The Dhimmi Taxi Service of Leipzig

The following video is an excerpt from a longer documentary about taxi drivers that are hired by local government in Saxony to chauffeur “refugees” to their various appointments. It’s startling to see how much money the German authorities are willing to spend to make sure their culture-enriching charges make it to the welfare office on time. And then the cabbie has to wait for three or four hours — with the meter running the whole time.

Many thanks to Nash Montana for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


0:02   Wednesday morning, beginning of January.
0:05   For the Leipzig taxi driver Frank Förster, business is good.
0:09   He’s just driving an asylum seeker from the reception center to the doctor.
0:18   Yes right there, okay? Yeah, okay, good, bye.
0:22   (refugee): Danke schön (camerawoman): bye
0:27   They do know their way around […]
0:31   It’s just unbelievable.
0:34   But is not about audacious refugees who fleece the taxi driver.
0:38   It’s German authorities who commission these taxi rides.
0:41   I’m writing the receipt here, the bill will go to Saxony Administration
0:48   That was €13 and sixty cents.
0:51   Indeed. With the taxi to the doctor and to administrative offices.
0:55   Trips like these are approved by the Saxony administration and
1:00   are paid with public funds. Even short distances.
1:08   Where the street tram stops right here at […], it’s 100 meters,
1:14   he could exit the tram here at […] another 100 meters,
1:17   which he could and should have walked by foot, and that’s all.
1:20   You can’t make your money faster than this.
1:26   Oh look, already my next passenger.
1:29   […] strasse 37, Malteser, into Parker Street 4.
1:34   Okay then. It’s booming.
1:39   The refugee wave has brought a lot of unexpected good business
1:42   to a lot of taxi drivers.
1:50   In this Leipzig taxi center, business has been booming for weeks.
1:55   They have recorded about 800 refugee fares in three months.
2:02   The operator (boss) Rolf Kaden is torn.
2:06   Well, I am businessman enough to gladly provide these rides in the future.
2:10   But somehow this has to be financed, and of course it cannot be comprehended
2:15   that this is being done so lavishly. I certainly don’t want to complain,
2:19   absolutely not,
2:22   But this is questionable.
2:25   Because in the end, the bill is paid by the taxpayer.
2:29   I can safely assume that one ride on average costs about €15,
2:34   and when we do about 300 rides, you can figure out
2:38   what the sum is, so around 6000 euro is what it more or less amounts to.
2:44   Taxi rides for refugees in grand style?
2:48   We inquire at the administration that pays for it all and approves it.
2:52   We can’t get an interview with the county administration. Their letter says:
2:57   ”Because of the lack of local knowledge on the part of asylum seekers, there’s a high risk
3:01   that by using the public transportation (ÖPNV) they would not,
3:04   or not in time, arrive at their stipulated appointments.”
3:10   Amazing. In the letter we are also advised that public transportation
3:14   is only available in areas with high density.
3:19   But especially in Leipzig most of the rides are pure city drives.
3:23   And sometimes things go a size larger.
3:30   On the next day, we ride with Remi Weichelt to Chemnitz.
3:36   We accompany him as he chauffeurs a Syrian family to
3:39   the Office of Migration and Refugees.
3:42   They have an appointment there.
3:45   It is a distance of over 80 kilometers.
3:50   The contractors are happy. It makes the cash register jingle.
3:56   Arrival in Chemnitz. This means waiting time for Reni Weichelt.
4:01   Drinking coffee, smoking, and all while the taxi meter is running.
4:06   And he is not the only one waiting.
4:09   I assume my colleague has also gone for a coffee break. He’s gonna have
4:12   to wait three-four hours as well.
4:15   Thirteen times taxis from his company drive to Chemnitz in January alone.
4:20   Expense: About €4000.
4:25   Inquiry at the Association of Taxpayers in Saxony.
4:28   Thomas Meyer looks at our recording.
4:32   To let refugees ride in taxis, to him this practice,
4:37   which isn’t done only in Saxony, is not comprehensible.
4:42   By and large, you cannot just say ‘All right, we’re gonna do this by taxi.’
4:47   That is a very bad, a terrible example in my opinion, where the state,
4:51   where the administration has failed big time.
4:54   They have thrown proportionality completely overboard.
4:59   And one can only conclude that here, with two fists
5:04   money is simply being thrown out the window.
5:07   Wasting money with administrative consent.
5:11   Back to Chemnitz.
5:14   Reni Weichelt has in the meantime been waiting
5:17   for four hours for his Syrian passengers.
5:21   Well I didn’t think that it would take this long.
5:24   I expected three hours, but this long?
5:29   After five and a half hours the Syrians have returned.
5:32   The waiting is over.
5:35   The taximeter comes to a halt at €308.90.
5:38   The return home is included.
5:41   By the way, on this day there were two more colleagues waiting
5:44   in Chemnitz, besides Reni Weichelt.
5:47   Three taxis with a turnover of over €300.
5:54   This is good business. They make a good amount with these three rides.

12 thoughts on “The Dhimmi Taxi Service of Leipzig

  1. The insanity continues! Here in the UK people have DIED within days of losing their benefits and having been declared medically fit for work by PRIVATE assessment companies. Some have also committed suicide. The unemployed are sanctioned and lose their benefits if they are late for or miss an appointment. Pensioners are having to work for longer and longer and this misery, although the Tories cannot and will not admit it, is all to find the monies to pay for the influx of largely unemployable third world dross allowed into the country. Contrary to what porcine Cameron would have you believe they are not all Doctors, Nurses, Scientists but when asked, they are usually middle aged men who wish to finish theiir “educashun”. What they do offer though is the Muslim card which would appear to offer them everything denied to the indigenous population.

  2. This is what the political elite is prepared to pay to grow their power base by ripping the guts out of taxpayers. Who does Merkel think will fund her big dreams of future dictatorship and expansion?

    Ah! It is clear, we are moving into the world of the pseudo-economy, where big bankers and bond markets can GAMBLE and SPECULATE at the global casino without creating one job but lots of Monopoly credit (real money will be abolished) which they can then inject into the political structures which support their game and keep the sheep corralled.

    The days when a person’s labor was their power are over. Everything will be done by machines and robots. Humanity will be genetically modified. There will be an insect class and beneath them, the soft flesh of us, the serfs, on which they feed.

    To keep us in place, they have their barbaric Muslim herders.

  3. It reminds me of when New York City school bus drivers threatened a strike if they didn’t get mo’ money and someone with a pad and pen figured out that it would be CHEAPER to take New York’s children to school in private taxicabs, 3-4 to a cab then the cost of busing them.

  4. Maybe they should pay the cab drivers to drive them back to Turkey.

    That would be worth it.

    Indeed, a strategy that would probably work reasonably well to get rid of a lot of the “refugees” would be something like this:

    EUR 10,000 to go home, NOW. Not only that, but you get to visit the local brothel FREE on your way out. Only one condition: you never EVER get to return to Germany, for any reason, forever. If you’re ever caught in Germany, it’s deportation straight to a Russian prison. You’re interested? No worries, just sign here. Yes, put your fingerprints here. Now, your retina scan, thank you. Don’t worry about the DNA collection station, we collect the condoms from the brothel and enter them into the system.

    The reason why this would be a GREAT idea is that it would likely get rid of most of the short-term thinkers, with the twin incentives of cash and sex. The ones that wouldn’t fall for it are likely a better class of people.

    Obviously, this only makes sense AFTER borders have been fully secured against further infiltration, lest it encourage others to come and get their 10K EUR.

    (P.S. The deportation station is the ONLY WAY OUT of the brothel. All refugees welcome to the brothel ANY TIME. Don’t freak out if the prostitutes find you ill-mannered and throw you off the bed. You probably *are* ill-mannered. But don’t freak out, because armed security will make a mess out of you on the way out, as your final lesson on how to treat women in Germany. [Redacted] Here’s your cash. Never again will you visit a brothel where you’ll get paid, sir. Your German dream did come true, but now it’s over. The Antonov Mriya is on the runway waiting to be filled. There will be at least 1000 of you in there before it takes off. The dream is over sir. Yours, anyway. Here’s your copy of the German Constitution in Arabic. Here is your parachute. Yes, you’ll need it: this is a non-stop flight, and your government doesn’t want you back and more than the prostitute does! What can you do? The others on board will show you how to use it. We hope. Most of them work. Would you like any extra condoms for the flight? Here’s your complimentary bottle of alcohol. Did you know alcohol is originally an Arabic word? No. Glad to have taught you that, sir. Have a nice day.)

  5. This.

    Coupled with the construction of BRAND SPANKING NEW houses everywhere in Germany for “refugees” complete with separate apartments for entire families, community rooms, and social service offices. For free.

    For a German, a Swiss, an Austrian, renting a new apartment with, let’s say, 3 bedrooms, kitchen, two baths, living room and either garden access or balcony, will be at a monthly cost starting at about 1800 US$ and up to 4000 US$.

    Buying a new family house with maybe 3, 4 rooms, 2 bathrooms, kitchen, living room, garden area…, for a bio German, the cost will start at just around 600,000 US$ but that’s cheap and probably not new. The cost will be closer to 1,000,000.

    Here is an example of regular housing real estate in Switzerland. The Swiss Frank is almost identical to the US$ right now. It’s almost 1 to 1. I put in search results for the Canton of Zurich, 2 to 4 rooms, apartments and houses.

  6. Jizyia of unknown proportions

    How much of these total amounts is channeled to the ummah?

    In other words, this is jizya, taken from Germany, and German taxpayers, to enforce the islamic world as such. The amounts are not even possible to imagine.

    What you can see, is that “refugees” and muslims in general, are driving BMWs, and residing in new apartments which local Europeans cannot afford to rent or buy.

  7. Anybody out there actually VOTE for this mess? In any EUropean country? In the good ‘ol U, S, of A?
    Next Question:
    Anybody out there (anywhere) think that we will be able to vote our way OUT of the mess we’re in?

    ………Yeah, I didn’t think so.
    Me neither.

    • Ah, Flintlock…I hate to say it, but I think you’re right. No, I don’t mean I mind you being right, I mean to say how sad it is to contemplate both the mess and the possible exits – aside from fleeing, that is. Not an option for the old or disabled or those with parents who need their help.

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