Caption Contest

Final update: We have a winner.

We all know it was love at first sight. But what was Mädchen Angela thinking the when her heart first throbbed for Recep “Papa Goat” Erdogan?

Take a crack at it, boys and girls. If your caption is chosen, you’ll win an additional 72 black-eyed virgins when you enter Jannah — that is, you’ll be eligible for a full gross! Or 144 young boys, fresh as pearls, if such is your taste.

If you want to make a meme caption instead of words for the thought balloon, that’s fine — I’ll redo the image with the caption instead of the balloon.

Contest entrants must be 12 years of age or older. No unveiled women are allowed to participate. Employees of the OIC, ISNA, CAIR or any Turkish or German embassies are not eligible to enter.

BTW — the only thing I could think of to put in that balloon was a bunch of red hearts and the words “I want to be his Aisha!”

Note: the original photo had Recep and Angela in exactly those poses. Only the background has been modified.

Update: I just realized that we’re probably going to get a lot of entries, but there will be only one winner (or maybe a winner and a runner-up). So if you want a copy of the image without the balloon, so that you can make your own caption for it, just drop me an email at gatesofvienna (at) chromatism (dot) net, and I’ll send you a PNG file.

100 thoughts on “Caption Contest

  1. Like Hitler and Mussolini going down together. Unfortunately bringing Western Europe with them. Arms dump.

  2. Ooohh Erdi you old smoothie. Of course I’ll wear horns and crawl on all fours for you, if that’s what it takes.

  3. “Me CFR, Tri Lateral Commission and Bilderberg Group, me love you long time….Sahib”

  4. The Mahometan: one part Turkic Jinn, three parts German Gin, dash of bitters (agitated, not stirred or shaken).

  5. If you [engage in certain kinky actions], I promise to squeal louder than your favorite goat!!

  6. I had a lovely time with you in Ankara, no kidding. Let’s goat there again sometime.

  7. I dont have a caption, but on pictures? The one of her looking at Obama is better, she truly looks love starved.

  8. Merkel says “[redacted]”

    [Note to Norse from the Baron: you may not be familiar with our commenting guidelines, which include restrictions on obscenity and other indecorous language. I suggest you use euphemism and indirection, as other commenters have been doing. For more information, see guidelines for comments.]

  9. “So, they tell me that you’re a dictator. Mind if I find out how your dic tate?”

  10. “Your tie is awesome bärchen schatz. What else did you buy at Rod Stewart’s garage sale mein liebchen?”

  11. If we just shave a little bit from both sides of his mustache, dye it black…. yes! Yes! I see it! Oh mein Fuhrer…

  12. Of course I’m pleased to be having this meeting. It’s just that when I said I was lusting after an old Ottoman I was talking about furniture.

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  14. Could Angela be looking through empty Erdo thinking, “You Islamic arschloch….you don’t really believe that….haha”.

  15. I know that I’m way too late, however, this just popped into my mind.
    “Do that to me one more time!”

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