Bill Whittle’s “Iron Triangle”

Bill Whittle describes well what he calls “the Progressive iron triangle of the New York media, L.A. culture machine, and Washington’s beltway corruption”.

Everyone within that triangulation hates, loathes and despises “populists”. Suicide is preferable to associating with us, the great mass of the stubbornly ignorant middle class who refuse to mind their betters. We’re a rowdy, ungovernable bunch.

As I’ve mentioned before, this rift harks back to the origins of the Jacksonian Democrats, a now-extinct bunch who fought successfully against the Adams dynasty to take power in Washington in the first quarter of the 19th century. It died back as the elite slowly took hold of the permanent bureaucracy, came into flower briefly with Reagan only to disappear again. Now it would appear to have resurrected itself in the form of a large part of the electorate which finds Donald Trump more to their tastes than anyone the elitists would have them choose.

To understand the elitists’ hatred of the middle class, I will recommend to you again – nay urge you to read and metabolize – Fred Siegel’s deft, definitive digging up of the roots of the elites’ scorn and their sleazy alliance with the underclass, people they would never consider their social equals, merely useful electoral fodder…

The reader will be taken aback at how old and enduring this anti-American claque really is.

The Revolt Against the Masses: How Liberalism Has Undermined the Middle Class

One reviewer put it well [my emphasis below – D]:

“The roots of American liberalism are not compassion but snobbery… Siegel traces the development of liberalism from the cultural critics of the post WWI years to the gentry liberals today, and he shows how the common thread is scorn for middle-class Americans and for America itself. This is a stunningly original—and convincing—book.”

That’s the double difficulty for most of us. First, how old and unaccounted for this snobbery is, and how seemingly ineradicable. Its deep and abiding dishonesty will lead sooner or later to another Civil War. And the snobs don’t care; they have their bolt holes. The poor with whom they made this alliance? Les Expendables…

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A short correction to Mr. Whittle’s polemic: the Tea Party was founded partly in reaction to the election of Obama but much more it was the betrayal of the political class on both sides, though mainly the Democrats. Their dishonest demagoguery in service to the banksters led to the crony corruption of housing. Particularly did they mislead the underclass regarding home ownership as some sort of badge. Home ownership for those who had no experience in home maintenance or in the need for stable employment to make those huge monthly payments for poorly built McMansions. The manipulation of the housing market in America destroyed the hopes and dreams of many of the poor once Obama got into office.

Here’s one investigation. And here is the famous rant on the floor of the Chicago Board of Trade. Watch Rick Santelli call for what subsequently happened: the start of the TEA Party. Finally, the usual taunt: the Tea Party’s racist. Wrong again.

Thus, the immediate, proximate cause of the rise of the modern TEA Party doesn’t differ much from the original colonial protests. Just as it was then, the threads of current events wove a complex reality which in turn, led to a loud “ENOUGH!” by the middle class.

If/when I have the energy, I’ll discuss the reasons for the continent-wide discontent. Obama’s lawless reign is only part of it.

6 thoughts on “Bill Whittle’s “Iron Triangle”

  1. The “triangle” sounds quite like the meaning of the “Cathedral”. Both are true.

  2. “this rift harks back to the origins of the Jacksonian Democrats, a now-extinct bunch who fought successfully against the Adams dynasty to take power in Washington in the first quarter of the 19th century. ”

    Given the awareness & knowledge on the part of Adams père & fils — particularly the latter, John Quincy, responsible for quite simply the best (i.e., most aptly scathing) indictment of Islam in all of American history — of how pernicious Islam is, I’d say that trumps any elitist baggage their dynasty may have had.

    • That might be necessary knowledge re Islam’s perfidy but it is not sufficient virtue when it comes to governance of the U.S. in a time when Islam wasn’t an overt threat.

      So, no, knowledge doesn’t trump a decision to keep elites in power and trample the nascent middle class as the country began to mature.

      And family dynasties in the U.S. are antithetical to the founding spirit of America. We already knew the limits of that kind of rule.

      Again. Read Fred Siegel’s book for a look at the real enemies of the American dream.

  3. That was so hilarious I even burned the peppers I was braising for our chicken cacciatore supper.

    Hillary has had a full and eventful life. I guess she couldn’t fit in Vince Foster’s death or her being fired from a committee investigating Richard Nixon…before she even showed up in Arkansas, she’d been booted for unethical behavior.

    Now let’s hear from those men and women whose misfortune it was to guard her and her equally foul-mouthed daughter.

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