Lars Hedegaard at CPAC on Europe’s Future: “This Will End in Social Breakdown, Warfare, and Bloodshed”

Last Thursday Lars Hedegaard and Paul Weston were participants on a panel sponsored by the Center for Security Policy at the annual CPAC conference in Washington D.C. The topic discussed was the European “refugee” crisis, and accompanying political repression in Europe.

Below is the talk given by Lars Hedegaard at the event. Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for editing and uploading this video:

10 thoughts on “Lars Hedegaard at CPAC on Europe’s Future: “This Will End in Social Breakdown, Warfare, and Bloodshed”

  1. And I just read that Lars was found guilty of the gag order for releasing the name of his assassin even though his name was widely published in the international media. Several people showed up at his trail with the assassin’s name on their tee shirts and they were arrested. The person writing the article claimed that the prosecutor said the assassin’s name and wondered if he would arrest himself!
    This is sick and getting sicker…

    • A similar thing is happening in my home state of Minnesota. The university of Minnesota campus police no longer report the ethnicity of perpetrators of crimes committed on campus due to “respecting minority sensitivities”. I am more than capable of filling in the blank, so this really does not work in liberals favor.

    • Thank you for posting that link. I hadn’t heard of that book.

      I went to Amazon and the book is ‘currently unavailable’.

      The wiki page provides a link to a 4 part documentary ‘The Notre Dame de Paris Mosque’ on you tube, and that link leads to a page where the documentary is also ‘unavailable’.

      There seems to be a bit of a blackout on this one.

  2. This man, Lars explains things in a calm rational voice. He didn’t explain a way out though. Maybe left to our imagination as to the outcome. :- (

    Another problem not touched apon about the ‘welfare state’, It wasdesigned by Biamake (Europe) and Roosevely (US). The retirement age of 60 or so years was only reached by a few. Now people are living longer and need more medical care.

    CNN report:
    1 Million people crossed to the EU in 2015 alone–Quoting UN figures.

  3. If Europe is to see social breakdown, warfare and bloodshed, better it comes now while Islam is still small. Europe has three enemies: Leftism, their own governments, and Islam.

  4. Why? How about Richard Coudenhove-Kalergi’s , Praktischer Idealismus, where it’s distinctly spelled out in detail. In essence it was, or still is, a mentally disturbed elite’s fantasy of a Pan European Union, using useful idiots, communists, misandric feminists and anti-fascist/anarchist agitator factions, etc., all fighting among each other. But I think Hedegaard really wanted to know why these excuses for politicians keep lying and lying.

    • A better question would be why anyone thinks that a society like that would be better than the society that produced modern civilisation?
      Where was the control group, the testing phase, the proof that a tangible benefit would arise?
      At every turn the opposite is proven yet the experiments keep being increased in scope in the hope of forcing a positive outcome.
      Left the way things are, Europe will end up like South Africa with the architects of this mess wondering what went wrong.
      I suspect the people of Kos now regret the support they showed to those first “refugees”. If they’d turned out in force at the start they wouldn’t have had to suffer their own government attacking them. The issue would have been resolved before it got to the point of having a permanent terrorist barracks opened up in their midst.
      The problem is not going to be solved by politicians, they’re the cause of it, the people will have to decide for themselves what the fate of their families, their communities, their culture will be.

      The other thing that is also clear is the way in which crime is handled now. If native Europeans were to attack foreigners as regularly as foreigners attack natives, the response in the media, the churches, governments, human rights organisations would be deafening.
      It would be a witch hunt, rights of the masses would be suspended, massive propaganda expended.
      Instead we’re given this pap about cultural misunderstandings, deprived backgrounds, etc… None of which helps the victims, none of which prevents further victims.
      One thing is clear and that is that European men need to start having a united street presence again, not women, men.
      The feminists better make the most of their welcoming attitudes to these foreigners because the clock on women’s rights is about to be turned back a few hours because of it.

  5. Lars brings up a good point. What do the European elites hope to gain? My guess is control. Create chaos, then impose martial law to regain control. Their attempts to create socialist utopias were falling apart, and they started to lose in the elections, so they needed to create a distraction to regain control. After regaining control, the elites are left in total dictatorial control of the country due to the population voluntarily submitting to any loss of freedom/rights in order to preserve their own safety. They do not care about the native population, since it can’t even be bothered to engage in reproduction anymore. Better to have a more easily controlled, uneducated population that has no references or familiarity to constitutional laws and preferably one that is used to living under a dictatorship. They can always declare they were “closet muslims” later. The problem with this, is once the chaos starts there is no controlling it, and no determining who ends up on top. Either way Europe is finished as the other speaker pointed out. There is no going back to the 1st world status for any of these countries. That requires a population that embraces education. The same is true for the United States. Obama’s second term proves that the control the established portion of the population had is too fractured to ever regain control of the popular vote. Eventually we will collapse in economic insolvency, and a similar dictatorship will be enabled here as well.

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