We Have a Winner…

…And a couple of runners-up.

Last Friday I made a digital composite image of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and German Chancellor Angela Merkel. I modified only the background, and left the two faces as I found them — in other words, the love-struck look on Mrs. Merkel’s face for the dashing, handsome Prince of the East was there in the original.

The picture cried out for a caption — what was Swooning Angela thinking or saying at that moment? So I presented it to our readers and invited their suggestions. The results were even more fun than I expected — there’s been a lot of chuckling and snorting here at Schloss Bodissey for the last two days as the comments came in.

The captions from winner and the runners-up were all too long to display easily in a thought balloon, so I removed that and used a meme caption for each of the three.

The winner is Salome from Australia:

Given her, ah, gender identification, Salome will probably want to claim the young boys fresh as pearls for her prize, and leave the 72 virgins to be divided among the runners-up.

The second-place entry came from The Observer (slightly condensed to make it fit better):

Third prize goes to Bill C. (with “ISIS oil truck” changed to “Scud” in order to save space):

Thanks to everyone for participating. And make sure to keep the Goaty Erdogan jokes coming (so to speak). By summoning the German ambassador and getting a TV comedian investigated, Mr. Erdogan prompted a monumental Streisand Effect that hasn’t even begun to abate.

16 thoughts on “We Have a Winner…

    • Nothing to my knowledge, but a Macedonian Orthodox church burnt in Sydney. Electricity or candles are the likely causes. The Orthodox do appear to be a lot more enthusiastic with their paschal fire lighting than the rather subdued westerners–at this time of year, that would probably be the prime suspect.

      • The Greek Orthodox church in East Melbourne just had a fire in its roof. It’s Monday afternoon already, so not likely to be related to the Saturday night taper-burning. This is also getting beyond a coincidence.

  1. Funny captions . Not so funny: whoever’s got the remote-control for Merkel,
    please take it away from him .

      • even younger than cougars or ageing women famous for being famous like them.

        Only pedophiles and Muslim tribal systems (see Afghanistan) like children that young. Pedophiles call them ‘chicken meat’…enough to make mommas into momma bears.

  2. If possible all the entries should be translated into Turkish and sent to the Goat Man of Anatolia.

  3. Sorry.

    This is pretty vulgar and immature.

    I have, in the past, had some words of mine redacted or changed for lesser reasons.

  4. Thank you for the honor. I’m sorry you had to save the space. I used ISIS oil truck because it’s accurate.

    No SCUDS in use in the conflict that I’ve heard of, but that’s OK by me. Just being considered was a pleasure.

    • well, the phallic aspect of the Scud was why I picked the word. Someone else said minaret — that might have been better, but length is an issue with that one, too.

  5. Recep looks as if he’s thinking, “How come I can only attract those under six and over sixty?”

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