Sunni vs. Shi’ites in Copenhagen

Last Saturday a culture-enriching “Dane” discharged a firearm during a Shia Ashura event in Copenhagen. When he was picked up by the police, a crowd of Muslims attacked the police car, trying to get at him, and had to be beaten back by the police.

At the time he uploaded a video of the incident, Vlad Tepes speculated that the besieged gun owner in the police car might have been a Sunni Muslim who disrupted the Shi’ites at their festival. Sure enough, according to SHIA Waves TV, it was a Palestinian who was arrested for discharging a firearm.

Here’s a video of the mob. Savor the moment when the Danish police have to break out their batons and get to work.

Update: Vlad has appended new material to this video. Watch this version to the end — the new and surprising footage starts at 3:11, followed by Vlad’s excellent commentary:

9 thoughts on “Sunni vs. Shi’ites in Copenhagen

  1. Sadly this is only the beginning as more of these ‘cultural enrichers’ flood western Europe, bringing chaos, criminality ,violence, and destruction of the cultural and social order, Western Europe will morph into the same hellhole and cesspool that the ‘enrichers ‘ came from. In Denmark,Sweden, Finland,Germany etc. a normal life will be next to impossible.

      • Manatthepub, I sincerely hope I am wrong, but the longer the migration continues and the horde increases the more difficult reversing the situation will become. I also fear that the police will be used to control the locals, allowing the ‘migrants’ more free reign.

        • “I also fear that the police will be used to control the locals…”

          Yes. We’re our own worst enemies. The classic example of this is the use of NATO warplanes to bomb the Serbs into submission during the Bosnian and Kosova wars. The Serbs were fighting the Muslim militias attacking them and winning.

          Bombing the Serbs made as much sense for NATO as supporting Syrian rebels fighting the Assad government is for the US government.

          I’m afraid we’re entering a period where third-world norms are taking hold in Western governments, and the purpose of government to maintain the existence of its bureaucracies.

  2. It is only logical that immigrants who come en masse to new countries should bring their old problems with them.

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