Ramadan is the Month of Jihad, Even in Austria

The following second thoughts about last week’s “car jihad” attack in Austria were published a few days ago in the Kronen Zeitung. Many thanks to JLH for the translation:

Near East Expert Doubts Official Version

by Richard Schmitt

“The danger of more attacks during Ramadan is considerable,” opines the Near East expert Karin Kneissl after the terrorist murders in Tunisia and France. And she has doubts about the official version of the tragedy in Graz. “The additional knife attacks took me aback.”

“Ramadan is not a month of ceasefire. No. The Islamic fasting month is a time of emphasizing strength,” the Near East expert reminds us in her conversation with KRONE about the situation in Iraq. “Starting in 2005, we have the first bloody attacks during Ramadan in Iraq. Always after incitement by preachers.”

“Incredibly difficult to establish a perpetrator profile”

The danger for Europe is great: “As with the most recent murder in France, we are dealing with an enemy from within. The perpetrator is not radical as a result of joining a terrorist organization, but because he has constructed his own fanaticism.” Federal intelligence agents call these perpetrators “lone wolves,” who live in Europe unnoticed for years, before they strike. Kneissl: “Creating a perpetrator profile is incredibly difficult in such cases. How do we decide who is a case for psychiatric treatment and who is a terrorist?”

And into what group of terrorists does the amok driver of Graz fit? The Near East expert’s formulation is cautious: “The knife attacks afterward… that surprised me. You see, on September 20th of last year, ISIS instructed that there should be attacks with knives or cars.”

A series of amok drivers: “Like terrorist attacks.”

Before the raging bloodbath in Graz, there were similar murderous attacks in Canada, Israel and France. “These amok driving episodes must be evaluated as terrorist attacks,” says Kneissl. And about the incident in Austria, she says: “I also don’t see why the incident in Graz would have been an act of passion — 3 weeks after the marital dispute and the [above-mentioned] instructions?”

The expert also calls it “strange” that the government within 90 minutes gave psychosis as a cause, She is critical of “the manner and speed with which other motives were precluded.”

The threat for Europe is serious

Kneissl has already pointed out several times that the threat for Europe is serious: “Warnings have come to Europe and Interpol. They were informed. We also have to assume that even more will happen in France. We are now feeling how close Europe is to the Near East. The USA is pulling back — and Europe is left sitting on the rubble.” Kneissl does not wish to unsettle anyone, “but all citizens must be wide-awake and pull together. Talking as if the problem does not exist will not help.”

(Photos: The Sousse assassin poses with weapons, then killed 38 people. Driving amok horrifies in Graz. Expert Kneissl doubts the official version. After an attack in France, Islamic banners were found.)

6 thoughts on “Ramadan is the Month of Jihad, Even in Austria

  1. How accepted do the official cover stories seem to be for these terrorist attacks? I mean it’s pretty obvious to us that these are the standard fabricated “nothing to do with Islam” cover stories, but we’re actually paying attention.

  2. Which is the more significant peril, the ideological toxin of Islam perverting the superior Western Civilization, or the cheapening of the value of life through sensational terrorist atrocities, the latter instituted to bring about the former?

    Conveniently, the remedy for both is Islamic Expulsion, complete and permanent.

  3. It boggles one’s mind that the political class would even dare to think that we buy their “nothing to do with Islam” BS. They ( the pious and adherent to the tenants of Islam) get their instructions and inspiration from the ‘Muslim Manifestos’ the Quarn, the Hadiths , and the Suras.

  4. I was watching the Austrian Grand Prix on NBC sports channel when this happened. I will summarize. There are (4) announcers: former race car driver David Hobbs ( I have been in a sport car with him teaching me apexes, brake points and so forth -he’s smart). Steve Matchett former technical engineering director for Benetton when they won two Grand Prix titles, Will Buxton who is very clever and funny and finally the lead announcer Leigh Diffey an Australian and now an American. These (4) travel more following F-1 in a year than most people travel in a lifetime. They have seen a lot of this world.

    Diffey more or less: “We are saddened by the recent tragedy in Gratz where many of us are staying where it is reported by Austrian news that an unidentified man in car has struck tens of people with his automobile. There are reports of (3) dead and many seriously injured. Authorities state the driver was mentally handicapped”.

    They showed the other announcers nodding and then off to the F-1 qualifying or practice session. That was it.

    Are you kidding me? Yup, nothing to do with Islam. Holy Mary Mother of God, we are screwed.

  5. To continue from December 7, 1941:

    NBC radio reports that some boats at Pearl Harbor were damaged when a few mentally deranged Japanese pilots dropped explosive objects nearby. We’ll have more later, maybe. Now back to our songs from the Andrews sisters”.

  6. The funny thing is the lawyer of the so called Amok Driver is telling the media now that he is catholic (nearly no Bosnian is catholic).
    While his bosnian wife (who fleed with the children to a safe house some time before the attack) told the media he wanted to force her to wear a headscarve.
    Quite uncommon for a catholic Christian…

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