In Ljubljana, Slovenian Patriots Face Off Against the Reds

As we reported here last week, angry Slovenians have been demonstrating against the immigration policies of their current government, and those of the EU. First there was a demonstration in January, and then on February 20 an estimated 3,000 people demonstrated against a proposed migrant center outside of Kranj, north of the capital Ljubljana.

Our Slovenian correspondent Andrej Turjaški sends the following video from AXJ Slovenia News of a demonstration held in Ljubljana last Saturday. Actually, it was two rival demonstrations: Slovenian patriots (opposing immigration) vs. the Antifas (supporting immigration). Notice that the patriots are carrying Slovenian flags and other symbols of their love for their country, while their leftist opponents are carrying Communist flags and wearing the Red Star.

There are several inspiring moments in this video. It’s always heartening to see patriots on the streets wholeheartedly proclaiming their love for their country and their culture. Pay attention to the moment when the police warn the demonstrators that if they don’t stay back, then they (the police) will use physical force against them. The camera pans at that moment, and you see the front ranks of the patriots: ordinary middle-aged citizens, men and women, grandmothers. Compare them with the rag-tag mob of Antifa thugs.

The patriots and the police are not really on opposite sides, however. At the end of the video, one of the leaders of the patriots uses the megaphone to tell the crowd: “I suggest that we withdraw in solidarity with the police, because the leftists will not! Police officers have too small salaries.”

And pay special attention to the patriots’ chant at about 6:48:

22 thoughts on “In Ljubljana, Slovenian Patriots Face Off Against the Reds

  1. Slovenians are lions led by donkeys .Pretty much the case for the U.S at the moment.But hopefully commonsense prevails and Trump gets in.

  2. Until leftist, pro migration, open borders agitators are made fully aware that they will be made accountable for their treacherous actions and prosecuted for the untold damage they are doing to their countries the situation will only deteriorate. Let’s start with the Blair creature and work downwards. The left wing traitors stirring up the “Jungle” free loaders in Calais would be candidates for long term jail sentences too. Mutti Merkel would be the main prize, still spewing her drivel whilst the EU collapses around her, convict and jail her along with her slavering minions before it is too late!

    • The Muslims may through some alah perversion knock over out of place and out of time the moldy old Soviet Merkel and her cronies.

  3. Freedom of religion is a problem. European countries can declare that their state religion as christianity and thus only christians are allowed to seek asylum.

  4. No matter how many demonstrations, there’s now a large number of Muslims living in most European countries. The attempt to eliminate nation states by diluting and fragmenting their populations is on its way to success. What on earth can be done about this, short of some horrible ‘solution’ straight out of Europe’s past?

    • Don’t worry. One thing that’s for sure is that there won’t be any horrible “solution” out of Europe’s past being implemented – by Europeans, in any case. But perhaps one “solution” out of America’s past is in the process of being implemented in Europe… Are native Europeans in the process of going the way of native Americans?

    • We stopped growing in 1967. We now have “stuff “and vacuous inane media. All the “soul” shredded the soul. Even Popeye in Rome thinks it’s video time.

  5. God bless Slovenia and these courageous people! They know what is right for them. And they can smell treachery and being sold down the river. Of course Cerar should resign – better still they should simply tell him and his cohorts to leave the country they so obviously don’t respect and love. I was moved by this vid. Thank you for obtaining and showing.

  6. Donald Trump is a candidate whose most notable policy, to “ban Muslims” from entering the US, is one that’s completely unworkable and unrealistic… after all, who’s to say that those Muslims intent on doing damage couldn’t pretend to be Sikhs, get themselves a false passport and enter anyway? However this proposal has resulted in Trump being one of the world’s most hated men (in Britain anyway), and has perhaps led to anti-Islamists facing the charge “you’re just like Trump!”.

    The truth is, America has contained Muslims since the first mosque opened in Brooklyn in the early 20th Century (by Polish Tatar Muslims) – yet its issues with Islamic terror didn’t start until around 50 years later. Is there hence the need for such divisive proposals, which are like a red rag to a bull for leftists? Would sealing the border with Mexico not be enough of a step forward? If I was one of those Slovenians, I wouldn’t be shouting “Donald Trump” – but maybe Churchill, Thatcher or Reagan. Any of those leaders would have been smart enough to sniff out the danger, and tough enough to have dealt with it. And perhaps the lack of such leaders today is a major reason for why the West is currently in such a poor shape…

    • This is roughly the equation:


      That’s the emergent meme.

      • It *was* the emergent meme, for many people, until the recent debacle re. David Duke/KKK.

        I’m not sure whether–or how–this will affect Trump’s popularity among *white* Republican voters (there simply aren’t that many black Repub. voters, at least not that I’ve met) for today’s Super Tuesday primaries.

        However, it surely affects his electability in the November general election, when many more blacks/Latinos/non-KKK supporters, at any rate, will be voting.

      • As I recall, other politicians not part of the establishment in their respctive countries at the time include:

        1) Adolf Hitler
        2) Lord Sutch, of the British Monster Raving Loony Party
        3) Lenin

        Now while I fully agree that politicians should not pussyfoot around the issues of Islam or immigration, is it too much to ask of a US presidential candidate to have coherent, realistic policies?

        • Yes, it is too much.

          The establishment is pouring immense amounts of money into Big Migra. No candidate who takes major funding from the usual sources can push back against mass immigration, amnesty, etc. Notice that none of them do, from either party. Trump is the only exception, because he doesn’t have to rely on that money.

          Trump is so popular because his policies concerning immigration reflect what most Americans want, but which no other candidate will espouse. Being a proponent of such policies would propel candidates to victory, just as has happened with Trump. Yet no one else will do it. Winning seems less important to them than not straying beyond the fixed boundaries of what is considered acceptable by elite opinion.

          This tells us that the No Borders/NWO crowd are in full control of the political machinery in the United States most Western countries. If candidates could win elections by talking like Trump, then you would expect them to do so. Hence this is no longer about winning elections — something else is at work.

          All doors have been shut in the face of the electorate except the Trump Door. We may well get him as our next president, if they don’t do a Pym Fortuyn on him first.

          I can’t say the prospect thrills me — I’m not a Trump fan. He is, as Mike Vanderboegh says, a Shapeshifter. But the alternatives are as I described above; there is nothing else. We might as well deal with the observed facts, rather than engage in wishful thinking.

          • Baron-

            I’m not in love with Trump either, but I would not mind him as President.

            Unfortunately, I believe he is either a closet NWO globalist OR that the Deep State will see him off this mortal coil in an unfortunate mishap.

            There is no way Hilary will be prevented from getting ‘her turn’ after all the money that has been poured into her coffers.

          • But surely there IS still money at hand, away from the “usual sources”? Surely not all of it can be in the hands of the liberal elites and shifty Sheikhs? As for the Donald – the easier bit for him would be getting elected. The more difficult bit would start after Day One of his presidency… does he follow through with his proposals, and risk bringing about World War 3? Or does he become more moderate, and risk becoming another Lame Duck? Personally nothing I’ve heard him say has convinced me that he’d make competent choices.

            Desperate times these may be… but so were they in Germany in 1933. People were tired of countless injustices then, just as they are now… but do desperate times need to call for desperate measures, or can a candidate still identify the problem, while staying rational? Speaking of which… whatever happened to Allen West?!

          • If he actually carries out his plan to close the southern border, then he will have done the most important thing. Without that, all the rest becomes meaningless.

            Unfortunately, he can’t do anything about the biggest problem of all, which is the debt. That will eventually destroy the currency and bring on the Collapse. It’s too late now; it can’t be stopped. The only question is when it will happen.

            My prediction is that if Trump is elected, early in his administration the financial puppetmasters will collapse the fiscal house on him, causing him to be blamed for the greatest catastrophe in the history of the Republic. He will be seen as responsible for all the poverty, suffering, violence, and civil disorder that follow. The name “Trump” will thenceforward be like “Hitler” — synonymous with megalomaniacal evil.

            As for Allen West, he appears to have got himself into a spot of bother. The Bill Cosby syndrome — an eye for a well-turned ankle, and insufficient impulse control. Google his name in association with Pajamas Media, and you should be able to find the relevant articles.

          • Yes, the border wall idea is a good one – although it would seem obvious. And most likely the financial world would not like a Trump presidency – but then again maybe the fall of the US would also cause damage for the banks? As for Allen West – yes, I think I found it… a pity! For me, he was the one who was the most natural presidential material. But seems that he fell prey to having the same sort of tendencies that many people have in positions of power.

  7. “If I was one of those Slovenians, I wouldn’t be shouting “Donald Trump” – but maybe Churchill, Thatcher or Reagan.”

    The problem is they are all dead and Trump is alive. I have no idea what kind of president he would make, but anyone who has built an enormous fortune must have some brains. And he does seem to like America, unlike the current resident of the White House. Get a grip, people.

  8. Why is everyone so worked up about Trump?

    The Deep State already has the Diebold machines programmed to register every vote for Hillary.

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