Russian Bomb Factory/Mosque Hoist With Its Own Petard

The Russian intelligence services discovered a bomb-making factory when they raided a secret mosque in the city of Samara. The explosives they found in the building were so unstable that they had to be detonated on the spot, leaving the mosque a little worse for the wear and tear.

Many thanks to D@rLin|{ for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for subtitling this report from Russian television:


00:00   The bomb, found today in an illegal prayer house in Samara, was destroyed in place.
00:04   It was too dangerous to move 2 kilograms of TNT.
00:09   For the raid’s duration the state route M-5 was closed.
00:12   A Salafist group that used this villa on the outskirts of Samara was detained early in the morning.
00:17   More than 50 cell members were arrested. One of them is known to the FSB for uploading forbidden ISIS videos;
00:22   the other one had an arsenal of weapons and ammunition.
00:27   With us Stas Natanson, welcome!
00:30   Are there any recruiters amongst the detained? According to special services, at least two of them are.
00:37   It was an ordinary two-story brick house in Samara’s suburbs, but it served
00:44   as a hiding place for a big terrorist group.
00:48   Not just extremist books were there — also several kilos of homemade explosives.
00:54   The bomb squad decided not to risk the premature explosion of an amateur bomb,
01:00   and detonated it inside the house.
01:11   The explosion’s aftermath makes it clear
01:14   how potentially destructive the terror attack planned by this group could be.
01:17   More than 50 people were arrested, two of them having been wanted by the FSB for a long time.
01:23   During the preventive operation at the Salafist cell hideout in Samara, its members were detained.
01:36   Some of them known to be members of terrorist organizations.
01:43   This cell was a home to Ruslan Kanteev and others, who are currently in Syria,
01:51   fighting for illegal militant groups.
01:59   It is still under investigation whether all those arrested are terrorists.
02:04   It could be that many of those visiting the illegal mosque,
02:08   didn’t know that they are being recruited.
02:11   This is the case with two medical students from Kabardino-Balkaria.
02:15   At first they were invited to come to illegal prayer houses and then offered to go to fight in Syria.
02:22   “As you get to Istanbul, go to such and such — gave us contacts”
02:31   A similar prayer house was discovered a year ago at the Volgograd State Medical Academy.
02:42   Recruitment there was a smoothly-running process, divided into three stages.
02:46   First, an informer found single men and passed them on to a motivator.
02:51   The motivator’s job was to brainwash the victims and only then did a recruiter step in.
02:56   Alexey Grishnin — President of “Religion and Society” analytical center. The motivator
02:59   would say that tomorrow or the day after a great guru is coming,
03:02   he will explain everything, he is very famous in Islamic circles, very prodigious scholar,
03:09   and this scholar wants to meet you, because you are an exceptionally bright young man.
03:18   This guru is in fact an agent recruiter, who gives the offer and shows how to move to the Middle East,
03:28   and how to join a militant group
03:33   The closed prayer house in the Medical Academy was, of course, not the only one in this area.
03:40   Just a few weeks ago, during a raid in Volgograd region, another terror cell was arrested
03:46   in another ordinary house. They had weapons and explosives.
03:56   Chemicals found in their possession indicated that they were in process of making a bomb.
04:00   How many such cells exist in ordinary private houses across the country, nobody can say.
04:06   Judging by their prayer books, peace and quiet is not their objective.

6 thoughts on “Russian Bomb Factory/Mosque Hoist With Its Own Petard

  1. Excellent – thank God for the Russians, Vlad and Gatesof – otherwise we would never know what is going on. This video shows it all.
    In the West we get a sanitized version.

    • Agreed .Gates of Vienna is the only site reporting the unvarnished truth from around the globe.

  2. Can we send our own Islamofascists to Russia for “corrective treatment”?

    I’m sure that we could work out something with Brother Vlad… like, he could get Turkey in exchange :-).

  3. The Russians are losing their touch; Stalin would have had the illegal mosque blown to smithereens with the wanna-be jihadis locked inside, thereby severely depleting the supply of virgins in Paradise!

    • Bodies can’t be interrogated. As a result of this raid, several house raids were made with weapons found. More will be found later on.

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