“There Will Be Many, Many Attacks”

A young man from Ohio named Christopher Lee Cornell made headlines recently after he was arrested on weapons charges. While being held in custody at a jail in Kentucky, he managed to phone a local TV station from his cell and gave an interview to a news reporter.

Mr. Cornell’s lawyer attempted to prevent the station from broadcasting the interview, and with good reason — if the audio tape is ever admitted into evidence during his trial, the defense will have no case to present. He admits that he is a Muslim convert who joined ISIS, that he planned to kill the president and members of Congress, and that his intended actions were justified under Islamic law.

For the judge to forbid the publication of the interview would have been very unusual. Such an action is known as “prior restraint”, and it’s almost unheard of for a court to issue that kind of order. The judge in this case ruled against the defendant, and the interview aired last week.

Mr. Cornell’s actions not only ran counter to his own interests, but also to those of President Obama, the Justice Department, the FBI, and all other federal agencies that are in full compliance with the directives of the Muslim Brotherhood. This young kinetic activist has managed to damage the painstakingly assembled message put out by the recent White House Summit to Counter Violent Extremism. After the president assured the world that violent extremism has nothing to do with Islam, up pops this young extremist who would like to be very violent, and is also very Islamic. Didn’t he get the message?

Perhaps Mr. Obama, with the help of Prime Minister David Cameron and Chancellor Angela Merkel, could record a series of educational audios that the young miscreant can play in his prison cell. These three experts could teach him the true meaning of Islam, as opposed to the ersatz brand pushed on him by the self-styled imams who “radicalized” him online. After all, what do those extremists know about the real Islam?

The following video shows a TV news report that includes the interview with Christopher Lee Cornell:

Below are excerpts from a CBS News report on the same topic:

Ohio Terrorism Suspect Says He Would Have Shot President Obama

CINCINNATI — A man accused of plotting to attack the U.S. Capitol called a television station from jail and said if he hadn’t been arrested he would have gone to Washington and shot President Barack Obama in the head.

WXIX-TV in Cincinnati said Christopher Lee Cornell, 20, called the station from the Kentucky jail where he’s being held, confessed to being a supporter of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) and said he planned to kill government officials in retaliation for U.S. strikes on the militant organization.

The station aired part of the interview Friday night, hours after Cornell’s attorney argued unsuccessfully in court that it could violate the defendant’s right to a fair trial.

Cornell, asked by the interviewer what he would have done had he not been arrested in January, said he would have taken one of his guns, “I would have put it to Obama’s head, I would have pulled the trigger, then I would unleash more bullets on the Senate and House of Representative members, and I would have attacked the Israeli embassy and various other buildings.”

Cornell, who repeatedly identified himself as Muslim, said he wanted to carry out the attack because of “the continued American aggression against our people and the fact that America, specifically President Obama, wants to wage war against Islamic State.”

He said: “They might say I’m a terrorist, but you know we see American troops as terrorists as well, coming to our land, stealing our resources and killing our people, raping our women.”

Cornell, 20, grew up in the Cincinnati suburbs and still lived with his parents. He said support for ISIS in the U.S. is widespread.

“We’re here in Ohio. We’re in every state,” he said. “We’re more organized than you think.”

At times what seemed like a nervous chuckle punctuated his responses. He said he would do whatever ISIS asked of him, including beheading Americans, and predicted “there will be many, many attacks.”

Hat tip: Vlad Tepes.

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  1. Well, as Pat Condell said of Anjem Choudhry a while back, we should commend him, because at least he’s honest.

    • Anjem Choudhary performs such an invaluable service one has to almost admire him. The only problem with his refreshing, straight-up, unapologetic promotion of Islam is that many people have difficulty believing that he is not simply engaging as a provocateur and says what he says just to seek headlines and personal attention. I believe he believes, genuinely and fervently, in every word he says.

  2. IRONY on

    In the Name of the multiculti Thoughtpolice you are hereby ordered to erase all evidence about this interview.

    This so called interview has never taken place. Instead it is just the result of a very ill RACIST mind.

    If you do not want to loose your Job, arrested for brainwashing, sorry, learning the correct course of Action, you will forget it all.

    If you have dared to even think for a Minute that such an interview could have taken place, please repeat:

    Islam is peace and Islamophobes are racists and the enemy.

    Thank you for your cooperation.

    IRONY off.

    (Does anybody remember the Roleplaying game Paranoia and the all-loving Computer and ist hate of communists, mutants and secret societies? Sometimes I think they took this RPG and the book 1984 as an instruction manual and not as work of fictions.)

  3. Yep, good thing we have the ostensibly Christian Chief Imam Obama to tell us all about how none of this violent extremist kinetic activism has anything to do with Islam. Who better to teach Islam to people than a totally non-Muslim Christian liberation theologist?

    Maybe he should bring in Rev. Wright to teach us more about Islam?

    • Maybe Pres. Obama needs the URL for Graeme Wood’s incredible analysis, printed online in The Atlantic, on “What ISIS Really Wants.” Blew my socks off. Honest-to-God depth analysis of what ISIS believes, why they believe it and how it informs their strategy and tactics, etc. They’re not “psychopathic thugs.” They are deeply committed to their interpretation of 7th-century Islam as “revealed” to Mohammed, curses be upon him. Then, just maybe, Obama would indeed refer to “Islamic terrorists” or perhaps “Islamic extremists.” Maybe….

      Read it here: http://www.theatlantic.com/features/archive/2015/02/what-isis-really-wants/384980/. (I was led to it from various posts at jihadwatch.)

  4. Did this person contact the TV station from within his Cell or was this his one phone call made away from his Cell as provided to all those arrested by police? I only ask this because if he has managed to use his cell phone – and please pardon the pun- as the means of contacting that TV station why was he in possession of it while in custody when all personal belongings are taken routinely from all those arrested for security purposes?

    And wouldn’t it take more than the one phone call to actually get to speak to someone in authority at that TV station?

    If he has used his own personal phone to call that station then maybe someone has assisted in this little story being hatched.

    Obviously the judge who allowed this persons ‘feelings’ to be broadcasted to the wider public had no problem with any legalities in what the Defence may present as evidence in the Defendants case.

    I find the whole thing strange and a little suspect.

    • http://m.wlwt.com/news/feds-urge-limits-on-ohio-terrorism-suspect-phone-access/31719658

      I suspect that his captors probably facilitated his phone interview, especially if the prosecutor is filing motions to limit his phone access. That suggests to me that there’s some law enforcement discretion going on which exceeds his minimal right to make a phone call but which isn’t specifically prohibited by law.

      Who exactly set this up or why exactly is hard to say. (Detective hoping to gather more evidence while listening in? Etc)

      • Yes, facilitated, and going on the story as presented if that is the case, then this Islam’s useful idiot may have been subjected to police entrapment by those who arrested him.

        • I think whether it’s legally considered entrapment depends on exactly what they did. For example, setting out a bait car to catch random passing opportunistic car thieves isn’t entrapment, but having an undercover agent actually suggest to someone that they should try to steal a car would be entrapment.

          So if the LEOs simply “gave in” to his demands for a phone book, and his demands to make multiple phone calls, but didn’t suggest to him that he do anything in particular like contact a reporter, it probably wouldn’t be entrapment.

          But I suspect that the defense will now be digging for anything the cops might have said that might sound like some sort of prompting. Such as, if anyone said to him “gee, it seems like we’re getting a lot of calls from reporters” then the defense might try to claim that as an attempt to prompt him to contact a reporter and thus evidence of entrapment of some sort.

          • This story rings alarm bells IMO, due to the ‘crook’s’ access to a TV station while being held in custody.

            That tells me the ‘crook’ has had far more personal influence with his arresting officers than what one could or even would, expect from being arrested, particularly on ‘firearms related offences’ whatever those offences entail.

            And here’s the thing, when in custody a ‘suspect’ – and they remain a suspect until formally interviewed and then charged – the only privilege granted by the ‘custody officer’ who is in place to oversee that the arrest and charging process is done by the book is the one phone call to any one person of choice. But in this case there appears to have been a breach of protocol by both the arresting police and the custody officer in that this person has been permitted to make multiple phone calls.

            If indeed that was the case.

            And not to just any one particular person but to a TV station?

            It is also reliant on arresting police to have those they arrest realize that they do not have to say or do anything that may incriminate themselves. American police call this procedure Miranda Rights while Australian police just call it The Caution , and that is;

            You are under arrest for ————you do not have to say or do anything, however, anything you say or do will be taken down and used as evidence against you. Do you understand that?

            So going on what has been reported in this story it appears that the suspect has been granted an extraordinary privilege in that he was able to gain access to a public broadcaster and take part in an interview that was then aired after a judge dismissed the suspects defence for withholding from public airing the recorded interview.

            In this there appears to be the old adage about giving a person enough rope to hang themselves, which is what this suspect has been given the opportunity to do in contacting that TV station and he has obviously run with it.

            This whole story is so out of character and protocol within the law enforcement role that it begs the question – why was this guy given such an extraordinary privilege and what is being set up here, not just by the police but also the judiciary?

          • It certainly seems like some officer or officers were trying to give him enough rope to hang himself, legally speaking, to support some sort of terrorism charge rather than something lesser.

            As for the exact motivation, who knows. Do they just want to increase certainty of greater punishment? Do they want to make a big show of how well theyre “cracking down on terrorism” so effectively? Do they want to make a big show of the fact that “white guys could be islamic terrorists too”? Are they trying to challenge the official “nothing to do with Islam” line?

            It could be more than one thing. And if they breached protocol then it means that an appeal would be more likely to succeed which would keep the case in the news longer.

  5. Well. The Obama government is killing muslims in Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Libya and so on. And Obama is doing so by the power the American people has given him.

    Obama should be killing more and increasing numbers of muslims. We need a higher body count mr American president! We need you to kill more and more muslims.

    O wait. Obama knows best. Obama knows which muslim is an extremist and which one is a kinetic activist. Obama. You should not restrain your government to killing muslims in Syria!? You ought to [intemperate suggestions and obscenities redacted].

  6. Baron.. People will understand i was prompting Obama to extend his killing of (extremist) muslims right into the US? Why confine oneself into a geographically limited space? That can not be a “intemperate suggestion”…

    • It was more the obscenity. I’m too tired to parse it, so I deleted the whole clause.

  7. I just made my point in a more civilized (any)way.

    Obama the killer of kinetic activists.. If you are in one place you deserve death for being a kinetic activist. In another? You deserve a fair trial.. That’s exactly what we did with nazi’s and commies..Judge their believes on the basis where they would be on earth.

    Obama sure did some ” changing” on the otherwise sane minds…A large partion of the American people has lost their ability to think straight. Must be the state sponsored demo-rats incentives to “think” this way.

    • I think what Obama really wants to do is send the whole Ferguson, MO police department over to Iraq to arrest all the ISIS jihadis. After all, those jihadis are certainly breaking some laws and, if the rumors can be believed, the Ferguson police are the most cruel and brutal force on the planet! Once they show up, those jihadis will just go “hands up, don’t shoot!” (since they wouldn’t dare defy the instructions of an officer) and the Ferguson officers will just shoot them anyway due to their brutal racist police nature.

      As a bonus, all those “no justice, no peace!” protesters in ferguson who are still not happy even after 6 firings/resignations will finally get what they want: no local police protection at all. Then the local anarchists and criminals can just murder and victimize people all they want, but we’ll never hear anything about it because, well, we don’t really expect any better out of them. So why complain? And nobody ever has protest rallies against random thugs and murderers so we won’t be bothered by any more protests around there.

  8. He sounds like a total, absolute TWIT! Is this the intelligence level of these so-called sophisticated terrorists? I think the only thing they have working in their favour is that they don’t care whether they get caught or die. That makes them foolhardy. They don’t really have sophisticated, clever planning. Anyone could make the kind of revolting attacks they make, if willing to throw away life.

    • The teenager was a total loser and seems to have done nothing with his life after high school. His parent(s) seemed to have aided and abetted his indolence and isolation thus worsening his alienation from society and people in his age group.

      Listening to his rant, he seems to be rather stupid as well.

  9. Hey! What’s all this nonsense about “Raping our women?” There have been no reported incidents of muslim women being assaulted by allied military yet this lie is propagated by every snivelling, hairy faced militant across the globe.

    “Raping our women” is what the savages are doing to our people not the other way around. It is part of jihad. So is lying, I guess

    • The nonsense is called taqiyya. All lies are halal if they promote Islamic domination. So yes, lying is a big part of jihad.

    • “’Raping our women’ is what the savages are doing to our people not the other way around.”

      File under Birds of a feather flock together.
      Projection of their own crimes on their enemies is yet another way Islamists and Progs are alike.

  10. Well surely Barack Hussein Obama is the best thing that ever happened to Islam/Muslims in the USA; so why kill Him?

    • Another thing most of the idiots out there don’t realize: in Islamic terms, Obama is an apostate and should be executed according to sharia law.

      Also, the jihadi theology tends to deny that cause and effect exist. If they gain some victory then it’s because Allah is just magically making things happen in a totally arbitrary manner. Who needs help from some apostate like Obama when Allah is all powerful and on your side? If anything bad happens to you then it’s because Allah is either punishing you for offending him, or he’s testing you if you haven’t offended him. There is no consistent objective reality because Allah controls everything and is totally random and subjective.

  11. Notice how they use the suspect’s Western name in preference to his Islamic name?

    Notice how the terrorism “expert” refers to the internet radicalization, the suspect’s social isolation, without mentioning at all the ideology that validates such anti-social behavior?

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