“It Is Time That We Stand Up For Our Own Culture”

In the following video monologue, Beatrix von Storck of Alternative for Germany (Alternative für Deutschland, AfD) takes issue with the response of the Catholic Church and German political leaders to the current “refugee crisis”.

Many thanks to Nash Montana for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


0:00   The Diocese of Essen made headlines recently.
0:04   Bishop Franz Josef Overbeck uttered his opinion on the ‘refugee question’, and I quote:
0:10   “Our prosperity, and our way of living in peace, will change. As refugees had to alter the way they live,
0:18   so do we have to change our lifestyle. And here we need patience,
0:23   and we need clarity.”
0:25   Dear Bishop, with all due respect, but I don’t think that we are the ones who have to adapt our way of life.
0:31   I think that it is those that come here to our country need to do that.
0:36   And I am also not willing to somehow forgo the peace that we live in,
0:41   I don’t want to change that.
0:44   I expected of a representative of the Christian church
0:48   that he would stand in front of his society and help defend their values.
0:52   There are two different news stories that go hand in hand with this story.
0:56   One from Rhineland-Pfalz. The chairwoman of the CDU, Julia Klöckner, wanted to visit a refugee camp,
1:02   and she also wanted to meet and greet the local Imam.
1:06   Said Imam had informed her that he would welcome her, but that he will not extend his hand to greet her.
1:11   As a consequence, Frau Klöckner has distanced herself from the visit.
1:15   Are those the new ways of life to which we supposedly have to get used to, where men will not extend a greeting hand to women?
1:20   I don’t think so.
1:23   And out of Berlin on the same day we hear of a mosque that since 2014
1:27   has been under suspicion of interest for anti-constitutional activities, has now been accused
1:32   of being involved in the planning of a violent terrorist attack on the state.
1:36   The police started to raid the mosque and stepped inside the mosque.
1:41   With shoes.
1:43   The Imam asks that they remove their shoes. The police yield.
1:48   Shakedown in socks.
1:51   Do we have to get used to that, too? I believe not. I think it is time
1:55   that we stand up for our own culture, and that we fight for our way of life
2:00   and that we, too, show clarity in that. It’s not only up to the representatives of our churches,
2:05   but especially from them.

5 thoughts on ““It Is Time That We Stand Up For Our Own Culture”

  1. Beatrix, it is time to ask the question of those who bend over for the invader and espouse their view on the public media. The question aimed at them should be: You are either a fool or a traitor – which is it?

    • Nemesis, they are traitors.

      We have the politicians saying the same things and marching to the beat of the same New World Order drummer here in America.

      The Pope spoke to our Congress today and told them we must tolerate this same crap in America.

      The very very few that rule the earth, are about 1,000-2,000 in number. They want a New World Order, where the people are serfs and they are gods of all.

      The politicians of countries, and many church leaders, roll over to this bunch because of MONEY mostly. But,they are bribed, blackmailed, and sometimes threatened too.

      The New World Order system is the BEAST spoken of in the Bible.

      They want to control all politics, finances, spiritual, and educational matters of all countries and all people.

      The want to be rulers of the world have been working on this plan diligently for over 200 years here in America alone.

      The only hope the people have is to see this evil for what it is. And, by the grace of God throw all the political and religious leaders going along with this New World Order in jail to await trails for treason and/or other charges for crimes against their countries, and in many cases crimes against humanity.

      • The proper CDU response in Rhineland-Pfalz would be to show up with force, and march them all the hell out of the state.
        Frankreich would be close enough, and deserving of them as well.
        Cattle cars are too good for them.

  2. Didn’t I read that police dogs in the UK have to wear booties on their paws when going on a raid into a muslim home or establishment?

  3. All it will take is an economic meltdown which is over-due and the fragile stagnant economies of the EU and USA will be unable to cope with the vast entitlement programs which the indigenous elderly and the young migrants depend on. You know it is the the elderly and those citizens in government housing who will be thrown under the bus, as is already happening. (see article above). The old are too weak and vulnerable to defend themselves and will place huge burdens on their families.

    But I predict that the real civil wars will be between the left liberals and the rest of the population, now silenced by being branded Nazis. That’s when the [excrement will really impact the circulation device]. I guess the Muslims will fight with the left. The stupidity of the present political elite makes the old Austro-Hungarian Empire look sagacious!

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