“They Should’ve Stopped us in Turkey”

As reported in recent news feeds, both Austria and Macedonia have tightened up their borders to try to slow down the influx of migrants coming in from Greece (and ultimately from Turkey). The video report below shows the building of the new fence between Slovenia and Austria, as well as the backup of refugees at the border between Greece and Macedonia.

On of the “youths” interviewed for this report says, “They should’ve stopped us in Turkey.” And indeed they should have. But the current “refugee” crisis in Europe is the result of a Turkish decision to stop stopping the people-smugglers. For reasons of state policy, the Turkish government decided to let the traffickers conduct their business without further interference.

By the way — I’m told that if you look closely the shirtless “youth” who turns his back to the camera, you can see by the label that he is wearing designer clothing.

Many thanks to Nash Montana for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


0:01   Austria has started to build a fence at the border with Slovenia.
0:05   The first posts of the four-kilometer-long barrier that will keep refugees
0:10   from entering the country, were set in place Monday.
0:14   At the border crossing at Steiermark multiple thousands of refugees came across
0:19   into Austria every day.
0:22   In the Former Yugoslavian Republic of Macedonia, border control has been tightened as well.
0:28   On the Greek/Macedonian border, thousands wait to be able to travel on.
0:33   Most of them wait in vain. Only people from Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq are being let through.
0:40   Jamal from Morocco cannot travel on, but he says there is no going back for him either.
0:45   ”At this point we can’t go back, we have to move on.
0:50   Everybody that made it so far has spent €2000 to €3000 already, it is not logical
0:54   to just turn around and go back now. They should’ve stopped us in Turkey.”
0:59   In Germany as well, pressure is rising on the government regarding the refugee crisis.
1:05   The new interim study on asylum shows that in the year 2015
1:09   up to the end of November almost one million refugees were registered.

2 thoughts on ““They Should’ve Stopped us in Turkey”

  1. The prettiest thing of all, the placard that one held in hand, “Merkel help us”. I think this will boost Merkel’s credentials at home.

  2. Exactly they should have stopped them at the shoreline; before the got a beachhead.. Now there’ll be a buildup at the border fences. Tens of thousands are possible.

    When the food runs out they’ll stampede the fence. Or they’ll have to keep them fed. This could bring things to a boil-which may be the best thing that could happen.

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