Italian Police Stunned by Muslim Domestic Brutality

As you can see from the following Italian news report, the police who had to deal with this culture-enriching instance of bestial Muslim behavior were shaken by what they saw.

By the way: the report is too PC to mention JIM, but the perpetrator is named, and described as Tunisian, so the audience is certain to understand the cultural and ethnic background to this heinous crime.

Many thanks to par0 for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


0:00   I have fortunately never come across such violence in all of my professional career.
0:07   So says the commander of the Carabinieri of Villafranca, Captain Fabrizio Massimi,
0:11   who has difficulty in expressing words,
0:14   because the violence that Cheriff Abdelkader, a 59-year-old Tunisian, inflicted
0:19   on his Moroccan ex-wife leaves one speechless, dumbfounded.
0:23   He beat her brutally, raped her mercilessly and attempted to kill her.
0:28   It all occurred last Friday. The couple, who had already separated for years,
0:31   decide to meet up to clarify some matters.
0:34   To avoid nasty surprises, the lady, just 24 years old, who has a child of 8 years by the ex-husband,
0:41   manages to arrange the meeting at the house of friends. The two ex-spouses meet and
0:45   begin to argue until the situation boils over.
0:48   They move from the apartment and go into the garage belonging to the girl where she is meant
0:52   to get some documents to give to the man.
0:55   He suddenly hits her violently on the head with a wooden stick, which breaks due to the force of the blow.
1:02   The victim is on the floor in a puddle of blood. She tries to cry for help but without success.
1:06   Abdelkader behaves like a beast, he beats her mercilessly, he sticks a knife in her mouth
1:10   that goes out through her neck.
1:13   More kicks, punches and whacks. After beating her brutally, the man moves on
1:19   to sexual violence also enacted with pointed sticks.
1:26   Not satisfied, the 59-year-old Tunisian bites the woman, ripping away parts of her lips.
1:30   During the slaughter a neighbour hears commotion coming from the garage.
1:34   He manages to open it, whilst at the same time the father and boyfriend of the girl arrive.
1:40   Seeing the girl on the floor in a puddle of blood they lose their minds
1:44   and they attack the torturer, leaving him unconscious.
1:47   They run away, but the boyfriend whose role is still to be verified is stopped by the Carabinieri.
1:52   The Carabinieri arrest Abdelkader and they bring him to the prison of Montorio
1:57   An unheard of violence is also confirmed by the judge of the preliminary investigation
2:01   in the validation of the arrest.
2:04   The ex-husband unleashed this unheard of violence with the intent of killing the wife.
2:11   For nearly a year they had been separated, mainly for economic reasons.
2:21   In short, the intent of the 59-year-old was to kill her; the judge for the preliminary investigation
2:24   has provided the validation of the arrest.
2:27   He will have to answer to the charge of attempted murder and sexual violence aggravated by cruelty.
2:32   The injuries of the woman will heal in 40 days, but for the psychological damage, a lifetime will not be enough.

5 thoughts on “Italian Police Stunned by Muslim Domestic Brutality

  1. The Wheel of Fortune image at the very end (2:4o) went by almost too fast for me to solve the phrase.

  2. The big question for people who look objectively at such situations are: is the extreme violence cultural or genetic?

    Some people point out that Christians have nothing close to that type of violence, even in the same countries, and so it’s Islam. But, consider the possibility that those who are disposed to peaceful domestic relationships will gravitate to Christianity, thus self-selecting for peaceful traits.

    The upshot is that such people are best left in their native countries, where the rulers know how to deal with them appropriately.

  3. Coincidentally, I’m just reading Alistair Horne’s history of the Algerian revolution, “A Savage War of Peace.” The atrocities committed by the Algerians against both the pieds noirs (Europeans, mostly French, living in Algeria) and their fellow Muslims is unspeakable — a sort of blood lust coupled with a death wish. Truly horrifying, and entirely alien to the Western way of thinking.

  4. Flossie-

    I read the same book before coming to work in Algeria for 2+ years, and it still couldn’t help me fathom how utterly alien this culture is.

    Regarding the domestic violence, an Algerian polling organization asked Algerian women if husbands have the right to beat their wives. 60% replied that, “yes, husbands have this right.”

    One final interesting historical note is that Abdelkader is the family name of the chieftain who attempted to resist the French takeover of north Africa in the 1830s. Clearly his veins were rich with noble blood.

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