“Europe’s Existence is at Stake”

The video below shows an excellent speech delivered yesterday by Prime Minister Viktor Orbán to the Hungarian parliament. Of particular importance is his announcement that Hungary will decline to take in any of the “refugees” assigned to it under the mandatory quota system imposed by the European Union.

How many other EU countries will follow Hungary’s example? And what can Brussels do to enforce its ukase?

26 thoughts on ““Europe’s Existence is at Stake”

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  2. Orban is very hypocritical! The European Union imposes something because it still allows the organization. I speak not only because of the refugee issue, but other issues that deal with civil rights and freedoms of citizens in Hungary. I will not quote them because I think people here have a sufficient understanding to know beforehand what I mean. If you do not want it to be imposed a quota of immigrants, then leaves the organization; if you do not want to impose any legal ties, then leaves the organization. It is very simple you Orban. I want to see how far does this feast of insurrection, when the European Union solve answer time.

    • The majority of people in ALL the European nations did NOT want this invasion and they certainly weren’t consulted.

      This invasion is for the benefit of the Brussels oligarchs, led by Angela Fourth Reich Merkel in order to break down member nation’s jurisdiction over their own populations, forcing them to aver to the EU Dictatorship.

      So by your line of reasoning ALL nations should break away from the EU leaving Brussels a lonely place with their parliament not too far from the terrorist ghetto where from where the Paris plot was hatched. [Insulting personal comments redacted]

      • For me it’s the opposite: the Brussels dictatorship began when instead of countries emphasizing its sovereignty, and decided to join to form an internationalist block. Who was that laid the foundation to make this possible? The most prominent figures of the past whose involvement in the war and in the end it was the inspiration for the European State of the movement. When such decided that Europe should join, so all this trouble started. The different European countries of America were joining each other, and giving up its sovereignty. The same is happening in France today: where is preached the motto “liberty, equality, fraternity”, now has a large group of people giving up their freedom; brotherhood only if it is fear, and equality they really have, because the government has guns, and they are unarmed. Neither equality nor freedom let alone fraternity.

        Once the government gives up sovereignty, and other successive governments keep the country well, then it means that there is no turning back. In Poland, for example, they gave up some of its sovereignty, has allowed the European Union to enviesasse within its legal field. It is very little the degree of impairment, but it’s enough, it’s a loophole that can be exploited later. The same with Ukraine: the country struggled to join the European Union. You want to know what are the consequences of Ukraine to join the European Union? The consequences are the political persecution against Christians. Ukraine has to adhere to all legal apparatus in accordance with human rights laws of the European Union, and this forces the country to have that with rights to protect more minority groups. By adhering to this agenda, Ukraine opens the way to criminalize Christianity because the culture protection laws and homosexual lifestyle put Christians against the wall, and criminalizes beforehand.

        As has been happening in the UK where you disagree with that cultural agenda earns him a few months in prison. Christians can not oppose this kind of agenda. It is not simply recognition, laws are formulated on this minority group, and such laws criminalizing Christians as biased even before they open their mouths. Recognition of homosexual couples laws promote the rights of most ordinary citizens, and create specific laws to combat a type of “phobia” around them. I do not know if you are aware but are these laws that have forced Christians in Europe to compromise, and having to comply with central governments. The price to enter the European Union is very high, even for Christians. Those countries who resist the EU will not be able to stay so long, it’s a matter of time until all are swallowed, because the policy is constantly changing, the power of rotation changes from time to time, one hour they will completely lose its sovereignty.

        For me activism, petitions, or street movements that do not evoke the nationalism and sovereignty of the country away from Brussels claws are but useless pretensions. Or the awakened public begins to focus on this issue, or so I’m sorry: Not PEIGDA or Marine Le Pen, and no one will be able to prevent the chaos from spreading across Europe.

        I already I go forward and I apologize if the text was unintelligible.

        • Well, it is a bit, Ronie. What do you mean, for example, by “European Countries of America”?

    • The current governments of Hungary, Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovakia act in the interest of their electorate regarding the migrant issue. The recent Polish election result shows what happens to a government which tries to govern agains the wish of the majority of the voters. It is not only Mr Orban who rejects the compulsory quota but the vast majority of the Hungarian people. Now it is up to the people in Western Europe to change their governments or let the current traitors finish their job and Islamize their countries.

      • Alex, that’s the problem, people think they can change it only by voting. For me this is the biggest mistake that Europeans make. The fact that a mandatory quota should already be the reason for them reprensassem their participation in the European Union. As the legislation of these countries have not changed, and is no longer as fostering a wall of separation between European culture and Christianity, as the local culture of these countries? Gradually the governments of these countries were adopting the agenda of the European Union. It will not take long before Christianity is excised Hungary, Poland, and other countries. Within the European Union or culture as Christianity has time, the organization does not focus on it, just in multicultural diversity fruit of Marxism.

        And even if this process of de-Christianization of Eastern Europe takes the fact that countries are cooperating with the European Union, in part adopting its agenda, help in the process of de-other affiliate countries. The fact that immigration is not a problem because leaders respect the opinion of the electorate does not mean that the membership of these countries is not a problem; whether through immigration or through its human rights resolutions that undermine Christianity as cultural, and life of Christians, with regard to civil liberties. Through the destabilization due to the war, and the flow of immigrants constantly arriving to the European Union member countries; at least those who have accepted immigrants share will have to bear the consequences, ie the European Union will have to press these countries to provide financial support for this endeavor. Or are you thinking that just say “no” and live happily ever after?

        Orban is for me a hypocrite, because he is cooperating with the superstructure in one way or another, only eschewing his country of having to commit. But I do not believe it will last long. If they were real man would take the country of the organization, and not jeopardize its constitution and its laws because of the compelling resolutions of the European Union. But you will not do it, and sooner or later countries such as Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic and Ukraine will become as secular and anti-Christian as the rest of Europe. There is no future within the European Union, the future of the European Union is the end of all sovereignty. Wilders seems braver than them because he proposes the output of his country of the organization. For me Orban is doing only one populism.

        I hope my sayings have not been unintelligible, but if you have been, I apologize.

        • One thing you do not get right is: Polish patriotism has long standing tradition of two strings: Christianity and not so .. so we can stay strong even if not so much religious.

    • I agree with Ronie Peterson.

      A country that joins a super-government such as the European Union, with a separate parliament and bureaucracy is giving up its sovereignty. The proper forum to settle international differences or formulate treaties between countries is ad hoc bilateral or multi-lateral negotiations focused on specific issues.

      The EU was conceived and headed by socialist internationals from the first. They used German money to entice other countries, like Greece, allowing the governments to spend beyond their means. This made it easy for the government leaders to stay in power, literally selling the birthrights (identities) of their countries for a mess of porridge.

      As the saying goes, “He who pays the piper calls the tune.” The German Communists are dictating the terms as a condition to continue funding the countries with weaker economies, but unrealistic pension and public-worker salaries.

      The European countries that want to control their own destinies have got to quit German-funded EU, get control of their spending, and go cold-turkey on living within their means.

      A secondary danger is an actual physical invasion by German and American forces under the guise of “keeping order”, which is what happened to the Serbs in Bosnia and the totally unjustified invasion and intervention by NATO. The countries like Hungary and Poland can probably forestall such an invasion, but they definitely have to put diplomatic effort into it.

  3. Hungarians WANT out of the EU. I have family there and they are involved in politics.

    I was told SOON the EU will be a “NIGHTMARE in the PAST!”

  4. It’s a sad day when it takes someone like Orban to say things as they are, but on this one, he is 100% correct.

    It’s a sick world in which the leading lights of the Western world are pretty much: Hungary, Poland, Israel, the Czech Republic and the Kurds.

    • What’s so sick about that? It is perfectly understandable that the people of Eastern Europe, having been under the Communist boot for so many decades can smell dictatorship a mile off. Likewise with the Kurds who have suffered genocide by Sadddam Hussein and the on-going attempted genocide by the Turks

      In November 1956 Soviet tanks rolled into Budapest to quell a rising against the Communists. Thousands were killed and quarter of a million Hungarians fled their country. Yes, they were refugees but they didn’t move to the ME or Africa, because they had no desire to live in cultures that were completely alien to their own.

    • Why is your list of countries the composition for a “sick world”?

      Eastern Europe suffered under the Russian boot for a long time, and before that the Germans, and before that the Ottoman Empire. They have managed to regroup admirably. Romania, perhaps, not so much, but I don’t know much about its pre-Soviet culture. Israel is an “entity” I much admire, as I do some aspects of the Kurds’ character – except for their Sunni Muslim proclivities, at least in Iraq, where they were/are in the habit of stealing Yazidi women and rampaging thru Yazidi villages.

      There is some research that says the DNA of the Kurds shows Jewish DNA…probably from the period of the Babylonian exile, before they were permitted to go home by ?Cyrus – I forget which king let the Judeans go home to begin their second Temple…at any rate, those Peshmerga fight like the IDF and are much admired by military men all over. This is from May:


      As for the Czechs, what’s the problem?


      Yes, Eastern European countries have a history of antisemitism but so does every place that suffered under Islam’s yoke. Families lost their best and brightest boys to the Janissaries while Jewish families were exempt from this brutal enslavement of their children – since, of course, Islamic Turks considered Jews to be sub-human. It is such “customs” as these which breed hatred long after the original insult has been lost to memory.

      There will always be too large a place for war and hideous conflict until scientists figure out much more about the human brain, about how memories are shared and carried epigenetically, never metabolized or processed by the community or by individuals. In fact, never even rising to consciousness. Given the research being done now I remain optimistic for the human race in all its variety.

      • I took it to mean that only those relaatively small countries are on point here, but that the big movers and shakers don’t have a clue. That is to say, the empty vessels are making the most noise!

  5. What our leaders are doing defies understanding, except as a supreme act of treachery. Imagine if the British navy had been sent to ferry Hitler’s army from the North Sea to the coast of Britain, or the US had put our Pacific fleet at the disposal of the Japanese army. After all, we wouldn’t have lost so many ships and people, and we would have been able to “welcome and integrate” these new “citizens.” Where was our humanity?

  6. The Muslims will continue their terror. Brussels is powerless, events are out of their control. The gathering storm is upon us.

  7. Brilliant speech! Unfortunately the UK mainstream media cabal ensure that such incisive and sensible comments are kept from the wider public.
    The same goes for speeches by Mr Wilder’s, Mr Farage, Marine la Pen and
    Others deemed extreme right wingers by leftist journalists. I would respectfully suggest that there are grounds to Impeach Angela Merkel or at least have her psychiatrically evaluated rather than sit on your hands as the EU politicos would appear to be content to do as she plunges the European continent into deeper trouble. Just stop this dangerous woman.

  8. Merkel caused this crisis by her single-handed open invitation, given with no mandate. She broke the law by commanding the overriding of EU rules.
    Now she seeks to let herself off the hook by unconstitutionally inflicting quotas on other states, who were no part of her invitation.

  9. No nonsense:

    the Hungarian Premier said that although it is painful to say, it has to be admitted that

    “in the fight against migration a few Greek ferry captains are more effective than 28 EU prime ministers after a number of meetings”.

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