Woman-on-the-Street Interviews: Culturally Enriched Wife-Beating in Germany

In the latest in a series of German man- and woman-on-the-street interviews, a number of (mostly) women give their opinions on the violence against women that has accompanied the recent wave of “refugees” into Germany.

Many thanks to Nash Montana for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


0:00   During fights many Arab men beat their women,
0:03   in Germany also — does that make them unsympathetic?
0:06   Of course, extremely! —And why?
0:09   Because they should behave like all of us, too.
0:12   Why are they attacking our girls?
0:15   They are a thousand years behind.
0:18   Why are they attacking all our girls? — Well, not all of them, that’s exaggerated,
0:22   but that’s… we carry our purses like this, and why?
0:26   Because we too are afraid. We have to make sure we get home before dark.
0:30   Have you had an experience? Have you had a personal experience as well?
0:35   No not me, not yet. Do you know anyone?
0:38   Yes what happened was I stood with my bicycle at an intersection,
0:42   and I had my lock in a basket, and then five youths came up, all foreign.
0:46   They took the lock out, and threw it out in the street, right on someone’s car.
0:51   I mean, I wasn’t suffering from this, but…
0:55   … that’s how things are.
0:58   Yes of course. Because that isn’t equal rights.
1:02   I grew up with equal rights, and I cannot accept that.
1:09   And just because a man is stronger, that is not a valid reason.
1:13   Regrettably that’s how it is in many countries.
1:17   I myself don’t find this okay, and maybe men should be treated
1:21   like they treat the women.
1:24   If that makes the men less likable when they beat their women?
1:27   Yes of course.
1:30   Men? Not less likable but definitely incomprehensible.
1:33   Why? — Because I don’t understand why anybody has to beat someone
1:37   I have no words for that.
1:40   Do you have personal experience? — Personally? No, but I have Afghan neighbors and…
1:45   Persians as friends, and in those families it doesn’t happen, but I have already heard
1:50   how in the larger circle of acquaintances this is happening.
1:56   I don’t want that. The men should not do that.
1:59   Why not? — They can’t just beat their women! That just can’t happen.
2:04   We are way past that time, right, where we should let ourselves be beaten.
2:08   No, we don’t put up with that anymore.
2:11   Of course, in any case. — Why?
2:14   Just generally, why should women or children be beaten?
2:18   They probably can’t even defend themselves very well.
2:23   Yes, same opinion, yes.

12 thoughts on “Woman-on-the-Street Interviews: Culturally Enriched Wife-Beating in Germany

  1. “I grew up with equal rights” and that’s exactly why the West is collapsing. Feminism will not defeat Islam. Islam seeps into the void that Feminism has eaten out in the heart of the West.

  2. How sad that a volunteer group passing out pepper spray for women young and old to protect themselves against these out of control rapist migrants. And how angry the old ladies are when there is no more. Those women need to be protesting their own government and the EU and the UN for allowing this insane invasion of young fighting muslim men who apparently will rape anyone and anything. I foresee a Nuremberg trial for anyone in power in the EU and UN who allowed it. Unless it will have been taken over by muslims. Get your big boy pants on and stop it. Trump will help, which is what they and every one are terrified of. I am a huge fan of General Patten and Gen. McCarthur myself and Trump knows many being trained right now who need to be unhandcuffed by the PC police in DC. Ones that will know how to win a war in short order. Isn’t that what we would like to see?

  3. The problem in a nutshell. These women don’t even consider that the men in their community could do something, it’s all simply whining without a practical solution, just a rose-tinted wish that these Moslems should behave like everyone else – at least like European men.
    Where though is the incentive to behave like European men? Currently they’re having fun behaving in the most deplorable of ways and next to nothing happens; why would they want to emulate men who appear weak, who have nothing to offer these invaders other than the contents of their wallets, their wives and daughters, and their tax dollars through welfare?

    • The average European man has become a cuckold in his own country.

      The only men that have agency in Europe are those who are already outlaws.

      Under the current EU regime, the average European man’s life and career are finished if he takes action to oppose the cuckolding process.

      • The term “cuckold” is exactly the right word. That’s exactly what ends up happening on a large scale.

  4. Heres a bombshell for everyone.I work in Zimbabwe,which as you all know is experiencing a very hard time politically,economically and in the throes of a severe drought.Yet my wife and daughters are far safer on the streets of Harare than on the streets of Stockholm or Copenhagen.No body bothers them when they walk around the streets of Harare,they go out to a big new years party, no one molests them.Yes, there are thugs,sure,but if one is sensible you wont be bothered.Zimbabwe has been described as a very dangerous place in the world MSM , but that couldnt be further from the truth!How ironic is it that a pretty much failed third world state is far safer than say first world Sweden or Denmark!I kid you not and ive worked here for thirty years so i should know.Those European countries are allowing in the worst filth the world has produced and now they are paying the price!

    • That’s a very interesting letter on Zimbabwe. We know that the tyrant Mugabe is supporting cronies and gangs of black thugs taking over white-owned farms through threats of violence. These black Africans are unable to see that simply consuming productive resources will lead to poverty in the near future.

      But, the really interesting thing is that even the worst tyranny with a brutal army and police is better and safer for the average citizen than the liberal government tied up in its rules and procedural safeguards. The street criminal or Islamist terrorist in the Iraq of Saddam Hussein had a very short life and a very brutal death. Of course, peaceful political opponents also had a very brutal death.

      But, it is not the case that an elected (or semi-elected) government and procedural safeguards automatically trump a brutal dictatorship.

        • Anarchic tyranny is a very unstable state, like a radioactive isotope that rapidly decays into a more stable element. Unfortunately, whatever system the current regime in Europe decays into will almost certainly be some form of dictatorship — that is, an ordered tyranny, which is far more stable, and may endure for decades or centuries.

          • To the Baron:

            Yes, that is my fear. And day by day, that becomes the most likely scenario, the highest possibility.

  5. Ronald B. I see you hit the nail on the head!Mugabe is also a popularist leader,and regardless of what you may read or hear about, he still retains the very loyal support of the majority.Apart from infighting within his own ZANU pf,there is NO credible opposition.Truth be told, the blacks have never had it so good. Multi million dollar mansions are springing up all over, for the mega rich its true.But the surprising thing is that average Joe is also building expensive homes( on average valued around $ 150000) to such an extent that there is no more land readily available in urban areas. Almost every urban family has a car, and pricey private schools are mushrooming up every where.And its all paid for in cash….up front.Credit as we know it does not exist.Huge South African supermarket chains are getting built all over. True, white owned farms were(are still) being violently taken over, industry is virtually non existent( looted out) and the civil service wage bill amounts to 85% of the govt budget!Are you aware that every family has the right to a small farm in the rural areas? In theory no black Zimbabwean is homeless.But all said,how this country keeps going one wonders?But as long as the people are happy………amazing but true.

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