ‘Replica’ Weapon Shot by Police in East Baltimore
» Anti-Trump Protester Pepper Sprays Little Girls in the Face
» California Couple Found Slain in Home Next to Eerie Message
» Department of Justice: Title IX Requires Violating First Amendment
» Lena Dunham Promises to Leave the Country if Trump Elected, Trump Responds: ‘Now I Have to Win!’
» Stephen Hayes: GOP Elites Will Look for 3rd Party Candidate if Cruz Can’t Win Indiana (Video)
» When Government Comes Calling, What Can You Do?
Europe and the EU
» Italian Life Expectancy Falls for First Time
» Paris Terror Suspect Salah Abdeslam is a ‘Moron From Molenbeek’ With ‘The Intelligence of an Ashtray’
» UK: Lincolnshire Nursery is Downgraded by Ofsted for Failing to Teach Ethnic Diversity
North Africa
» Italy Likely to Provide Bulk of 200-300-Troop Libya Mission
» Australia: Manus Court Ruling: Peter Dutton Holds the Line on Refugees
» Boat Invasion Surges as Merkel-Turkey Deal Flops
» Hungary PM Viktor Orban Says Constitution Bans “Islamization” of Country
» Manus Island Detention: Malcolm Turnbull Warns Australians Against Being ‘Misty-Eyed’ On Immigration Policy
Culture Wars
» Believing in Two Genders is a ‘Hate Crime’ Under Police Investigation at Catholic College
» Convicted Sex Offender Leads Transgender Rights Effort in North Carolina
» Lutheran Leader Claims Jesus Was a Hermaphrodite
» Shocking Undercover Video Shows How Target Really Feels About Men in Girls Bathrooms

America’s Millennial Dream: Making 20% Less & Drowning in Debt

In summary, people from 18-34 are going to college, getting into debt, entering into the workforce at minimum wage, and living with their parents. The very definition of the American dream isn’t it? Imagine if Obama hadn’t saved the world’s economy, as he so humbly said he did.

Of course all of this speaks to what we discuss repeatedly on Zero Hedge. The economy is weak, the only jobs being created are primarily waiter and bartender jobs, and the fed is fueling a enormous student loan credit bubble. Now, courtesy of years of mismanaged policies and incompetence, millennials have do face the consequences directly.

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Did Goldman Sachs’ Latest Move Into Main Street Banking Just Give US a Warning About the Coming Financial Crisis?

If there were ever a signal that large investment banks may be preparing for financial crisis and that they’ ll be using your money to bail themselves out when it hits, this could be it.

According to a new report from the Financial Times via The Daily Star, mega-banking giant Goldman Sachs is now getting into the retail banking business and looking for more depositors to help fund their operations. The bank has reportedly “ been under pressure to develop new streams of funding” after posting lower than usual equity returns in the first quarter of 2016. In response, Goldman recently acquired a portfolio of 145,000 retail depositors from GE Capital totaling some $16 billion in deposits.

Goldman now intends to aggressively pursue retail depositors whose accounts they will then tap to help fund their investing and trading operations:…

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Economy in Decline: Apple Reports Massive Revenue Decline as iPhone Sales Plummet Dramatically

Corporate revenues in the United States have been falling for quite some time, but now some of the biggest companies in the entire nation are reporting extremely disappointing results. On Tuesday, Apple shocked the financial world by reporting that revenue for the first quarter had fallen 7.4 billion dollars compared to the same quarter last year. That is an astounding plunge, and it represents the very first year-over-year quarterly sales decline that Apple has experienced since 2003. Analysts were anticipating some sort of drop, but nothing like this. And of course last week we learned that Google and Microsoft also missed revenue and earnings projections for the first quarter of 2016. The economic crisis that began during the second half of 2015 is really starting to take hold, and even our largest tech companies are now feeling the pain.

This wasn’ t supposed to happen to Apple. No matter what else has been going on with the U.S. economy, Apple has always been unshakeable. Even during the last recession we never saw a year-over-year decline like this…

Apple today announced financial results for the second fiscal quarter (first calendar quarter) of 2016. For the quarter, Apple posted revenue of $50.6 billion and net quarterly profit of $10.5 billion, or $1.90 per diluted share, compared to revenue of $58 billion and net quarterly profit of $13.6 billion, or $2.33 per diluted share, in the year-ago quarter. As expected, the year-over-year decline in quarterly revenue was the first for Apple since 2003.

I think that this announcement by Apple is waking a lot of people up. The global economic slowdown is real, and we can see this in iPhone sales. During the first quarter, Apple sold 16 percent fewer iPhones than it did during the same quarter in 2015. This is the very first year-over-year quarterly sales decline for the iPhone ever. Here are some of the specific sales figures from the Apple announcement…

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Saudis and the Dying Petrodollar: “the Global Economic Reset Has Begun”

US Dollars as toilet paper

This article was written by Brandon Smith and originally published at his Alt-Market website.

Editor’ s Comment: As Brandon Smith makes eloquent in this article, a global showdown is looming, and the long-standing alliance between the United States and Saudi Arabia is likely to be broken, as self-interest drives new alliances in the era of global SDR currencies, and the end of the dollar’ s special status on the world market.

Oil prices have been deliberately skewed to a level that would disrupt entire nations, and test markets while a flood of resources is pulling out the safety net and things grind to a halt. As these events unfold in the near future, much of the ample corrupt between the Saudis and the secret government wing of the U.S. government is likely to surface… and there is much evil and misdeeds to draw from.

One More Casualty Of The 9/11 Farce — The Petrodollar

by Brandon Smith

It’s been about 15 years now since passenger airliners struck the World Trade Center towers on 9/11, and we are still suffering the consequences of that day, though perhaps not in the ways many Americans might believe.

The 9/11 attacks were billed by the Bush Administration as a “wake-up call” for the U.S., and neocons called it the new Pearl Harbor. But instead of it being an awaking, the American public was led further into blind ignorance. The event launched wars throughout the Middle East, energized by a strike-first doctrine which was supposed to bring unprecedented “democracy” to the region. Instead, the Middle East has now become as unstable as it was during WWII.

The penchant for Western governments to fund and train terrorist groups is now verifiable mainstream fact rather than being considered “conspiracy theory” as was the common accusation back in 2001. Pentagon papers outlining support for the formation of ISIS are available for anyone to read. The only disconnect that the public still seems to suffer from is that orthodox Republicans fail to recognize that the support for Islamic terrorism has been just as prevalent under Republican presidents (al-Qaeda) as it has been under Barack Obama. And, Democrats refuse to recognize that Barack Obama has been guilty of all the same criminal foreign policies they used to protest under George W. Bush.


There have also been numerous socio-political consequences post-9/11, including an ever expanding police state mentality which is reaching critical mass. The inevitable outcome will be open totalitarianism in the name of security, and rebellion in response.

Clearly, after 15 years of disastrous policy, it is time to admit that the U.S. response to 9/11 has damaged us far more than the actual attacks ever could.

Many of us in the liberty movement have studied the circumstances surrounding 9/11 extensively, including evidence indicating either government complicity in the attacks, or outright participation. Such a discussion is beyond the scope of this particular article, but I highly recommend anyone skeptical of U.S. government involvement in 9/11 look into the scientific data collected by Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth and see if your assumptions are not rattled…

As I outlined in my article “The global economic reset has begun,” the U.S. economy has been protected since the credit crisis of 2008 by three pillars, and each of these pillars is now being systematically demolished.

The first pillar was fiat stimulus and quantitative easing. This pillar was removed through the Federal Reserve’s taper program.

The second pillar was the use of near-zero interest rates to funnel cheap or free money through overnight loans to banks and corporations which they then used in a long cycle of stock buybacks. This pillar is now being removed through interest rate hikes by the Fed, and stock buybacks will be dead before 2016 is over.

The third and final pillar holding up the U.S. economy is the dollar’s world reserve status — the dominance of the dollar around the world as the primary currency used in international trade.

[Comment: Globalists planned and are implementing this world economic collapse.]

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13-Year-Old With ‘Replica’ Weapon Shot by Police in East Baltimore

A 13-year-old boy was shot by Baltimore Police officers in East Baltimore who said he was carrying a “replica” weapon, Police Commissioner Kevin Davis said Wednesday evening.

Police said two detectives saw the youth with what looked like a firearm and gave chase. One of the officers fired, wounding the boy. His injuries were not considered life-threatening, police said.

The crime scene was in the area of the 1100 block of E. Baltimore St., near the McKim youth center and basketball courts. The street is closed from Lloyd Street to N. Central Avenue.

Davis said he had “no reason to believe that these officers acted inappropriately in any way,” saying the officers did not know whether the weapon was a gun or a replica.

Davis also confirmed that the boy’s mother was taken in for questioning. He told reporters at the scene that “she knew” that he had left their home with the replica weapon…

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Anti-Trump Protester Pepper Sprays Little Girls in the Face

An anti-Trump protester pepper sprayed a group of Trump supporters, including two little girls, during a confrontation outside Ahaheim City Hall yesterday.

Trump supporters and anti-Trump demonstrators clashed as the City Council debated whether to pass a resolution condemning the Trump campaign.

However, the only individual worthy of condemnation was a man wielding a hand-held pepper-spray device which he used to incapacitate five people, including two girls aged 8 and 11, before fleeing the scene.

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California Couple Found Slain in Home Next to Eerie Message

A couple was found slain in their San Jose, Calif., home Sunday next to a message written on the floor saying “Sorry, my first kill was clumsy,” according to reports.

Police officers discovered the bodies of Golam Rabbi, 59, and his wife Shamima Rabbi, 57, at 1:47 p.m. Sunday, according to the San Jose Police Department. Both had been shot at least once, and homicide investigators are trying to find their eldest son.

“At this time he is not considered a suspect but may have information regarding this incident,” San Jose Police spokesman Albert Morales said in a statement Tuesday night.


The eldest son of Golam Rabbi, 59, and his wife Shamima Rabbi, 57, is wanted for questioning in their deaths, police in San Jose, Calif., said Tuesday.

Witnesses who entered the home in the Quimby area looking for the Rabbis after they hadn’t been heard from or seen several days told KGO-TV they found the message scrawled in ink on the hardwood floor next to the slain couple.

Morales didn’t confirm or deny the eerie message, but he said detectives believe whoever killed the Rabbis was familiar to them rather than a random murderer.

The Rabbis are survived by two sons, one 17 years old and one in his 20s. Police said they have spoken with the younger son but the older one is wanted for questioning.

Police said the couple was found slain in their home in the Quimby area of San Jose on Sunday afternoon.

“Our homicide investigators are working diligently to try and conduct a thorough and complete investigation, so that we may bring closure to this horrible crime and provide answers,” Morales said.

Fellow members of the Evergreen Islamic Center knew Golam Rabbi, an engineer, and Shamima Rabbi, an accountant, as humble people who moved to America from Bangladesh 30 years ago, Evergreen spokesman Dr. Hasan Rahim told the Daily News…

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Department of Justice: Title IX Requires Violating First Amendment

WASHINGTON, April 25, 2016—The Department of Justice now interprets Title IX to require colleges and universities to violate the First Amendment.

In an April 22 findings letter concluding its investigation into the University of New Mexico’s policies and practices regarding sex discrimination, the Department of Justice (DOJ) found the university improperly defined sexual harassment. DOJ flatly declared that “[u]nwelcome conduct of a sexual nature”—including “verbal conduct”—is sexual harassment “regardless of whether it causes a hostile environment or is quid pro quo.”

To comply with Title IX, DOJ states that a college or university “carries the responsibility to investigate” all speech of a sexual nature that someone subjectively finds unwelcome, even if that speech is protected by the First Amendment or an institution’s promises of free speech.

“The Department of Justice has put universities in an impossible position: violate the Constitution or risk losing federal funding,” said Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE) President & CEO Greg Lukianoff. “The federal government’s push for a national speech code is at odds with decades of legal precedent. University presidents must find the courage to stand up to this federal overreach.”

The shockingly broad conception of sexual harassment mandated by DOJ all but guarantees that colleges and universities nationwide will subject students and faculty to months-long investigations—or worse—for protected speech. In recent years, unjust “sexual harassment” investigations into protected student and faculty speech have generated national headlines and widespread concern. Examples include:…

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Lena Dunham Promises to Leave the Country if Trump Elected, Trump Responds: ‘Now I Have to Win!’

Frequently naked TV actor and horrific human being, Lena Dunham, is worried. Donald Trump is running for President and, if he wins, it will spark a global catastrophe or something. Honestly, we’re not entirely sure what she thinks is going to happen, and we don’t really care. She’s deep in the tank for Hillary, so it’s a safe bet she harbors the same fears about anyone who would dare usurp her chosen queen. Because of her deep-seated fears, she’s joined a growing list of Hollywood leftists who are incentivizing a Trump presidency by promising to leave the United States if he’s elected. Trump promises he’ll do his best to help them pack.

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Stephen Hayes: GOP Elites Will Look for 3rd Party Candidate if Cruz Can’t Win Indiana (Video)

Here we go…

Establishment Republican and Never-Trumper Stephen Hayes from the anti-Trump Weekly Standard was having a difficult time Tuesday night after Donald Trump won all five east coast primaries by huge margins.

Steve says GOP elites will look for a third party candidate if Cruz cannot defeat Trump in Indiana next week.

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When Government Comes Calling, What Can You Do?

As far as preserving, protecting and defending the American citizen’s individual, unalienable rights, government has failed miserably. What’s even worse, the federal government and many state and local governments have become the ENEMY of the people. (See “Why Government Is Your Enemy”) Government has passed so many laws, local, state and federal, you can’t open a cupboard door without violating one or more of them.

It follows then, that if government passes a law, government has to have a means to enforce the law. This gives rise to an explosion of code and law enforcement personnel to enforce millions of laws, about which the average citizen knows nothing. These government-employed code enforcement people fan out across the land looking for violations of their precious codes, regulations, restrictions and ordinances. Besides local code enforcement personnel, we have OSHA, ATF, FBI, IRS, Fish and Wildlife, BLM, EPA, Army Corps of Engineers and a whole host of other local, state and federal bureaucracies all having a say in how you live and what you do. We have arrived at a police state.

With so many laws, the people have turned into snitches if their neighbor should be doing something they don’t like. Rather than approaching the neighbor and resolving the issue in person, they turn the neighbor into your favorite Heinz 57 variety code enforcement officer, state or federal, who then comes out and harasses you, even if the alleged infraction doesn’t exist.

These taxpayer-paid code enforcement officers show up un-announced, trespass on your land, question your kids to get free information, take pictures for their file and can generally make your life miserable. Fail to respond to their notices of violations and they will get a court order to force you to comply and then fine the hell out of you. It makes no difference how inane or insane the regulation or ordinance might be. But when they do visit you, they seem to always find an infraction for which to fine you in their never-ending quest for more of your money. You have to prove your innocence at great expense. And if you want to confront your accuser, which supposedly is every American’s right, code enforcement won’t reveal the snitch. We know because we have tried.

This has led to almost every American citizen being deathly afraid of their government. Rather than rising up and confronting the bully, like Americans used to do, they now either lay low, or hide in the shadows, hoping they won’t be the next victim of an abusive, all-powerful, government employee, who is itching to fine them or throw them in jail.

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Italian Life Expectancy Falls for First Time

Drop in all regions, lack of prevention blamed

(ANSA) — Rome, April 26 — Italian people’s life expectancy has fallen for the first time, according to a report presented on Tuesday. Walter Ricciardi, Director of the Regional Health Observatory (Osservatorio sulla Salute delle Regioni) that prepared the report, said life expectancy was 80.1 years for men and 84.7 years for women in 2015. In 2014 life expectancy at birth was 80.3 years for men and 85 years for women. The Osservasalute report said the life-expectancy fall held for all of Italy’s regions and blamed this on a lack of preventive medicine. The autonomous province of Trento is the part of Italy with the highest life expectancy — 81.3 years for men and 86.1 years for women. The region of Campania has the lowest — 78.5 years for men and 83.3 for women. The report said that, according to 2012 data, ischemic heart problems were the prime cause of death, provoking 12% of the total, followed by cerebrovascular problems (almost 10%). “The fall is spread out over all the regions,” said Ricciardi.

“It’s an alarm signal, although we will have to wait until next year to see if it is a trend. “We are at the bottom of the international rankings for prevention and this is a factor”.

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Paris Terror Suspect Salah Abdeslam is a ‘Moron From Molenbeek’ With ‘The Intelligence of an Ashtray’

Paris terror attack suspect Salah Abdeslam, is a ‘moron from Molenbeek’ with ‘the intelligence of an ashtray’, his lawyer said.

Abdeslam was handed over to authorities in France this morning after being extradited from Belgium where he was arrested over the attacks in the French capital which claimed 130 lives.

The comments by his Belgian lawyer Sven Mary came as Abdeslam was today charged with with murder, association with a terrorist group, possession of weapons and explosives as well as sequestration over the hostage-taking at the Bataclan concert hall where 90 were killed.

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UK: Lincolnshire Nursery is Downgraded by Ofsted for Failing to Teach Ethnic Diversity

Parents have today blasted Ofsted, branding the decision to mark Town and Country Kiddies Nursery in Market Rasen, Lincolnshire, down to just ‘good’ as ‘politically correct nonsense’.

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Italy Likely to Provide Bulk of 200-300-Troop Libya Mission

Rome denies offering to send 900 soldiers to Libya

(ANSA) — Rome, April 26 — The United Nations Support Mission in Libya (UNSMIL) will be protected by anywhere from 200 to 300 international troops and Italy will likely contribute the greatest number, defence sources told ANSA on Tuesday. The troops will be sent when UN Libya envoy Martin Kobler moves to Tripoli along with UNSMIL staff, the sources said. However it is still premature to talk about numbers because the UN has requested troops from the entire international community and it is still not known how many the other countries will contribute, they said. The government earlier denied reports Italy has offered to send 900 soldiers to Libya, with the general defence staff describing the reports as “groundless”. On Tuesday, daily newspaper Corriere della Sera reported that Italy was preparing to send a contingent of between 600 and 900 soldiers and carabinieri to Libya to help guard sensitive sites including oil wells and train local security forces there.

The reports came the day after Libyan premier Fayez al-Sarraj called on the UN, Europe, and neighbouring African countries to help Libya protect its oil resources from so called Islamic State (ISIS) fundamentalist terrorists.

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Australia: Manus Court Ruling: Peter Dutton Holds the Line on Refugees

The Turnbull government is scrambling for legal advice following Papua New Guinea’s shattering court ruling on the detention of asylum seekers, as Immigration Minister Peter Dutton vows they will not come to Australia.

Mr Dutton said he would await a response from the PNG government after that country’s Supreme Court ruled Australia’s detention of asylum seekers on Manus Island was illegal, unconstitutional and must end.

But he flagged several other options the government could pursue if PNG concluded the 900 men in question should go to Australia.

“The findings of the Supreme Court in PNG aren’t binding on the Australian government,” Mr Dutton told ABC radio. “Our policy is not going to change. We are absolutely adamant that people won’t be settling in this country.”

He reiterated the government’s preference for asylum seekers to return to their country of origin, or be settled in a third country.

Fairfax Media revealed in February that Australia was negotiating resettlement deals with Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines…

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Boat Invasion Surges as Merkel-Turkey Deal Flops

The number of nonwhite invaders landing in Europe has surged this year-and continues to rise every day-as the Merkel-Turkey “repatriation” deal collapses into a predictable logistical disaster.

So far, less than 500 invaders have been “returned” to Turkey-while the number of invaders who have landed in Europe has topped 181,476, up 2,864 in just eight days.

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Hungary PM Viktor Orban Says Constitution Bans “Islamization” of Country

Hungary’s heroic prime minister Viktor Orban has just made clear he will not tolerate the Islamization of his peoples’ country, proclaiming their constitution forbids it.

– — From the AP:

“Hungary’s constitution bans “Islamization” because the document aims to protect Hungarian language and culture, Prime Minister Viktor Orban said Monday.

Orban also said the constitution forces the government to oppose any kind of mass migration that would endanger those principles.

“To be clear and unequivocal, I can say that Islamization is constitutionally banned in Hungary,” Orban said in parliament at an event celebrating the fifth anniversary of Hungary’s new constitution, now known as the Basic Law…

Orban has previously taken the boldest stance of all the leaders in Europe by proclaiming outright EU globalists are trying to destroy European nation-states through the mass importation of hostile migrants.

[Comment: Orban is 100% correct.]

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Manus Island Detention: Malcolm Turnbull Warns Australians Against Being ‘Misty-Eyed’ On Immigration Policy

Malcolm Turnbull has delivered his strongest comments yet in the wake of the Manus Island court ruling, saying detainees will not be resettled in Australia and warning against being “misty-eyed” about the policy.

The Prime Minister made the comments amid ongoing speculation about the future of about 850 detainees at Manus Island detention centre, which the Papua New Guinea Supreme Court ruled as illegal earlier this week.

PNG’s Prime Minister Peter O’Neill intends to close the centre and Mr Turnbull has emphatically ruled out any of the men coming to Australia.

“They will not come to Australia — that is absolutely clear and the PNG Government knows that,” he said.

“I look forward to discussions with the PNG Government, but there will be no transfer of those individuals to Australia.”

Mr Turnbull also emphasised the record of the former Labor government, citing “50,000 unauthorised arrivals” and “thousands of deaths at sea”.

“We cannot be misty-eyed about this,” he said…

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Believing in Two Genders is a ‘Hate Crime’ Under Police Investigation at Catholic College

You can have your opinion’ as long as it doesn’t ‘deny my existence’

It’s uncommon at Jesuit universities these days for someone to openly share a traditional Catholic viewpoint.

When it happened at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles, the school was so spooked it called the Los Angeles Police Department.

Both the police and the university’s Bias Incident Response Team are investigating the stated belief that only two genders exist, male and female, as a hate crime.

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Convicted Sex Offender Leads Transgender Rights Effort in North Carolina

The homosexual leader of efforts in North Carolina to allow men to use women’s bathrooms is a convicted and registered sex offender, according to documents made available to Breitbart News.

Chad Sevearance is president of the Charlotte Business Guild, which describes itself as “a network of LGBT professionals, business owners, employees and individuals in the Charlotte area who meet to nurture a network of business contacts; encourage fellowship and support among community business, professional and charitable pursuits; and provide and promote positive role models in the LGBT community.”

Sevearance and his group have taken a lead role in seeking the right to allow males to use the restrooms and showers of females, including those of little girls, which is described by advocates as nothing more than nondiscrimination measures. Sevearance was quoted in the Charlotte Observer saying that because a recent bathroom “nondiscrimination ordinance” bill did not pass, “someone can ask me to leave a restaurant because I’m presumed to be gay or transgender.”

In 1998, Sevearance worked as a youth minister and in that capacity allegedly lured younger men to his apartment to spend the night where Severance showed them pornography and tried to talk them into sex. One boy testified that he woke up to find Severance “fondling him.” Severance was convicted on one charge of sexual molestation of a minor.

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Lutheran Leader Claims Jesus Was a Hermaphrodite

The pastor, Clint Schnekloth, made the claim while quoting a Thomas Jefferson letter advocating a materialist interpretation of the Bible.

“I believe in the virgin birth, though many of my fellow Christians don’t. I do think it means Jesus was intersex,” he stated.

“Intersex” is a term used by LGBT advocates to describe people born with both male and female sexual anatomy and other traits.

Schnekloth, who’s also a well-known author and speaker in the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America, is well-respected by other church leaders and thus wields a great deal of power: he controls two of the largest ELCA Facebook pages and writes content for worship resources.

So his “intersex” statement reflects not just the opinion of one church pastor but rather how major churches in general are turning into powerful vehicles to promote a social justice warrior agenda.

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Shocking Undercover Video Shows How Target Really Feels About Men in Girls Bathrooms

One person demonstrated just how far Target department stores will take it’s new gender-neutral bathroom policy.

Andy Park, identifying himself as a man, walked into a St. Petersburg, Florida Target store dressed in men’s clothing and asked to use the ladies’ restroom.

“Sometimes I get uncomfortable in the men’s room,” was his only excuse.

After he was given the go-ahead, Park asked what would happen if a woman complained. He was told they’d take care of it. In other words, his “rights” were more important than a woman seeking privacy.

Watch the clip.

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5 thoughts on “Gates of Vienna News Feed 4/27/2016

  1. I am quite happy that Target was such a bust in Canada and closed it’s stores. They totally did not understand the Canadian market thinking all they had to do was open and the customers would come and buy.Hah ! I went to the one near me when I found out it opened (no advertising, just word of mouth !) .It reminded me of a setting for a zombie movie where the zombies wander around an empty mall. The prices were no bargain either, compared to Walmart or Real Canadian Superstore. And now I’m doubly happy they failed when I read that they are actually allowing mentally ill men into the woman’s washroom all in the name of “diversity” or whatever….That might go over well in “chic”places like Vancouver and Toronto (who are so in love with boy wonder Trudeau) but out here in the West we just don’t hanker to ideas like that. The kooky liberals can push but we’ll always push back. As a Canadian I have no vote but I am hoping that Trump can keep pushing,becoming President in November and maybe bring back some common sense to America. I’m sitting here in the middle of the Canadian prairies – watching and hoping for the best…

  2. Advocates aside, intersex is a concrete genetic category in which the genotype and phenotype of sex are opposed.

  3. “I look forward to discussions with the PNG Government, but there will be no transfer of those individuals to Australia.”

    The PNG government is probably under pressure from various international activist groups including the UN. But Australia remains it’s most important aid donor, so Australia really holds all the aces.

  4. – Where is the anger?
    Jean Raspail

    There will not be a solution without force, says Jean Raspail to Boulevard Voltaire

    Jean Raspail is the author of “Le Camp Des Saints”.

  5. The refugee advocates, Greens and assorted apparatchiks appointed under the former Labor govt are fanatics who are hell bent on breaking the current govt’s model of not permitting illegal arrivals by boat to settle in Australia.

    There is literally an army of full time traitors devoting all their energy to destroying Australia’s border protection and sovereignty.

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