Big Goings On in South Carolina

The death of historian M. Stanton Evans last week was a blow for those who study genuine history, and for the brave students he mentored during their own search for truth. Evan’s truth about 20th century history skillfully excised the proud flesh of the more commonly accepted ersatz “history” on sale in academia. Perhaps you experienced it, that unyielding “narrative” Leftist Communists pedaled in university classrooms for several generations now. For thousands of students who were given no other view to consider, it seemed plausible. Where else could they look if not to their mandarin scholars’ lecture halls?

Follow the yellow brick road to consensus and no matter what your field of study, even science, that’s the safe path. But with Evans and a few others (and the next generation of students these few historians worked with) you get right down to the bone of what is true and verifiable about past events, versus what is self-serving perfidious untruth. It is we, their readers, who benefit from this lonely work.

At the time of that post I mentioned the integrity of Frank Gaffney’s long-standing and principled efforts to call to our attention the clear and present dangers facing the West now, particularly America. Mr. Gaffney is not a historian; he is a newspaper columnist. It was in this guise that the Baron and I first read his work years ago when he wrote for the then-brand-new Washington Times. Recall that time, before the internet, when alternative news sources were scarce; it was consensus or nothing. Here in the middle of nowhere, all we had was NPR for our information. No, we didn’t buy their world view; in fact their slant was so obvious that we played an entertaining game in which we’d guess ahead of time what spin National Public Radio (or, as my second son called it when he lived with us, “National Palestinian Radio”) would put on a given story.

Back then but we had no other choices in news sources [you should have seen us in the first Gulf War with a shortwave radio and a copper antenna stuck on a tree outside the window] until one day when college friends of the Baron’s came to visit for the weekend. They brought with them a copy of the new “Moonie paper”, The Washington Times and it was there we found Gaffney, Democrat “Scoop” Jackson’s aide and a member of the Reagan administration. We’d known of him before and were so pleased to see both him and Bill Gertz on the printed page. [Scoop Jackson, along with Daniel Moynihan, was one of the few old-fashioned — i.e., genuine — liberals.]

One of the things Mr. Gaffney has pursued is pointing out the Muslim Brotherhood affiliations of Grover Norquist and the latter’s extensive and malign influence on the Republican Party. Mr. Norquist is an important figure in Washington; one does not tread on his toes with impunity. That Frank Gaffney displays this kind of courage is most heartening; it cannot be an easy thing to do. His principles were also evident in his support for Diana West during the attempted trashing and take-down of her book, American Betrayal. He could have kept quiet. Instead, she was the recipient of The Center for Security Policy’s 2013 Mightier Pen Award.

Yes, when we read a newspaper, it’s the Washington Times and often read its columns on line. And, yes, we’ve heard liberals repeatedly voice the hope that the paper will fail. Like any other printed matter, it no doubt faces financial struggles but then so does The New York Times; The Washington Post was recently bought by the founder of Amazon, Jeff Bezos.

Below is the latest endeavor of Frank Gaffney’s organization. If I were well, I’d try to go. But then if wishes were horses, I’d be riding to this affair. That’s much of the cream of conservatism there, with a few right-wing ringers thrown in for good measure:

Columbia, SC— TOMORROW, Saturday March 14th, Secure Freedom (formerly known as the Center for Security Policy), in partnership with Breitbart News and High Frontier, will host The South Carolina National Security Action Summit. The conference will feature many of the most influential national security practitioners of our day addressing the current state of U.S. foreign and defense policy in an increasingly perilous world. Specifically, the event will cover four key topics of interest to both our nation and the state of South Carolina:

  • The Hollowing Out of The U.S. Military
  • America’s Electrical Power Grid and Threats to Critical Infrastructure
  • The Threat from Shariah and The Global Jihad Movement
  • Border Insecurity and Illegal Immigration

The noteworthy participants in this summit include:

  • Dr. George H. Baker
  • Ambassador John R. Bolton
  • LTG (Ret). William G. “Jerry” Boykin
  • LTC (Ret.) David Bores
  • Bill Connor
  • Ambassador Henry (Hank) F. Cooper
  • Scott Cooper
  • U.S. Senator Ted Cruz
  • Frank Gaffney
  • John Guandolo
  • Peter Huessy
  • Van Hipp Jr.
  • Rosemary Jenks
  • Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal
  • Rick Joyner
  • Admiral James “Ace” Lyons (U.S. Navy, Ret.)
  • Javier Manjarres
  • Dr. Peter Vincent Pry
  • Senator Rick Santorum
  • Phyllis Schlafly
  • Michael S. Smith II
  • Danny Strickland
  • Ann Corcoran

The South Carolina National Security Action Summit is designed to ensure that our national security receives the attention it requires from elected officials and their constituents, alike — both at the federal level and the state level.

Frank J. Gaffney, Jr., President of Secure Freedom said:

“Americans are increasingly aware that the world is becoming an ever-more-dangerous place. They expect their leaders to protect them and our vital interests around the world. The National Security Action Summit is a place where the best minds convene to lay out the best ideas for doing that. At the state-level, these summits are an invaluable method of connecting a concerned citizenry to the forefront of policymaking at both the state and federal levels. This weekend’s program could not be more timely, more content-rich or more important.”

Media Event Details:

TOPIC:   The South Carolina National Security Action Summit
DATE:   Saturday, March 14, 2015
TIME:   9:00 a.m. ET – 5 p.m. ET
LOCATION:   The Brookland Baptist Banquet and Conference Center
    1066 Sunset Blvd, West Columbia, SC 29169
MEDIA RSVP:   Samantha Nerove | | (703) 504-8856

18 thoughts on “Big Goings On in South Carolina

      • We used to call that one, “All The Things We Care to Consider”, but your version of “All Things Considered” is less clunky.

        When there was a Republican in the White House, lots of stories on the poor and homeless. When the Dems get in, those endless homeless stories disappear – yet I’ll bet homelessness is at an all-time high.


        “National Propaganda Radio” was one of our favorites, too. But it was from those endless ‘victim’ stories emanating from Palestine that gave us the PoorPali™

          • That’s great! I’ll pass it on to my second son. He spent his teen years with us and had to get used to a house without a television. (I can’t remember that the lack bothered him though I must say that on starting his own family he got one of those humongous size TV screens.) As a result we entertained ourselves in other ways – Scrabble, reading, and word games like the one to which you just made a contribution with “Confabulated”.

            If a Republican gets the White House next time around, you can be sure that one of the confabulations will be endless stories on the plight of the homeless. Back during Reagan’s time those tales were endless. Then Clinton was elected and suddenly the door on the homeless shut.

            Wish we’d had a website then: all of us could have compared the stories woven on “Weakened Condition”. It would’ve been fun. These days one has to read Slate or Salon to find out how the current Left is parsing the news.

            (Sssh- don’t tell NPR but I think its age is showing, especially since the Lefties have so many cyberspace outlets. Now the followers of The One aren’t chained to the radio anymore)

  1. in case not everybody knows, the great frank gaffney hosts an exciting daily radio interview show. google: “secure freedom radio.”

  2. My Question is: Is there anyone in the upper echelons of this Federal government that is listening to this? The prevailing radical liberal narrative seems to have effectively squashed the logical, critical search for truth and thus is in the process of (for the moment) divert reality!

  3. Frank Gaffney is a true hero. (Be sure to listen to his daily podcasts in which he interviews, with great skill and grace, experts knowledgeable in this area of our vulnerability. How he has the time and energy to do what he does is a marvel to me.) I wish sessions like these could be streamed over the web, but the next best is to put them up on YouTube (as Frank did with his breathtaking Security Summit 3 weeks ago.) He, and the Baron and Dymphna, top my hagiography.

    • Thank you. We are small fish in comparison to Mr. Gaffney’s long service to his country. In those years when our friends came down from the big city carrying The Washington Times, we couldn’t have envisioned how we’d ever serve as a channel for the promulgation of his work.

      You should see the trashing the Left employs against Gaffney for his call-out of Grover Norquist. They certainly have no use for Norquist’s organization, “Americans for Tax Reform”; that’s antithetical to their big government philosophy. So their smear is a Saul Alinsky version of “let’s you and him fight”.

      • Where can I find out more on Mr. Gaffney’s “call out” of Grover Norquist? Being new to all this (Charlie Hebdo), this is the first I’ve known of it.


  4. pleasantly surprised to see Sen. Ted Cruz and Gov. Bobby Jihdal participating in the summit. I know they’ve issued statements about the threat of “radical islam,” but it’s quite another thing to associate themselves with Frank Gaffney, whose sober-eyed position, I believe, is that the threat is not just radical islam, but islam itself. Not surprised that that gold-plated fraud otherwise known as marco rubio will not participate. I would have reckoned the likelihood of his participation about the same as that of george w bush — nada.

  5. Proud to see a personal friend and fellow tea party leader Scott Cooper listed under noted speakers.
    FYI it is not mentioned in the article but Spartanburg SC is scheduled to be the next “seed” community for Somali muslims. I highly suggest following Ann Corcoran’s blog for up to date reporting on the refugee scam. This seeding CAN be stopped if we find out ahead of time and raise h e l l.

    • Ann Corcoran is one of our favorite sites. The information she has collected re the State Dept’s active collusion with NGOs to bring into the country thousands of 3rd world immigrants who bypass the health inspections, background review, etc., will be of historic importance some day. Her work is crucial.

      Don’t know the Tea Party fellow but I wish we could get a short essay from someone (wink, wink, nudge, nudge) who is actively working to bring a populist vision to the forefront. What they did in Wisconsin and in Eric Cantor’s district in VA was phenomenal.

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