Muslims in Germany Convert to Christianity: “The Deciding Factor is the Freedom to Make Your Own Choice”

The video below provides an inspiring follow-up to yesterday’s report about Christians who are persecuted in German asylum centers and seek sanctuary in churches.

Muslim converts to Christianity are highlighted in this report from “Kowalski & Schmidt”, a program on RBB, the state broadcaster for Berlin and Brandenberg. There is no specific reference to their being recent arrivals in the “refugee” wave. However, they have all experienced the same persecution at the hands of Muslims in their countries of origin. Now that they are in Germany, they feel safe enough to openly convert to Christianity.

Many thanks to Nash Montana for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


0:00   German churches are experiencing a decline in membership.
0:03   Just 61% of Germans are Christians.
0:06   almost 90% of the Polish people are Roman-Catholic.
0:09   But beware, many of the Muslims who come to Germany
0:12   want to convert to Christianity,
0:15   and that is not just good for the church, but
0:18   it’s also for all among us who have had enough of the Islamization around us.
0:24   Akram Alimadadi is drawing a hand that’s holding a rosary.
0:29   The hand belongs to her son, he’s the model.
0:32   For the past three months the Iranian family has visited weekly Bible readings.
0:38   All four want to convert to Christianity. The drawing of biblical figures,
0:42   unlike in Islam, it is allowed and encouraged in Christianity.
0:52   I want to refine myself in this kind of art here in Germany. I want to learn, and to make my mark,
0:58   and maybe even at some point be able to exhibit my art.
1:03   Even as a child, she says, she always felt Islam was oppressive and wrong.
1:08   She wanted to get away from this state religion, and filed for asylum in Germany six months ago.
1:20   We come from a small city. My father was a conservative imam,
1:25   he had besides my mother a second wife,
1:29   and my husband Hossein I have more or less converted him, yes.
1:37   I was barely a believer, like so many, I participated but I wasn’t really interested in religion.
1:45   But this religion has convinced me, yes I have become a real fan
1:48   of this church community now.
1:53   The family Alimadadi is not a single incident.
1:56   Muslims from all over Berlin and Brandenburg who want to convert,
2:00   come to Steglitz once a week to the Evangelical Trinity Community.
2:05   Bible teachings and preparations for baptism.
2:11   …and lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil…
2:17   …For Thine is the kingdom and the power and the glory forever. Amen.
2:21   Pastor Martens has translated the Lord’s Prayer into Farsi and Dari.
2:26   ”and because Martin Luther was a very smart man…”
2:30   Today he is giving an overview of the many Christian conversions.
2:35   ”…in the western churches of Europe…”
2:45   The number of Muslims who want to convert to Christianity is growing.
2:49   Back then there were about 150 that already wanted to convert,
2:53   and since we started here… yes…
2:57   it just goes on, one invites the other, so that in the meantime we have almost
3:04   600 refugees from Iran and Afghanistan, who have found a new home in our church.
3:11   In their countries of origin it would be life-threatening to convert from Islam to Christianity.
3:18   For Amirhossein Ghalandari from Iran, Christianity stands for freedom.
3:26   Certainly Islam and Christianity have a few similarities,
3:31   for example that we believe in one God.
3:34   But with Islam there are a host of ‘must, must, must’,
3:38   before you can even go to prayer.
3:41   This is forbidden, that is sin, etcetera.
3:44   Christianity is a lot more free. Everybody is allowed to communicate directly,
3:48   and without any preparation work, with God.
3:53   Amirhossein Ghalandari is an Architect and an amateur musician.
3:57   He has turned his back on the Farsi community in Steglitz.
4:05   Music to me means Love, and God also means that,
4:09   and everything fits so beautifully when we play music in God’s house with love.
4:13   In the mosque this is unthinkable. There this is a sin.
4:22   … I am free. I don’t have to be afraid any more…
4:31   Whoever converts from Islam to Christianity is considered
4:35   religiously persecuted and can’t be deported.
4:38   Pastor Martens isn’t second-guessing the motives of his new flock.
4:42   It is indeed correct that I then tell people very openly, I say maybe
4:46   one or the other comes here because they believe it’s gonna give them
4:50   an advantage in the asylum proceedings, and so he comes here,
4:55   but I know, the Holy Ghost works through God’s words, and it changes
4:59   the hearts of people, they leave differently from how they entered here.
5:03   The big day is here. Sixteen Muslims will lay down their old beliefs today,
5:07   and be baptized as Christians.
5:12   Including the Family Alimadadi.
5:15   ”I baptize you in the name of the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Ghost, Amen.”
5:28   Faith can change in the biography of a human as much as where he is from.
5:32   The deciding factor is the freedom to make your own choice.

57 thoughts on “Muslims in Germany Convert to Christianity: “The Deciding Factor is the Freedom to Make Your Own Choice”

  1. Too bad the number is so relatively small. And these converts are the educated and accomplished people–not the the great masses of 3rd world migrants both in and invading the country.

    Still, it’s good to see.

    • It takes intelligence to sift through and compare two different value systems whereas belonging to a herd only requires the brain of a sheep.

    • The number is small because the remnant of believers is small.

      Read into that the ramifications for the rest of humanity.

      Sometimes I wonder, given the religious oppression and repression across Muslim lands, if God has not permitted this cataclysm of mass immigration and temporal misery in order to save some who otherwise would not hear the Good News.

      The world’s people are under judgment, according to Biblical teaching.
      Few follow the narrow way.
      But it’s just too, too silly of me to try to bring people back to first principles when the mass of men have thoroughly rejected even so much as a need for a Savior.

      • I don’t think of God as a being who “permits” cataclysms, especially not doe the questionable motivation you assign to Him. All those Christians tortured and murdered in order to “save” others?? Seriously? Is your concept of God that small?? Lord help us all.

        Here’s the main point of all of Scripture: We are all endowed with free will. There are 1o Commandments for Jews, and 12 Commandments for Christians. It’s entirely up to us what we do with those laws, but St. Augustine’s advice still holds: “Love and do what you will”.

        You’re right: it’s just too, too silly to try to convert people with this kind of ‘welcome’ because people will flee from your dysphoric message. “Good news” it ain’t.

        Please refrain from preaching here. If you feel inclined to share, make sure it’s the GOOD NEWS, not a dysphoric judgment. We get enough of that from Islam…besides, there are many other sites who’d welcome your Off-Topic topic.

      • I don’t think of God as a being who “permits” cataclysms, especially not doe the questionable motivation you assign to Him. All those Christians tortured and murdered in order to “save” others?? Seriously? Is your concept of God that small?? Lord help us all.

        Here’s the main point of all of Scripture: We are all endowed with free will. There are 1o Commandments for Jews, and 12 Commandments for Christians. It’s entirely up to us what we do with those laws, but St. Augustine’s advice still holds: “Love and do what you will”.

        You’re right: it’s just too, too silly to try to convert people with this kind of ‘welcome’ because people will flee from your dysphoric message. “Good news” it ain’t.

        Please refrain from preaching here. If you feel inclined to share, make sure it’s the GOOD NEWS, not a dysphoric judgment. We get enough of that from Islam…besides, there are many other sites who’d welcome your Off-Topic topic.

      • I have often wondered if Christ has given us a ratio or a proportion (I’m a math teacher) for the number of souls who will enter into Eternity in the parable of the sower and the different seeds (Matt 13: 3-9) The ratio is only one out of four seeds planted or strewn which were to take root and grow into followers of the Living Word. And this one fourth of humanity grows into thirty, sixty or hundred fold Christians. What say ye? A
        sad number, but from what I see looking around me, that sounds about right. God bless this website. You educate, encourage and bless me. Thanks.

  2. I am in awe hearing this good news. Let us pray that more and more see the light. Am also in tears for this is the best news I’ve heard in quite a while.

  3. The woman looks genuinely keen and I like the way she enjoys drawing and even something so simple to most western women: just touching her own hair!

    But I hate to say that the most of the men in the class look bored and unconvinced. For many, it could just be a scam to have a better chance at asylum.

    I hope I’m wrong.

  4. But this is Jihad in slow motion. If it’s a worldview thing it’s a cultural thing, and if it’s a cultural thing it’s a racial thing. Convert and you’ll have my support, but only if you remain in your homeland.

        • So name your source, Hesperado; if you’re still “censored”, you may have a point. My God, but you’re hard work; I don’t envy the Baron or Baroness.

    • I live in a very multi-ethnic country, full of highly intelligent, skilled and westernised immigrants esp from Hong Kong, Korea and Europe. They really do enrich our country with great food and cultural festivals, but they certainly don’t try and inflict a horrible ideology on the country. Many of the Koreans seem to be very devout Christians.

      These Asians’ only ‘threat’ to Caucasians is that they generally work incredibly hard and tend to get the best marks and careers. They might also have a higher IQ, but I don’t have any stats for that. They are totally ‘winning’ in music, medicine and science and it really doesn’t bother me.

      We do have a strict immigration policy and only take people in who have the skills we really need. So we try to get the best people, while Germany is taking in quite a few illiterates and even some violent criminals.

      It really isn’t about race, not even about the harmless elements of culture. It’s about a dangerous ideology trying to take over the world.

  5. Irritates (2) groups:

    Muslims who hate everyone

    German cultural Marxists who hate Christianity

  6. I’ll believe it – if and only if – the EU can legislate and enforce strict laws to protect converts from Islamic persecution : they would be living out a death sentence otherwise.

    Given the tendency of European governments to recognize Sharia law and pander to the Muslim demands for legal exemptions from Secular law, there is no way the immigrant population can avoid violent repercussions like legalized murder, legalized rape, legalized FGM, legalized discrimination etc. all of which are compliant with their Fascist texts ( Quran and Hadith ).

    These converts are brave indeed but are the German authorities up to the challenge of protecting them or will they eventually become murder victims : sentenced to death on German soil ?

    • The only way these people (or any other law-abiding people) can be given a fighting chance is to have the tools of self-defense: guns, knives, and the like.

      If you have people depending only on the police for protection, and an organized gang determined to hurt them (or kill them), they can always carry out a quick but deadly attack. A gang of 3 with clubs or knives is all you need, even if the draconian laws on guns are observed.

      A passive population will be subdued. If you’re going to have Christianity surviving in those places, it will have a be a muscular Christianity: turn the other cheek, but there is only one cheek to turn, so after ensuring that the other side has really aggressive intentions, take them out violently.

      My main point: the survival of the converts, and the native Australians, depends on their ability to provide for their own personal defense.

  7. 1:29 “and my husband Hossein I have more or less converted him, yes.”

    We are keenly interested in the “less” part of this curious formulation; for we all have a stake in such potentially deadly phenomena percolating out of the nebula of Islam…

    • Well, I agree with you that the position of the husband is very problematic. His body language makes him look extremely uncomfortable among Christians.

      He may simply be a hidden atheist, which is not dangerous, or he may be a weak Muslim who is overwhelmed (for the moment) by the domination of an intellectually-superior wife. In this case, once he becomes comfortable in his environment, he will reassert control simply by beating her.

      • In any case, the modern form of Christianity at least doesn’t have the concept of wife ownership. This is guaranteed to make the men uncomfortable since they might not be able to just order their wives around or force them to stay without sharia.

        Even if they don’t beat their wives, they seem unlikely to have developed the same degree of relationship skills under a master-slave type situation that they would need outside that situation. Even if they can adapt it would be impossible to do overnight, leading to much insecurity for them over a significant period.

  8. This quote from Catherine the Great sums it up:

    “We grant to all foreigners coming into Our Empire the free and unrestricted practice of their religion according to the precepts and usage of their Church. To those, however, who intend to settle not in cities but in colonies and villages on uninhabited lands we grant the freedom to build churches and belltowers, and to maintain the necessary number of priests and church servants, but not the construction of monasteries. On the other hand, everyone is hereby warned not to persuade or induce any of the Christian co-religionists living in Russia to accept or even assent to his faith or join his religious community, under pain of incurring the severest punishment of Our law. This prohibition does not apply to the various nationalities on the borders of Our Empire who are attached to the Mahometan faith. We permit and allow everyone to win them over and make them subject to the Christian religion in a decent way.”

    Catherine II (“The Great”), 1729-1796
    Empress of Russia
    Manifesto, July 22, 1763

    • I like the addendum “make them subject to the Christian religion in a decent way.”

      The whole communication entails a recognition of cultural nationalism by forbidding proselytizing, except towards a very dangerous Muslim culture. Yet, Catherine opened up areas to people of rival denominations.

  9. President Obama and The Muslim Neighborhoods will have something to say about this. Make it a crime perhaps?

  10. Refugee converts to Islam is still an immense loss to Germany as these coverts will surely destroy white European DNA by miscegenation with white Germans. Caliph Angela Merkel has made sure white Germany goes extinct and the country becomes Islamic with Arab/Asian/African looking mixed race. Germany has already been abolished by Merkel and Germany is in it’s death throes.

    • “The man of the future will be of mixed race. Today’s races and classes will gradually disappear … . The Eurasian-Negroid race of the future … will replace the diversity of peoples … .”
      So wrote Coudenhove-Kalergi, “grandfather” of the EU, in 1922:
      The EU elites award their EU Prize Coudenhove-Kalergi every two years.
      Merkel is one of the recipients.

      • Essentially they want a planet that looks and acts like Brazil.

        What a wonderful idea!


    • I think you mean “Refugee converts from Islam”.

      You have a passive population in the Austrians, and a violent, genetically-aggressive population in the refugees. The males come on very strong with the females, and present themselves as virile and attractive.

      It wouldn’t be that hard to begin teaching European males to become assertive and even a bit dominant. You also have to make racism a bit acceptable, like being able to say “date within your own race.”

      Of course, you should not be able to bring any state sanctions if someone decides to ignore your advice. My thinking is that the Europeans need to bring a little competition and assertiveness into their lives.

    • “Miscegenation”, Steven? The problem is not ethnicity, but ideology. The opponents of the Counterjihad frequently make accusations of “racism”, to which the reply should be, “what race is Islam?”

      • I agree with you. However, Islam is now officially a race in Denmark. The problem is also and more so “us”. Still we can explain that to the those in the trenches waiting the long boring sleepless nights and days for the next assault.

    • Oh good grief! Not another “death of the white race” post. Mate, come and live in New Zealand, few muslims and a progressively browning population. The issue is not skin colour but cancerous ideology. I’d gladly welcome Arab migrants if they were Christian or Yazidis.

      • For all the “few” Muslims in NZ there is an almost total halal culture. So don’t be kidding yourself too soon now or you’ll have lots of the OZ gift column “escaping oppression” and moving to your halal Heaven. You just know how grateful they will be to the “white race” once they have settled in and separated themselves to one of those lovely islands to fight for an islamically pure independent state. Nislamozan.

    • Doesn’t bother me at all. If people of high IQ, good values and good skills have children and support them themselves I don’t care if they are white, brown or black.

      People who are desperate to only have completely Asian children or only blonde, white children or only African children descending from a certain tribe will act accordingly, I guess. As long as they aren’t forcing these decisions on others.

      • You don’t have to get it now. It’s all relative. I imagine in your own good time the realization will dawn. You most certainly will not be alone.

        • By then no doubt you will be be fortified in that log cabin draped in the confederate flag.

  11. What happy, sunny news. The best news in years. Maybe this is where all the disappearing refugees are? They are fearful of being identified as apostates while being attached in their original group. So they disappear, maybe change their looks a bit, and their affiliations, and join a Christian or other religious organization. Presto, a new life.

    This phenomenon must have been described in history–if it is more than a fluke.

    Well, I guess a lot of communists defected.

  12. I find those last few seconds of the video so deliciously touching. When the speaker in the off says that whatever choices a person makes, it’s important that these choices are made freely, just as we see the cute little girl in her HelloKitty dress and the cute little girly shoes getting up and reaching for the bible.

    That was profound.

    To me, knowing how girls are treated in islam, it was like a huge weight was lifted off my shoulders watching this little girl. I was happy for her. She was free to dress in cute girl clothes, she was free to sit there and bang her little feet against the church bench, she was free to smile, to look around, to giggle, and she was free to get up and grab a bible, or not.

    She was free. One little girl saved.

    I loved that moment. It lifted me up.

    • Me too! I was thinking how in some islamic countries even at that age she would be covered in a tent and enslaved!

    • I was too. And the uncomfortable looking dad reminded me of my late hubby who loved the Lord dearly but was not raised in a church or by Christians and was not so comfy in Church himself. He grew into it though. As the Dad will also the closer he gets to our Saviour. What a beautiful video that is. Tears.

  13. I admire people who leave Islam and convert to Christianity. In most cases, they do not make this choice lightly. Like first Christians in the pagan Roman empire or in Persia or in other heathen lands they often face serious dangers, even torture and death, and not only in Muslim countries, but sometimes even in the West where the authorities have been indifferent to their fate.

  14. I’m a cynic.
    Being a ‘Christian’ prevents them from being deported to any Islamic countries as it would not be considered to be safe.
    Maybe I’m wrong, but that seems the most likely explanations of these ‘conversions’.

    • Another healthy instinct — in my experience from perusing thousands of comments and blog essays (not to mention the live conversation of hundreds of anti-Islam chatters on Paltalk) over the last decade plus — all too rare in the Counter-Jihad (with, in fact, its opposite instinct far more common).

      • All right, Hesperado. I’ve had it with your consistently unpleasant dinging of the Counterjihad. NO MORE. Every single time I’m on these comment threads and see you pop up with another nasty, I’m going to delete/redact it. As my mother would have advised an angry boy like you, time to grow up and learn to keep a civil tongue in your head.

        You can wale on us all you want. BUT YOU CANNOT DO IT HERE.

      • Obama’s Muslim daddy converted. Got himself into grants and kufar chics. Finally clapped out he converted back to Islam and split. Yea God!

        • I prefer the paranoid theory that Obama’s father was the family friend in Hawaii, Communist Frank Marshall. His teenage mother spent a lot of time at Marshall’s and you can find nude photographs of her easily enough on the internet. Long before she met the Kenyan. Her parents, Obama’s maternal grandparents, were also Communists.As was momma.

          Obama’s coloring, the moles on his face, match with Marshall. Besides, the marriage of convenience with the Kenyan evaporated as she moved back to the states and the putative father moved back to Kenya before setting out to Harvard. I believe he was to work out a similar arrangement with another American woman some years later.

          Our president does not resemble the Obama clan at all. After finishing law school, he moved back to Chicago, where Marshall then lived and where he had Communist connections. The Obama connection became important as a campaign tool. Which is not to say that as a child he didn’t believe the myth, no doubt he did. Much better story about Mom than having anything to do with a gross old man who was the friend of his grandparents.

          • I agree Dymphna. I think after his charisma and potential became apparent and he was shipped to Chitown in 1985, Ayers et al. were already hatching their plans for his future, which is why they arranged for him to visit Kenya in a show of good faith in 87.

            Otherwise, I also suspect he didn’t know Marshall was daddy until after 85. His family would have been too cowardly to tell him and Marshall would have been too studly not to. Of course, he could have been told earlier but I think he believed in his Muslim roots deep down all through his youth. Whenever this vision was snatched from him, it was late enough for him to have developed a deep empathy and resonance with all things Muslim. I’m no psychologist, but it sure is fascinating to speculate.

            At the same time, no misgivings about having the elderly pornographer of his mother turn out to be daddy developed because this knowledge came late enough not to cause the deficiency of self-doubt. It only came later, pitched together with wider flattery. Instead, it finally solidified his shaky identity as a real American, another irony only a Shakespeare might see coming. A perfect storm indeed.

    • @reply: as with anyone you don’t know, you check and verify. And continue doing so over a long period of time… Trust your gut instinct, develop your sense of discernment. Maintain situational awareness and presume that in the case of Muslim immigrants, who usually come from a low-trust environment in which only the tribe is a place where the truth is told, taqiyyah is probably going on for some of them. Mohammed’s the ideal: a betrayer of the first order.

      So look at their current behavior and look at their longer-term track record.

  15. Why do you censor, Baron and Dymphna? I’m just wondering, since it seems to me that everyone in the world knows all the “bad” words and frankly, nobody cares anymore anyway. Do they?

    I realize I could be wrong here. I do prefer civil discourse but I also understand that people are getting to the breaking point these days and may have the need to vent!

    • May I respond from what Dymphna has written before?

      Many people who home-school their children use Gates of Vienna as an educational resource. One of their requirements is that the content be suitable for intelligent, but impressionable children. Therefore, the content should be such that ideas are expressed in a rational way, using clean language.

    • I got censored here once for thoughtlessly using a swearword, and it’s OK. I thank Baron and Dymphna for keeping this forum civil and making us think a bit harder about our comments – there’s so much anger and name-calling out there.

    • A question that begs ignoring. All things considered it sounds a bit like what an anarchist might blurt. “We don’t need no badches”.

  16. It’s wonderful to listen to the testimony of pious converts. I especially liked one video I watched where the Muslim was sent to America to study and he was so filled with shame because he was failing his engineering classes and this would dishonour his family. Afterwards, the shame was gone and he could communicate honestly and pragmatically with his family. He related that on a plane Jordan he brought up some high-profile honour killing with the Muslim seated next to him and asked the man what he thought. The Muslim said it’s sad but there’s nothing to be done because the family’s honour had to be defended and destroying the face of shame was the only way to do so. The Christian said, what if God said you needed to be destroyed to salve your shame? Muslim: God is merciful and wouldn’t do that to me. Christian: What if God already sent someone to be destroyed in order to take away your shame? Conversely, I also worry about Muslim cultural sensibilities changing the character of Christianity. Shoebat, whoever he is, comes to mind. His zeal for defeating Islam puts the inquisition to shame and while we applaud him, it’s also kind of scary. Some of his ideas are interesting, then I got on a page where he professes his adoration for Putin and pontificates with characteristic self-invented twist, that the church will become one, waxing lyrical abut the fallen pope and eastern orthodox counterpart. Elsewhere, he says how much he dislikes evangelicals and Baptists and everyone else. A Russian man commented, very respectfully, that he has first-hand knowledge of atrocities committed by said orthodox leader and that, quite simply,m the things going on there would make JC turn over in his grave if he could (note: my analogy). Shoebat was very rude in reply and so I chimed in and told him the church’s unity will come through the hearts of the believers and that wonderful Christians come from all branches of the church. I told him to stop making things up and to check his arrogance. In reponse, he didn’t challenge my points, but simply denounced me as an ignorant female pup. So here we have the same misogyny and focus on material nonsense rather than spiritual truths that defines islam transplanting itself and infecting the church.

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