Excremental Journey

The Danish newspaper Extra Bladet sent a reporter to Berlin to take a look at the “refugee” situation in the German capital. The following report describes a big-city version of the mess in Nickelsdorf.

Reading both stories made me certain that the winner of the next Eurovision Song Contest will be a catchy little tune with the title “The Smell of Turds in the Bushes Reminds me of Berlin”. A sneak preview of the lyrics:

The scent of faeces on an autumn morning
Puddles of urine in a sunny street
Your hand in mine as we flee from the riot
An iPhone in the hand of everyone we meet

Many thanks to Liberty DK for translating this article:

Ekstra Bladet in Berlin: Refugees demand money

by Christian Kloster

There is chaos in Berlin, where the authorities are being sued by refugees who demand money

Right now a train arrives in Berlin with approximately 450 refugees daily — where authorities are pushed to the limit. Between 350 and up to a total of up to 800 find their way, every day, to Germany’s capital.

The tens of thousands of predominantly young men, who have, in recent months arrived in increasing numbers from many countries, must first queue in front of the foreigners’ agency in Lageso in the district of Moabit.

It is going to go horribly wrong.

Here, in the middle of Berlin, around 50,000 refugees and migrants are expected this year. Frustration prevails, anxiety and sometimes chaos — because the queues are endless, and now comes the cold.

A mixed bunch

Ekstra Bladet visited the area Wednesday morning and met asylum seekers from Russia, Bosnia, Albania, Nigeria, Syria, Gambia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Serbia, Kosovo, Eritrea, Macedonia, Pakistan and Montenegro.

Photo: The refugees wait for weeks, sometimes months before their number shows up on the panel. When that happens, it’s their turn to have their asylum application processed.

It is a motley crew with a few children amongst them.

60-70 percent of them, are, according to the authorities, young men traveling alone. Some want to be joined by their families.

Hundreds of people are huddled in the driving rain and 5ºC (41ºF) under blankets, sleeping bags, umbrellas and hoods in the gray weather, while the humanitarian organization Caritas sounds the alarm and warns that it cannot continue once the frost sets in.

“We can no longer rule out the possibility that people will die,” warned Caritas’ director Ulrike Kastka.

But out here they wait impatiently while officials hand out small pieces of paper with numbers that provide access so that they can — for weeks — wait in a queue until their number shows up on the board.

Guards deployed

When it finally happened, at 10:30, guards had to pacify a restless crowd and convince them to calm down.

It wasn’t necessary for the police to intervene, as has happened in the past when there is a scuffle in the crowd.

“I got a number. That was 22 days ago. I have been here every day since. I freeze, and I have no money yet!” says 25-year-old Yonatal Hailu from Eritrea.

He is grateful that Germany gives him shelter at night.

Photo: The asylum seeker Yonatal Hailu is not satisfied with the catering: bread, but otherwise grateful to Germany.

I’m tired of getting the same boring bread every day, says the young man and sucks on a cigarette, which he says he has begged.

A sanitation worker in Lageso is far from happy with the situation.

“This is far from being under control. I spend much of my working day removing human faeces from shrubbery. Why don’t they use the toilet?” It’s available, he says from the port-a-potties of which the municipality has ordered yet more as neighbors have complained about the foul odor.

They receive the Danish equivalent of 2,678 crowns

It is only when his number appears on the board, that Yonatal Hailu will be register as having entered Germany, after which his application for asylum will be looked at. Then he can receive the equivalent of 2,678 kroner ($412, €360) per month. German social assistance recipients get 2,977 kroner ($458, €400).

But not all refugees are willing to wait. Only this week fifty of them have taken legal action against Lageso and demanded money even before they are official asylum seekers.

1000 asylum seekers daily

So far, local authorities have only been able to register 300 refugees daily, and it’s not nearly enough, say a number of organizations, who claim that there is a need for about 1000 to be registered for asylum — daily.

But the authorities cannot keep up, so people wait for weeks or months.

Thursday another registration place will open in Berlin which hopes to process 500 asylum seekers every day.

Neighbor: I Am SO VERY Angry

Photo: I’m not comfortable with these young men, they storm in here and want me to provide power for their iPhones, says salon owner Goerhke.

Mrs. Goerhke is angry.

“Stinking angry,” she says.

She runs a small hair salon in Turmstrasse, a few hundred meters from the registration center in Lageso where hundreds — some days thousands — of refugees wait daily to be registered as asylum seekers.

“There are a lot of problems and unrest in the area. They pee out here in front of my salon, so on hot days it smells terrible. But the worst is that we feel unsafe — some days there are riots — street fighting — when different groups of refugees get into fights with each other. What a commotion with the police and everything! So I hurry up and lock the door until it has calmed down,” she says.

Have to barricade themselves

“It is unbelievable that it’s reached the point where you almost have to barricade yourself,” says Mrs. Goerhke, who emphasizes that she believes that people from war zones should be welcome in Germany — if they behave peacefully.

“But why is it almost exclusively strong, energetic, young healthy men with iPhones who are here? And who constantly push themselves in here because they want to charge their phones. They should not be doing that. Nein — Bundeskanzlerin Merkel must speak out. She cannot figure it out, so Merkel must go. Our limit (border) has been reached. Quite literally,” she says.

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  1. Those familiar with South Africa in the apartheid era will recognize this scenario. It is why the apartheid policy was originally conceived; the cultures do not mix well, and defecating in public places was a constant problem, as was the fighting.

  2. Tick tock. Not long now…..

    There will soon be a popular backlash. They villified us for warning them. They should have listened.

  3. Is there no mechanism within the German Constitution that would
    Permit the impeachment and ultimate removal and criminal prosecution
    Of Frau Merkel?

    Can a single middle-aged woman of such limited intelligence be permitted
    To financially and culturally destroy such a proud nation with barely a
    Whimper from her political peers?

    • Public servants who make momentous decisions need skin in the game. I’ve always thought that they should be required to wager a good slice of their retirement income on the results of their decision–some measreument indices are given and a carefully selected grand jury would decide after a specified time period: did their decision succeed or not? The idea is that we want poor policy folks to retire at a near poverty level.

  4. I’m wondering if it’s worthwhile to organise tours for Europeans (especially from as-yet less touched, Eastern countries) to these disaster areas, to witness for themselves what an influx in their back yard may mean. They could be called “Smelly tours”, or “Turd World Tours”…

    In fact, I’m thinking of exactly that – a short “fact finding” trip to Berlin, sometime soon (without my best phone, or any expensive stuff, obviously).

      • Yeah, I have an old smartphone that does good photos. Might just do the trick. The problem is finding the time – and a place to stay. I’m assuming Berlin’s not the greatest place to look for accomodation at present 🙂

        • I’ll bet you there are parts of Berlin that aren’t even touched. Merkel’s neighborhood? The $500.00/night hotels? Try the oligarchy’s housing. Safe as can be. What refugees? None here.

    • Disaster tourism. A very good idea as a number of you would be safer.
      Also for others…, even in your own town or city or nearby in your travels. To take a tour around, particularly to note the month and date and film it.
      A bit of collation and with later photo pics would give great before and after pictures.
      Possibly in parts of Germany would be in fast motion, like the day before, the day during, and the day after may be all done and dusted in 3 days.

      Maybe quite discreet interviews and so the effects can be seen. Even if just to the level you are comfortable with, and do maintain a credibility for the filming. This may become a useful resource to be used elsewhere to make points to politicians and better understanding to the general populace.

      That way it can not be so easily hidden as the media does when it owns the material.

      Maybe have a tag so all this may be easily found on Utube or such, and others who are interested may be able to collate this to make it even more effective. Undoubtedly some of this will go viral, and much more difficult to censor.

      After all, it is hard to disbelieve those lying eyes.

      Dymphna is right, great to contrast it with Merkel’s neighbourhood. 😉

  5. When are European countries and their indigenous populations going to get that they have been betrayed, sold out, well and truly occupied and in the process of being butchered, raped, resettled by the lowest of the low life anywhere on this earth – bar none? Continue breaking the laws of life and we will pay accordingly.

    • You forgot to add “financially exploited” to your list. The cost to the taxpayer of sustaining these insane policies is vast. And not sustainable. A modern prosperous democratic state can support a tiny fraction of parasitic layabouts, but what happens when that proportion reaches 20%, 30%? The state will fiscally implode especially as the young, educated, working people leave for other countries; as the Dutch are doing in record numbers by emigrating to places like New Zealand or Australia.

  6. Just a footnote: The comment in Ekstrabladet under the original of this story is overwhelmingly hostile to the migrant tsunami, saying pretty much the same things that most Europeans say anonymously below the line and now rarely dare to voice in public. Sample comments: “Michael, it is not territory they are after. It is the naivety of our welfare system that is the cause of this exodus.” “If this continues Europe as we know it will be finished in five years.”

  7. Might be a bit daft of me, but can someone explain the pun in the title of this article? I get the excrement bit, but is it a play on a phrase or name of a song, or what?

  8. In the days of Sovietized East Germany–your dear Merkel was the functional equivalent of our Barry the “community organizer”.
    With that kind of record–precisely what the hell did you expect, Deutschland??

    Aaaand Austria?? This past election??
    A puny FIVE PERCENT bump for the sane??? Are you KIDDING me???
    EUrope’s death by a thousand (self-inflicted) cuts.

  9. What is that old saying? “Act in haste, repent in leisure”? There will come a day, and I think it is not that far off, when the whole of Europe will wake up and dazedly say “What happened to us?”

    Too late. Too late. Those who do not learn/remember history are condemned to repeat it and I think that is what’s happened. The aptly named Gates of Vienna (this site) is also a historical fact — the Muslim horde was stopped there a few hundred years ago, and people today evidently do not know about it.

    Defecating in the streets and bushes and parks is a sign of. . . animals in human form invading your land. Here in America, I can only hope we can survive 16 more months of a traitorous leader and wake up before it’s too late.

    These are not refugees. They are an invading force and evidently Orban of Hungary is so far the only one who understands this. Angela should be in a mental hospital since she is obviously crazy. Hollande as well. Not quite sure about the British.

    Everywhere Muslims arrive, the rape counts sky-rocket — this should be enough to convince right-thinking people that Muslims should stay in Muslim lands. Period.

    I have spoken! (wink).

  10. Interesting the workings of the EU has many serious defaults but astonishing is the list of countries:

    “Russia, Bosnia, Albania, Nigeria, Syria, Gambia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Serbia, Kosovo, Eritrea, Macedonia, Pakistan and Montenegro.”

    Russia -possibly read Chechen
    Bosnia, anyone, what’s the guess that they are Bosniaks
    Albania – pass
    Serbia – read Albanian, since anyone in Kosovo can apply for Serbian. They can’t get out fast enough of the EU & NATO created “statelet” of EU value. + Bosniaks
    Macedonia – read Albanian
    Montenegro – read Albanian + Bosniaks

    Bottom line is how can Germans not see that they have wool pulled over their eyes, since all countries bar Kosovo & Russia have Stabilisation and Association Agreements (SAA) with the EU.

    As of 2015, Albania, Macedonia, Montenegro and Serbia are officially recognized as candidates for membership of EU. , Kosovo also has initialled a SAA.

    On another note re Nigeria, any fleeing Boko Haram? or worse the instigators themselves?

    The who’s who of scoundrel me thinks, with the occasional lone genuine refugee in the midst of this wave of misery & hate.

    • Zero-bama is sending some 350 American soldiers to Nigeria to fight BOKO HAREM. I read it on FOX, I think… or maybe FOX via Drudge .

      Just great , NOT.

  11. 1 million refugees

    400 euros per month 4,800,000,000
    100 euros per asylum application 400,000,000
    Housing 350 euros month 350,000,000

    Direct costs over 5 billion for the year

    Indirect costs:

    Policing and Justice

    open ended estimate – maybe another 5 billion euros…..

    This is for just this year’s immigrants

    Year 2 costs will be the above plus the costs for the next wave of say 1.5 million and in an arithmetic progression for each year hence.

    Ms. Merkel has a very expensive hobby……

  12. My wife and I were planning a trip to Europe next fall. We planned on visiting the D-day coast area and towns, Germany and then Italy. Two weeks total. With what is currently happening now, not so sure. May just travel our western states ( National Parks ) instead. I just wonder how many people are starting to think the same way.

    • The ‘Chief’ and I were going to England this year, not any more. The country being full of muzzies and the police and courts are muslim friendly, so we’ve seen dear old England for the last time. Sad.

    • Correct Paul; every political action has a non-linear and unexpected reaction. Not only do I expect the US to be the main financial benefactor of this European invasion, I expect a total collapse of tourism throughout the entire EU beginning next spring. Then I expect a massive immigration of Europeans from their homelands into North America. Europe is an irreversible horde honeypot.

    • You should be ok for now. Returning ISIS stragglers are still just arriving back at the Euside mosques. Better hurry though.

      • We wanted to trace my uncles ( gone now ) steps from D-day (3) to being captured in Germany (near Bastogne) and then a POW. He mellowed later in life and started telling stories about his service. He hated the Germans for a long time, but did say he was never mistreated as a POW as compared to the Japan POW’s. Funny – his last name is Ulrich! I handled his affairs later in life, as he never married. I must say the VA took very good care of him. Sad he never made it back, but we would still like to do so. Just not sure its worth the risk!

  13. This may be out in left field (or right field, if you will), but if things get any worse in Sweden, Germany or Austria, is there any chance of the military, or at least some units, turning on the elites?

    I know that senior commanders are bought and paid for by the Islamists and leftists, but maybe some folks from Colonel on down?

  14. Reminds me of the new South Africa, the so-called “rainbow nation” where everything has turned to [foulness]. If you want to know what Europe will look like in a few decades just look at South Africa. I am a 6th generation German South African and my German passport was always supposed to be my escape out of here when the Zimbabwefication of South Africa goes into full swing. I have always believed Zim was a trial run for SA, and SA is a trial run for Europe. All part of a ” new world order” plan to destroy Western Civilisation eventually implement global communism.

  15. All the governments are like lemmings trying to see who takes in the most illegals. Look at me, I’m taking 60,000. I’m better than you says another I’m taking 100,000. Suicide jihad and they are all doing it to their own people.
    With the shooting recently in Australia, Aussies were preached to about how we can’t judge all on a minority, it was almost humorous to see politicians desperately trying not to mention the word islam.
    Thankfully as a Christian my hope is not in this world though it is upsetting to see what islam is doing to all our countries and as they have been put into positions of power they have more to answer for.

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