Chechen Enrichers Keep Women in Line in Vienna

The following article from Kronen Zeitung describes the violent methods used by Chechen asylum seekers in Vienna to enforce modesty and decorum among women.

Many thanks to Nash Montana for the translation:

Four Chechens beat Vienna men

Self appointed “moral enforcers” from Chechnya severely beat two men in Millennium City in the Vienna district Brigittenau. The religious zealots harassed a defenseless woman and her daughters. Subsequently they heavily injured the father and a witness who came to the aid of the women.

The bone of contention: A woman was on her way to a disco after 11pm with her daughters and their girlfriends. Suddenly four Chechen asylum seekers appeared, who are already known for being willing to use violence to enforce their moral views. The four morality terrorists objected loudly that at this late hour of the night the young women were still out, and they were physically abusive towards the women.

The shocked mother called her husband and asked him to come and help. As he arrived, he was immediately attacked and knocked to the ground. A 45-year-old witness to the situation wanted to help the victim — only to also be attacked brutally, and he had to be admitted to the hospital with severe wounds. “As my son lay in the ambulance, suddenly blood was gushing out of his jacket”, said the father of the computer technician to Krone. The police are investigating.

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  1. Chechen’s.. They would be an honorable and peaceful people just like the Georgians. But Islam has made them into a backwards and savage lot..

    • Whatever religion, I can’t imagine Chechens as peaceful by nature, but islam has definitely harmed them in the worst way.

      ‘Chechen’ word has long lost its neutral meaning for Russians and is overwhelmingly associated with violence and crime. Chechens have the reputation of the most violent of all the many muslim peoples that live in Russia. Chechen boys en mass begin taking wrestling and martial arts classes since they are very young. Most of Russia’s wrestling champions hail from Chechnya and the neighbouring Dagestan.

      Chechen (and overall Caucasian) gangs (Georgian including) terrorized Russia in the 90s, acting especially boldly in Moscow and St. Petersburg. Since then many Chechens have settled there controlling a number of criminal businesses. Many also arrive for short stays in search of quick money. Young Chechens are always seen going out and about in groups, never alone. There’s hardly a day when Russian newspapers don’t report about somebody knifed by a Chechen in Moscow or St. Petersburg. Those temperamental thugs don’t attack for religious motives, but to mug or because they get easily offended even by a glance or word they deem wrong.
      And no, I’m not telling stories – this is a daily reality in Moscow.

      Should I mention that Chechnya and Dagestan outsource thousands of jihadis to Syria. While Chechen’s president Kadyrov manages to keep his home-grown rebels at bay, Dagestan is a place where moderate imams are being killed regularly and where Russia carries out anti-terror operations on a permanent basis.

      • Just to add regarding the very fact of the attack in Austria: the thing is that the Chechens who were granted refuge in the west are exactly those who didn’t agree to surrender to Kadyrov’s rule and his pressure on the wahhabis. They are apparently the most religious and anti-western of all their kinsmen.

        • ” They are apparently the most religious and anti-western of all their kinsmen. ”

          May I add they are the most loved and revered by the western Traitors, Just like the Muslimanov Brotherov.
          Criminal are attracted to Criminals by nature.

  2. A nation state comprises citizens, laws and secure borders.

    Muslims are citizens of the Ummah
    Muslims have their own law
    Muslims do not recognise borders.

    For a political religion/organisation that wants to erase the nations and cultures of Judeo-Christian Europe, Islam is a ‘god’ (satan) -send.

    In their desperation to bring down Christianity (White privilege) the left does not see that they are sitting on the same branch of the tree of life that they are trying to cut off.

    Marx was a Christian who became a pseudo atheist (his poetry is distinctly satanist), his political worm, Communism, feeds on ordered society and reduces it to toxic dust.

    Islam is a hammer that accelerates this disintegration process.

    O wretched man that I am! who shall deliver me from the body of this death?
    (Rom 7:24)

    • Very well put.

      Clear, easy to understand statements are hard to find. Do post more. 🙂

  3. I remember how Western media glorified Chechens as a “small but proud people” heroically fighting brutal Russian oppressors.

    For some reasons, Western journalists forgot to mention that independent Ichkeria (that is how the small but proud people called their short-lived experiment in Chechen statehood) was a fiercely Islamist State where adulterers were publicly stoned to death, kidnapped non-Chechen women were kept as sex slaves in mountainous villages (kidnapped men were, thank God, used as ordinary slaves – sodomy is not as popular in Chechnya as in Afghanistan or Pakistan), where blood vengeance was a sacred thing, where prisoners of war and hostages were kept in pits, tortured, and often brutally killed… I could go on, but let me brief.

    Now this small but proud people have come to the West and are trying to impose their noble ancient traditions. However, for some reasons, Westerners fail to appreciate. It seems they prefer to admire small but proud peoples (like Chechens or Kosovars) from afar and begin to find out that living side by side with them is not so much fun.

    • Great comment, Anton. So much for the NIMBYs who thought those “poor victims” deserved to have a nation, but didn’t expect them to ever come knocking on their doors.

  4. The same is happening here in UK. Recent arrivals apparently telling women to “cover up” and go home to their houses. Apparently see as “normal” in Birmingham. Has been going on for “years”.

    What I find astonishing is the utter arrogance. Admitted to UK under asylum rules or not. Then impose your religious law on your hosts….

    • Yeah but, for the backward Muslims it’s all aok. No panic. Apparently whatever he demands and carries out with murderous intent at worst gets a bunch of babbling Kufar talk. FGM etcetra. You name it. One can only imagine what the imams are telling the Mohammadans about how to abuse everything and everyone – and keep a healthy cash flow with the jizya.

  5. Time for the March of the Vigilantes’ methinks, and be damned to the inadequate Constabulary and the butterfly hordes of Marxist-Socialist-Islamofascist snowflakes screaming ‘Far right’ and ‘Fascists’ into their lattes and guacamole.

    This is a survival fight we are in not some sort of weepy-eyed sophomore debating society. We must now meet violence with even greater violence – it is the only thing these seventh century retards are ever going to react to and consequently pull their horns in.

    S III.

    • Are these methods accessible to (i.e., useable by) women or other people with movement disabilities? or significant height/weight asymmetry with regard to their attacker(s)?


  6. I love that bit: “The police are investigating.” Hilarious.

    How will the press, the politicians and the police further report on this?

    Well, they’ll first of all they will have to search for a motive. Next, the Chechen were obviously offended. So, to a large extent it must have been the fault of the Viennese. How dare they offending their Muslim guests? After all, they are Viennese in Austria, so what do they matter? Just who they think they are? Utterly outrageous behavior by those Austrians. They are probably Nazis, or at least Islamophobes.

    Obviously, where the Chechens are concerned, this had nothing to do with Islam.

    Anybody else wondering what punishments, or at least fines, are in store for those Austrians? It certainly was extremely impertinent and racist of the father wanting to protect his wife and daughters. And somebody else mixing, a vigilante. The police is sure to teach him a lesson.

    How does one spell ‘rev…o…ution.. something’? You know those events with those guillo… thingies.

    Install terror into the hearts…. Soon the Austrians, and others, wont be going out anymore, unless they have permission from a Muslim. In writing of course.

    • Or, until the still very much alive nations of Western Europe return from the twi-light zone and put the Mohammedan aliens here on notice that their glands are definitely going to be seriously deflated.

  7. I’m sure that the Islam-Others are well integrated (can ride the trains without difficulty, make change with Euros, know where to find unprotected little boys, etc.) so that can’t be the problem. It must be that pesky islamophobic reluctance to assimilate that is the root of the trouble. The sooner Euro-Kufars get on board the better, and less painful, it will be.

    The Koran’s attitude toward Dar al-Harb can be summed up by a half line from Harry Potter, “…neither shall live while the other survives.”

  8. Entirely the fault of the adult woman. She should have known, post-Koln, that an automatic pistol is an essential fashion requirement in modern Europe. And it needs to be loaded. Of course, such self-defense is now illegal throughout Europe, the police having taken on that role. But we know the police are possibly [and certainly in the UK] on the side of the immigrant/jihadi. Until Gucci and Prada begin the manufacture of grenades for these types of confrontation [and their use is routine], think twice about going to the disco in Vienna. There is a war on.

    • Boiled Cabbage said:: “… think twice about going to the disco in Vienna. There is a war on.”

      May I be so bold and point out that you missed the other European Capitals?

      • DFD, not only the Capitals but the small towns too….seriously, my point is that we Europeans have to fight for our Europe, all over again. By whatever means.

  9. Ever since the First Chechen War, Poland’s had a love affair with the Chechens, seeing them as having the same common enemy – Russia. Near where I lived in Warsaw, there is even a “Dzhokar Dudaev roundabout”, named after the Chechen president during the first Chechen war with Russia. In those 1990s, Poland took in around 100,000 Chechen refugees. And now, Poland’s best MMA fighter (and one of the best in the world) is called Mamed Khalidov. You’ve guessed it – a Chechen! (and, like the vast majority of Chechens, ultra-“devout”).

    The Chechens’ contribution to Poland however has not only been in the fields of MMA and hatred of Russia. In towns in the East of Poland, on local internet forums, on topics such as local housing, one can often find comments such as “on my estate there are a few hundred Chechens – and crime is through the roof”. A friend tells me that in his village to the South-West of Warsaw, the local mafia has even been displaced by, once again, the Chechens. And last year there was an incident in an refugee shelter in Poland, where a Ukrainian wearing shorts was beaten by (once again) a Chechen saying “Here is the Islamic State”.

    You can find Chechens in Poland in the strangest of places. Once, when canoeing through a forest I eastern Poland, in the middle of nowhere and with no villages anywhere near (let alone towns), we suddenly encountered a group of about 20 men and a few children on the river bank, with dark features and speaking Russian. No prizes for guessing where they were from…

    I wonder how long this strange admiration of one of the most militant and religiously retarded Islamic ethnic groups anywhere in the world will last?

    • The EU is the ultimate disasterous lost cause. All that traffic west and virtually nothing East. Chechen varicose veins kinda neutralize things a bit on the eastern front. All the characters in Bruxelles playing monkey games like they are a government of some kind. We had better get back in our nation states soon before we discover that there is a plan in the money soaked brain drain for compulsory relocation to achieve multicultural goals. Soviet style girl power.

  10. Hopefully they are prosecuted, jailed, and then after their sentence of hard labor deported.

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