When We Return To Austria, It Will Be On Horseback

The makers of this German news report are evidently unaware what the Hosts of Mohammed do when they are on horseback, but I’m certain that the “refugee” who says he looks forward to being in the saddle is well aware of Islam’s equestrian martial traditions.

The program was aired by Spiegel TV Magazin, and the producers did their best to show how nice everything is. Just a little hike in the Alps for some unfortunate “refugees”. Idyllic scenery, kind people to greet them, free transport, maps handed to them, signposts for their convenience, temporary living quarters with all the modern conveniences — it’s all so nice.

Yes, a few words of demurral are allowed in here and there, but nothing strident, nothing “extreme”. Just some crotchety old country people, geezers and ignorant hicks. People who don’t understand the radiant future that awaits them in Modern Multicultural Germany.

Notice that all the migrants speak English to the interviewer, requiring a voice-over for the German-language audience.

Notice also that the maps handed out to the “refugees” have Arabic writing on them.

Does anyone besides me find that fact chilling?

Many thanks to Nash Montana for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


0:05   At first glance, everything looks like a normal hiking day in the mountains,
0:11   but the people who hike through the idyllic forests of upper Austria are fleeing.
0:17   Syrians, Afghans, Iraqis. An endless trek on the way to Germany.
0:23   Shortly before their destination lies the Austrian community Kollerschlag.
0:27   Here they organize the shuttle buses. Destination Germany.
0:31   Fast and unbureaucratic. The main thing: getting them out of Austria.
0:36   Female, male plus child, male, male, male…
0:45   Nobody wants to stay here, anyway. Austria is merely a way station.
0:50   And locally, everything is done to make sure it stays that way.
0:53   We provide for them here, so they can continue on, where to, that is not our business… but it is…
0:59   not far to Germany.
1:03   Whoever arrives here has already crossed the Mediterranean, the Balkans, and the Alps.
1:08   It isn’t far anymore, a stone’s throw, that separates them from German territory.
1:13   They gave us these instructions. They told us we only had to walk three kilometers, it would be a picnic,
1:21   for which we would only need about forty minutes,
1:27   and additionally there are arrows along the way that will tell us if we have to turn left, for instance.
1:33   All that for our safety.
1:36   In order to guarantee them a smooth transit, the refugees not only get drinks and food at the gymnasium,
1:42   but they are also given hiking maps.
1:45   Guidebooks for the treasure hunt to the promised land.
1:49   So it’s easy; you are here, (…) and then you go left,
1:56   then right, and that road goes straight, well there’s one curve, to a small bridge,
2:06   where the German police are already waiting, and the people have to follow a pilot car
2:11   for about one kilometer, and there are yellow arrows so they won’t get lost.
2:19   A state-controlled group travel, in which of course it is all about the safety of the refugees, says Vienna.
2:29   We are going left now, and then straight, and then left again.
2:35   Straight ahead, and follow the yellow arrows. A scavenger hunt in which tens of thousands now participate.
2:44   For this group of Syrian students, it is reason for exhilaration, the first time in weeks.
2:50   We really feel good. We are enthusiastic. Everything here is just so good, nature, it’s 100% perfect.
3:01   The Syrian students all come from Aleppo. Their homes have been reduced to rubble.
3:07   The picture-perfect motifs on the side of the road seem almost surreal to them.
3:13   This is so good, everything is great!
3:19   I believe that anyone who lives and grows up in such beauty will live to be a hundred years old, or even more.
3:27   This is the epitome of beauty and youth.
3:32   So it’s like a dream? – yes, it’s a healthy dream, a healthy life, it is our dream.
3:37   My dream is to one day ride through the country here on a horse.
3:42   Maybe we’ll someday manage to bring this kind of living to Syria.
3:48   But that will be a far-off wish. The next leg of the journey is Bavaria.
3:57   The town Wegscheid on the German/Austrian border.
4:01   The small hamlet became a bottleneck on the refugee route.
4:06   This is where most of the 300,000 refugees came through in the past weeks.
4:11   The federal police try to structure the chaos with order and friendliness.
4:17   (…) This is where I count them now, and we pass on the information (…)
4:23   How is the situation here? – Well, here it’s actually quite peaceful, not much is happening (…)
4:30   But the march of the refugees rubs some people the wrong way.
4:36   Among the residents, discontent is growing, especially towards Berlin.
4:40   Something is very crooked there. This just can’t work out. It can’t. It won’t work, everybody can see that.
4:49   Do you feel any understanding for the chancellor who says, ‘let them all in?’
4:53   No. Not one iota. Angela Merkel, she has lost a lot of sympathy.
5:02   A sentence that could come from Minister President Horst Seehofer personally.
5:07   Do you see that car? We are going there now, and we follow the car and go to the camp.
5:13   Pictures like these are going around the world. Spreading over social networks, they bring confirmation to future refugees back home,
5:19   hoping that Germany will take them all in.
5:23   A promised land, somewhere between wish and reality.
5:27   I already told you I don’t know anything about Germany.
5:30   I expect that everything will be well. That’s it.
5:35   A few kilometers further. The first reception center.
5:40   An old factory transformed into a temporary initial reception facility.
5:45   Every day new records are being set.
5:48   Yesterday was the second-highest number of refugees since September 22nd.
5:53   6500 immigrants here on the German/Austrian border just in the Passau area.
5:59   We’re gonna wait and see how this develops, we are on duty 24/7.
6:03   Security alone confronts the authorities with an overwhelming task.
6:07   Each refugee gets checked via fingerprint, to see if they are wanted by Interpol.
6:14   Additionally the arriving people are being searched for weapons every day.
6:19   A precaution.
6:23   We search the refugees for knives, shaving blades, and similar things,
6:29   with which they could hurt themselves or others.
6:33   Other than that we leave everything, it’s just pointy objects so they don’t hurt each other.
6:40   Those who are clean can leave the reception center.
6:44   The bus will take them to North Rhine-Westphalia.
6:47   The clash of cultures causes unease for the bus driver.
6:52   We put this tape up so the refugees know they can’t come to the front,
6:56   so that we drivers can be in peace. You just don’t know what they all carry with them.
7:00   Knives or whatever, we don’t know what they bring from wherever they come.
7:06   Sometimes you get threatened – or the bacteria, well, OK, I can’t do anything against that,
7:12   away from me, but the important thing is that nobody comes to the front.
7:19   The organization has reached its limit in the meantime.
7:22   In the end, the bus driver has to decide who can come along.
7:27   Problems? – The government!
7:30   They wanna make sure that we only take as many people as they have room for at the destination.
7:40   Is that less or more than now?
7:43   Well, it’s more. But, they called us and told us how many spaces they have
7:50   They say bring only 134, but we have 150,
7:54   so 16 have to remain here, they’ll have to go with another one later.
7:58   By now, more than ten thousand refugees arrive daily in Germany.
8:02   And there are no indications that in the near future there will be any fewer.

20 thoughts on “When We Return To Austria, It Will Be On Horseback

  1. Utter madness to let them in. Healthy fit young men. They ought to be ashamed of themselves.

    And yes, the arabic writing was chilling. How long ago were these maps prepared? It looks like the authorities don’t expect the “refugees” to integrate.

    • “Ashamed of themselves”? Are our “Yoof” any better? Most would muck themselves at the word “Waycist”…..
      These lads faced real war- a war that will soon come here thanks to this madness. I still think people in Europe and UK don’t fully understand what is happening-our gradual displacement, town by town, village by village, hamlet by hamlet……A full scale Final Revolution by the Communist scum in charge of the EU. The fact they are Moslem is irrelevant. Any alien mass will do to fulfill the dreams of a Globalist Soviet. Both Hitler and Stalin used the same methods.

      They even had organised “Opposition” to soak up dissidents like well known “Independence parties” and paid stooges to rant so the plebs would be quiet. The days of the ballot box are long over.

  2. I note the expressed feeling that something is changing with the inhabitants of those areas these invaders are passing through and into. That would put the invader on alert that not all are welcoming their intrusion. I know how Islam operates. Maybe you are reading too much into that horsey thing because I don’t detect a malevolent gesture as being particular to Islamic practice within the context of that article.

    • “Horsey Thing” You don’t see it?
      Get a clue.
      You DON’T see how (p)Islam operates.

      “Those who do not understand History are doomed to repeat it.”

      • Demonstrate your rebuttal by a: pointing out where the ‘horsey’ thing through the Austrian countryside has any reference to a military offensive or prophecy.

        And b: where is the implied threat or reference to any dream?

        There is no demand to convert only an admiring sentiment about the landscape in Austria and a wish to ride a horse. Too, there is no mention of the horse’s color.

        Otherwise, your assumption on my cluelessness regarding Islam is very misplaced and one that I find offensive.

  3. The bucolic setting reminds me of the final scenes of “The Sound of Music”, where the Captain, his wife-to-be and his family trek to freedom along edelweiss-strewn mountain paths, escaping from the German occupation of Austria.

    Austria is now returning the favor, sending hundreds of thousands of ill-suited, potentially-violent, disease-carrying young male Muslims back to occupy Germany.

    Payback is a bitch.

    • thats not payback. If Germany didnt invite all muslims to come to their land, Austria wouldnt have any “refugee” problems now. In contrary Germany should pay massive reparations to Austria for all the damage the crisis is causing and will cause in the future.

      • Hi Johnkd,

        My comment was kind of tongue-in-cheek. I would oppose the payment of reparations to Austria for the simple reason that Austria chose to retain open borders, and thus shares the responsibility for the invasion crisis.

        I don’t believe that one irresponsible party should owe compensation to another irresponsible party.

        Austria needs to put an impenetrable fence around its border, protect it with its army, and let the open-border European countries deal with the massive influx. At that point, I’ll agree to look at compensation.

  4. “Their homes reduced to rubble”

    By their fellow Muslims. But you not supposed to say that.

  5. Angela Merkel to her mirror ” mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the stupidest politician of all?”
    Wake up Germany! Wake up Europe! This woman, she of a dubious communist past, is destroying a continent and apart from Wilder’s, Farage and Let Pen the EU politicos remain silent! There is no mandate for this, the people of Europe were not consulted about this and do not want this! She is not an Emporess so impeach her, convict her and exert the sovereignty of the people or there will inevitably be a backlash of seismic proportions to the detriment of all.

  6. Whether the horse comment was or wasn’t referring to past Islamic practice, I would guess that the “groups” of young men making their way through the mountains must be feeling a sense of satisfaction of some sort – a sense that the locals in those villages have it easy, and are hence in some ways weaker than the newcomers.

    Why do I think this? Because, after doing a few long walks in big groups myself, we were all usually having a big sense of achievement. And being in a big group, we were sometimes shouting and singing what we liked, with a feeling that nobody could stop us.

    These refugees have already made it across the sea, and many borders on the way to the “Promised Land” of Merkelistan – all without showing any passport, ID or any of the usual stuff you’d need to cross a border. In addition, as we have seen in previous posts, there is often a great deal more garbage left behind by these refugees, than in this carefully-edited Spiegel report. Do they hence see themselves as being, in some ways, “unstoppable” and able to get away with anything they like?

  7. In one rapidly-passing action-filled year’s time they will be entitled to have brought over to them all their considerable families – paid for by the German taxpayer . Soon after that, once citizenship has been thrown in, they will have free movement (“Core Values, Core Values”, thank you, Baroness Ashton) to Sweden or UK or wherever the benefits seem most attractive.
    All aboard the Insane EU Gravy Train.

  8. 10,000 PER DAY entering Germany, the voice-over says.

    What could possibly go wrong?

  9. From the PEGIDA movement it’s clear that in their hearts many Germans understand that the invasion of their country by alien people is wrong. May they find the strength to act.

    May PEGIDA supporters praise the governments of Poland and Hungary and all the eastern European nations who are refusing to accept murderous muslims let alone totally alien Africans as immigrants.

    What’s sickening – though predicted by Jean Raspail in his “Camp of the Saints” – is how so-called Christian leaders are caving-in. Not even defending let alone shepherding their Christian flock from the islamic scourge that so many Christian nations have historically suffered from.

    What was very refreshing was Australia’s recently knifed-in-the-back now ex-prime minister advising Europe to do as he did: turn the boats back. He told ‘refugees’ they would never be allowed in by the back door. It worked. The human trafficking stopped.

    Abbott’s sucessor is a Goldman-Sachs banker. Enough said.

    • Exactly right! Goldman Sachs! Merkel is just their PA.

      They want a powerful EU in control of its abject citizens, (the new feudal serfdom), so that their Central Bank can get on with the real job of ripping profit out of the hearts of the serfs and gambling with it in the global casino.

  10. Beeing myself an Austrian from Vienna I have to commit, its disturbing.
    Btw this is a german TV-broadcast not an austrian one, such a report will not be produced by austrian state media ORF.

    But what else are we to do?
    As long as the german government (ie. Merkel) is not willing to close its boarders or speak out loud and clear that enough is enough, the people will continue to come.
    And at the time they reach austrian soil its far to late to hold them back.
    That needed to be done in Italy or Greece (or Turkey), when migrants are still close to there place of origin.

    And I like to mention that we allready have more migrants then Germany and of course not everone goes to Germany, some do stay in Austria.
    And in relation to our small population compared to Germany we get – at least – an equal amount of asylum seekers as they do.
    Many here are just pissed of by germanys open boarder policy (they dont know what they want, or dont dare to take meassures necessary) and our own stupid government.

  11. The powerlessness, the feeling of total impotence at the destruction of everything I’ve ever known and taken pride in, live on my computer and TV screen day after day.

    Sometimes I even think of giving up. Were it not for my children and the bleak future ahead of them, I’d probably do.

    White genocide. Sheer madness.

  12. The only fact, holding me back for a minute to run and look for a vomit bucket is that the Baron at least takes this SPIEGEL “report” with a grain of salt. I would recommend a whole bucket full when it comes to listening to or reading of this nauseating Taqija spuiker for the Germany-despising, sneering Left and the Islamisation of Germany that is the Spiegel !

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