A Bleg From Vlad

Vlad Tepes asked me to call on the distributed intelligence of our readers to help him find something.

He’s looking for the original version of a made-for-TV movie called “My Dangerous Loverboy”. It was commissioned by a UK government agency in 2007 to serve as educational material to be used by schools and institutions. It concerned an underage girl whose much older “boyfriend” turns out to be a pimp who is grooming her for sex slavery.

The story on what happened to it is confusing. IMDB lists it with a 2009 release date. The Daily Mail says it was suppressed for seven years, until after the Rotherham scandal broke. Other articles say it was never suppressed at all.

Vlad tells me that the movie was remade in 2010, with all the “Asian” characters replaced with white guys. He’s looking for the original movie (digital file or DVD), which had at least some Pakistani actors. He says it appears to have been scrubbed from the Internet; he can’t find a copy anywhere.

If anyone has a copy of the ORIGINAL “My Dangerous Loverboy”, or knows where to find one, please leave a comment here or at Vlad’s place.

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  1. My daughter lives in London. You can’t buy a hard copy of Tommy Robinson’s book in the US, at least on amazon – only the kindle edition. It is available on amazon.uk – she got a copy and is mailed it to me. See below if anyone is interested


    I tried plugging that movie into amazon US and UK and found nothing.

    Anyway – try this


    • Tommy’s book was $32.84 US and I bought it. I tried to buy it on the US version of Amazon and no luck. A little pricey for a book these days, but the fact that his word is being suppressed makes me want to read it that much more.

      Thanks for the link.

      • Did you purchase it off his website? It’s the only place I can find it that does international shipping. Amazon.ca only has a kindle version (I prefer paperback) and Book Depository Canada doesn’t even have it at all.

        • I bought it at John Galt III’s link to Amazon.co.uk. I have an email confirmation from Amazon.uk that the book is on its way.

  2. Thank you but both of those links lead to the 2009 remake of it after they scrapped the original which showed authentically a muslim ‘Asian’ groomer and re did it with a white Brit in the role of the sex slaver.

    We are looking for a copy of the original. It boils my blood that they would do this, yet American History X is not being remade with a Black guy or an East Indian in the role of a Klansman. The analogy is perfect.

  3. I can’t help you out, but the replacing of politically correct characters happens A LOT in the BBC:

    I like to watch documentaries. One of them was about Hadrian’s Wall, with re-enactors making it a bit more palatable for the general audience. And yes, it makes it much more fun to watch. I was utterly surprised to see pitch black Africans in legionary gear. Not North Africans or Syrians (they were stationed at the Wall), but actors from central Africa. The parts of Africa Rome never visited or even had heard about. All in a very casual as a matter of fact way. That’s forging history into what you would like it to be. The BBC is very good at that.

    Ethnically different people are a very recent development. Yes, the Dutch and British East India companies did have a lot of local employees. Some, but not a lot, visited or stayed in Europe.

    Mass migration only became possible well after WW2, when international travel became affordable and that is a very recent development.

    • Did anyone see the BBCs documentary on the British East India Company? It was a classic example of H.Numan’s comment above whereby they tried to pass off the British Colonisation of India, which was not perfect by any means, as a Pan-Global holocaust. This wasn’t just run of the mill leftist lies, it was a form of calumny that, in the normal course of events, only the likes of Pravda and the Chinese Government get away with.

    • In the last few years popular British tv dramas have been pressurised to always include BME (black & minority ethnic) actors. This included a longstanding popular detective series set in typical English villages – ‘Midsomer Murders’. Under the producer of over two decades, Brian True-May, it gently poked fun at the rural English middle class which is overwhelmingly ‘white’. True-May resigned because he refused to habitually cast BME actors as typical English villagers. Every episode now includes a disproportionate number of BME actors.

      But even more striking is the trend in all tv dramas to give the characters played by South Asian actors English names, which is of course totally unrealistic. We are supposed not to notice that the character called something like ‘Henry Chumley-ffawkes’ looks South Asian.

      Another example was the tv adaptation of Dickens’ ‘Little Dorrit’, where the English industrialist with an English name was played by a South Asian. The script wasn’t even adapted to explain why in 19th century England there might be an Indian industrialist, which by then although possible was unlikely & should at least be remarked upon. Again, we are supposed not to notice this incongruous anomoly.

      I don’t have a problem with BME actors. What I do have a problem with is the feeling that insidious propaganda with a social engineering agenda is being pumped at me in films & on tv. The result is a falsification of history & a falsification of ethnic difference that we can see clearly on the screen, but must pretend that we haven’t noticed.

      • Some years I go I saw Robin Hood, a Hollywood blockbuster. Robin comes with his mohammedan friend back in England, home from the crusades. His friend starts prostrating himself in public for prayer. We’re talking 11-12 th century England. Peak of the crusades.

        How long would a muslim, dressed as s muslim and praying as a muslim last in England at that time, before being lynched? (You can give your answer in seconds or milliseconds.)

        In the movie ‘Druids’ Vercingetorix recites the US constitution and the declaration of liberty.

        Hollywood is bad, but the BBC is by far much better in propaganda. Germany with Goebbels had the reputation, but in reality England has always been much better in disinformation.

        Because they mix up truth with as many lies as possible in such a way people actually believe it.

        • What will happen (& I’m sure this is the design) is that young people will believe that BMEs have always lived in England, & that Islam is as much part of English life as the Church. It ‘normalises’ what was in fact a huge mass migration which occurred only in the last few decades.

          • That would be the goal…. Orwellian rewriting of history to accomplish “social change”. And people thought 1984 was just a book!

  4. Dear Vlad, the Law and Freedom Foundation published a report called Easy Meat in April 2014 prior to the Jay Report of August 2014 about the gang rape of girls in Rotherham. It is some time since I have read Easy Meat but I seem to remember that there was reference to My Dangerous Lover Boy. Perhaps Gavin Boby of Law and Freedom, who recently spoke at a Pegida stroll in Dresden, would have some information.

  5. Dear Vlad, having checked further. Easy Meat was published in March 2014 by Peter McLoughlin via Law and Freedom. It is available as a PDF – 333 pages.
    Chapter 4.13, page 87, My Dangerous Lover Boy.
    I am not sure if this will help you track down a copy but there is a lot of background.

  6. My copy of Tommy’s book arrived about half an hour ago. I bought it from Amazon UK who delivered it to a friend’s address in South West London. They in turn forwarded it to me in Thailand.

  7. The BBC, in it’s continual efforts to brainwash the younger generation, change all manor of things. The most outrageous, in my view, was the transformation of ‘Friar Tuck’ in the legend of Robin Hood. The most recent adaption sees not the Caucasian, rotund Friar we are accustomed to but has morphed into a strapping black African muscleman adept in the art of Kung Fu!

    It won’t be long before the BBC show us a dope smoking, rastafarian King Henry the eighth complete with dreadlocks.

  8. Further material which GoV readers might find interesting/useful:

    Elizabeth McDonnell: You Can’t Have My Daughter.

    Bullfinch victim and mother tell all in new books about their ordeal at hands of sex abuse gang

    “A VICTIM of child sex abuse and her mother have written books about their traumatic experiences at the hands of a gang jailed after Operation Bullfinch.

    The women have published books – Girl for Sale and You Can’t Have My Daughter – under the false names of Lara and Elizabeth McDonnell.

    Lara was groomed and trafficked by a paedophile ring in Oxford from the age of 12, while Elizabeth desperately tried to keep her safe.

    Known as Girl 3 during the Bullfinch trial in 2013, Lara was drugged, raped, tortured and sent across the country as a child prostitute.

    After seven members of the gang were jailed for a total of 95 years in June 2013, the pair began to write about their experiences.”

  9. Here is how the project “My dangerous Loverboy” (including the short film) was initially proposed for funding by the producer (Grant Keir). Apparently you are looking for a Canadian version of the same, since the UK short was finished in 2009 after securing funds. But even in the 2009 short the main character (Raz, the loverboy) is NOT white, but Pakistani. The movie has been indeed supressed ever since for various reasons.



    Multi-platform proposal researched and written to secure funding for UKHTC campaign to raise awareness of domestic trafficking in the UK. The My Dangerous Loverboy project won the National Film Board of Canada (NFB) Cross Media Challenge at Sheffield Doc/Fest November, 2007.

    I carried out face to face research with frontline agencies such as Streetreach in Doncaster, Dutch organisations such as Stop Loverboys Nu and the UK Human Trafficking Centre. The UKHTC were aware of several incidences of gangs of men targeting vulnerable girls in care or with troubled homelives. The UKHTC were keen to raise awareness of “domestic trafficking” in which the girls were seduced by older men, given gifts and treated as girlfriends, before they were forced into prostitution and trafficked within the UK for the purposes of sexual exploitation. The girls were all white or mixed race and often from disadvantaged backgrounds whilst the men were mostly Muslims of Pakistani or Afghan origin. This racial and religious pattern made the issue highly sensitive.

    In the Netherlands, there is far greater awareness of this pattern of grooming and forced prostitution. Therm for the men who seduce and then abuse the girls is “Loverboy”. The Dutch carry out a programme of education in schools and use the internet (also exploited by these men) to warn girls and their peers about the signs of an abusive relationship of this type.


    “I thought he loved me. He was exciting, gave me presents, alcohol, and had a sick car. Then one day I woke up naked in a strange town, with no mobile, no money, nothing… Life became a blur. I was passed from one man to another. I couldn’t see how the nightmare would ever end.”
    Jade, 13 years old.

    ‘My Dangerous Loverboy’ aims to raise awareness of global internal sex trafficking and engage with vulnerable young girls through an interactive website and ground breaking mobile site. Working closely with community outreach partners, we aim to empower our target audience of ‘at risk’ young girls and their wider peer group (12-18 year olds) to tell their stories, warn others of potential dangers, and gain the self esteem that will enable them to make choices about their lives.

    Throughout the UK, and in other European countries, thousands of young girls are being groomed into sex slavery.

    Typically, men aged between 18-25, target girls, sometimes as young as 12 years old. Initially acting as a ‘boyfriend’, they introduce the impressionable and vulnerable into a world of clothes, drugs and fast cars. The attention given to the girls is intoxicating and they do not recognise the danger signs. They are usually unaware of what is happening to them until it’s too late and they are forced to have sex with groups of older men.

    The ‘My Dangerous Loverboy’ cross-media documentary project aims to provide these marginalised girls with the tools to tell their stories and engage with others who have been caught up in this harrowing underworld. During our research with community support groups like Streetreach and Barnados, and agencies like the UK Human Trafficking Centre, we have talked to young girls who have been trafficked around UK cities. They are remarkably open and keen to tell their stories to alert other young girls to the traps. They also want to learn new creative skills which will qualify them for esteem building Youth Achievement awards like Duke of Edinburgh.

    Using the full potential of a range of new platforms, ‘My Dangerous Loverboy’ the project, will reach out and creatively engage with these marginalised girls and their wider peer group in a way not possible before.

    By enabling victims of sex trafficking and their peers to upload their own stories, poems, drawings, mobile video blogs or whatever ‘documents’ they choose, the site will become a compelling ground up DIY resource for young people, and will hopefully educate them to the very real dangers of internal sex trafficking. We aim to dispel the myth that this is a problem that only happens to ‘other people’ by giving young girls first hand stories of girls just like them!

    The website will have a mix of curated and user generated documentary content. We have been commissioned to produce a short film by the UK Human Trafficking Centre which is being made in collaboration with young girls at the pioneering centre, Streetreach. The film comes out of a creative writing project which has produced some powerful and shocking stories and poems.

    We plan to re-cut the material into a docu-pop video, using a song from a popular indie band. This will be distributed virally via the web and mobile to get the trafficking story out to as many young people as possible.

    The best, and possibly, only way to reach some of these marginalised girls is through mobile. To support the online content, we will be delivering a mobile optimised website that will enable young people to access and contribute content through their mobile phone.

    The mobile site will enable us to engage with our primary audience in a discrete, private and intimate way. Through the mobile channel, we will be able to reach out to those who may not have access to a computer, or whose access is monitored.

    The mobile site will enable young girls who are embroiled in the sex traffic trade, or those that know of girls who they suspect are being trafficked, to get advice from trained professional advisers who can provide informative advice and alert the relevant agencies if required.

    In addition to the Mobile web services, we will also deliver an SMS text message service. The text service is a simple and discreet communication channel that will enable vulnerable girls to reach out for help without raising suspicion. Using a memorable short code like ‘Reach’, which spelt out on a on a phone keypad would be 73224; trafficked girls could instigate a ‘help’ or ‘advice’ service free of charge.

    The ‘My Dangerous Loverboy’ project also has a hard hitting documentary proposal currently under consideration by Angus Macqueen, Head of Channel Four Documentary. If commissioned, the television documentary will become another key element in our cross-media approach to raising awareness amongst teachers, key professionals and the wider public of this challenging issue.

    The Team – Cross Media Collaboration
    This project is being developed in close collaboration with community groups and Vita Nova Films has secured exclusive access to work with the UK Human Trafficking Centre and victims of teenage internal trafficking. The project brings together cutting edge web design and digital marketing skills of Quba New Media http://www.quba.co.uk and the innovative story telling skills of Vita Nova Films.

    June 2007



    Probably the producer himself can tell more about the story behind…

    Try reach him in Morpeth, Nerthumberland
    Mobile Phone: 07811 383 911 email: grant@factionnorth.com

  10. If something like this is suppressed it isn’t necessarily because of the ethnicity of the characters. Many (most?) parents really can’t deal with things like this, or even just the possibility. So materials like this may be suppressed because they’re upsetting to parents.

    The readers (at least the ones who comment) here don’t usually seem like the reality denial types, so I feel the need to point this out.

      • Schools may have trouble dealing with this issue as well, and schools also have to deal with parents. People in a job often try to avoid tasks that they aren’t sure how to perform rather than try to figure out how to deal with them.

        I’m sure the ethnicity of a character would pose a problem, but even just trying to get people to deal with the issue of sexual exploitation of children and adolescents is a difficult problem.

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