Culturally Enriched Child Rape in Germany

Here’s another story of immigrant violence, this one the rape of a child in Germany. The perpetrator is said to have a “southern” appearance, which Germans understand to mean Greek, Turkish, Lebanese, Tunisian, etc. — that is, somewhere to the south of Tyrol. The alternate description of him as a “North African” gives additional clues.

Many thanks to Oz-Rita for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


00:00   We now ask for help with a manhunt: In Chemnitz
00:04   a 7-year-old girl was riding her bicycle during the evening.
00:08   In a park, suddenly an unknown man stops her. Directly
00:12   next to this playground, the man gagged her and
00:16   pulled her off the bicycle. He then raped the 7-year-old.
00:21   Apparently, her mother was close by, but only noticed the incident when
00:25   the child came running to her, crying. According to police, after his deed
00:29   the man fled towards the main train station in Chemnitz.
00:33   Police are now looking for the rapist. We do have a description of him:
00:37   He is about thirty years old. He was dressed
00:41   in blue pants and a gray T-shirt, and
00:45   brown (Nike?) sport shoes. He had a white mobile,
00:49   and the little girl spoke of a “Southern” or
00:53   North African type.