The Manhunt in Copenhagen is Over

Update 1:33pm EST: The dead perpetrator has been identified as Omar Abdel Hamid El-Hussein (article in Danish).

From a Danish contact:

He was raised in Denmark. There’s no indication that he’s been in Syria. He’s been convicted for violations of weapons laws.

I’m following the news right now. They seem to have the weapons. That includes one automatic rifle and two handguns. They have searched several other locations in Copenhagen.

The dénouement to yesterday’s terrorist attacks in Denmark must have occurred right after I went to be early this morning: police shot and killed a man near the train station, and they are certain that he is the gunmen who carried out the attacks.

Additional news: the Jewish man who was killed near the synagogue had volunteered to guard the premises while a bat mitzvah took place, due to the heightened security situation after the earlier attack at the café.

Below are excerpts from this morning’s report by The Washington Post:

Danish police kill Copenhagen shooting suspect

COPENHAGEN — Police in Copenhagen killed a gunman early Sunday they believe was responsible for a pair of deadly attacks just hours earlier, the first at a cafe hosting a forum on free speech and the second outside a synagogue where a bar mitzvah was underway.

The killings, with their eerie echo of last month’s terrorist attacks in Paris, had sent Denmark’s capital into lockdown and had prompted a massive manhunt that extended across the border into Sweden. In all, the attacks left two people dead and five police officers injured.

Jens Madsen, head of the Danish security agency PET, said in a news conference Sunday that the suspect had been known to intelligence agencies and that they were investigating whether he may have been “inspired by the events in Paris.”

At a news conference on Sunday morning, Danish Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt said the country had been “hit by terror.”

“We do not know the motive for the alleged perpetrator’s actions, but we know that there are forces that want to hurt Denmark,” the prime minister said, adding that they wanted to stifle Denmark’s freedom of speech.

Local media identified the victims as Finn Noergaard, a 55-year-old documentary filmmaker, and 37-year-old Dan Uzan.

Police said Sunday that they were confident that the man they fatally shot near a train station was the assailant in both attacks and that they had identified him using CCTV footage. Police were staking out a location associated with the suspect when a man approached and began shooting, prompting officers to return fire, a police official said.

“The culprit that was shot by the police task force at Norreport station is the person behind both of these assassinations,” Torben Molgaard Jensen, the chief police inspector, told reporters.

Copenhagen police spokesman Steen Hansen said the suspect’s name is known but will not be revealed at this stage.

“There’s an ongoing investigation, so it’s important for the police to keep his identity to themselves,” he said. He also said a weapon was found, but it was not confirmed whether it was connected to the shootings.

Survivors of the two attacks said they appeared to have been an attempt to mimic the Paris terrorist strikes, when the staff of a satirical newspaper was massacred and four hostages were fatally shot at a kosher supermarket.

The French ambassador to Denmark and a cartoonist — previously targeted for depicting the prophet Muhammad — were among those taking part in the debate at the cafe who survived the torrent of gunfire.

“It was the same intention as Charlie Hebdo, except they didn’t manage to get in,” the French ambassador, François Zimeray, told the news service Agence France-Presse, referring to the Jan. 7 attack in Paris on the satirical publication. “Intuitively I would say there were at least 50 gunshots, and the police here are saying 200. Bullets went through the doors, and everyone threw themselves to the floor.”

Late into the night, police had been hunting for a lone gunman, who fled in a car and had been described as a man in his late 20s wielding an assault rifle. A photo released by Danish authorities showed him wearing a dark-blue ski jacket with a red woolen cap and a matching scarf covering the lower portion of his face.

Police in Sweden, which is separated from Copenhagen by a five-mile-long bridge, also joined the search.

“We feel certain now that it was a politically motivated attack, and thereby it was a terrorist attack,” Thorning-Schmidt said in an appearance near the scene of the cafe shooting. Thorning-Schmidt put the country on high alert, with warnings of a possible follow-up attack.

Just hours later, early Sunday, police said one person was killed and two police officers were wounded in a shooting near a synagogue in downtown Copenhagen. The assailant fled on foot, police said.

Jewish community leaders said that a bar mitzvah service was underway inside the synagogue at the time of the attack and that the man who was killed was a young volunteer guard. Police protection had been stepped up at sensitive sites across the city, including synagogues, after the attack on the cafe.

41 thoughts on “The Manhunt in Copenhagen is Over

  1. The unused term here is “UNARMED volunteer guard”.
    Given the nature of the opposition, how do the ‘unarmed’ guard ANYTHING?
    At least this [redacted insulting degrading description of a subhuman] did not get a chance to get inside amongst other UNARMED victims.

  2. What kind of barking madness infects the minds of our “leaders” in such crises? Check out the incoherent babbling of the Danish prime minister, Helle Thorning-Schmidt, as reported in today’s New York Times: “We do not know the motive for the alleged perpetrator’s actions, but we know that there are forces that want to hurt Denmark. They want to rebuke our freedom of speech.” She added: “This is not a war between Islam and the West.”

    First she says she doesn’t know the attacker’s motive, but in the same breath she offers one. And if it’s not a war between Islam, which represses free speech as “blasphemy,” and the West, which honors it as a core civilizational value, who is it between?

    “O judgment! Thou art fled to brutish beasts, and men have lost their reason!”

    Julius Caesar, Act III, Scene ii

  3. All this violence by Muslims and the response, as usual, will be candles and t-shirts. We all know what should happen, and until it does, both sides of this conflict know who is currently winning and who is losing.

    Watching UK television reports for the past hour, the words Muslim or Islam were not uttered a single time.

      • “What if the tables turned ? What if instead of Islam causing 99% of the terrorist attacks around the world, the ”Infidels” were doing the terrorism while a full force global crusades steamrolled terror and unspeakable, merciless wrath upon all muslim countries. What if the Christians had their own version of the muslims (CAIR) (CLIA) = (Christian love in action).”

        • We had our own version of “Christian warriors” – the Knight Templars Order – but they were disbanded in 1312 by Clement V.

          Naturally, in their own twisted logic, there is no doubt that Moslems consider the West as the real “terrorists”: we dare support Israel; that’s terrorism for them. Things would be so much easier for them if we just laid down and waited for the scimitar to cut our throats.

          • “Support[ing] Israel; that’s terrorism for them.”
            Ummm. No. I don’t think so.
            The very fact of our existence, humans who will not bow to Mohammed and worship their evil and false god Allah, that in and of itself makes of us targets for extinction.
            By our drawing breath, we offend them.
            That is why they seek by the sword to kill or subjugate us. WE OFFEND THEM BY OUR VERY LIVES.

  4. Belgium or UK next?
    An ISIS nut job did say Denmark was next a few days ago. Can’t find the link.
    Lone wolf? I don’t think so.

    • “Lone wolf?

      I don’t think so.”Neither do i.The more often i see this phrase used,the more i’m convinced that it is just part of a scheme to play down the actual danger to our civilization/culture.”Random acts by lone wolves” just doesn’t sound as frightening as admitting how far the war on our way of life has already gone.

      “It has nothing to to with islam”, used all willingly by so-called statesmen and women, is just another part of that scheme, keep moving, nothing to see here.Hearing These things from politicians day after day just confirms one of my views of most politicians:in order to be one you must be a compulsive liar. If they themselves believe their lies work,well, thats probably a clue to the state of denial many politicians have reached. What really [redacted]-> ticks me off is the fact that they regard people as stupid enough to eternally buy the crap they’re selling.

      • I had to redact your comment, plus add the version of a sentence you wanted to use. When I opened up the “Edit” page, the lines went all wonky. I had to guess at the format you’d used.

  5. Perhaps Cameron is appeasing. Please don’t do anything in England until after the general election in May, I’ll do all I can for you non islamic muslims after that.
    What am I saying? Talking bollocks but these are desperate times.

    Tommy Robinson is a very wise and genuine guy. This 45 minute discussion should be main stream news. Listen to the guy brought up in Luton. Everything he says comes from the heart. No script. Regardless of your politics, I hope you will spare the time to listen. 2015. France first, Denmark yesterday. What’s next?

  6. I am wondering why no one is concerned that all this mahometan violence risks beginning to radicalise young European men. Remember, many young men join ISIS looking for adventure and a sense of purpose. At some point, a homegrown anti-government, anti moslem insurgency will be far easier to sell to native Europeans, no?

    • Perhaps, but our young people have been brainwashed into ‘multicultural’, anti ‘racist’, Religion of Peace and “It’s nothing to do with Islam” subservience for so long now it is impossible to predict whether or not they have enough of their own minds left to actually figure out what is being done to them.

      Mind you, if they do I would suspect that their anger and their response will be awesome.

      • They have been born into the ‘multi-culti’ nonsense and accept it as the norm; they have not known their own countries before ‘those who knew better’ started dragging in the third world rabble.

        Multiculturalism doesn’t work in nature, or we wouldn’t have all the fascinating species we (still) have, they don’t cross-breed, but our ‘betters’ seem to think we should, and to attempt to prove their point they open our borders to the lowest of human species–muslims still living in the 7th century whose so-called ‘holy book’ specifically tells them not to befriend or integrate with us.

        Truly, we are led by gutless imbeciles.

        • I’m quite convinced that by now, those who didn’t buy the mucu nonsense have built up a substantial opinion base, and are preparing to ignore those formal leaders.

          That is how the non-inbred world works, and has worked through the millennia.

          It will only be a matter of time. And as time goes by, the good men with the capacity to act, will get even stronger in their belief and motivation to get the best result.

    • There’s definitely sentiment like that brewing among my contemporaries. Each terrorist attack only brings them closer to a boiling point. The point where they think, “we have nothing left to lose.”

      • I suspect the time is approaching where you and your contemporaries will need to study the methods and tactics of the IRA…

  7. This is as an aside but still about Islam.

    From Sandra Mackey’s book “The Saudis”.

    In Saudi Arabia:

    While I was working for (K), the maintenance contractor, a Mercedes water truck rammed into one of his pickup trucks, totaling it. The case went to court, where the judge ruled that the driver of the water truck had caused the accident, but since he had six children he was more burdened with responsibilities than the owner of the pickup, who had only one child. Therefore, the driver was relieved of paying damages.

    Passengers riding in a taxi involved in a wreck are responsible for the accident. The theory is simple and reflects the fatalism of Islam. If the passenger had not hired the taxi, it would not have been where the accident occurred.

  8. Here’s the top of the Extra Bladet story (edited Google Translate)

    Sources confirm now to Ekstra Bladet that the perpetrator of this weekend’s two terrorist attacks is Omar Abdel Hamid El-Hussein. The data are consistent with a photo that has been in circulation, and the fact that the man has a history of involvement with gangs, police say.
    According to Ekatrabladet sources, Omar Abdel Hamid El-Hussein was released from prison about two weeks back.
    In November 2013, he was in the police spotlight for a bad stabbing at Ny Ellebjerg Station. The victim was a 19-year-old man stabbed several times in one leg and buttock with a large knife. At that time he was wanted for assault, later he was arrested and convicted. In December 2014 he was sentenced to two years in prison for aggravated assault.

    • When Danish authorities talk about prison time it’s pretty much a joke.

      This Muzzie dog was sentenced to two years in prison in December yet was out and able to get a automatic AK-47 and go nuts with no effort.

  9. Oh Europe, what have you done to yourself? You have forgotten who you are, what you are. You have allowed delusional people, disconnected from the reality around them, to hold power over you. I only hope the real French, the real Germans, the real English will still be able to rise up against those traitors in power. We know that quite soon it will be too late. Leave the EU and close your borders – your countries belong to you and only you.

  10. Where do I insert this comment? Seemingly off topic it certainly is, but nevertheless what I report here might indicate a giant shift in public opinion as it relates to things like manhunts (fear for our own safety) in Copenhagen — with the men obviously being of the jihadi variety. And the precursor to that shift is a sudden and demonstrable desire to protect our Western civilization in the face of pure evil at our very door.

    As is my practice, I attended church with my two grandchildren, ages 4 and 6. After which we stopped at a local nursery to buy some geraniums and potting soil (I live in a warm climate). The lady at the cash register went on and on about how cute the children were in their nice clothes: obviously you all were in church today! she beamed.

    Next stop, the grocery store; not a mega-store, more a regional specialty grocery. And two times while there, people commented in passing about how nice it was to see such finely dressed children and then they concluded accurately that we had naturally been to church, for which we were given every indication of their warm sentiments in the matter.

    This NEVER happens to me. Most of the time, people ignore us. Sometimes we receive cold glances.

    But three people, in the matter of an hour, all wanted me and the children to know what a favorable opinion they had of our being in church this morning.

    I really do think that the sentient public just may be feeling more than a little ashamed at having joined the PC brigade in denouncing — publicly and privately — those Christians who go to church and practice their faith.

    Islam and its Mohammedan armies are a dark and evil foil to Christian conduct which not even a Shakespeare is capable of capturing on the written page. And OUR people know the difference, finally.

    • You said:

      what I report here might indicate a giant shift in public opinion as it relates to things like manhunts (fear for our own safety) in Copenhagen — with the men obviously being of the jihadi variety. And the precursor to that shift is a sudden and demonstrable desire to protect our Western civilization in the face of pure evil at our very door.

      And that is what I want to address:

      During the aftermath of the Boston Marathon, western suburbs contiguous to Boston were locked down arbitrarily and the full-effect SWAT mentality came out in the open. People weren’t safe in their own homes. It still gives me the creeps to think about it. That whole scenario will go down again if there is ever any excuse for the boyz to get out with their toyz…I feel sorry particularly for Leftist enclaves like Boston – or pretty much any part of Massachusetts. Wherever gun control is severe, those eager beaver police have stopped being peacekeepers and have morphed into paramilitary snipers. There is a place for the latter, but it’s in the military, not in American neighborhoods.
      We’re lucky where we live: many people go to church and a couple of well-dressed kids on a Sunday wouldn’t stand out. Not everybody goes…not the meth-heads in trailers, and not often the welfare moms (though they need more pastoral care than anyone) but average folks generally go to church. I did an interview once with a person who was well-liked in the community. She happened to mention she was an atheist and when she first came to live in the area, she was appalled with how “God-ridden” the place was…”so many (shudder) churches…” Being a leftist liberal with a hippie past, she was trapped in the contradiction of her own narrative. Black people were deserving victims – q.e.d., “good” and “virtuous”. But all the black people she knew were also particularly enthusiastic church members. Life can be tough on a person who has her cardboard cut-out answers…

      I doubt that many people ever do “know the difference, finally”. We are a secular nation, and that is a good thing. If we were a theocracy it would be bloody. It always has been.

      Islam is only a part of the problem of evil. Evil has always been part of the human condition. Islam is probably too fragile to survive its bloody encounter with modernism but that doesn’t mean it can’t do great harm in its death throes. Islam is like having a lunatic in the house: they make daily life too unpredictable. We’re not likely to live long enough to see Islam’s final death throes, but like Spengler (David Goldman) I can hear its death rattle, even louder than I can Obama’s anemic but dangerous sword-rattling.

      David Paul Goldman is an American economist, music critic, and author, best known for his series of online essays in the Asia Times under the pseudonym Spengler. Goldman says that he writes from a Judeo-Christian perspective and often focuses on demographic and economic factors in his analyses; he says his subject matter proceeds “from the theme formulated by [Franz] Rosenzweig: the mortality of nations and its causes, Western secularism, Asian anomie, and unadaptable Islam.”

      Not to worry, Harriet: Goldman thinks pockets of American Christianity and Judaism will survive after those three trends have faded away. To paraphrase what the Baron often says, since we can never really know The Truth let’s choose the truth to live by that makes the most sense to us.

      • I might have to write you a personal answer, Dymphna, in order to address your gracious reply to my comment.
        But in short: we can know the truth.
        And the truth is not up for debate among sinful human beings to decide what is true and what is not.
        But that specific topic is indeed beyond the scope of this thread and the immediate purpose of your very important work here at GoV, for which I am genuinely grateful.

        • The truth has always been up for debate, Harriet, to which anyone who didn’t sleep through the bloody Reformation and the bloody French Revolution can tell us. Or a quick perusal of The Acts of the Apostles for some early turmoil. Maybe a few fiery Patristic documents?

          So as long as people have minds and voices, there will be debate… Were that not the case, Gates of Vienna would not exist.

          We live in a society with so many belief systems rubbing up against one another that the only way to avoid another Holy War is to accept that the God-given (for believers anyway) right to free speech shall not be abridged.

          It’s the main reason we insist on civility in the comments – it is a kind of imposed respect for self and others. That imposition allows for at least limited exploration of charged issues.

          Islam is pushing for that abridgment. If they ever get it, the silence will only be temporary.

          • Debate in our secular society, trending now toward totalitarian control of speech, is always a good thing.

            In debate we arrive at the truth unless we are plagued with arrogant doubt as was Pontius Pilate: “What is truth?”

            So in the spirit of free speech, I assert, the truth can be known. We have the truth, in the person of Jesus Christ.

            Jesus Christ would not agree with you that the truth is up for debate; sinful human beings will deny the truth, and they will follow false gods and apostate churches which preach salvation by works and a social justice gospel — such as was recently on ignominious display at Washington’s National Cathedral, when the apostate church invited the worshippers of Mohammed to desecrate the Cathedral.

            Islam would hold no sway whatsoever over Western Christendom if it had not already abandoned Jesus Christ; we would not be worried in the least about Islamic blasphemy laws if the church had rejected apostasy.

      • SWAT, sayin’ SWAT..?

        Swat Valley, Pakistan
        Often described as the Switzerland of Pakistan

        “Islamic peace” in the Swat is a defeat for the rule of law
        by Qaiser Felix
        The end of conflict could mark new
        persecutions of religious minorities and women. The Human Rights Commission of Pakistan expresses “serious concern” and emphasizes that the agreement will have repercussions in the whole country.”

        ” In order to escape persecution, thousands of people have abandoned their homes. Now there is a superficial calm in Swat, but it is accompanied by renewed fears for the future of the valley.”

      • “To paraphrase what the Baron often says, since we can never really know The Truth let’s choose the truth to live by that makes the most sense to us.”

        Dymphna and Baron

        I would like to underline these words, which I find truly important in times like these, and something to lean on between the battles.

        The Truth
        “Since we can never really know The Truth
        Let’s choose the truth to live by
        That makes the most sense to us”

  11. He was a good friend
    – You can go now!
    Short with fellow muslims of the terrorist at the internet cafe Power-Play Reborn.

    – A good guy, they added.
    – How could he perform these acts, asks the journalist.
    – We don’t see how it could happen.
    – You can go now, they add, to the journalist, rounding up the interview.

    And, immediately after this terror, any muslim interviewed claims to be a victim, which leads you to conclude that this is part of the indoctrination of the “radicals”. Use taqiyya and kitman to fool as many as you can as long as possible, in order to advance, as much as you can, sharia into Dal Al Harb, “The house of war and chaos”.

    – Being a muslim in Denmark is really hard. Many would move if we only could, says one cafe assistant. The police want to control us.

    • Some of the “Lone Wolf’s” pack..?

      Two men have been arrested on assisted manslaughter and supplying the terrorist with the weapon. The jihadist used a M95, a weapon which is used by the Danish military.

  12. Some bits:
    From Uriaposten (DK): Omar Abdel Hamid el-Hussein was a Danish born Palestinian, “he hated Jews.”

    From avpixlat (SW): “Vile Vilks should have had to taste some bullets”–Mia Giorgetti, Malmö social democrat. (Ackliga Vilks borde fatt smaka nagra kulor)

    Going by the alternative websites, this is as big a story in Sweden as in Denmark, if not bigger. This will really shake the naive complacency of the Swedes.

  13. Of Course, this incident has nothing to do with islam. European political leaders have to say this otherwise their countries will be excluded from the saudi arabian gravy train and they, themselves will no longer receive personal largesse from that country.

    If there wee any probity left in Europe, officials would be examining the bank accounts of leading politicians to ascertain what they have and where they obtained it. It has already been established that Tony Blair has become as rich as croesus and, although it is well paid, I would be willing to bet that most of his wealth did not come from the after dinner speaking circuit.

  14. Consider that Islam exists because its adherents have agreed to smack their foreheads upon the floor thirty-five times a week. And the inbreeding means more candidates.

  15. Born in Denmark
    Went to school in Jordan for three years

    There was no war in Jordan at the time, so why were his parents allowed into Denmark in the first place? Were they already integrated in Jordan? Were they Jordanian citizens? Why couldn’t the family stay in Jordan?


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