Welcoming the Behavioral Sink into Italy

The tips for these two news stories from Italy just happened to come in this morning’s email back-to-back. Juxtaposed in that fashion, they seemed like two sides of the same coin.

The first article from ANSA is a feel-good story about Christians being nice to Muslims. Italians, like other Europeans, want to feel good about themselves, and long to make up for a past history of colonialism, racism, discrimination, etc blah yak, so they go out of their way to promote diversity and inclusion. This especially means being “welcoming” to Muslims:

Muslim Student to Play Mary in Nativity Play in Pescara
Sends an important message of welcome, says head teacher

(ANSA) — Pescara, December 9 — A 17-year-old Muslim student will play the role of Mary in a large nativity play organised by a school in Pescara, the institute’s head teacher said Wednesday. Some 200 pupils from seven different schools in the Adriatic coastal city will take part in the show, which is being staged by the Aterno-Manthoné Institute for the twentieth year.

“There will also be other Muslim students,” said head teacher Antonella Sanvitale.

“We gave students of different faiths full freedom to choose whether to take part, but it was them who asked us whether they could participate.

“We are happy to be able to send an important message of welcome.” The nativity play will take place on December 18 at 5.30pm in the surroundings of Piazzale della Madonnina.

The mayor of the city, Marco Alessandrini, will appear as one of the Three Wise Men.

The Muslim mentioned above is of unspecified nationality, but is presumably not from a culture that differs radically from that of the Muslims described in the second article. This story actually features two separate horrific incidents in different parts of Italy, and involves Albanians (victim and presumably also the perp), Algerians (perps), and a Kazakh (victim).

Are Italians really too obtuse to grasp that when you welcome the nice Virgin-Mary Muslim into your culture, you are also welcoming those who burn people to death?

It’s a package deal — Islam brings the behavioral sink with it into any culture foolish enough to import it. The fact that an occasional flower blooms in that foul sink is hardly a mitigating factor.

Also from ANSA:

Man Stabs Wife to Death in Front of Couple’s Children
Called authorities afterwards, confessed to police

(ANSA) — Milan, December 9 — A man confessed to police on Wednesday to stabbing his wife to death overnight Tuesday, said police in the province of Varese, northwest of Milan. Police said the 30-year-old woman from Albania was killed in front of the couple’s children in their home after an argument.

The victim’s husband called emergency services and subsequently confessed to police.

Meanwhile, in the southern province of Caserta, near Naples, two Algerians were arrested and detained Wednesday after police found them with a woman burning alive in her bed.

Police said the woman’s boyfriend, Fakir Ali Cherif, and another man, Bach Sais Rachid — both 47-year-old homeless illegal immigrants from Algeria — had covered the 30-year-old woman from Kazakhstan with alcohol and set her on fire. When police arrived on the scene, they put out the flames using a bed sheet.

The woman is in hospital in life-threatening condition with burns covering 60% of her body.

Hat tip: Insubria.

14 thoughts on “Welcoming the Behavioral Sink into Italy

  1. It’s understandable that Italians (and Americans, Canadians, Germans, French, Swedes etc., etc.,) would like to feel good about themselves, and welcoming to people in need.


    Have these warm hearted westerners ever opened a Koran? Were they taking notice in history class while being taught the bloody history of islam?
    Do they know why the Crusaders were formed, and are they even sure these people are Syrians, because many are not, and I’m referring to those coming to North America, not those going to Europe who are mostly the dregs of Africa, failures in their own countries, but they’re going to make the western world great? I think not. A lot of people are in for a hell of a shock.

    At least Americans have the sense to question this wholesale importation of muslims, but already the arrogant, preening fool Canadians saw fit to vote in as PM is going ahead with plans to drag 25,000 of them into our country, just across the border from you, where each will get $3,000 a month, car allowance and no doubt other freebies, and Trudeau has had the rank stupidity to re-instate all medical benefits, including dental–which PM Harper had scrapped. All that for people who have done NOTHING for Canada, who hate us, and who are told by the Koran we are their enemies!
    Just tune in to CBC and CTV to watch imbeciles rolling out the welcome mat for our enemies!

  2. As an Italian (not Catholic, but Conservative Evangelical and I live abroad) I find this piece of news troubling, upsetting and unsettling.

    The abysmal ignorance, blindness and utter irrational behaviour of the head teacher & principal would be laughable, if it wasn’t so tragic.

    The feel good factor, the guilt (over Mussolini evil imbecillity and sucking up to the evil murderous Adolf) no doubt play a part.

    The thin veneer (for the most part) of religiosity doesn’t allow them to discern the difference between what is acceptable in a civil society and what is total lunacy.

    As an aside, Italy has accepted “migrants and refugees” from North Africa mainly, for many, many years while the rest of Europe stood by watching.
    The uncontrolled steady influx has already changed the fabric of Italian society, in more ways that even Italians themselves are willing to admit.
    The Muslim boy playing Mary is just the next chapter.

  3. Well, in the nicie-nice get-along Utopia of Sesame Street, Arthur or The Electric Company, a Muslim girl playing Mary in a Nativity play wouldn’t be a big deal. In Reality, however, the young lady (who is allegedly doing this voluntarily) is risking her very life by thusly consorting with the Infidel Unclean Devil Scum and even portraying one of their religious characters. Especially hard & sharp rocks would have to be gathered to stone her.
    Assuming it’s a girl.
    If not, the poor transgendered/ cisgendered but differently-sexed/undecided/undetermined/unsure creature is probably just trying to hide from persecution unknown in the West since Cotton Mather, and what better place to hide than under a virginal burka right next to a nice, big heap of hay……
    Italy’s tête-à-tête with Islam started early when the southern coast of what used to be the Mare Nostrum was culturally enriched and they came to visit Sicily, Sardinia, even Naples, Rome, etc. quite often. The merchants of Venice did brisk business with the Middle East – frequently selling out other Europeans in the process – in the 1970’s, PM Aldo Moro struck a deal with PLO leader Yassir Arafat (you remember him, don’t you?) that Italy would not be harmed in exchange for immunity of PLO terrorists in Italy.
    The teach is going to play a wise man from the east, eh?
    Will they lend him a kaftan and camel, or does he already have his own?

  4. The Snake, by Johnny Rivers.


    “Now she stroked his pretty skin and then she kissed and held him tight”
    “But instead of saying thanks, that snake gave her a vicious bite”
    “I saved you,” cried that woman
    “And you’ve bit me even, why?
    You know your bite is poisonous and now I’m going to die”
    “Oh shut up, silly woman,” said the reptile with a grin


  5. In Italy they made this big deal about spousal abuse, they had a whole day dedicated to it. They make it seem that it’s problem in the Italian community when it’s obviously a problem in the immigrant community in Italy.

  6. In the USA it is the churches who profit financially from bringing in refugees and re-settling them. One church woman told me that they believed in showing love to the Muslims because that example, they hope, will convert them to Christianity.

    It may do, for a few. Meanwhile the majority take advantage of such idiots and laugh up their sleeve all the while feeling entitled, as Muslims have a raider mentality.

    Christians would do well to ponder the lesson of Christ turning the money-lenders out of the temple. He used force, when the sanctity of God’s place was abused. Islam is an abuse in the eyes of a God based on Love.

    Further, Christ asked God to forgive his tormentors because they ‘knew not what they were doing’. But he himself did not forgive them! Think about THAT!

  7. “It’s a package deal” — a point that’s not understood by most people, including many of those who seem otherwise concerned about “radicalism.” They’ll say, “Look at these Muslims who are criticizing the extremists!'” or “My Muslim friend told me that 99.5 percent of Muslims really hate the radicals!” And, of course, “We can’t discriminate against a whole religion because of what a few bad apples do!”

    They fail to understand that we can’t know which “moderates” might be inspired to become militant; much less do they notice the slow jihad by which “moderates” pressure the rest of us to submit to Islamic rules.

    • 99.5 percent is a [non-credible] number. A significant number of Muslims support the radicals, as demonstrated by their celebrations. You’ve succumbed to taqiyya.

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