“Easy Meat”: Vicious, Genocidal, and an Invitation to Vigilante Revenge

The following video by Gavin Boby is a sequel to his earlier discussion about sex slavery in the UK. This time he wants his audience to think about why the “grooming” scandals — which were actually instances of underage sex slavery — are important, and why everyone should read Easy Meat: Inside the British Grooming Gang Scandal by Peter McLoughlin:

1.   The crimes are vicious;
2.   They constitute acts of genocide, under the UN definition, against the non-Muslim native population; and
3.   They invite violent lawlessness against the perpetrators, a vigilante response from relatives of the victims who see in so many cases that justice has not been done.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for editing and uploading this video:

For more on Gavin Boby and the Law and Freedom Foundation, see the Law and Freedom Foundation Archives.

21 thoughts on ““Easy Meat”: Vicious, Genocidal, and an Invitation to Vigilante Revenge

  1. As I watched this, I wondered why on earth does not Great Britain (formerly great) deport these people as soon as they’ve served their time? I know the PC culture is deeply imbedded there, but sooner or later I would think people would wake up and demand their deportation to their country of origin? Who on earth needs this crap? Forgive me for being vulgar, but I really do wonder.

    If I ruled, I would surely deport them. One strike and you’re out. Back to the stinkhole you came from. I realize not all Muslims are like that, but the ones who are should be sent back, never to return again.

    • Mariadee: Many of the perps were born in GB so there’s nowhere to deport them to.

    • The real problem is that the authorities are not simply blind, but are complicit in the actions. They like the fact of Muslim street gangs dissolving the bonds of civil society. The dissolution of law increases the power of the political leaders.

      If the government really wanted to stop the problem, the particular measures to take would not be at all difficult to develop. The real problem is that the government is the problem. The street violence is not a bug, but a feature of the massive, uncontrolled immigration initiated by the Blair government.

  2. “…violent lawlessness…”

    That’s debatable… The “violent lawlessness” is the rape of young girls. Add to that the fact that those responsible for administering the Law deliberately failed to do so (aiding and abetting “violent lawlessness”), and you have what may be construed as a “Biblical” response.
    The savagery has to stop somewhere, and as soon as possible. I see the only way to stop it, is to engage in so-called “violent lawlessness” – pour encourager les autres… The alternative is to allow the savagery to continue without end…

  3. I see no problem with revenge, as long as the vendettas result in the driving-out of Muslims from Britain, and follow-on actions by the British so that the Muslims never again unite under strong governments. I think that the long-term outcome of this sort of behavior will be that, 100-200 years from now, Muslims will be subordinate everywhere in the world. Maybe millennia in the future, they’ll get Muslim homelands again?

    Worked for Rome and the Judeans, after all.

  4. Excellent video.

    My only disagreement is within his wording about the judge who said he would pay the fine. “That” is not the problem and he should be praised for it, with prevention being a separate issue from the bravery of the judge who would not fine the little girl rape victim who went back for justice.

    Also, if a father avenges his daughter’s rape when the civil magistrates refused to, I do not find this “disgusting” but natural and expected.

    Civil unrest is coming and I agree with prevention being best, but this weak-kneed attitude is what happens when masculinity is denigrated.

      • I agree.

        Read between the lines. Gavin is a lawyer and doesn’t want to waste his time being brought up on hate-crime charges. So, he takes the tact of “damning with faint praise” by listing the alternatives available to the population, and then kind-of condemning it.

        The obvious logic is that it is far better if the authorities do their job and prevent these types of crimes, but if they don’t, civil society dissolves, and an undifferentiated law-by-vendetta will be necessary, but extremely destructive.

  5. Take the houses of the perpetrators. In Victoria, Australia the limitations law has been amended so as not to apply for victims of child sexual abuse. If there was a need for litigation funding, then I am sure contributors to this website would assist. The civil actions should be brutal. Forfeit properties used in crimes, eg where crimes have taken place and pay compensation to the victims.

      • Yes, General Pershing’s solution was excellent, although he was facing large armed insurrections.

        Here, the penalty should be that all convicted or known perpetrators of such crimes should be thrown into a pit twenty feet deep with a dozen or so live wild and angry boars and left there.

  6. It’s not revenge, it’s punishment.
    The establishment does nothing to punish these monster for their crimes, so it must be the common man who deals the punishment.
    These monsters need to learn to fear the punishment.
    It’s the only way to get them to understand.
    In order to win, you must be badder than the bad guys. Or you will lose.

    • The Israelis bulldoze the houses of families, that seems to work. Civil action cannot be bureaucratically stopped. The perpetrators would lose every case. It is the families of the perpetrators that suffer as well, and the associates.

    • There is no badder than the bad guys when you’re wiping out civilization’s enemies, those vicious enemies who *are* badder because they prey on the innocent; it’s not soldiers in a war setting who are prepared to do battle whom these unspeakably evil “men” attack, after all — is it?

      Left to rot in a pit full of boars, suggested above, would be a fitting reward for the monsters as well as a deterrent.

      Now, what are we going to do about the dismal state of British law and the truly wicked elected leaders who in essence are feeding their very own people to the wolves?

  7. I have a question which no one seems to be able to answer.

    Perhaps I haven’t been following the reports carefully enough but do we know that these horrendous crimes still continue today? Knowing what I know about Islamic culture, I would think that they are probably still taking place. But I don’t know. Does anyone else?

    • p.s. I’m asking this question because I know a Brit who insists that this problem has been dealt with and is not currently taking place. I find that hard to believe. But does anyone really know?

    • Yes it is still happening; that’s why Gavin Boby made the video; that’s why he uses the present tense; and that is why he talks about doing something to try to prevent it happening instead of trying to deal with it after the fact.

      Further, it is not just happening in the UK. It is happening across Europe, with particular emphasis on Holland, Sweden, Norway, Belgium and France.

      UK / Europe are at the coal face with this, but it is also happening in USA, Canada and Australia.

      Your British friend is in denial.

    • McLoughlin shows that the first news report of this kind of Muslim sex-slavery showed it going on in an area around Birmingham in 1988. That is one of the most heavily-islamised parts of the UK. To date, there have barely been any prosecutions in that area. The local government (largely controlled by the Muslim block vote) and the police force for that area have both been shown to have been concealing information on these criminals for decades. Incidentally, a decade ago when Channel 4 did a programme called Dispatches, which showed muslims in that area preaching subversion and hatred, that same local police force prosecuted the TV company for making the documentary (the police lost). If that police force would prefer to prosecute the messenger warning of potential terrorism, why would that police force do anything but turn a blind eye to the systematic rape of schoolgirls?

      I see McLoughlin has a website. There he has a database of the convictions. The latest convictions are from just 10 weeks ago. http://www.pmclauth.com/sentenced/Grooming-Gang-Statistics/

      There I also found several discussions of the largest police investigation of all, in the north-east of England, an area that no-one would even expect has got any muslim inhabitants, let alone an area that would have the same systematic abuse going on. The perpetrators in that area have not even been brought to trial yet. There are 40+ people awaiting trial, with almost all of them being muslims. http://www.pmclauth.com/articles/operation-sanctuary-the-true-scale-of-the-problem

      The truth is: no-one knows the true scale of this problem. Since it was first in the media in 1988, it then took until 2012 before there was any official recognition it was happening, and even then, the only official report to mention that the perpetrators are largely muslims, is the report into Rotherham (incidentally, that report came out some months after McLoughlin’s 2014 version of Easy Meat came out).

      To this day, there has been no official investigation into the scale of the problem at a national level, that has admitted that most of the perpetrators are muslims. The very claim which was concealed and denied from 1988 until that one report into Rotherham.

      I think the true significance of what McLoughlin reveals is not that the grooming scandal occurred. The true significance is that it was covered up for decades by an army of state-funded childcare professionals.

  8. The second conviction for rape and castration is the punishment. Problem solved.

  9. Malignancies in us are not only composed of malignant cells but need an association of benign stromal (fibroblast background cells) and normal blood vessels. They cannot survive without carrying these other benign cells along with them in metastasis, for example.

    Similarly Jihad, being a form of guerrilla warfare in its early incarnations, needs a supporting stroma of believers, of sympathetic non-believers, of financial assets, of food, clothing, weapons, shipping facilities, communication networks, of places to congregate, of congruous family and friends and relatives. It even uses civilian infrastructure like roads and airplanes and judicial and medical and commercial systems.

    Therefore, although it must be a fact that all Muslims are not bad, and we should respect and love the good ones, these innocent folks are nevertheless part of the Muslim packgage, and, willy nilly, part of the stroma of the Islamic malignancy. And we may need them in this war, but we should shrewdly measure the cost and benefits of having them around. It may not be worth it.

    Therefore we should think long snd hard about whether to keep any of this Muslim infrastructure in our Western lands, however benign they are. Just as we have to rid ourselves of the harmless mosquito to remove the malaria, we may have to clean out the entire Muslim infrastructure to be healed and finally free of this historical menace.

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