Teach Your Children Well

The following clip from a German news program reports on a knife attack against a policewoman by a 14-year-old girl that occurred last week in Hannover, Germany.

There is a dearth of information in this story — nothing on the girl’s background, or motivation, or whether she might be a thread in the rich tapestry of diversity that is Modern Multicultural Germany.

Many thanks to Nash Montana for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

The article below from The Daily Mail sheds some light on the attacker’s motivation — she was “radicalized” in a German mosque at a tender age:

Teenage female ISIS fanatic was ‘radicalised at the age of seven and stabbed a German police officer because she was unable to make it to Syria’

A teenaged female ISIS fanatic who nearly killed a policewoman in a knife attack in Germany last week was radicalised at the age of seven, it has been revealed.

The grammar school girl identified only as Safia S told detectives she wanted to strike in Germany because she could not make it to Syria.

An attempt to enter the country last month failed when her mother flew out to Turkey and brought her back from the border.

The alleged attacker (pictured), now aged 15, was said to have been radicalised at the age of seven

Police say hate preachers in a mosque where she regularly attended Friday prayers as a toddler ‘manipulated’ her mind and set her on the path of perverted Islam and violence.

Her mother Hasna L, 57, came from Morocco and her father is German. Both she and brother Saleh, 18, were brought up by Hasna after their father walked out on the family in childhood.

The mosque she attended has for long been under the observation of the Office for the Protection of the Constitution, Germany’s domestic intelligence agency.

‘Sie is a loving girl and no terrorist,’ said her mother after her arrest following the near-fatal stabbing at Hanover railway station last Friday evening. The knife she used to stab the policewoman only narrowly missed a vital artery in her neck.


The girl attacked the police officer when she was stopped for a routine search in Hanover main station last Friday.

‘As she was politely pulled to one side to confirm her identity a knife appeared lightningly quick in her hand and our colleagues had little chance to defend themselves,’ said a police spokesman. ‘This was an Islamic attack against our officers.

‘The attacker was ice cold. Her only worry was that her headscarf was rumpled and she wanted to put it straight. It was nothing to her if the police officer lived or died.’

Video transcript:

0:00   Officials of the federal police have today afternoon at the main train station
0:05   detained a young girl, and in the course of this arrest,
0:10   the 15-year-old unexpectedly pulled a knife and injured
0:15   one of the officials in the neck, after which his colleague then
0:19   subdued the young girl and detained her,
0:24   and the injured officer was brought by ambulance to
0:28   the hospital.
0:31   His condition is stable, and the injury is not life-threatening.
0:36   A criminal investigation has begun.
0:39   The 15-year-old is detained for the time being, and everything else,
0:43   including the background of why she did this, has now to be investigated.

13 thoughts on “Teach Your Children Well

  1. Very disturbing. Something that may further explain why a 14 year old Muslim girl would act like this:

    She was almost certainly told explicitly and sent the message that women are morally inferior, the majority of women end up in hell, etc, leading to a severe moral inferiority complex. At the same time she was told how morally superior and admired it is to “kill and be killed” in jihad against the kuffar.

    So, her “solution” to the moral inferiority complex: prove her moral superiority by stabbing a kafir. Also, being concerned with Islamic moral superiority she would naturally be much more concerned about her hijab being in place than what happens to a kafir.

    If someone has brainwashed their kid like this and their whole social environment approves, the possibility of improvement doesn’t seem very good. She’s probably stuck with this for the rest of her life. And everyone else is stuck with it as well.

      • That would be good, but they’d need to deport at least the whole immediate family. Who wants to bet they won’t do that or can’t for some legal reason?

    • This incident reveals how stupid the invaders are. Muslims should be kind to the hands that nurture them including the German polizei. Instead, children of invaders are taught to hate and kill. Muslims refuse to accept that peaceful populating is more effective than violence. That’s why Islam is doomed to fail. And what of the girl? She will be mildly cautioned and then returned to the projects where she will be hailed as a hero.

  2. Germany’s Achilles’ Heel is in her Basic Law (Grundgesetz) which prohibits the establishment of the death penalty, for any crime, let alone the use of God’s Name for seditious purposes.

    • Death has never deterred religious zealots of any denomination. No, we don’t want to go back there for whatever reason. The problem is not the Basic Law, but the failure of its application to protect its constituents. Its sections are applied or ignored at will by those in power. If a community at whole does not put up any resistance against the dissolving and rendering worthless of its constitution, then nature will take its course. /Then/, death penalties will be meted out again. Just not in any orderly fashion.

  3. The ghoulish look on her face tells you all you need to know. This child is lost and will not come back.

    • The perversion of innocence by Islamic anticulture is the most disgusting thing I can think of. It’s widely known that children exposed to brutality become deeply warped and are among those most capable of heinous acts. Cf. The Lord’s Army in Africa. We are looking at a century of expanding and intensifying chaos and bloodshed because no effective action is being taken to protect kids from tho who would turn them into demonic killers. God save the innocent!

  4. Germany and all of western Europe’s Achilles Heel is its apparent inability to grow up. You can’t be twenty seven forever.

  5. Police say hate preachers ‘manipulated’ her.
    How do they know? Were they there in the mosque, too?
    Of course not: filthy kuffar are NOT ALLOWED IN.

    She was “set on the path of perverted Islam and violence”. Oh yes? Who told them that? Have they tested it? Can the police define how it is “perverted”, and show how violence is not part of it?

    If a preacher cite the “excellent pattern” in Koran 60:4 “between us and you animosity and hatred forever” does that make him a hate preacher?
    The Koran’s teachings are “universal and trans-time”: denying any verse is a death penalty offence. The killing can be performed without repercussion by anyone “since it is killing someone who deserves to die” (“Reliance of the Traveller” o8.4).
    If a preacher cite Koran 9:5 “Kill the non-muslims wherever you find them” is he “manipulating” his listeners into a “perverted Islam and violence”?
    Or is he preaching ordinary basic Islam, “exactly what this book says”?

    Neither the German police nor the Daily Mail asks these questions.

  6. “Human aggression is instinctual. Humans have not evolved any ritualised aggression-inhibiting mechanisms to ensure the survival of the species. For this reason man is considered a very dangerous animal.” A quote from the famous zoologist Konrad Lorenz.
    Unfortunately the young, liberal western male has been so brain washed by feminazi propaganda that it’s OK to cry, wear pink and make up if you want to, listen to your feminine side, that there is no male and female anymore just “select” one of the 23 (at the last count) “new” genders at your leisure. Remember the absurd protest against the vile sexual attacks by the young men donning mini-skirts in “solidarity” with the victims?
    Meanwhile young third world Arab and North African males are barely weaned before they are indoctrinated to despise the West, in particular its freedoms and rights that western women have struggled to secure. Until young men in the West heed Lorenz’s wise words and react accordingly the third world invaders will continue their contemptuous rampage through your nation and it will be your mothers, aunts, sisters, nieces, daughters, female cousins, girl friends and wives that will suffer the hideous consequences.

    • Meanwhile young third world Arab and North African males are barely weaned before they are indoctrinated to despise the West

      BEFORE they are weaned, Muslim babies are often used as sexual objects bec. they “won’t remember. But the body never forgets the humiliation of being violated. Their users train them to channel deep self-hatred out toward others or inward in suicide.

      I like the model “compass of shame” as described here:


      Despite Dr.Nathanson’s leftist philosophy, his model is useful. He developed and made accessible the ideas of Sylvan Thomkins, M.D.

      What is the opposite of deep shame? It’s not pride…


  7. In 10 years, many cities in Western Europe will be worse places to live than Jerusalem is today, stabbings and “intifada” style violence-wise.

    In 20 years, Western Europeans visiting Jerusalem, which will probably not have changed much, will find it to be a place where it’s possible to have a relatively normal life.

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