Islam: A Permanent World War

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Islam: A Permanent World War
by Fjordman

On the evening of Friday November 13th 2015, Paris was shaken by a coordinated series of extremely brutal Islamic terror attacks that left at least 129 people dead and hundreds wounded. It is strongly suspected that the Jihadist group known as the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) was behind these bloody attacks against multiple targets in the French capital.[1] This happened after the city had barely recovered from the Islamic massacre on the staff of the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo some months earlier.

On October 31, 2015, a Russian passenger plane crashed over the Sinai Peninsula in Egypt, killing 224 people. Russian and Western intelligence services have concluded that the crash was an act of terrorism caused by a bomb.[2] Jihadists associated with the Islamic State have claimed responsibility for this terror attack. If this is true, it means that militant Muslims from the Islamic State brutally murdered more than 350 Europeans in just two weeks.

Apologists claim that Islam is a religion of peace and that Islam means peace. This is not true. The Arabic word Islam means “submission,” not peace. A Muslim is a person who submits. Technically speaking, it is true that the terms Islam and Muslim are derived from the same three-letter root (s-l-m) as the word salaam. Salaam means peace, just as shalom does in the related Semitic language Hebrew. Yet that does not mean that Islam is peaceful. On the contrary, it indicates that peace is only possible after submission to Islamic rule and Islamic law. Peace is identical with submission to Islam. The absence of sharia law is the absence of peace. Islam is therefore essentially an ideology of eternal global war. It advocates the permanent incorporation of the non-Islamic Dar al-Harb, the “House of War,” into the Dar al-Islam, the “House of Islam” or “House of Submission.” The term “House of War” indicates that all areas under non-Islamic rule are viewed as a place of war until such areas cease to exist worldwide and submit to forces which are loyal to Allah and his Prophet. Some Islamic theologians use intermediate categories where Islam is making progress, yet does not yet reign supreme. However, the basic divide in Islamic theology is between the House of War and the House of Islam.

“It follows,” wrote the Islamic scholar Majid Khadduri, professor of the Middle East Studies Program at Johns Hopkins University, “that the existence of a dar-al-harb is ultimately outlawed under the Islamic jural order; that the dar al-Islam is permanently under jihad obligation until the dar al-harb is reduced to non-existence… The universality of Islam, in all its embracing creed, is imposed on the believers as a continuous process of warfare, psychological and political if not strictly military.”[3]

Western audiences are perhaps familiar with the Muslim Brotherhood, a revivalist organization founded by Hassan al-Banna, which has included such individuals as the al-Qaida ideologue Sayyid Qutb and Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the leader of the Islamic State (ISIS). Abul Ala Maududi, founder of Pakistan’s Jamaat-e-Islami (Party of Islam), was also one of the most influential Islamic ideologues of the twentieth century. He explained that the objective of Jihad, Islamic Holy War, “is to eliminate the rule of an un-Islamic system and establish in its stead an Islamic system of state rule. Islam does not intend to confine this revolution to a single state or a few countries; the aim is to bring about a universal revolution.” Maududi emphasized that while Jihad involves armed combat, Jihadists include all those who help achieve the ultimate goal of worldwide Islamic domination. Not just those who fight in the battlefield, but also the millions behind them who contribute to the effort.[4]

The scholar Andrew Bostom and others have clearly proven that Islamic culture has never been “tolerant” in any meaningful sense of the word. This is a modern myth. Constant humiliations and occasional outbursts of deadly violence against non-Muslims have been a continuous feature of Islamic life for centuries, encouraged by Islamic religious scriptures. This is not a recent phenomenon, and it goes for both major branches of Islam. There are theological differences between Shias and Sunnis, but while these matter to Muslims themselves, they are of secondary importance to non-Muslims. Both Shia Islam and Sunni Islam encourage Jihad expansion, doctrines of Islamic supremacy and violent hatred of non-Muslims.

According to traditional Islamic history, the Treaty of Hudaybiyya was an agreement between Mohammad and his early Muslim followers in Medina, and the pre-Islamic pagan Quraysh tribe of Mecca. This is alleged to have taken place in the year 628 of our era. It affirmed a ten-year truce, a “hudna” or period of temporary calm. However, this truce was broken as soon as the Muslims felt that they were in a stronger position vis-à-vis their non-Muslim neighbors. A true and lasting peace on equal terms with non-Muslims is impossible, according to Islamic law. In the end, Islam can and should be globally triumphant. It is important to recall that the Sunna or personal example of Islam’s founder Mohammed and his early followers is intended to be valid for all times and all places. The Treaty of Hudaybiyya is therefore not merely of historical interest; it remains crucial for understanding how devout Muslims relate to non-Muslims today.

The traditional hadith literature of Sunni Muslims confirm Mohammad’s tactical formulation when waging Jihad: “War is deceit.” (Hadith Bukhari 4:269).[5] In addition to this, we encounter the Islamic doctrines of taqiyya and kitman (concealment and disguise). This allows for Muslims to lie and cheat to others, if this can be used to further Islam’s cause. Such tactics are employed by Shia Muslims and Sunni Muslims alike.

Jihad is eternal. It entails a conflict that will never end, until the supremacy of Islam, Islamic rule and sharia laws have been established worldwide. Any agreement with non-Muslims is viewed as a hudna, similar to the Treaty of Hudaybiyya which Mohammed himself made with his non-Muslim opponents. Such a truce exists only so that Muslims can grow in strength and regain the upper hand. As soon as they feel they have the advantage, Muslims are encouraged to go on the offensive against the infidels again. As Andrew Bostom notes:

“In fact the consensus view of orthodox Islamic jurisprudence regarding jihad, since its formulation during the 8th and 9th centuries, through the current era, is that non-Muslims peacefully going about their lives—from the Khaybar farmers whom Muhammad ordered attacked in 628, to those sitting in the World Trade Center on 9/11/01 — are — muba’a, licit, in the Dar al Harb. As described by the great 20th century scholar of Islamic Law, Joseph Schacht, ‘A non-Muslim who is not protected by a treaty is called harbi, — ‘in a state of war’, — ‘enemy alien’; his life and property are completely unprotected by law…’ And these innocent non-combatants can be killed, and have always been killed, with impunity simply by virtue of being ‘harbis’ during endless razzias and or full scale jihad campaigns that have occurred continuously since the time of Muhammad, through the present. This is the crux of the specific institutionalized religio-political ideology, i.e., jihad, which makes Islamdom’s borders (and the further reaches of today’s jihadists) bloody, to paraphrase Samuel Huntington, across the globe.”[6]

Islam contains elements of a traditional religion, but also elements of a totalitarian belief system centered around a personality cult of Mohammad. Islam is a creed of war, not a religion of peace. In theory, this war will end when all human beings on Earth have submitted to Islamic rule and eventually become Muslims. In practice, experience show us that Muslim societies are far from peaceful. Muslims will continue to fight amongst themselves over who are the best and truest Muslims. Islam can with some justification be classified as a permanent world war, a war that has so far been raging for fourteen centuries and claimed countless lives.


1. Russia joins France striking ISIS stronghold in Syria. November 17, 2015.
2. Russia plane crash: ‘Terror act’ downed A321 over Egypt’s Sinai. Nov 17, 2015.
3.   Majid Khadduri, War and Peace in the Law of Islam (Johns Hopkins University Press, 1955), page 64.
4.   Quoted in the book Marked for Death: Islam’s War Against the West and Me, by Geert Wilders, page 78.
5. Hadith 4:269. Narrated Jabir bin ‘Abdullah: The Prophet said, “War is deceit.”
6.   Iran’s Final Solution for Israel. By Andrew G. Bostom, 2014. Page 44.


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43 thoughts on “Islam: A Permanent World War

  1. It was great to see Martin Storm (or anyone, for that matter) on national cable TV quoting from the Quran and Hadith (Sahih al Bukhari), including the “I have been made victorious with terror” Hadith.

    As times goes on it becomes more impossible to suppress the truth about Islam. At some point it will be almost universally recognized as being no different than Nazism (more correctly known as National Socilaism).

  2. The idiots will continue to deny…..It makes me so angry. Even UKIP don#t “get it” really.

    • What annoys me most is something very basic; the fact that almost everyone still refers to ‘radical islam’ instead of just islam. (if they dare to say ‘muslim’ and ‘islam’ at all!)

      As this site explains, “we are in a new phase of a very old war”. (the oldest)

      • We seem to be having trouble just getting people to say “radical Islam”. At one time terms like Islamic fundamentalism or radical Islam wouldn’t have been the least bit controversial even among the democrats, but now we have an entire major party, half the population of the US, who seems to think that the Islamic terrorists won’t kill them if they just pretend that the Islamic terrorists aren’t Islamic.

        • In the context of rational criticism & condemnation:

          1) The PC MC mainstream can’t say “radical Islam” and “radical Muslims”.

          2) Most of the Counter-Jihad leadership (and an indeterminate mass of civilians of the Counter-Jihad) can’t say “Islam” and “Muslims”.

          Until the Counter-Jihad can say with coherent unanimity that

          a) Islam is the problem

          b) all Muslims enable that problem either by killing or by lying about the killing,


          c) it’s not up to us to parse & particularize that problem (especially b) in order to save Muslims from our criticism & condemnation, but rather our focus must be on our #1 priority — defending the safety of our societies from Islam

          — then there is no real Counter-Jihad.

          • One could substitute a political spectrum or a religion in which there are many sects – say, Christianity – and make the same complaints about which groups don’t allow what.

            The counter to your argument can be summed up in the old adage, “perfect is the enemy of good enough”.

            As for your a) b) c), that seems to be taking place already. There is indeed a “real” Counterjihad and it will continue to evolve. That it doesn’t meet your own requirements…well, as in all conflicts, one has to figure out who owns the problem…In this case, looks like it’s yours.

        • Sorry, after Paris, that meme is not good enough.

          The meme in that Tweet is certainly catchy, and seductive in a way that tickles the ear of the typical no-nonsense Counter-Jihadist:

          “if Islam was a bus”

          “moderate” Muslims are the passengers

          …the extremists are the drivers.

          The main problem with this meme as I see it is that it strongly implies, and thus tends to subtly reinforce, another meme — namely the one that assumes that innumerable millions (or tens of millions, or hundreds of millions?) of Muslims are more or less passive & hapless victims of a minority of “extremists” among them. Such a vague demographic dynamic may be approximately accurate, but there’s no way of knowing (and the culture of taqiyya in Islam is devastating in this regard) how accurate it is, and since our safety is our #1 priority, it is in our interest to reject any memes that dispose us to play Muslim Roulette.

          What’s seductive about the meme for those Westerners who have been increasingly waking up to the full horror & catastrophe of the global revival of Islam in our time is that it offers to them, nicely wrapped with a neat bow, a two-fer:

          1) they can pat themselves on the back for being so robustly awake to the full magnitude of the problem, Islam and Muslims

          2) they don’t have to worry about condemning “all Muslims with a broad brush”, for the meme handles that deftly, artificially & speculatively dividing the Umma up into innumerable millions who are hapless pawns of innumerable but apparently far fewer millions of “extremists”. (Closely related to this, the meme is simultaneously mocking the term “moderate Muslims” and yet retaining it under another label – quasi-passive “passengers” under the control of their minority of “extremists” at the wheel.)

          In short, the meme allows the Counter-Jihadist simultaneously to feel tough and ethical at the same time. This seems to be an inordinate concern to the Counter-Jihadist who still has residues of PC MC anxiety deep within him, which irrationally translates the dreaded A word (“all Muslims”) inexorably into the slippery slope to genocide, as though there were nothing between coddling our ethical narcissism or succumbing to our natural white Western inclination to be “bigoted” and “racist” and genocidal of Brown People.

          The second, and related, problem with that meme is its implication that the “passenger” Muslims are not in fact in their own way enabling the very same Jihad which the so-called “extremists” are driving. The meme’s metaphor conveys way too much passivity to the passengers. Does it take that much creative imagination to flesh out the various subtle (and some not-so-subtle) ways in which Ordinary Muslims in the West are in fact advancing Islam? From the most seemingly passive form of stealth jihad – merely existing, merely living in the West, merely being here, setting down roots, getting a job, raising a family, going to the store, going to any one of the thousands of mosques that now have been built throughout the West (with more being industriously under construction as we speak): this is the seemingly docile and passive front foot of the Trojan Horse, non-verbally communicating the massive meme, “We’re here, get used to it.” After that, we may (if we have imagination fortified by information from the mountains of data available to us out there) enumerate a multitude of other ways in which the Muslims in the West advance the stealth jihad:

          1) in conversations with friends, neighbors, work colleagues, fellow students; in more activist rhetoric in the media and city councils; in more specialized activism such as forums and debates in real life and communications online – all spreading the wondrously diverse tissue of taqiyya sophistry & propaganda confusing the issue and promoting the softening whitewash of Islam along with a grievance-mongering demonization of the Counter-Jihad.

          2) in what they don’t do: they don’t answer questions about Islam in good faith; they don’t stand up against their own extremism in any satisfyingly substantive way that avoids clever sophistry; they don’t show sufficient respect for our concerns about what their own Islam is causing.

          3) Lawfare (hundreds of pages could be written about this), , which includes propaganda stunts like Ahmed the Clock Boy.

          4) Their own zakat charities funding terrorism.

          5) And returning to #1 (but also including the other three points), the millions of Ordinary Muslims provide cover for the front-line soldiers who, it is excruciatingly reasonable for us to assume, are planning indeterminable horrific terror plots against us in places and times we cannot predict – terror plots that will be far worse than Paris, far worse than 911, involving chemical and biological toxins, and other creative ways to foment mass-murder and terror which only Mohammedans with too much time on their hands can come up with. Many of these plots would require years of planning and a capability for deep infiltration – the latter of which would only be possible with two factors present:

          1) where there is a growing sea of Muslims they can swim among


          2) where there is a West naïve enough to think it can tolerate the existence within its borders of Muslims at all.

          Any meme that tends to reinforce #2 rather than to reject it as a still healthy organism rejects what is toxic to it by expelling it, should itself be rejecting by the Counter-Jihad. It annoys, it aggrieves, it dismays when such memes continue to be nourished by the prevailing incoherence of the Counter-Jihad.

          • Hesperado, ah Hesperado…No, it is not a remainder of PC/MC. But have it your way…

            Wallace Stevens said it before me in “Gubbinal”:

            That strange flower, the sun,
            Is just what you say.
            Have it your way.

            The world is ugly,
            And the people are sad.

            That tuft of jungle feathers,
            That animal eye,
            Is just what you say.

            That savage of fire,
            That seed,
            Have it your way.

            The world is ugly,
            And the people are sad.

            If we’re so “incoherent” and we “annoy” and “aggrieve” you, please climb once more onto Rocinante and ride off into more congenial lands…

          • This whole thing sounds like the dyspeptic complaints of a professional kibitzer. Are you a kibitzer, Hesperado?

            Or are you accomplishing some astounding pushback that is your secret? Please don’t hide your light under a bushel, man, let us all see your accomplishments…

            Sad as it is to say, I’ve heard speeches like this (same process, different content) from cranky members of the Garden Club and/or the Ladies’ Altar Guild…you’re better than that. Or I thought you were. This rant is a disappointment to those who admire you.

          • Though I’ve seen it hundreds of times by now over the past 10 years or so, it still catches me by surprise when my calls for Zero Tolerance of All Muslims gets mocked and attacked by people in the Counter-Jihad. Expletively surreal.

    • I suspect UKIP does get it but for tactical and strategic reasons feels that now is not the time. Content yourself good bishop with the thought that at least UKIP is an improvement on what we have at the moment and that Farage is asking pointed questions – see his speech of just last week. In fact I urge everyone who peruses these pages to turn to Nigel Farage’s latest speech – warms the cockles of your heart it does.

      • I watched Adam Boulton interview Farage and get mauled. Farage was sticking to the facts of our current situation, was concise, calm and statesmanlike. There was nowhere for Boulton to go with his argument and it felt like he just gave up and cut the interview short. UKIP are the only option when compared to the other English political party’s.

  3. Well done article.

    Above all else, Islamic theology is a blueprint for a contagious (by violence), pathological, social system. This Islamic social system uses claims of religious legitimacy, and promises of heavenly sexual rewards, to entice countless devout followers to commit violence in the name of Islam. The number of devout followers willing to commit violence in the name of Islam is obviously large enough for Islam to have spread (by violence) to consume about 20% of humanity.

    If this Islamic pathological social system is not stopped, it will continue to spread. Or it will bring about some some world wide apocalyptic event.

    The question is; What can be done? What can the average person do? Can the Islamic cult be unraveled?

    Islam is just the leftover intellectual residue of a 7th century uneducated barbarian. Aren’t we smart enough to deal with this problem?

    Got any ideas?

    • We are moving towards that. Not enough of us yet but the number is growing – the establishment’s meme ‘Islam is a religion of peace’ has become absurd, and they’re still using it, though I note with less frequency. But what else can they say other than that? And so increasingly, as Islam and its adherents expose themseves for what they are, people will question the legitimacy of its presence in the West. That will continue until action is seen as the only solution. How else can things pan out?

      • … the establishment’s meme ‘Islam is a religion of peace’ has become absurd, and they’re still using it, though I note with less frequency.

        They have a fallback back-up meme:

        “Okay, maybe Islam is not peaceful; but the vast majority of Muslims Just Wanna Have a Sandwich, and only a Tiny Minority of Extremists are taking Islam seriously (and anway, all religions have their extremists, and the question of what a religion really is is complex as our expert academics tell us and we can’t treat any religion as a monolithic single block, they all have many forms, and now around the world there is a “Conversation” going on in the Muslim world and we need to help all the Muslims who are slowly, painfully trying to steer their extremist elements toward a more modern embrace of secular… blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah).”

        What aggrieves is that this kind of Islamopologese is also found here and there in the Counter-Jihad (e.g., Frank Gaffney praising Zuhdi Jasser to the skies; Sam Harris holding Maajid Nawaz’s hand as they walk off into the sunset of the “Future of Tolerance”; my own friend from Paltalk chat (who calls himself “SamHuntington”) who otherwise gets it yet who seriously thinks Irshad Manji is sincerely reformist…… etc., etc., ad Islamonauseam)

    • What can be done? [Intemperate proposal redacted] Sounds brutal? Sounds inhumane? It is. But after the coming attacks that will kill ten thousand infidels, one hundred thousand infidels, the minds of millions will come around to that solution.

      Pray for the overthrow of the socialists/nihilists who rule in the West. Only after their overthrow will the job that must be done commence.

  4. “Britain has always been Dar al Harb”,
    Anjem Choudary to a scowling Stephen Sackur on BBC.

    • “Mr Speaker, it cannot be said enough that the extremist ideology is not true Islam.” This intrigueing statement poses so many questions. And I’ll wager Cameron wouldn’t answer one of them.

      It reminds me very much of the establishment’s take on so many other issues – they make an assertion and expect the rest of us to accept it without question; those that don’t they turn into a pariah.

      • Wear that Pariah or “Right Wing Extremist” badge with honour. Think of it as a “I can think for myself”, badge.

  5. This is from the prophets own hand. This letter is from Mohammad to Heraclitus, Emperor of Byzantium:

    “Now then I invite you to Islam (surrender). Embrace Islam and you will be safe”. (Sahih Bakhari 4:52:191).

    Now since he’s writing to a head of state, he must mean a political surrender-of the throne. “You will be safe”, is certainly a veiled threat. ‘Pay me so your windows don’t get broken’, kind of thing. All this is from a University of Southern California study of Islam.

  6. As I read this article the radio is playing softly on the other side of the study. It is 1320hrs and on BBC Radio 2 the ‘Jeremy Vine Show’, a perpetually left[ist] current affairs and music programme, is in full swing. At the moment the unctuous Vine is saturating the airwaves with a tsunami of ‘British’ Muslims (oxymoron alert!) all claiming the usual drivel about how moderate they are and how terrorists are not really Muslims at all.

    Taquiyya, Kitman, outright lies or possibly brain death (the white converts) are, as usual, the order of the day. Nothing changes and nothing will change until the likes of Vine, the BBC and their doppelgangers in the rest of the MSM, the Government, the Civil Service, the Constabulary, the legal profession and academia become the first to drown in the real tsunami that is going to hit us all before ere too long as we are forcibly herded onto the beach of disinformation and pathological altruism.

    Those of us, that is, who will not be attending the roundup and will instead be tending to other matters at the time as we watch the lemmings rattle their chains or emit one last gasp of astonishment as their heads roll in the sand to the joyous accompaniment of endless Allua Akhbars!

    S III

    • Don’t forget the doctrine of HIJRA. Ann Corcoran has written the book on it. Succinct:

      Refugee Resettlement and the Hijra to America (Civilization Jihad Reader Series) (Volume 2)

      She has been closely following this one subject, mostly though not exclusively, as it impacts the U.S.

      Her top post today:

      One post sums up what a moral and physical hazard the federal government is to our well-being

      • Same over here, Dymphna.

        Central goverment, with the full support of both the County and District Councils, and against the protests of our Town Council, has just secretly dumped over a hundred Somali savages on us into housing meant for our young people. We had no say in it or knowledge of it whatsoever until it was a fait accompli.

        We are a small, rural, market town in Middle England already struggling to meet the educational and health needs of our indigenous citizens and those of the small villages in the hinterland about us and for which we all have and continue to pay for through our taxes down all the years.

        The temperature is rising.

        (It is not known if the publicly funded private Company known as SERCO – Services Company – was involved in the aquisition of the properties and the midnight move, but either they or one of their equally well remunerated similars normally are.)

    • I’ve not posted here for a few years. In that interval thousands more have died at the hands of the practitioners of the Religion of Peace. What I believe even more today is that these ‘moderate’ muslims present a danger to us all, an indirect danger – whether they know it or not. For decades they have put us at our ease, presented themselves as smiling, friendly and tolerant, perhaps some are. But they hid the real purpose of their presence which was to establish a beach head, present Islam in a positive light, gradually create a sense of their victimhood, make a few rather silly demands here and there. Build Mosques, schools, communities…we know the rest.

      • I have lived in many diverse cities, even as a minority and can’t say your account of jovial moderate Muslims rings a bell. There may be the odd exception but what I experienced and sense was a darkness of soul, a contempt for the other and a seething malevolence biding its time until either the demographics have put them in a position to challenge for control or the extremists gain the upper hand. Of course, the former is the most likely and the safer path. They must feel that they are in the ascendency.

        I keep reading patronising articles by so-called moderate Muslims lambasting the expectation
        that they denounce the extremists which enrage me. As fellow devotees of the religion of peace they should be ashamed of what members of their community are doing
        and the discontent they sow. Muslims don’t do humility, and when they try it is just a facile veneer thinly obscuring their true intentions.

        I’m generally secular minded but the only realistic solution to this self-imported quagwire is to repatriate Muslims.
        As harsh as that sounds and may be over-simplistic, any other option will mean the West will remain a breeding ground for extremists.

        • I’ve lived in multicultural areas. Integration is “functional” in every area other than Islamic ones.

          When in an Islamic area though there is a huge difference. I would agree with Kettle about that sense of foreboding and waiting. There are numerous small interactions that illustrate this when you live in these areas. These people really are supremacists who believe they have a destiny with us under their heel.

      • I see on the English banner, the usual distortion of Q 5:32 to make sound like it is against Islam. I am sure that readers of this blog know the context, but here it is in full glory:

        “On that account: We ordained for the Children of Israel that if anyone slew a person – unless it be in retaliation for murder or for spreading mischief in the land – it would be as if he slew all mankind: and if anyone saved a life, it would be as if he saved the life of all humanity.
        Qur’an 5:32

        Deliberate media attraction & manipulation….

  7. It’s not only islam, as an totalitarian supremacist war ideology that is destructive and incompatible with western democracies, but also the various cultural, more “peaceful”, aspects following in its wake. Politicians unable to recognize either as lethal, is the greatest danger the civilized world has ever seen. I don’t think it will be islamic terrorism/jihad that destroys the west, but its politicians. The elite! Death by stupidity. What irony.

  8. I just want to correct the Fjordman on one point: It was not only the Islamic state, al-Qaeda was also involved. Some people are underestimating the fraternization between these terrorist groups.

  9. An old video back from Jan, in Paris:

    Please note the subtle reference to sharia, death and “invitation to Islam” then you won’t be in hell.

    A rant:

    No Islam no muslims, (shouting)
    Not the prophet, in saying that
    In the name of secularism , in the name of freedom of speech,
    In the name of expressing freedom,
    As far as freedom of speech is concerned, these expression
    Do they do permit us to insult people regardless of their origins?
    (bystanders – no)
    Inaudible. Doesn’t allow the mother of such and such to such and such (inaudible)
    Even it falls?
    God doesn’t allow (us) to insult him [?]
    When you insult our Prophet
    The most sacred for Muslims,
    By saying “in the name of secularism”
    (Video cuts & jumps)
    Stop saying it is the Muslims that killed
    Muslims killed no one
    You are already talking about (him) forgetting his
    ID card, even a petty thief would not have
    had forgotten his card in a supermarket.
    We need to stop treating Muslim as idiots
    You lash out at Islam while at same time saying that you respect Islam.
    Islam, the Prophet, is Islam!
    If you respect my mother, you shouldn’t insult her,
    How do allow yourselves to insult what is the most sacred for me,
    More sacred than my father, than my mother, my Prophet
    He is more sacred than my mother, my very own mother,
    The prophet is my existence; he is more sacred than my existence, here on Earth.
    Without the prophet, I would have not known Islam.
    Without the prophet, I would have in hell.
    Without the prophet, I would have been put in the flames of the Last Judgement.
    So we respect Islam, so respect us!
    We respect all men [humans]?
    And all we want to save you from the flames of hell.
    You are all ours brothers in humanity
    We are all sons of Adam & Eve.
    All we want as wishes, is for you to convert to Islam.
    But if you don’t do this, do what ever you want, (Arabic ?)
    The law of Islam is that he is insults the Prophet, it is death,
    Even if he is Muslim.
    On the other hand, it is not Muslims who kill your brothers.
    If someone insults your mother, you would have not permitted them
    You would say, no no that’s an insult!
    They must pay.
    If we insult, wait, if someone, the most sacred , of the mother of all Muslims,
    Of a billion & half Muslims in the world.
    You insult the Prophet, something sacred for 1.5b in the world
    And afterwards you want people to keep their mouths shut.
    We haven’t insulted anyone. It is not Muslim that did it.
    Show us their faces!
    (video cuts)
    It is certain that it isn’t Muslims that killed them.
    It would surprise me that it is Muslims that killed them.
    We believe that all of this is done to stigmatize Islam, and
    To make people distance themselves from Muslims.
    The real message, from God is that we are all children from Adam & Eve.
    And that we want from you is to be like (them) and know Islam and
    (inaudible) amongst them.

  10. Att vi har ett pågående WWIII ser vi också i Sverige när SÄPO höjt säkerhetsnivån till den högsta #4 efter att ett konkret terrorhot råder mot Sverige.

    Islam är sannerligen ingen fredens religion, bara delvis en religion, utan främst en ideologi med den ständiga jihadismen tills Dar al-Harb förvandlat icke-muslimska områden att underordna sig Allah och hans profet.

    [Machine translation:

    We have an ongoing WWIII we also see in Sweden when the SÄPO raised the security level to the highest No. 4 after a concrete terrorist threats prevail against Sweden.

    Islam is certainly not a religion of peace, only partly a religion, but mainly an ideology with the constant jihadism until the Dar al-Harb transformed non-Muslim areas to submit to Allah and his prophet.

    This is an English-language blog. In future, please use English in your comments.]

  11. Fjordmans title says it all. If only our politicians had the prescience to really understand that title and what it has meant in our past and its relevance to our future.

  12. Islam: A Permanent World War

    I believe it now. Originally, I thought they just wanted their own land for themselves, but their behavior to others, including Israel, cured me of that notion.

    However, what I am missing is how did we get from the 50’s and 60’s, where we never heard of this religion unless it was a passing reference in history class (and in high school in the 60’s we had more important things on our young minds) to this nightmare? Whatever happened? And how did they become so seemingly powerful?

    If anyone can direct me to a good history book, I would appreciate it. Otherwise, I’ll be roaming the library on my own.

    Thank you for a great article.

    • My guess is, they had the living daylights beaten out of them enough times that they resigned themselves to not being able to convert the koran’s commands to conquer every place in the world into actual practice.

      Then when the West went soft and silly, it took them a while to cotton on to that fact.

      By the way, Russia and China are not as tough to Islam as we might think. Japan is safe for now, due to the fortuitous circumstance of being an island nation. They’re even making inroads into Latin America.

      About the only place left that is Muslim-free is Antarctica. I hope that when they finally establish a beachhead there, too, the entire crew gets eaten by The Thing (from the John Carpenter movie).

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