Don’t Open the Email, Y’all…

A kindly reader sent the following email:


I received an email that supposedly was from you (I did not open it) but obviously could not have been, because the revealed email address was a Chinese name at Just in case you wanted to warn your correspondents that an email with the subject “hello” and a fw(some number) is a spoof and not real.

It would be smart not to open it.

I must admit the truth here: I don’t have a way to send a timely warning to my list of correspondents since I don’t have one — a list, I mean. Can’t remember the last time I sent a group email, even in Reply mode.

I forgot to ask him which email they used — our normal email or my gmail list. Seems like someone is always being done to by gmail, though. If it means changing my password, that will be a dratful experience indeed since I can never remember the darn thing.

I wonder what den of Chinese thieves is sending these? They’d have been better off using, instead of “flyteck” as a return address, something like “fly-specked” since it’s closer to reality.

By the way, emails whose subject line is “Thank You for the Donation” are safe. Just sayin’…


4 thoughts on “Don’t Open the Email, Y’all…

  1. Since you mention it… I thought I’d warn you of a strange page that came up during the latest 24 hours. A page that I ignored while thinking it had nothing to do with GOV.

    It was asking for some confirmation for further (re)access to GOV. It had a name starting with ‘S’, and was a name of likely, six or seven letters in total. It asked to leave a lot of information before accessing GOV, and covered the GOV page, which reappeared after I had ignored it for just a minite or so.

    Never saw this page before. Was going to check the name, and when back on page, it was gone.

  2. Another caveat:

    Avoid all China’s websites, including Alibaba etc., as they are all tagged along with “uncivilized” and ” vicious” pitfalls !

  3. By the way, emails whose subject line is “Thank You for the Donation” are safe. Just sayin’…

    Umm, that was really unwise to post! Just take a moment to think about why…

  4. Need a good password?

    Use Forgetful1. Great for email, banking, websites etc. and so easy to remember.

    You can thank me later.


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