“If Obama Worked for the Other Side, What Would He Do Differently?”

Vlad Tepes composed a video recently that captured President Obama’s Islamic leanings. The composition was quite moving and disturbing.

Now we have the video below, snipped from a Sean Hannity show. It features an interview with Mark Steyn in which — among other things — he has a lot to say regarding the president’s selective attention when it comes to the lives of blacks. As noted by Mr. Steyn, the president was not reticent about “social” justice when it came to the killing of a young black thug by a policeman in Ferguson Missouri. However, in the case of the brutal murders of 148 black Christian students in Kenya, his purported ancestral home, Obama was silent. Was that because his putative father was a member of Kenya’s Communist Party while these Christian students weren’t? Perhaps they didn’t fit his ongoing fake-but-accurate narrative regarding reality?

Normally, I find the strident voices in television interviews to be tiresome, but this one held my attention for a number of reasons.

At one point, Sean Hannity mentions his own puzzlement regarding President Enigma. That’s my term, not his. He’d be accused of racism for the ‘nig’ in that word. Sigh.

Hannity is right: there is something about Obama that remains occluded — my term again — strange and unknowable. Could Obama, too, be under the influence of Planet X?? And wouldn’t that be interesting if he were: all those strange bedfellows — politicians, policy-makers, and wealthy donors jostling in that king-sized bed for the best position?

Mark Steyn is currently plugging a Climate Compendium to which he is one of the contributors — and he’s delighted to be included to judge by his reaction:

Climate Change: The Facts

Click on the link to see the book’s cover image on Amazon. How many of your favorite “deniers” are in that list on the cover? It was fun picking through the names and recognizing those already on our sidebar, or others we’ve read with approval through the years.

That book is certainly an Anglosphere collection, and no wonder: it was put together by an Australian group billing itself as the oldest free-market think tank. Founded in 1943, it certainly has that claim sewn up. The Institute of Public Affairs could serve as the symbolic point at which Australia turned away from Europe’s (and Britain’s) increasingly Communist-dominated socialism and embraced free-market enterprise. It is saddening to see how much damage is evident now in Britain from that fateful turn.

I’ve also subscribed to their YouTube channel and will ask the Baron to put them on our sidebar.

From Mark Steyn’s website some information about the IPA’s book. Click that embedded URL to see his links. I didn’t include them. [my emphasis below — D]:

Climate Change: The Facts has been put together by our friends at the Institute of Public Affairs in Australia, edited by Alan Moran, and features 22 essays on the science, politics and economics of “climate change”. Aside from yours truly, you’ll also find: Anthony Watts on the 18-year warming pause; Joanne Nova on the climate-change gravy train; Britain’s former Chancellor Nigel Lawson on the economic consequences of abandoning fossil fuels; Patrick Michaels on the growing chasm between the predictions of the IPCC and real-world temperatures, Garth Paltridge on the damage such failed forecasts are doing to science, and Donna Laframboise on the damage the Big Climate alarmists have done to the IPCC; professors Richard Lindzen, Bob Carter and Willie Soon on climate sensitivity and factors such as greenhouse gases, natural variability, and the role of the sun…

Oh, don’t worry, Michael E Mann and his “hockey stick” are in the book, in an analysis by one of the two men who’ve inflicted more damage on Mann’s stick than anybody else, Professor Ross McKitrick. For all but the most hardcore climate alarmists, it’s increasingly clear, almost two decades into the “pause”, that climate science and its attendant politics need a fresh start. This book is an important contribution to that, by a wide range of authors whose writing on this subject over the years has held up a lot better than the dire predictions of the climate models.

Climate Change: The Facts will be available in paperback direct from the SteynOnline bookstore next month (and personally autographed by me, if you so desire). For now, it’s available as an eBook from Kindle via Amazon.com and other Amazon outlets around the world…

He’s right about the large gap between reality and those dire predictions. This whole subject is strikingly emblematic of the Left’s obsession with bad news and blame.

It would certainly be a good reference book for those who follow this subject. For those who feel guilty for not keeping up, the book would be a remedy for what you don’t know but wish you did. For me, it goes on the wish list. If I don’t put it on there now, the B never know what to get for my birthday, and I can never remember wanting or needing anything when he asks me. I’ll bet a lot of you are the same way.

11 thoughts on ““If Obama Worked for the Other Side, What Would He Do Differently?”

  1. The blog post started off by asking the question of whether O’bama worked for the ‘other’ side would he act differently. I have been studying O’bama’s actions for the past six years and I have found this his actions make no sense at all in a political context. I have then been searching to find a context in which his actions would make sense and/or benefit and influential sector of this country. We know that Google, Warren Buffet and George Soros have benefited from his policy decisions. We know that the world is less stable and this country has less liberty than it did six years ago. We also know that the wealth distribution is more greatly skewed towards poverty and riches than at almost any period in recorded history. Thus we have masses of people who are by all appearances living from hand to mouth being only to afford the basic necessities, and we have the few who supply those necessities. We have debt levels worldwide that exceed the combined economies’ ability to repay but whose mandatory interest payments provide a comfortable living to those who own the debt instruments. We have multinational corporations of all sorts and types who are able to dictate terms to sovereign nations. This has all come together to fruition during the past six years and largely by the hand of O’bama who was recently heralded by Kissinger as the president of the new world order, or something like that.
    Thus O’bama has worked for the other side, the invisible hand of the marketplace that now holds the world (or at least the civilized portion of it) in chattel bondage to its agenda, outlook and functional paradigm. What the powers-that-be appear to want is predictability in production, consumption and payments. What they do not appear to want is individuality, godly ethics, or faith in God and His Word. They do want our respect and adulation along with our envy for the sumptuous lifestyle they enjoy, but they do not want any questioning of their actions now any references to Jesus Christ as being King of kings. O’bama has facilitated all this and has allowed it to blossom and flower. We can only guess who he is really working for.

      • Yes, it’s clever – and accurate. Personally, though I recognize the importance of trying to understand what motivates him (and others like him) I am no longer particularly interested. He and his policies have proved so harmful to the US, and to the world in general …. Two years, is it? Sigh.

    • Obama has been on the other side since the beginning. Still, Hannity is finally coming around and yet they are just talking, but not about what to do about it; they’ve only just reached a conclusion.

      In terms of what to do about it … liberals have the courts and under Obama’s DOJ, have blocked most if not all challenges to his office and person. The courts have proven to be a lost cause.

      Is there any other way for regular Americans to stop the lawless Obama than to become the law?

    • That’s why I loathe those “interview” shows. Steyn has become more skilled at getting his own point across though.

  2. No one can ever match Mark Steyn in anything. He knows a lot about everything. Makes me think about Samual Pepys and his diary. It was said about Samuel Pepys that he would write about 2 squirrells fighting in a nutshell. It is from him we know what happened in the GreAt Fire of London, Mark Stey knows about every nutshell . He is our Pepys.

    • I’m definitely an admirer myself. I think because he is so entertaining, witty and downright funny in his writing and speaking style, people sometimes underestimate him. He is sharper and more perceptive than he’s typically given credit for being.

  3. D .. these people are making themselves relevant .. that’s all.
    hannity is a hack, who boils the fair & balanced pot, like all
    shakespherian witches ..

    you be right about stein too

    • of which some like it cold, while others like it hot, and others prefer, toil and trouble in the pot. :=)

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