“I Will Push the Pedal a Little Further Down”

When he arrived home last week after being in Texas during the terror attack, the PVV leader Geert Wilders told the Dutch media that the events in Garland had made him even more determined to continue his push against Islamization.

Many thanks to Wachteres and Henk V for translating this article from De Telegraaf:

PVV leader does not believe that gunmen were after him

Wilders even more committed

By Ruud Mikkers
May 7, 2015

THE HAGUE — Geert Wilders has announced he will continue his struggle against Islam rigorously and with extra passion. “I will push the pedal a little further down,” he says in response to the failed attack in the United States, where he was in attendance at a meeting where Mohammed cartoons were exhibited.

The PVV leader was the main speaker in Garland, and had left the building just before the two gunmen tried to enter. They were shot dead by police.

Wilders, now back in the Netherlands, does not think the two perpetrators were after him in the first place.

He does not need extra security, he says, because it is already optimal. Wilders wants to propagate his anti-Islam message with more dedication, as he emphasized in an interview with De Telegraaf.


“The conclusion I draw is that I have to make clear what I stand for even more: freedom of speech. You may disagree with me, consider it tasteless. But it should be out of the question that people are met with violence.”

Wilders makes a comparison between the Koran and Hitler’s Mein Kampf: in his opinion both books describe totalitarian systems. He states that Western leaders systematically condone the excesses that arise from Islam.

That he might hurt the feelings of Muslims by attacking Islam in harsh terms is incorrect, he says. “The biggest terrorist who ever lived is being worshipped. That is the core of the problem,” said Wilders.

“I will not be intimidated. I’ll go forward and keep talking about these issues. I also think that in response to what happened, we ought to show Mohammed cartoons everywhere.”

12 thoughts on ““I Will Push the Pedal a Little Further Down”

  1. This is a battle for where stands the “norm” regarding islam’s presumption to express it’s *mandated authority* upon *free societies*, like ours.

    This incident is an opportune moment to shift the popular narrative to include more reality. Or to stop working so hard to hide it, as cognitive dissonance becomes harder to bear. Who can deny the barbaric nature of jihadi mandates amidst our decent free society in this?

    And so the thing to do is now push harder. Aggressively apply our free harmless liberal self-expressive and truth-expressive ways to the Islamic icons. Push the line of “normal” forward. To where free men keep it. Now.

  2. Wilders even more committed–Is that really what ‘Wilders nog fanatieker’ means in English? I read it more as ‘Wilders still more a fanatic.’

    • The Dutch could be translated as “Wilders Is Even More Driven” ( in the most generous sense) although they appear to mean “Obsessed” and “Fanatical” more than a neutral “Determined”.

      Somehow having a film-maker like Theo Van Gogh slaughtered on his way to work on the streets of Amsterdam by a fanatical jihadi did no more to wake up the Dutch than 9/11 woke up America.

      Both countries hit the snooze button and now wish to doze on undisturbed by ‘troublemakers’ like Wilders.

      The Greeks poisoned their “gadfly” Socrates.

      Now they use poison pens for the same end.

  3. Dear col. Bunny, that is de correct translation. “Fanatieker” can be translated as ‘more fanatical’, or euphemized as ‘obsessed’ or ‘more determined’. Rest assured no Dutch news paper would even dream of euphemizing anything that Wilders says or does. It wouldn’t sell well, and politicians wouldn’t like it.

    • That is very sad. He doesn’t seem to understand that we’re trying to defend the U.S. against de facto enforcement of sharia law by foreign terrorist threat.

      This makes one wonder, what other foreign power might he surrender to so easily? What other policies would he allow foreign terrorist organizations to dictate?

      • He understands that we need to defend our civilization. He just doesn’t see Mo-toons as the most effective way to accomplish this.

        And you know what? From both a cultural and military perspective, I have to agree. It is more important that we force Muslims to show respect for our civilized virtues than to denigrate their pathetic culture. And to that end, we need to pick things that more Americans are willing to kill over.

        Because we do need to start killing those who advocate mindless submission to the Koran. We can make Muslims angry in ways that make it clear that they deserve to be killed for being angry with us.

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