David Cameron and the Appalling Barbarous Poisonous Death Cult of Peace

British Prime Minister David Cameron once again clarifies the basic nature of the Islamic State:

I wish the BBC would stop calling it ‘Islamic State’ because it’s not an Islamic State; what it is, is an appalling, barbarous regime.

There is nothing — nothing, I tell you — Islamic about anything that calls itself “Islamic”!

Hat tip: Vlad Tepes.

38 thoughts on “David Cameron and the Appalling Barbarous Poisonous Death Cult of Peace

  1. IS is as much Islamic as any other manifestation of Islam. I do wish polticians would stop pretending otherwise. The clue is in the name!

    • You’d need a much more obvious clue than that for ‘Dopey Dave’, who one day actually calls islam for what it is, and the very next day insists it’s a ‘religion of peace’, despite the fact the world is awash with examples of the horror, hatred and cruelty perpetrated by the lunatics who follow the insane death cult.

      Yet Brits voted this clown in again; are they all on stupid pills?

      • No, Little Ed Mililitre was not a viable alternative and UKIP had been the subject of a concerted smear campaign by the MSM which caused it considerable damage. What was left wasn’t capable of garnering the necessary support to make a difference.

      • Unbelievably, he was the least-worst option among those who actually stood a chance of getting elected.

        • In that case, all I can say is Brits have a long, long way to go, if they are ever to reclaim their muslim-polluted land.

  2. How could someone who went to the best schools be so stupid?

    Someone on another site asserted that Cameron knows the truth and has a strategy, and the strategy requires him to avoid provoking Muslims further, which he would do if he were to declare that “Islam is evil.” I replied that there’s a considerable distance between publicly declaring that “Islam is evil” and passionately insisting that “Islam is peaceful and beautiful” whenever in Islamic atrocity occurs. Cameron doesn’t even try to find a place in between. He’s a full-throated Islam-apologist.

    • The best education money can buy can’t turn a stupid person into a wise one. What it can do is turn a person who was naturally blessed with a mediocre intellect into a self-confident one. Cameron would have encountered highly intelligent people in the process of gaining his elite education, but would have concluded that it didn’t sufficiently matter.

      I must say that I am always surprised that neither Cameron nor Boris Johnson don’t take a mild or intermediate position on Islam. I suppose it’s like GWB immediately after 9/11 when he stood with a bunch of imams and told the world Islam was a religion of peace – he boxed himself in and could never resile from that position without looking utterly foolish. I never stop wondering: who advised GWB to make that stupid and quite unnecessary speech? Or, more pertinently, why was there no adviser cautioning him against making it?

    • Because he went to one of the ‘best schools. There they are not taught anything resembling patriotism or cultural loyalty but only how to perpetuate the wealthy, their powerful, established privileged class and their mega rich, power hungry international friends and benefactors. Giving the crazed Muslim hordes free licence to kill or enslave us the people means that as we fight the seventh century barbarians for our very survival we will have no time or resources left to devote to attending to the megalomanic aspirations of Cameron and his fellow dynasts.

  3. The BBC newscasters call Islamic State – “The so-called Islamic State” in their news reports.

  4. “There’s a war going on and our leaders betray us.”
    Geert Wilders

  5. It may take the beheading of a Cameron family member by an English ‘peaceful Muslim’ Jihadi for the PM to admit the truth and finally begin dealing with the huge pink elephant sitting in the middle of the room. His and the positions of other European and American leaders is simply absurd. Come to Africa! Ask us! Or better still, Ask the Israelis! They know these people better than you do. We in Africa on our own part have survived them for years and there is a reason for that. The West is dealing with a time bomb, but is blissfully unaware. These are the ideal conditions for the successful conduct of stealth Jihad! The noose tightens as the weeks go by!

    • Its not a pink elephant. Its a herd of huge pink mammoths with flashing lights on their heads and klaxons from the worlds largest ocean liners. Dave and co have their fingers in their ears singing “nah nah nah we are not listening”.

      • Their argument is much like one I saw on another site, from someone who claimed to have a degree from Princeton Theological Seminary.

        The putative Christian minister said, approximately: “Yesterday, 1.5 billion Muslims did not bomb anything.” And that, he suggested was proof (or highly compelling evidence, at least) that any violence committed by a self-described Muslim on that day had nothing to do with Islam, regardless of that Muslim’s claims to the contrary.

        Evidently, logic has no place in the theological curriculum at Princeton.

        • The nauseating submission and surrender by many Christian leaders and their followers to Islam is both confusing and disturbing to me. I know Christianity is in decline in the West (understatement) but it could still be a powerful force for “our” side, if it so decided.

          • It’s not surprising, even a agnostic(who leans toward Christianity and draws much from it)like myself has been shocked at how Christianity has fallen/morphed.

            Where are the blanket condemnations of the Christians being murdered in the ME. Where is the aid for them?. None apparently. They can’t even muster a bit of protest over Islam.

            Such moral bankruptcy and gutlessness is disgusting in the extreme.

            Instead of faith, a strong moral compass and bravery. We have the prosperity gospel, non-judgementalism, Jesus as your best imaginary buddy, a resurgence of Calvinism, ministers who have more in common with motivational speakers, etc. All of this stuff is so odious it would drive most people to atheism or some new age group.

          • As A Jew I see it like this: there are two types of ‘Christianity’; those who believe in God/Jesus, and those who believe in ‘the church’, the former look at the bible and say to themselves how do I become Christlike? The others never open the bible, but see ‘chuch’ as a ‘country club’ where one is insured against the ‘hereafter’ by the priest/vicar/pope/archbish etc. All one has to do is conform.

            So we get those who support BDS and the PA because the pope says so, and those who see Israel as the miraculous fulfilment of bible prophesy.

            The former, are likely to be saying “we all worship the same God don’t we?” and thus to them, Islam is a religion of peace because their secular humanist ‘church’ is a religion of peace.

            To admit to anything else is uncomfortable….

  6. Cameron is just doing what he HAS to do. He knows what islam is, he knows very well that British security services are trying to keep track of at least 5,000 active islamic radicals in the UK, he knows all about ISIS etc. He also knows that what passes for an economy in the UK is heavily dependent (about 70% of GDP) on financial dealings in the City of London, a large part of this business is due to huge deposits of petrodollars and the recycling of these deposits. London also depends on laundered money from all over the place including huge amounts from “leaders” of islamic countries, where an unbelievable level of corruption is the norm. If he were to upset the islamic apple cart, particularly Saudi Arabia, Qatar and the other GCMs the effect on the British economy could be disastrous, so he has to toe the line, say what is acceptable to islamic thugs and criminals, knuckle his forehead and carry on this ridiculous charade.
    As do the Bushes, Clintons, Obamas and many other members of the US political elite.

    • Which is precisely why those pages in the 9/11 report still haven’t been made public. All the scum in congress that had access + Dubya and the big Zero are bought and paid for by the Saudis.

      As is always the case it’s all about the $$$.

      The finacial hardship on England will be nothing compared to what it will cost when the Islamic bomb goes off on “that green and pleasant land”.

    • So you say Cameron must just give in and not rock the boat, or else…

      I sincerely hope that is not your personal opinion, for the end result of the present direction taken by the alternatively laughable, feckless, idiotic Cameron, is–an islamic Britain; which is a certainty unless someone makes a determined stand, and I don’t see any evidence of that happening.

    • Hasn’t his praise of the Islamic lifestyle and values gone a tad beyond the caution required to avoid upsetting the apple cart?

      • “Hasn’t his praise of the Islamic lifestyle and values gone a tad beyond the caution required to avoid upsetting the apple cart?”

        Yes. He said that Britons must become more like muslims and not vice-versa.

        Amazing how resistant the CJM are to the concept of Eurabia and what changes islamisation via oil has brought down on us. Meanwhile no-one’s giving any thought to what kind of world we will live in when cheap bio-fuels are at an end. It won’t be a democracy, that’s for sure. The democracy we have is a thin veneer, disguising an oligarchy.

  7. Islamic state call themselves Islamic state Mr.Cameron.
    May I suggest this could be the reason everyone else does ?

  8. Maybe Cameron is doing what he has to do, maybe aliens are here and Americans never made it to the moon! Is it too much to ask the UK Prime Minister to just for once, drop his IOU to the oil producers, every bit as vile, and tell the people who elected him, the Truth? It is called Islamic State, quit with the ISIS, the ISIL, the daesh, just quit PM. Quit the lies, your British people are a lot smarter than you seem to giving them credit for. YOUR citizens, Your voters, Your taxpayers were assassinated on a beach in Tunisia. YOUR PEOPLE, murdered. Worse than 7/7. By a Muslim fanatic devoted to islam and the Islamic State. IS. The best you can say is Islam is a religion of peace, again, in this horrendous slaughter of YOUR OWN PEOPLE is to tell the BBC not to use the term the murderers use about themselves : Islamic State. By Jove PM, the words are right there! I will tell Cameron just one thing. You are no Winston Churchill, sir and your latest words will live in infamy.

  9. Mr. Cameron, How inconvenient for you. ISIS keep quoting from the Quran when they perpetrate their dreadful satanic acts, proving that you are a LIAR when you repeat your constant cry, “Islam is a religion of peace.”

    Mr. Cameron, maybe you can book a flight to Iraq or Syria and visit ISIS and ask them to please stop quoting Quran verses when they perpetrate satanic atrocities, beheadings, crucifixions, rapes, tortures and sex slavery.

  10. Bought and paid for, Slave of Islam Cameron repeated the mantra for his Muslim masters – “Islam is a religion of peace”, taqiyya.

    The wife of the barbaric Muslim terrorist who beheaded the innocent French man made no attempt at Muslim deception like Slave of Islam Cameron and explained that her husband was a NORMAL MUSLIM.

  11. We are seeing the results of a UK ‘Spring’ where the Muslim Brotherhood have taken control, only without the obvious violence (not the ‘British’ way).

    What is now needed is a British Al Sisi!

  12. In my tongue-in-cheek moments, I call it the Nothing-to-do-with-Islam-ic State.

  13. It is really depressing the way that modern rulers use abstract words to avoid saying anything meaningful. Words like “appalling” or “barbarous” are so general that they carry no specific meaning and, thus, do not help in any way to understand the nature of the thing to which they are applied. Thus, they do not help anyone to figure out what can be done about this thing.

    Extensive use of meaningless but emotionally charged vocabulary is nothing but a smokescreen which hides either impotence of those who use them or something worse.

  14. It may have nothing to do with “islam” but it has everything to do with “mohammad”.

  15. No surprise here, The halls of Parliament, and the PM’S office are rife with sycophants, lackeys, and groveling apologists of Islam. These spineless and feckless poor excuses for representatives of the people have lost all respect.

  16. “they are traitors and cowards”

    Which is why Breivik’s manifesto claims that his original target was to be a conference of journalists. But in the belief that he could not get passed the security measures, he opted for a softer target.

  17. The IS is the PUREST Islamic state there is, from raping children to beheading those who oppose it’s regime.

    I have this to ask of anyone who doubts this fact: why is it that the spokesmen for the IS always seem to have plenty of verses and texts from their sacred books on hand to back their claims? And why is it that no Muslims in the west are refuting these claims or the verses?

    Is it because that the IS is doing what the founder of the ideology commanded them to do, over 1,500 years ago and that is to create a world under Islamic rule?

    The words which are in the Quran and other texts plainly state the obvious: Muslims are commanded to fight and destroy all opposition to Islamic rule by all means necessary. There are no grey areas at all, as politicians will want to say. To the majority of the world’s Muslims, there is only the words of their beliefs. Everything else is false.

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