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  1. Sorry. Gotta differ on this one.

    GMO crops rarely produce greater yields. Monsanto is doing some incredibly evil business in places like India. They are screwing farmers so bad that many of them are committing suicide.

    Food should not be turned into a trademarked, patented or copyrighted corporate property, wherein a farmer can be sued out of his livelihood for saving seeds. That’s so flat out immoral that I don’t know how anyone can defend it.

    And, yeah. I’m an anti-vaxxer, too. I watched a friend’s kid go from utterly normal to utterly destroyed (permanently) by “harmless” vaccines.

    • That was the cartoonist’s point. All of the things he lists to Pope Francis as his sins are items the Pope would agree with…and so would the far Left crowd that makes up the bulk of this man’s adoring fans.

      However, many dissenting scientists would indeed label them as sins. Since Francis has obviously switched the communion wine to Kool Aid, he’d only give him the hair shirt for being rich…

    • Without a backbone of sound nutrition, not even close to early 20th century below average standards, most vaccinations will prove “collaterally damaging” one way or another in the long run i`m afraid, and i`m thinking developed countries. In 3rd world structurally impoverished enviroments the equation will show the worst and ugliest face, even beyond any plausible “corporate greed fueled” concomitant soft mass extermination scheme. A chronically starving child, way off posing any migration threat, won`t be able to cope with a SUGAR CUBE. Corporate profit marketing, fear, and cultural brain damage does the rest of the negative loop.

      Think mad cow after cattle being massively fed with shit and fellow bovine corpses left overs… now they start to babble alzheimer is contagious…


  2. I’m an atheist anarchist libertarian. Pretty far from being a Catholic or a communist. But I think Francis is the first religious leader I’ve seen in my life who’s actually got his heart in the right place and is willing to live the principles he claims. Also, I think he’s taking a billion or two Catholics and steering that ship slowly — as fast as he can turn it — towards accepting science and modernity, and turning the Church into what it should be, which is a philosophical and moral gathering point around the basic Golden Rule moral principles laid out by Jesus, as opposed to the dogmatic rigid hierarchal thing it’s been for the past 2000 years. To me, that takes a lot of balls.

    But more than that, it comes at a time when Islamic leaders are calling every day for violence and death and destruction of anyone who disagrees with them. Far from being acquiescent, I think this Pope is restoring the moral high ground for the West while the governments of Europe are doing absolutely nothing. Restoring the physical ground is a whole separate issue, but Francis may be a very necessary counterbalance of what we view as “good” — even if it’s not entirely realistic — as a rallying point in opposition to the invasion. We don’t see this now, because he isn’t against immigration. But I think in the near future it will become clear who values human life and who doesn’t, and if Israel’s experience is any indication, those will probably be the lines along which the war is fought. Francis values life and pushes Catholics to do so, while also speaking up for Reason. I can’t think of a better spiritual leader to have at a time like this, to show the contrast between Europe and Islam.

    • There hasn’t been a Pope yet (except perhaps Benedict – I’d have to look it up) who has demonstrated any understanding of economics.

      Sadly, unlike you, this fellow sounds like a flim flam man to me. He’s the non-thinking man’s pope. A communist for our times. I have yet to hear him say anything “reasonable”…

    • I understand your view but may I suggest it is open to challenge. Science has improved our knowledge and lives but it has been unable to explain the origins of the universe and certainly Darwinism cannot account for the entire complexity of creation.

      The great mathematical genius, Kurt Godel, proved in his incompleteness theorem, that there are severe constraints on what can be proved. The philosopher, mathematician and linguist, Ludwig Wittgenstein proved that there is a limit to what language can express and that there is a reality beyond rational thought which we cannot ever put into words or mathematical language.

      Science, from being the God of the Enlightenment, has fallen from its elevated height into the mire of corruption by financial interests and is now the servant of Big Pharma and other industries, as well as being the victim of academic territorial warfare and competition for funding.

      Modernism and Post-Modernism has taken the Enlightenment’s social and political critique to its logical conclusion. Nietzsche was able to tell us that God is dead (although he then became insane), Marx reliably informed us that all culture was the product of our labor-relations and had no intrinsic merit and now Post-Modernism has relieved us of the need to believe in any universal Truth.

      We are now able to create our own reality, choose our own gender, make up our own definition of marriage, determine when an embryo is a human being or a bit of nothing, decide which identity group we belong to and demand compensation and basically do whatever we like – as long as it fits in with the PC Police who have taken over the Judeo-Christian Moral Laws and tweaked them and vaunted them as their very own – which is what makes modern PC citizens [ad-hominem reference redacted] so sanctimonious!

      I’m sorry – every attempt to create a Secular Utopia, to which this Pope MAY, if he plays his cards right, gain admittance, has proved to be a catastrophic disaster! The French Revolution, Marxist Communism, Hitler’s Social Democracy – and now the Post-Modern PC Dictatorship, as the latest manifestation of the arrogance and folly of greedy power elites and their gullible sheep.

      Christ knew who his enemies were and he did not hold back in his criticism of them – the Pharisees (modern day PC elites), and he violently threw the money lenders (global financial giants) out of the temple. He also warned against false prophets, like Mohammed.

      This Pope has an inconsistent hit and miss approach. The ‘enemies’ of his native environment he has writ large, but other enemies of civilization he ignores. I agree with Dymphna that he cannot hold a candle to Benedict, yet he is undoubtedly a well-intentioned man.

      All churches are human organisations and therefore are plagued with abuse, but they are not Christ!

      • Well DiMu, I appreciate you reacting that potential ad hominem in the spirit of lively debate. I do hope it doesn’t throw you off that there are atheists like myself who have no problem at all with the advancement of science or the destruction of the idea of god(s) and other fairy tales, who at the same time have every reason you do, and several more, to oppose the spread of Islam which is the most pernicious of these religious rackets currently going, as well as the least tolerant towards anyone who disagrees.

        Personally I am just fine with agreeing to disagree with you about evolution and the nature of the universe. You may not respect my view and I may not think much of yours, but I respect your right to believe if you want, to raise your kids in that belief, and to live in a country where you’re free to do so. Just so long as you respect my rights to do the same.

        I wasn’t born an atheist, it was a long and difficult process. I believe that we don’t need a god to be good and that so much evil has happened on thjs earth in my lifetime that it makes me sick to think of a god who would allow that to take place. And I don’t think if god refuses to do something that’s any different from god not being there in the first place. I don’t care how the universe started, I don’t believe I should owe my belief or my time to a sick mass murdering psychopath which is what’s god is if he exists.

        I only stated what I believe and that I don’t think Francis is all that bad compared to most other religious leaders, and Christianity with its morals and respect for life is obviously better than Islam.

        I believe in objective right and wrong WITHOUT GOD. I don’t think anything is permissible. But I also think a person can come to morality without the bible telling them what to do or not do. I think morality is innate in everyone, most people just choose to ignore it.

      • Nietzsche died of syphilis; the insanity was a symptom.

        Mind you, having struggled through “Also Sprach Zarathustra” many years ago, I’m amazed that a nation as intellectual as the Germans took him seriously as a philosopher. Pretty infantile stuff, imho, especially the “superman” ideal; hard to be a superhuman when you’re dying of a nasty disease and need (presumably) constant care.

  3. It wasn’t capitalism did that: it was white Europeans. Capitalism, on the other hand, is responsible for the Third World invading Europe and the US. Those who fund politics control what politicians do.

    • It wasn’t just white Europeans. Just look at the list of Nobel Prize winners in science to see the Asians, Indians, etc. When it comes to brains and innovation, white Europeans are third in the DNA line, after Ashkenazi Jews and Asians. God’s little joke.

      Besides, look at the foundations on which white Europeans built their edifice: Greek philosophy and Jewish moral law, synthesized by Romans. And the last was overrun by European barbarians.

      • It wasn’t just white Europeans. Just look at the list of Nobel Prize winners in science to see the Asians, Indians, etc. When it comes to brains and innovation, white Europeans are third in the DNA line, after Ashkenazi Jews and Asians. God’s little joke.

        The foundations of modern science and mathematics were laid by white Europeans, not Asians or Ashkenazim. The last group certainly contributed hugely after emancipation, but they have never been necessary. And can you point out the Asian countries in this list of Nobel prizes by capita?

        — Faroe Islands 1 49,469 202.147
        1 Saint Lucia 2 182,273 109.726
        2 Luxembourg 2 530,380 37.709
        3 Switzerland 25 8,077,833 30.949
        4 Iceland 1 329,535 30.346
        5 Sweden 29 9,571,105 30.300
        6 Norway 13 5,042,671 25.780
        7 Denmark 14 5,619,096 24.915
        8 Austria 21 8,495,145 24.720
        9 United Kingdom 123 63,136,265 19.482
        10 East Timor 2 1,132,879 17.654
        11 Israel 12 7,733,144 15.518
        12 Ireland 6 4,627,173 12.967
        13 Germany 105 82,726,626 12.692
        14 Netherlands 19 16,759,229 11.337
        15 United States 350 320,050,716 10.936
        16 France 61 64,291,280 9.488
        — European Union[3] 462 509,472,390 9.068
        17 Hungary 9 9,954,941 9.041
        18 Belgium 10 11,104,476 9.005
        19 Cyprus 1 1,141,166 8.763
        20 Trinidad and Tobago 1 1,341,151 7.456

        Japan’s in 41st place, India’s in 68th and China’s in 70th. China’s achievements are particularly dismal when you consider the high average IQ there.

        Besides, look at the foundations on which white Europeans built their edifice: Greek philosophy and Jewish moral law, synthesized by Romans.

        I’m always puzzled by that claim about the wonderful morality of Judaism:

        Numbers 31:17-18 Now therefore kill every male among the little ones, and kill every woman that hath known man by lying with him. 18 But all the women children, that have not known a man by lying with him, keep alive for yourselves.

        I prefer Buddhism or Stoicism myself. And can you tell me how many “refugees” Israel has rescued from the possible future Holocaust that is used to justify their flooding into Europe? Note that I fully support Israel’s immigration policies, because I like ethnocentrism.

        • Contemporary Judaism is a religion of interpretations. The Talmud is a book of various interpretations, e.g., Rabbi A says this, Rabbi B says that, Rabbi C says this, but the majority of the rabbis say such and such—all about one particular matter.

          Then there is Mishna (the oral law which was written down a long time ago) and various other interpretations.

          There is a statement in the Talmud to the effect that for every sentence in the Torah (the Hebrew Bible), there are 70 levels of meaning.

          The Old Testament contains lots of history as even Orthodox Jews will tell you. And lots of behaviors *not* to be emulated.

          Christians don’t have the Talmud or other interpretations. Rabbinical Judaism is very different from Old Testament (alone) Judaism.

          I’m afraid that the only people today who take the Old Testament literally are fundamentalist Christians.

          • Indeed, successive generations of rabbis moderated the Law; part of Mohammed’s disdain for the Jews stemmed from his view that they had become insufficiently strict. (Apologies to Jewish readers for this secular “Christian” muscling in!)

          • All religions have to be interpreted, but some interpretations are easier than others. Judaism is consistently interpreted in an ethnocentric, “What’s good for Jews?” way. There were some lunatics in Israel calling (perhaps not sincerely) for Syrians to be allowed in. They didn’t get anywhere, thankfully. Christianity is far too easily turned into a universalist Kool-Aid kult.

            I should have pointed out that white Europeans are the greatest all-rounders: artists, writers, inventors, explorers, sportsmen, adventurers, not just scientists and mathematicians, etc, etc. No other group can match the scale and depth of their achievements and inventiveness.

  4. I’m a Catholic and am very worried about Pope Francis. With his globalist utterances and his ‘tolerance’ for abortion I’m beginning to think Lefebre was right.

    I’ve also become an anti-vaxer. I think that mass vaccinations for what were once regarded as “childhood diseases” such as mumps, measles and chicken pox are very harmful to human health.

    The fact that public health officials all talk about ‘vaccination’ these days says it all. Why? Because when I was a young mother the word was ‘immunization’ – which implied lifelong IMMUNITY against diseases – and that hasn’t happened, hasn’t it.

  5. It is nice occasionally to see a comment from a [redacted]-> “person with whom I do not agree” like the one above.
    It is instructive to understand the level of anti-science idiocy that exists in the world and lets the rest of us who are trying to make it a better place know precisely what we’re up against.

  6. I’m the realist son of a lapsed catholic and a methodist. Monsanto and others have embarked on GM without the first idea of what environmental problems that might cause. They have no idea because the interelationship of all things living is far too complicated and imperfectly understood. Chaos theory is based on a butterfly flapping its wings and this eventually becomes a storm. The point being that there ARE unintended consequences from apparently minor events. Monsanto would do far more good by developing a means to persuade the over fertile to limit their production of children. That would reduce the need for food aid and the need to produce more and more food as populations grow exponentially. That of course would be against Monsanto’s capitalist aims. His holiness the Pope of course wouldn’t like it either because his religion, like Islam, doesn’t condone contraception by any means. The very reason my Dad’s family were poorer than my Mam’s family. If we continue as we are the natural world will be devastated by the likes of Monsanto and populations will reach the point of self destruction.

  7. The vatican city state comprises many buildings and owns other property outside its walls. And yet, by report, the Pope is only taking in two Muslim migrant families “temporarily.” It’s an almost meaningless gesture, which costs him nothing. He urges other parishes and individuals to do the same. So European families, according to the Pope, should taken Muslim migrants into their small houses.

    I’m told that the Catholic Church owns 20% of the land in Italy. Do you think the church will take in 20% of the Italian allotment of Muslim migrants? If you think so, I have a bridge to sell you in Brooklyn.

    This Pope, I’m told, has called the illegals crossing the southern border of the United States “pilgrims;” they are not.

    Among his other qualities, I thought that Benedict was a very intelligent man. Among his other qualities, I thought that John Paul was a humble man. I do not think that this Pope is either.

    Many people find this Pope religiously inspirational I note.

    But I do not see this Pope as a force for good in the world. On balance, quite the contrary.

  8. The Pope is simply going by Liberation Theology that has infested Catholic teaching south of the border for the last 40 years or so. It’s Marxism in a priest’s garb.

    I am sure he’s not the only one in the hierarchy that believes this stuff otherwise he would not have been selected. There’s serious rot in the church and he’s just the tip of the iceberg.

    Personally I would not trust any religious figure that is popular with Leftists and the Hollywood set, that usually indicates there is something seriously wrong with the religious person in question.

    • Former Archbishop Jorge Bergoglio, now known as Pope Francis, came in second in the selection process which gave us Pope Benedict XVI in 2005. He was thus a known quantity as well as being 8 years older on election in 2013 than he was in 2005 (he’s 78 now).

      Some Vatican-watchers think that there’s a sense among the College of Cardinals that it will be better to have a series of “short-term” popes until Catholicism finishes cleaning house from the child abuse scandals and other assaults on its decency rather than to elect another young pope (JP II was 54 when elected and served approx. 25 years) and be unable to affect the direction of the church for an entire generation.

      Those of us young enough to watch this unfold in real time (I don’t know whether I’ll see that purported future young pope) may see Christianity strengthen herself in the West, but right now, with German people being thrown out of their housing so that Muslims (!) can have their apartments, I doubt very much whether Christianity will be able to strengthen herself in Europe without bloodshed. Maybe the Americas will be the last redoubt.

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