“There is a Great, Unexpressed Rage”

Below is the second part of last month’s interview with Thilo Sarrazin from Die Zeit. Part 1 is here.

Many thanks to JLH for the translation:

Die Zeit: Aside from the fact that we do not believe that billions of people will start out from Africa — if they did, no fence could keep them out.

Thilo Sarrazin: Yeah, you should study a little military history. The British managed in WWI — without radar and, until 1916 — without aerial reconnaissance, it sealed the entire North Sea against blockade runners. Feel free to ask me what I would do if I were head of Frontex and had the political and financial means.

Die Zeit: So what would you do?

Thilo Sarrazin: I would capture every ship. Even if it were a not merchant ship, I would set its passengers ashore at the exact spot on the African coast where they started and destroy the boat. You may be sure — after six weeks, no more of them would start out and there will be no more boat refugees.

Die Zeit: Let’s think that through. You have a militarily secured, impenetrable border around the Schengen area. What do you do with war refugees from Syria?

Thilo Sarrazin: War refugees from Iraq and Syria should for then most part be accommodated near their homeland, that is in Turkey, northern Iraq and Jordan. And then, when the war is over, they can most easily return.

Die Zeit: That is, we should take no war refugees into Europe?

Thilo Sarrazin: I believe, to put it positively, war refugees should be accommodated near the location of he conflict.

Die Zeit: And if that overwhelms these countries? The situation in Lebanon is explosive, Jordan is extremely fragile, war against the IS prevails in Iraq…

Thilo Sarrazin: Turkey, Iraq, Lebanon, Jordan are the neighbor states. And there are the Gulf States or Saudi Arabia which are stinking rich and have taken not one foreign Arab and co-religionist. They have the primary responsibility to keep order in their region. But I would hold other European countries responsible too. I would not pay out one cent of the Greek aid package until the Greeks completely fulfill their obligations under the Dublin agreement. They ought to set up camps on Kos and Rhodes or wherever, near the border. And the Poles, Czechs and England must be brought to take in as many refugees as Sweden and Germany.

Die Zeit: And even then, you reach the point where you have to be concerned with the people who are now in Germany.

Thilo Sarrazin: But the answer to that depends on whether we proceed on the assumption that no more can come, or whether it will be a million this year, one-and-one-half million next year and five million the year after! But okay — the people who are here. There must be distinctions by origin — refugees from the Balkans should be sent back immediately.

Die Zeit: Without the asylum process?

Thilo Sarrazin: Basically yes. Or with a very abbreviated process. The Swiss are doing that successfully. They have no Balkan refugees. With the others, we distinguish according to war area — that leaves basically Syria. With all others — Eritrea, Somalia, etc., there is the suspicion that they are primarily economic refugees. In parallel, the right to asylum must be restricted to apply to political activists or people who are the object of genocidal persecution, but not for everyone who is being somehow oppressed in a dictatorship or incomplete democracy. Right to asylum as now defined means 80% of the world’s population can be here because of the conditions where they are. That is not tenable in the long run.

Die Zeit: Do you believe that a majority would support the policy you describe? Germans’ willingness to help speaks against that.

Thilo Sarrazin: I believe that a powerful, opinionated pressure on this question has been created by the emotional and completely one-sided reporting of the media, above all television. I have the impression that most people no longer have the self-confidence to express their feared and opinions. I can only say one thing: There is a great, unexpressed rage and a very great frustration which is by no means limited to Saxony.

Die Zeit: Rage and frustration at what?

Thilo Sarrazin: At a an amorphous an failed governmental policy concerning immigration and refugees. Do you know why my ideas have found so little agreement among well-paid gutmenschen like you and so much among ordinary people?

Die Zeit: We are all agog.

Thilo Sarrazin: Because the ordinary person does not feel threatened by doctors and engineers, but by people who are strong, who have muscles, can carryout simple activities and. by doing that, lower his pay or perhaps make him superfluous. If we bring in millions of immigrants prepared to work, we are putting powerful pressure on the bottom end of the job market. Politicians like Kaiuder de Maizière and, I hope, Merkel know that very well.

20 thoughts on ““There is a Great, Unexpressed Rage”

  1. Why should Poland, Czechien and Slovakia share the burden? They’ve always been adamant that they wanted no part in it. Even the UK–after all, wasn’t it a German decision, one that none of the other named states asked her to make? And I don’t agree that these people are putting pressure on the bottom of the job market. They are more likely putting pressure on welfare queues. But I love Dr Sarrazin’s ‘tow them back’ solution. I reckon it might work.

    • It does work, Australia is doing it.

      The elephant in the room however us the belief of religious socialism that we are all born ‘equal’ under all circumstances; that we are citizens of the world and entitled to our slice of the ‘cake’ even if it belongs to somebody else.

      This is Michael Bakunin’s “property is theft” being worked out before our eyes.

    • He says, “the Poles, Czechs and England must be brought to take in as many refugees as Sweden and Germany. What??!! Why is that?! Were Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia asked for their input or agreement to the decision by Germany, or even earlier Sweden, and France, Austria, Norway to invite millions of unassimilable, hostile barbarians to Europe to try to build a multiculti utopia? They made that decision by themselves, and therefore, for themselves, so now they should face the consequences. Why should Eastern Europeans be expected to follow the same path and jump off a cliff with them since now there is no doubt any more that that’s where the path leads.

      • I totally agree.

        I think that he doesn’ t have a high opinion of the eastern European states, and is too cosy with the notions of EU la la land,
        the 3 muskeeters all for one and thus jointly jump off the cliff.

        Germany dictating the terms and barking out the orders.

    • As Mr David Vincent’s book “2030: Your Children’s Future in Islamic Britain” accurately predicts, the result will be one European nation after another becoming Muslim majority by the middle of the century. In the race towards civilizational suicide Germany is fast coming up on the rails of France and Belgium as the first to pass that particular winning post with Britain certain for a place.

  2. “If we bring in millions of immigrants prepared to work, we are putting powerful pressure on the bottom end of the job market.”

    …and exactly how many of these parasitic vagrants has expressed any intention of working. They come in with their hands held out palm upwards and utter threats if they get nothing.

  3. Yes, agree with the Greek island proposals. In fact, why not turn a few Greek Islands (maybe not rich Lesbos with its flash villas, but some of the other less-populated islands) into giant refugee camps – where they have shelter from war, until they can return to Syria, or wherever? (although I don’t believe too many of them are Syrians. Even those who say they are). Greece – as that is nearest to the problem zone, has masses of small islands isolated from the mainland, and a debt with which it needs Europe’s assistance. Why Czechs and Poland – I have no idea… in any case, the refugees may flee to Germany as soon as they reach their new home in Poland.

    • [I deprecate the content of what you said]. Let’s stop passing the resposnibility from one to the other. We merely must stand united in NOT accepting refugees, dealing the borders, and deporting them.

      Why does Greece have to take the burden. No European country has any obligation to take these “refugees.” The do gooders can maintain tent camps in Turkey (fellow Muslims), and the EU should help Putin quash Isis, so the Syrians can go back home safely. All other nationalities (90 percnt of the fake refugees) can walk right back to wherever the hell thye came from.

  4. Why should the Czech Rep, Poland, Hungary, GB pay for Merkel’s stupidity of inviting all? German people should rise up and get rid of her! What are they waiting for? Are they really so brainwashed by their PC policies that they can’t do anything – especially in West Germany?

    • Absolutely correct. Makes me laugh when I hear totally secondary, almost trivial reasons being given for why we ought to be opposed to mass Muslim immigration. They will destroy all the Rembrandts! So raping thousands of white British girls isn’t enough? Whatever, just don’t touch the artworks!

  5. ‘A great unexpressed rage’. Mmm We’ll see whether it remains ‘unexpressed’! This will be a first for Germany! There was little expressed rage against Hitler. There was little German Resistance in those days. Have they now changed? Are they going to jettison their vassal mentality, or will Achtung Merkel ride roughshod over the lot?

    The Eastern European nations plus Greece know from their bitter history the catastrophe of ethnic division and Muslim (Ottoman and Turkish) invasion! Cyprus is still divided! Former Yugoslavia is a chopped up corpse! Why on earth would they want to re-run that movie?

  6. Thilo Sarrazin is making the assumption that refugees from war or persecution do have a right to asylum. He also assumes that the countries of Europe should share the burden of refugees, and that they must be housed close to their country of origin so they can return.

    The problem is, that any such assumptions can be gamed. For example, returning boat refugees to their port of origin is possible for an island nation, but the young male invaders are highly mobile and well able to travel land routes. Refugees who cannot or will not return to their place of origin and refuse to integrate must be accommodated, by Sarrazin’s logic. The “Palestinian” refugees provide an excellent example of this: treacherous, radical, violent and prone to destroy any country hosting them. No Arab ruler in his right mind would allow them into his country.

    Sometimes, you have to leave others to their own fate in order to preserve yourself. This is not altruistic or pretty. It’s a lot more difficult and more dangerous to expel invaders than it is to deny them entrance. If the Syrians, or Eritreans, or Somalis choose to mass-slaughter each other, it is not the responsibility of European, or neighboring, countries to house the people who happen to be on the losing side.

    • When a ship makes a “mayday” call, the ones that go to assist, must take all care not to risk or endanger their own crew and passengers.
      In fact woe betide any injury or death to have incurred to the rescuing vessel as maritime investigations are stringent and verdicts with strong sentences, often relieve the captain and any officiers of their positions.

      Any one rescued from the immediate danger is then delivered to the first port of call or the nearest port. Not as the rescued desire.

      The Australian version of rescuing refugees from sinking boats, taking them back to reasonable proximity and then placing them on a very serviceable life boat, and just enough fuel and provisions to safely make their return, has worked wonders. From hundreds of drownings to zero drownings, as those people decide it is not worth the cost to be returned.

      It is the complete break down of the national governments, undermined by EU and UN and all inculcated with pan European societies driven by Richard Nikolaus Coudenhove Kalergi.
      Here is one site that is for guidance and education of youth.
      http://www.my-europe.org/articles/richard-nikolaus-count-coudenhove-kalergi/ and his philosophy and books.
      Interesting to see the patrons, schools, awards, business, essays, media, connections etc. then see who speaks at their work shops.
      This runs very deep through out Europe, and it’s insidiousness can be seen in the essays that are written in the awards section.
      I need more time to peruse this “my Europe”

      Would be interesting to know who funds this.?

  7. This is why Poland and others should share the burden. Fir starters Poland is profiting a net 250 billion plus in EU and I pay taxes subsidies. Not to mention the many millions of Poles in Western European countries working and not working sending other counted millions in unemployment and social benefits harvested in the United Kingdom, Ireland and elsewhere back to family in Poland. Some just fly in, periodically to sign the “register”. (Illegally.) What’s my point? My point is the EU is a disaster that needs to brought to an abrupt halt ASAP IMHO.

  8. If even this man doesn’t get it, the situation really does seem hopeless. I don’t mean that, precisely. What I mean is it looks like Europe (and the U.S.) will be facing a worst-case scenario, unless something unpredictble happens. What this might mean, I don’t know. Anything unpredictable is, by definition, unpredictable.

    In the United States, public opinion can change very quickly. I don’t know if this is the case in Europe.

    • In Europe we have endemic infiltration of our society as per the MB plan.

      In the US you have a covert muslim president who supports Islamic expansionism and has even had the audacity to plant muslim brotherhood members in the White House.

      Civilisational war will be forced upon the West, either that or a yoke. Our ruling elite seem enthusiastic for this and probably foresee a situation where they have more control. Until its their turn…..

  9. In the U.S., a great “unexpressed rage” is at least manifested in the current popularity of political outsiders among Republicans. But most Europeans seem to be like our Democrats: herd animals.

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