Yawan al-Keri, Grand Mufti of Nantucket

This is an astonishing video: U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry is telling the world which Muslims are apostates from their religion.

Who gave him the authority to pronounce takfir against the murtadeen of the Islamic State? Did he forego cycling and sailing last summer, and spend his vacation in a madrassa instead?

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for editing and uploading this video.

Thanks also to Vlad for helping me with the photoshop that put the Al-Azhar beanie onto “Dr. Kerry the Proctologist” and converted him into the Grand Mufti.

10 thoughts on “Yawan al-Keri, Grand Mufti of Nantucket

  1. Who gave Kerry authority? The traitor has deep family ties to Islam and (I couldn’t confirm this) is a Muslim himself. The ideological brain behind this is Hussein Obama, who has placed Muslims in high-ranking, sensitive jobs in the White House. Expect more of the same from Hillary. The death spiral continues.

    • The president appointed him to this power and the Congress voted agreement. It was all very legal. He speaks for Obama.

      And how did ISIS transmogrify into Daesh? Here’s one answer:


      But the reporter calls ISIS “extremists” so go figure…these jornolists have a style book. Evidently ‘terrorist’ isn’t permitted even when the killers do the things Kerry describes.

      By the way, I thought he looked less Lurch-y than usual. Seriously. He looks VERY tired and weighted down. I think Hillary left things in a mess. Not that I think much of Kerry – he thinks so much of himself there’s no room for anyone else – but not having a TV I haven’t actually seen his face in a few months and the difference is telling, even in his voice.

      Obama appeared to be his same hale and hearty self last time I saw a pic. Must be all the golf…Kerry saves BHO from having to do anything but drive us more deeply into debt.

      • No TV! I’m making up for your lack of a boob tube, I have 4 (including the one in my garage) plus a tuner card in my PC.

        BTW, if you don’t drink I’m making up for that too.

  2. Obama has recently visited a mosque in Baltimore. As he was raised as a Muslim in his formative years, but has professed to be a Christian, surely he must be an apostate too? Definition “the abandonment of Islam, by a Muslim, by word or through thought”. His Caucasian mother would have had no say in his early religious instruction as she would have wrongly but automatically, been subordinate to her spouses wishes! However I look forward to his visits to Christian churches and Jewish synagogues and be equally lavish in his praise for their congregations too!

    • Yes – a mosque that was suggested for his visit by CAIR and on which the FBI has been surveilling with good cause. Pamela Geller has the details. It’s a sad thing.

  3. This is one of the biggest things that irks me about liberals. They pride themselves both on their freedom from any traditional religion and even on their own ignorance thereof, yet they presume to pontificate on who is and who is not a good believer. As a Christian, I deeply resent the negative pronouncements made about my Christianity when I am skeptical towards the Leftist agenda (being pro-life and anti-SSM makes me a misogynist hater); I wonder how any Muslim, regardless of affinities with Da’esh or lack thereof, might feel about such pronouncements?

    Speaking as a teacher, I strongly suspect that the last thing Kerry ever learned about Islam was how it was a “tolerant” religion that allowed Jewish and Christian subjects to practice their religions (and never mind the protection racket called jizya and the second-class status of Dhimmi)–the mythology of the public school textbook, for the writers of which any stick will do to beat the Christian dog. We see in the O mal-administration the fruits of feeding misinformation and telling its recipients that they are “educated” and “enlightened”.

  4. I notice he alluded to the 20th Century and its problems, which sounded as if he was referring to the Holocaust in the context of his remarks about ISIS.

    This made me wonder if he FORGOT the 1915-1923 genocide committed by his Islamic pals and now NATO’s own , the TURKS ???

    In light of his glowing praise of a so-called religion, Islam (which OPENLY sanctions the death of NON_MUSLIMS ) I believe he FORGOT the millions of Armenians, Pontic Greeks and Assyrian Christians butchered by the ISLAMIC TURKS. .

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