Refugees Come In Under the Radar

We’ve talked about Refugee Resettlement Watch a number of times. Sometimes I forget it really is a “watch” website. That is, RRW is dedicated to following the State Department and its various religious charity providers as they do random dumps of 3rd world people around the country.

Tonight Andrea Shea King is going to talk about that infamous State Department program, “Refugee Resettlement”, and the enabling religious organizations who make money from their participation. Are these bureaucracies “non-profits”? Sure, and you can bet their under-the-radar work enables them to stay alive – which eventually becomes the goal of every bureaucracy. Think of these professional aiders and abettors as our American capos.

Who in their right mind would deliberately destroy a town and then walk away?

In her heads-up email notification about her radio show tonight, Andrea says:

Are they in your Community? Neighborhood? State? Who are they?

“They” are mostly Muslim Middle East and African refugees…

Tonight we’ll talk with Christina Jeffrey about the involvement of communities — like Spartanburg, NC — in the Refugee Resettlement Program. Dr. Jeffrey has been shining light into the darkest corners of this insidiously secretive plan to undermine and collapse our communities by bringing in these illegals, most of whom are Muslim.

These refugees are called “seedlings” who are brought here to be planted into US “soil” with the intention of reproducing and eventually taking over the communities in which they are “planted”, further weakening the fabric and culture of our American society. They are not encouraged to assimilate, and they are immediately placed on the government dole, “compliments of American taxpayers.

1.   There are an estimated 100,000 Somalian, 120,000 Iraqis (75% Muslim), and many other ethnicities that have been welcomed by the Refugee Resettlement Program into cities across America.
2.   The Refugee Resettlement Program (RRP) is a Federal program that largely cuts states out of the decision-making process by partnering with NGOs and leftist religious organizations.
3.   Under Obama/Federal law, this is LEGAL immigration. The goal this year is to bring in 65,000 Syrian refugees. Generally speaking, this LEGAL immigration system is as poorly administered as our borders are “guarded”. There are 9 Federal contractors and 150 subcontractors (primarily NGOs and religious-left organizations – many of which are partnered with Islamist organizations) who are paid big bucks by George Soros and the Feds to “welcome” these refugees.

Ingenious, isn’t it?

Here is the program, which begins at 9:00 p.m. Eastern Time. It will be archived on the site as “The Andrea Shea King Show w/ Dr. Christina Jeffrey”, so you can listen later at your convenience.

Meanwhile, other sites are carrying aspects of this story about South Carolina:

Congressional Representative Trey Gowdy wants some answers from John Kerry and his State Department:

Rep. Trey Gowdy, R-S.C., has received a response to his letter demanding answers from Secretary of State John Kerry about the planned resettlement of dozens of foreign refugees in his state.

But the answers failed to shed much light on the secrecy that surrounds the refugee program. The process by which cities and towns across the U.S. are selected to receive displaced persons from United Nations refugee camps remains largely a mystery.

As Gowdy discovered, the city of Spartanburg, South Carolina, was approved for an infusion of 60 refugees, mostly from Syria and Africa, by its own state government headed by Republican Gov. Nikki Haley.

It appears from reading the story that the State Dept holds meetings in a given city before sending them their allotment of refugees. These meetings aren’t open to the press or to the public but, hey, they held them. It even turns out that the Congressman’s aide attended but failed to report back to the boss. And now Gowdy isn’t taking phone calls on the matter. So ready or not, Spartansburg is going to have its fair share of Syrian Muslims.

if the program plays out in Spartanburg as it has in communities in Minnesota, California, Texas, Ohio, Illinois, North Carolina, Georgia, Florida and other states, then the 60 refugees will blossom into hundreds and eventually thousands every year. Minnesota, for example, is now receiving more than 2,000 Muslim refugees annually, mostly from Somalia. Texas receives more than 7,000 per year, and California more than 6,000 , directly from the Third World.

The report follows with a list of states and the numbers they took in during 2014. However, that list is woefully inadequate since it doesn’t give us the real scope of the problem because not all states are listed. Oh, wait: the list is from the State Department website. Never mind; I’m sure it’s accurate. Our government is bound by the law to keep accurate account of its doings…but then this administration feels freer from the bonds than most do. Eyes on the prize: the fundamental transformation of every nook and cranny.

Here’s one that didn’t get mentioned at all: New Hampshire. Five years ago Manchester begged for a break. And you have to ask, where was theirCongressman?

This city has long been a resettlement site for refugees, sent here by the State Department for a chance at a better life. More than 60 languages are spoken in the school system, with Somalis, Sudanese, Iraqis and other recent arrivals mixing with children whose ancestors came from Quebec to work in the mighty textile mills along the Merrimack River.

But this year, after decades of taking in refugees, Manchester said, “Enough.”

In a highly unusual move, Mayor Ted Gatsas and the city’s Board of Aldermen asked the State Department in July to halt resettlements here for now. A tide of more than 2,100 refugees over the last decade — most recently, Bhutanese families coming from camps in Nepal — has been more than the city of 109,500 can assure jobs and decent housing for, Mr. Gatsas said.

We think of our State Department as concerned with foreign affairs but increasingly under Obama it would appear their job description is mainly driven by his mission to burden America in a time of growing economic distress. It seems the less we can afford it, the more they pile it on.

These are alarming statistics, disturbing enough to make you wonder if all the turmoil on the southern border, given its deliberate nature, is merely intended as a distraction from this larger reality:

The U.S. takes in more refugees than any other country, about 70,000 per year, and has absorbed 3 million since 1975. But since the early 1990s, the trend has been to accept more from Muslim countries.

Obama has hung out the “Christians Need Not Apply” sign.

Some residents of Spartanburg are upset and asking questions, not only about the security risks associated with importing refugees from a Middle East war zone but also about the numbers of refugees that will eventually end up in their county and how much it will cost to absorb them into schools, housing and health-care facilities.

So, is Obama’s “foreign” policy really a domestic strategy designed to bring in hundreds of thousands of MENA Muslims? Because most of these immigrants now are Muslims from countries that Obama destroyed. Was the destruction deliberate, in aid of his burning desire to “fundamentally transform” America?

In 2010, an essay on Fremont California’s Afghan community appeared in City Journal


the first thing that a tourist might notice is that Fremont—along with other cities in this county just south of San Francisco Bay—now hosts enormous Indian, Pakistani, Vietnamese, and Chinese populations, as well as smaller clusters of a dozen other nationalities. In fact, this city of 217,000 is among the nation’s most ethnically and culturally diverse. Some 136 languages are spoken at home by children who attend Fremont schools, according to the San Francisco Chronicle, and white, native-born Americans constitute only 38 percent of the city’s residents.

One of Fremont’s most surprising and least accessible ethnic enclaves is its Afghan population, probably the largest in the Western world. To outsiders, the Afghans of Fremont seem to be a tight-knit community, faring relatively well in a new and very different place. But those who know them well see a more troubling picture. Though some Bay Area Afghans are enormously successful and have integrated fully into American life, many are not assimilating. Far too many exist in a state of suspended animation between Afghanistan and America—anxious, uprooted, belonging totally to neither culture, intensely competitive with one another but even more suspicious of outsiders. Among those concerned: local police and the Federal Bureau of Investigation, which have quietly intensified their scrutiny of the area’s Afghan community, worried about possible ties with Islamic terrorism.

Why all the better to bring America’s house down, if that is your intention.

And they keep on a-coming:


Afghans and experts alike complain that this is a severe underestimate. Valerie J. Smith, a communications instructor at nearby California State University–East Bay, puts the number of Afghan refugees in northern California at 30,000, not counting their native-born children. [don’t forget – that’s a 2010 estimate]

For refugees they are—from a country ravaged by a decade-long war against the Soviets in the 1980s, another decade of internecine warfare in the 1990s among rival Afghan ethnic groups, the oppression of the militant Taliban, and now an American war. In fact, since 1981, Afghans have been the world’s single largest refugee population each year, accounting for at least a quarter of all refugees. “At the height of the Rwanda crisis in 1994, there were 2.3 million Rwandan refugees and 2.7 million Afghans,” says Jeremy Hein, a sociology professor at the University of Wisconsin–Eau Claire. “When the Bosnia refugee crisis erupted in 1996, there were 893,000 Bosnian refugees but 2.7 million Afghans. In 2009, 1.9 million Iraqis were forced to leave their country, but there were still 2.8 million new Afghan refugees.”

The refugees arrived in the U.S. in two main waves, Smith says: a post-Soviet-invasion influx from 1989 to 1993 of more highly educated Afghans, many of whom held senior government posts and professional jobs in Kabul; and a second, smaller wave from the late 1990s until now, which has included large numbers of Afghans from rural areas with little or no formal education, particularly widows and others classified by American immigration authorities as “women at risk.” While the Afghans have assimilated into America faster than immigrants from, say, Mexico and El Salvador, says Jacob Vigdor, an economics and public policy professor at Duke University, their assimilation rates lag far behind those of immigrants from such Asian countries as South Korea, Vietnam, and the Philippines.

Well, duh. South Korea and the Philippines aren’t third world hell holes. And Vietnam is fast catching up after decades of lagging behind other Asian places. Few of them are Muslims, but as we can see Obama is actively working on that part of his equation of destruction by Islamic diversity. Our president allows darned little “diversity” in his own life, but he’s decided we’ll pay for whatever “colonial” grudges his putative father held against England and the U.S.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch Refugee Resettlement Watch has some questions for Mr. Gowdy himself:

Rep. Trey Gowdy says he has no role in the resettlement process occurring in his district:

“…. our office does not have a role under the law in the implementation of such a [resettlement] plan….”

He, above all other Members of Congress, does have a role when it comes to who is resettled in American towns and from where they hail!

Gowdy has taken a good first step, but he can do much much more as he sits in the ‘catbird seat’ as chairman of the subcommittee responsible for overseeing the entire Refugee Admissions Program

Gowdy is chairman of the House Judiciary Subcommittee on Immigration and Border Security and he could hold oversight hearings tomorrow and help other struggling towns by helping concerned citizens get answers as to how and why the secrecy surrounding resettlement plans for the last 35 years.

And, indeed, he and all members of his Judiciary Committee and those on the Senate Judiciary Committee have the opportunity (requirement!) UNDER THE LAW to review the Presidential Determination Letter and supporting documents that are submitted to Congress every September by the White House/US State Department.

She has links to the Blue Ridge Forum’s discussion of the Judiciary Committee and to an essay by Daniel Greenfield.

Is this subject reaching critical mass yet?

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  1. If I didn’t know any better, I could swear that certain powers want a race war in this country!

  2. This is population-engineering.
    Western culture is being strangled.
    It needs to be called out for what it is.

    • Population engineering is done by our elected liars. We, the voters, are even worse that those we elect because we go an vote for what?

      Look at Britain the brouhaha about elections May 7. They still go and vote for labour with posts raised high. Do they know who Miliband is going to work for after elections? Not the indigenous people.

      Have they seen him recently surrounded by munaqibat ( veiled muslima jihadis). Do they (voters) know the significance of that? Are these people 9voters) the source of authority?

      Britain has been washed of every virtue and value. Worshipping islam and muslimas is the only virtue their limited intelligence can think of.
      It does not matter if labour or Crap come to power. How could the voters be so stupid as not to elect UKIP or other national parties?

      Who has perverted their minds so much? Is lucifer at work?
      All of these crises com from the dishonest elected rulers: Muslim Satan/ evil/ devil has entered them and has blinded them and are habitually doing the wrong thing and no one has eyes to see to correct them.

      What is amazing is the way Canada, USA, Britain, Europe, Australia, New Zealand are so consistent and cowardly in their dealings with islam as if someone has given them a brochure of instructions.

      Was/is the ultimate goal of democracy to surrender to islam?
      To hell with the unprincipled rulers.

  3. As for the benefits of diversity, that are often cited as an advantage to having waves of 3rd-worlders settle on your doorstep – do these include the freedom to draw cartoons of whatever religious figure you like, without endangering one’s safety? Or the freedom of one’s children to live life without harassment or danger of being “groomed”?

  4. The time to cast the system of elective dictatorship into the dustbin of history, together with their disgraceful constitutions, is long overdue.

    That debased system of government always results in small groups of political cultists seizing control of government in cooperation with fellow cultists in the organs of propaganda, the news media and educational systems.

    When the cultists succeed in gaining power they rarely need to comply with the wishes of anyone outside their political cult.

    People outside the cults have no power to forestall the activities of these political cultists. Elections where most political cults follow similar destructive policies are under no pressure to change their policies.

    The only hope for delay in the destruction of a nation would be a coup d’état, but this would only hold things up for a short time, as most military dictatorships eventually relinquish power and set up yet another elective dictatorship that, despite a few extra meaningless safeguards, will be destined to fail as miserably as all of the elective dictatorships that are currently destroying the countries of Europe and both of the Americas.

    It is time for an alternative system of government to be established where representatives of the people are selected by lot, not by the current system of elections.

    • the implementation of your salutary ideas may be somewhat difficult. Don’t forget all those who feed on Things As They Are.

  5. Flooding countries with immigrants is being done by governments to overwhelm the native population and to destabilize society.
    Once you realize that, then you should Rebel/Revolt.
    It is Governments intention to use Multiculturalism to destroy the native culture of every country.
    Where there is Multiculturalism, there is no defined culture, or there will soon be none!
    Where there is no defined and original culture, there is no nationalism and no pride in ones country.
    Individualism is also under attack; Because, individuals are difficult or impossible to control; therefore, they need to be assimilated into a Politically Correct culture (where everybody is brainwashed into believing they must and must not do or think certain things – as defined by Traitors, Dictators, Authoritarians and Useful Idiots!).
    The EU is working toward a Global Government. This spells the end of Democracy altogether, Freedom, Human Rights etc. and is designed to effectively make us Robots – who do the bidding of the unscrupulous elite.
    There will be no more voting, no more freedom to choose who controls the country, and no more policies agreed by The People.
    We owe our past Freedoms, Rights and Independent Governments to those who fought and died for them in the World Wars, only to have them given away by Treasonous Politicians – facilitated by the New World Order.
    There is but one recourse; that is – Rebellion/Revolution. No less an action will stop the loss of our Freedoms and Rights, the rapid slide into subservience and the destruction of our once proud and self sustaining countries.
    Time for The People to rise up and to take back – what has been, and is being, stolen by home grown Traitors to our People and their Country, and their allied Foreign Dictators and appeased enemies of the Western World.
    Don’t let Homeland Traitors and Foreign Enemies continue to take your Freedoms, Rights, Land, Heritage and Culture. Time for Zero Tolerance! Do not comply. Resist, Defend, and Attack those who seek to steal – that which are not for taking.

    The US and GB People must Rebel/Revolt in their Millions, or else their yellow streaks will certainly tip us all into the abyss of subservience, the days of Men will come to an end, darkness will ensue and ungodly things will arise.

    • Mike S…i admire your enthusiasm & call for revolution. Unfortunately, most Americans & Brits are asleep at the wheel or too busy putting food on the table to notice and/or care about the planned takeover. Our children are being culturally brainwashed in public schools about white priviledge, social justice, no child left behind, and birthplace is not destiny propaganda. United Nations is sponsoring these social justice, relocation programs since they designed the Agenda 21 manifesto for the 21st century. The indigeneous populations of Western nations live too high on the hog since 80% of the world’s population makes less than $10K per year. Nevermind that India, China, Africa, Indonesia and parts of South America keep having babies that their parent(s) are unable to feed & shelter properly. But even the Catholic church especially, says that is their human right to have as many children as “God/”Allah” allows them. With this type of nonsense, social justice thinking, our children are doomed to experience global competition, the threat & violence of Islam along with a much lower standard of living.

      • Well, fortunately the abolition of freedom in America is eliminating the very tool that has made all this globalism possible, the U.S. dollar. The dollar collapse is going to result in a lot of death, but in Europe and America Muslims and their allies in office are going to do a good bit of the dying.

        They will also be trying to do more than their fair share of the killing, so preparing for the inevitability of open warfare against the former regime is not a bad idea.

        But don’t rise up.

        Dig in.

    • ” home grown Traitors ”

      Oh yes by home grown traitor. And sleeping cells, or home grown terrorists can be attributed to those elected traitor. Who would have thought that in a “democracy” people would be ruled by devils.

  6. Surely this is obama,s plan to destroy America from within,all over the world we are being enriched by not multiculturism,but multislamism,the sooner bozos out of office the better,very soon my friends we will start seeing more and more gated communities in our beautiful christian/judeo counties

    • How why Hussein Obama was elected?

      After decades of films, Hollywood debasement, low magazines, moral decay, indiscipline, losing direction, having no faith in oneself, man and God, confused and in disarray, crass inhibition on every field of American endevours, . . . peaked in 2008, the time was ripe for a different figure to save America from itself. That’s how Hussein came to power not because he had extraordinary skills. People thought … because he is different….. then he must have uncanny skills.

      The result . . . the worst ever.

      • His election wasn’t by default. The same way the Saudis took a slacker from Columbia and made him into a Harvard Law School grad is part of the same confluence of those “Chicago Way” red diaper babies and old terrorists. Each interested party set about propping up this essentially slothful “community organizer Alinsky-ite”, providing him with enough money and access to make it to the Senate and then to the Dem presidential campaign, where he was given the MSM’s imprimatur. Obama never had to work very hard but he did have to follow orders and so he did, up to and including ‘writing’ his own autobiography – twice. Without his two teleprompters he can’t put a coherent sentence together; thank heavens for modern technology. Without V Jarrett’s Iranian foreign policy, there would be many more people still alive, but bless her, she did keep her promise regarding his golf time.

        He is both more and less than a Manchurian candidate. Who would have thought propping up an angry vengeful adolescent could lead to so much disaster?

        My vote for the dumbest and most politically naive action so far in the 21st century is Norway’s award of that Peace Medal to BHO. Even if they didn’t mean to cause so much damage…

        • So right Lady D, most Norwegians are still squirming about that after seven years!

          They got rid of Jagland, but the damage was done.

          • Aren’t they also beginning to send some of the worst of the enrichers home – or at least out of Norway?

            If politics didn’t exist, Norwegians would be so very…likable, I think is the word I’m looking for.

        • How can that committee in question be anything but puppets?
          That Prize has become just another tool in the hands of NWO, or whoever is running the show.

          Recently, there is a tendency to make sure the medals go to mohammedans. Just because they call their totalitarian ideology something with ‘peace’ doesn’t mean it has anything to do with Nobel’s intentions, however it does fit in with the narrative of that said ideology.

          • Norway has become a really split society, the governing coalition Høyre (about centre) and Fremskrittspartiet (right wing, anti-immigrant) have sent over a thousand ‘immigrants’ packing, but what’s the use when thousands more come pouring in.

            The media is solidly leftist and does it’s best to ignore the coalition. (really, it’s ridiculous!)

            In the years I spent there I learned quickly that Danes, Norwegians, Swedes and Finns are very different people. The Danes, I found to be the most open and friendly, Norwegians more reserved and inclined to stare…., Swedes, polite but disinterested and inclined to be a bit naïve, (and look what that’s led to!) and Finns the quietest of the lot, but then they’re not Scandinavian, came from the east a long time ago.

            It will indeed be interesting to follow just who receives Nobel Prizes given the islamization of Sweden.

  7. Eurabia – It’s official

    ” Dubai: From May 7, UAE citizens will be entitled to visit many European countries that are a part of the Schengen area without having to obtain a visa prior to travel, the Italian Ambassador to UAE said in a press statement.

    The UAE is the first Arab country to be extended this facility from the European bloc.

    On March 22, 2014, the EU had announced that it would allow UAE citizens to enter 13 Schengen countries without a visa. ”
    Gulf News

  8. Gowdy, hunter, and all of the congress critters are fully complicit in this. They all talk, but no results. We see that even more clearly now with their capitulation and behavior since the elections last November.

    Best route is to vote for the worst possible candidate so this thing crashes sooner rather than later. Better to go over the cliff fast rather than slow.

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