Will You…?

The United Kingdom is not part of the Schengen Area, and has hence escaped the worst of the “migration crisis” that is now ravaging much of the rest of Western Europe. However, Britain is already thoroughly culturally enriched, so it is only a matter of time before it succumbs to the same multicultural madness as the rest of the EU.

In his latest essay, our English correspondent Seneca III takes an allegorical look at Modern Multicultural Britain.

Will You…?
A Metaphorical Question and Answer Session

by Seneca III

From a free-born Englishman:

Will you, my fellow free-born citizens, kill me if I, operating on the principle that ‘Offence is the best form of defence’, respond in a physical manner to the murderous, barbaric invaders who are determined to enslave or kill me and you, particularly those of us who will not bow down or go quietly into that good night?

Answers from:

A serving Soldier:

The jury is still out amongst the rank and file, although I suspect that the generals already have their orders.

A casually discarded Veteran:

I cannot answer that question on the grounds that I might incriminate myself… at the moment, that is.

A Policeman:

Probably. I have a salary and a pension to protect. I have also been diversified, my senior officers are either RoPers or RoPer sympathisers/enablers, and I care not for the future of my children.

A Politician:

Certainly. This is my multiculti power grab, and you will not be permitted to derail it.

A Captain of Industry and of Commerce:

Likewise. I have my FY money and my safe bolt-hole sewn up.

A Banker, a Broker and a Barrister:

We are likewise with the Captains.

A Muslim MP:

Do not let the cat out of the bag too soon, honky, or people will latch onto the provisions of the Civil Contingencies Act 2004 (another priceless gift from al-Blair) and figure out what we have planned for them.

A Christian Priest:

Peace at any price.

An Imam:

Of course, Kuffar! You can’t die soon enough. We need your house to serve the needs of our breeding programme and to house our incoming brothers, the true warriors of Allah.

A Muslim local Councillor:

Come and ask that question in Bradford if you dare. This land is now our land and you will never have it back ,although we will be quite happy to behead you here.

A Rotherham schoolgirl:

They already did it to my mind.

A BBC Apparatchik:

That’s a difficult question for us. If you’re dead you won’t be able to pay your licence fee, and as we can’t prosecute the deceased how will we be able to fund our simple lifestyles and tiny pensions then?…Hmmm, now there’s a thought, mind you!……Update: We shall shortly be bunging our very expensive legal team millions of pounds of your licence tax in order to find or create a way to sue your Estate in perpetuity. Thank you, we will let you know when you can be profitably killed.

An Academic:

The question is superfluous. These are the cultured vanguard of the Religion of Peace, not barbarians.

A knee-jerk, metrosexual bleeding heart Liberal:

They are not invaders, they’re refugees coming here to create a new life and they are all women, children, heart surgeons, astrophysicists, engineers, business administrators, industrious well-educated workers and pacifists who are going to help us build a better future, you nasty right-wing, fascist, racist white man!

An MSM Journalist:

My Editor and our owner are seriously interested in such questions. What meme’s selling best at the moment? What are the sheeple prepared to buy? Any more drowned kiddies or clever little brown clock-makers about? They are really good earners and government-approved, to boot. Please tell us before you shuffle off.

A Man in the street:

I don’t understand what’s happening and I’m afraid.

— Seneca III
Middle England, during the Autumnal equinox.
A time of long, dark night is approaching.

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15 thoughts on “Will You…?

  1. ‘A time of long dark nights is approaching.’ Indeed it is, and those you have mentioned will be of no use to us at all – perhaps you missed out on the one person, in fact the only person who is capable of answering your question with any truthful conviction – The Patriot.

    And a big thank you for the invite to visit that blogsite. But I will not work with the person who operates it.

    • We don’t call her state CarlyFiorina for nothing! You should see what she almost did to Silicon Valley. Now the companies that started there are beginning to move out, with Google going to Washington.
      As for the WH, it is merely the stage the latest sock puppet plays on until the sock is worn out or showing holes in the toes. It is all over except for the shouting anyway. Watch Russia, Putin is drooling over the Leviathan field. Of course, that is what you do to your competition, destroy them and then assume their assets. In Russia the game is called ‘Putin Take.” 🙂

        • Certainly more friend to Americans and the west than the impostor in the White Mosque.

          And he backs Assad, (who has been royally smeared for the doings of the west-backed ‘rebels’) and so should we.

          Yes, I know he has helped Iran, but he has, and is, helping Israel! For that matter, Obama has just helped Iran a damned sight more than Putin ever has!
          And Putin is Russian Orthodox–what’s Obama?

          • Anonymous, there appear to be many things millions of misguided westerners don’t know (or is it don’t WANT to know) about Putin.
            Could it be because he says he’s Russian Orthodox and attends regularly?
            Atheist? (I am)
            Maybe he’s a closet muslim? (like Obama–and no ‘maybe’ about it!)

    • She states “It’s mathematicians created the (sic) algebra and algorithms that led to the creation of computers…” I wonder if she was just reading some muslimized history babble that was thrust at her as she ascended to the podium. They will also tell you that they created our numbering system while forgetting that they picked it up from the Hindus after they slaughtered and raped their way into the subcontinent and then had a little time on their hands.
      Knuth (Fundamental Algorithms) had a close look at the origins. Seems a man who lived in Khowarizm wrote book (…al jabr..) which “wasn’t really very algebraic”. “al-Khowarizm” was conflated with “arithmetic”…a real mess…even being used for The Calculus of Leibnitz. With that kind of mishmash you wouldn’t be surprised if some muslim scholar “proves” to you that Calculus was invented under the glorious reign of Islam.

      • P.S. By the above it would seem that the word “algorithm” is half Greek but don’t tell them that…might get upset…terribly sensitive lot.

  2. It appears the last days of christianity are amongst us – not that we will go down with the ship but it may be we have to adopt Opus Dei-style adjustments to charisma if we are to win over new converts or indeed resist joining up with foreign faiths, as pervasive as they will become.

    There is something to be said for homogenising the cultures so the wrinkles between faith and culture don’t chafe, and that we learn to all share a common humanity, whether sikh, islamic, christian or hindu. Tis the Britain of today and tomorrow. I suspect by the middle of this century there will only be one religion, and most people wont even remember when we all seemed so different in beliefs.

  3. In the professional capacity of the examples they probably imagine their services will be required, the Christian Priest will preach interfaith dialogue up to the point of his/her reversion, the Policeman will enforce race hate laws and will not be discerning in the flip to policing apostasy and blasphemy, the twist of the sharia tongue Politician will have respect for women close to his heart when he demands their segregation on public transport for their own safety … &c.

  4. […]

    Whole comment redacted. The only filthy bile to be found was this verbiage contained therein. Given the depths of your hatred and your mis-spellings one can only assume this is a poor attempt at provocation.

    And no “True Brit” would speak this way.

    • What is a “True Brit”? One who has silently consented to throwing his country to the wolves? One who is ‘hanging on in quiet desperation’ because that’s the English way?

      So maybe not a “True Brit”, but certainly a bon-free Englishman. Of which I know a few, and they would all agree.

  5. This ” representative” democracy is no longer valid. It dates from way back and should be modernized. If “they” dont modernize this system fast? We- the people- have the democratic duty to do whatever it takes to change this fake democracy for them…

    Like that UB40 song.
    We no longer hear their command.. We will seize the control of their hand. We will sing our own song.

    Because we are the true and genuine elites of our days..

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