Are Dutch Authorities Prosecuting Geert Wilders on Behalf of Saudi Arabia and the OIC?

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Are Dutch Authorities Prosecuting Geert Wilders on Behalf of Saudi Arabia and the OIC?

by Fjordman

On December 18 2014, the Dutch authorities announced that they would prosecute Geert Wilders, the leader of the Party for Freedom (PVV), for hate speech. They have tried this before, and failed. The recent case involves a chant during the spring of 2014 in which Wilders asked his supporters whether they wanted more or fewer Moroccans in the Netherlands. They shouted back “Fewer! Fewer! Fewer!” Because of this, the public prosecutor in The Hague will begin legal proceedings against Wilders “on charges of insulting a group of people based on race and incitement to discrimination and hatred,” prosecutors announced. “Politicians may go far in their statements, that’s part of freedom of expression, but this freedom is limited by the prohibition of discrimination,” a prosecution statement said. In other words: you have freedom of speech, unless you say something we dislike.

Wilders did not retract any of his comments. “In my fight for freedom and against the Islamization of the Netherlands, I will never let anyone silence me. No matter the cost, no matter by whom, whatever the consequences may be,” he said. As he commented: “I have said what millions of people think and find. For the second time, one apparently wants to deal with someone who speaks the truth. It is a travesty that I have to defend myself in court for this. The Public Prosecutor would do better to devote his time to prosecuting jihadis instead of me. The Party for Freedom is the largest party in the polls. Apparently the elite does not like that.”

“The decision to prosecute me is incomprehensible,” Wilders said in a statement. However, as the American political commentator Diana West noted, in our world today the decision is perfectly comprehensible. In our world, powerful global elites seek to destroy the indigenous cultures of Europe through “Multicultural” — read: “Marxist and anti-nationhood” — policies.

Geert Wilders previously published a book entitled Marked for Death: Islam’s War Against the West and Me. It is well researched and packed with insights. The foreword was written by the cultural critic Mark Steyn. Wilders here recalls the previous trial against him in the Netherlands, which was a farce from beginning to end. The case was eventually dropped. It turned into an international embarrassment for the Dutch legal system. However, the establishment have apparently decided that they wanted to make another attempt at shutting him up.

It is striking to notice that shortly before the latest Dutch prosecution against him, Saudi Arabia had been aggressively pushing Dutch authorities to do something to silence Geert Wilders.

In May 2014, the Dutch government sent an envoy to Riyadh for talks after the Saudis slapped indirect sanctions on The Netherlands because one Dutch politician had insulted Islam and Saudi Arabia. The Council of Saudi Chambers said that it had received an order from the Saudi government banning Dutch firms from taking part in future projects in the Kingdom, directly and through subcontracting. The order also reduced to a minimum the number of visas “for Dutch companies and investors who are not part of vital projects in the Kingdom.” There would also be a ban on trade delegations between the two countries. The Dutch government distanced itself from Wilders’ actions. Wilders had previously blamed Saudi Arabia for sponsoring terrorist attacks around the globe.

Many Saudis welcomed the decision to impose sanctions on the Netherlands for failing to take action against Wilders. “I extend my wholehearted support to the Saudi government for taking a quick and decisive decision to end anti-Islam hatred coming from the Netherlands,” said Yousuf Al-Kuwailet, a Saudi columnist and intellectual. He said Wilders had replaced the Shahada (Islamic confession of faith) on the Saudi flag with profanities attacking Islam and Muhammad. “Exercising freedom of speech and spreading hatred are two different things,” Al-Kuwailet said, and asked why the Dutch government was not taking action against Wilders for his anti-Islam diatribes. A row has been bubbling since Geert Wilders printed anti-Islamic stickers in the colors of the Saudi flag. The stickers carried an anti-Islamic symbol in place of the Islamic creed, which read: “Islam is a lie, Muhammad is a criminal, the Koran is poison.”

The Netherlands sent top diplomats to Riyadh for talks. In June 2014, Foreign Minister Frans Timmermans wrote in a letter to the Dutch Parliament that Saudi authorities had made clear to Dutch officials that trade restrictions were in place. “Some companies are experiencing no problems, while others are confronted with trade restrictions,” he said, and stated that the Dutch government was doing all it could to resolve the problem. Trade between the two countries amounts to billions of dollars or euros annually.

Some months later, the Dutch authorities decided to prosecute Wilders for making anti-Islamic comments. Did they do so in part because of blackmail from Saudi Arabia? Maybe, maybe not. Unfortunately, some European countries have already internalized the myth of “Islamophobia” and will readily prosecute people making anti-Islamic statements. However, the mere possibility that external pressure from a repressive Muslim dictatorship such as Saudi Arabia may have contributed to an internal legal process in a European country is disturbing.

Geert Wilders is not a president, prime minister or head of state. He is not even a member of the Dutch government. He is merely a politician. Islamic countries such as Saudi Arabia thus want to punish an entire nation for the statements of a single individual. They are thereby treating the entire Dutch nation as dhimmis, non-Muslims submissive to Islamic rule.

Every time a militant Muslim carries out a deadly act of Jihadist terrorism, Muslims are quick to point out that the actions of a single individual should not be used to punish an entire community. What they fail to mention is that this is precisely what traditional Islamic sharia law stipulates for non-Muslims under Muslim rule. If a single dhimmi says or does something that displeases Muslims, this may trigger punishment against his entire community and nation, not just against his person. There is no such thing as an autonomous individual in Arab-Islamic culture. There are only clans and tribes.

In addition to being the location of the Islamic holy cities of Mecca and Medina, Saudi Arabia is also the world’s largest exporter of oil. It is a powerful backer of the Organization of the Islamic Cooperation (OIC). The OIC has a membership of 57 states and is the largest permanent voting bloc at the United Nations (UN). Through the UN and other venues, the Islamic world has for years been pushing for global restrictions on freedom of speech for critics of Islam.

In 2008 Geert Wilders released the short film Fitna, which showed how specific verses from the Koran and other Islamic texts encourage hatred and violence. Then Secretary General Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu of the Saudi-based OIC condemned “in the strongest terms” the release of the film Fitna by the Dutch lawmaker Geert Wilders.

On January 7 2015, two Islamic Jihadist terrorists massacred much of the staff of the French satirical paper Charlie Hebdo in Paris. Those journalists were brutally murdered for creating cartoons that mocked Islam, among many other subjects. On January 11, several million people plus many world leaders met in Paris for a feel-good rally. Je suis Charlie (“I am Charlie”) was a popular slogan. Yet at the same time, Islamic organizations were busy trying to silence those cartoonists the Islamic terrorists did not manage to murder.

Symptomatically, OIC Secretary General Iyad Madani from Saudi Arabia warned that the organization might take legal measures against the magazine Charlie Hebdo for publishing blasphemous cartoons in a special January 14 survivors’ issue, printed in several million copies. “If French laws allow us to take legal procedures against Charlie Hebdo, OIC will not hesitate to prosecute the French magazine,” he said. “This (the publication by Charlie Hebdo) is an idiotic step that requires necessary legal measures,” Madani said while condemning the republication of anti-Islam cartoons. “These cartoons have hurt the sentiments of Muslims across the world,” Madani stated. “Freedom of speech must not become a hate speech and must not offend others,” he added.

If the European leaders who marched arm-in-arm in the streets of Paris had truly believed in freedom of speech, they would have advocated the abolition of blasphemy laws and racism paragraphs in their own countries. They would have championed a European version of the First Amendment to the United States Constitution, protecting free speech. They never did so. Instead, they continue to harass and legally prosecute brave individuals such as Geert Wilders for telling the truth.

The Dutch have not really been leaders of Europe since the Dutch Golden Age in the seventeenth century. Yet in Geert Wilders they have a man who is a leader for all of Europe. He risks his life to confront an Islamic threat that is common to the entire European continent. The Dutch should not prosecute him for telling the truth. They should listen to what he has to say. If they dislike it, they should argue, not sue him.

Je suis Geert.


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28 thoughts on “Are Dutch Authorities Prosecuting Geert Wilders on Behalf of Saudi Arabia and the OIC?

  1. Mr. Wilders is obviously making a name for himself in all the wrong circles!

    I wonder how much influence the Dutch Royal family have toward politics in the Netherlands? Bearing in mind that Prince Bernhardt of the Dutch Royal family was an ardent Nazi who helped bring about the secretive Bilderbergs and that Queen Beatrice had little affection for Geert Wilders during her time on the throne, maybe there is something not quite appreciated of Mr Wilders by the Dutch Royals?

    I have no doubt that the Royal House of Saud has been involved in this prosecution. I just wonder how much influence the Saudis have had on the Dutch Royal family and the decision to prosecute the Churchill of our times.

    • Dutch Patriot can probably expand on this more accurately, but Geert Wilders is not 100% ethnic Dutch.

      The wiki on him is informative:

      I don’t entirely understand this passage

      Wilders was born in the city of Venlo, in the southeast Netherlands. He is the youngest of four children,[19] and was raised Catholic. He was born to a Dutch father and a mother born in colonial Indonesia,[20][21] whose ancestors were Dutch Indonesian.[22][23] His father worked as a manager for the printing and copying manufacturing company Océ,[24] and had remained hidden from the Germans during the Second World War; an experience so traumatizing that he refused to physically enter Germany even forty years later.[25]

      One has to be careful with Wiki entries about political figures on the Right. They are sometimes less than accurate.

      BTW, I’ve been told his bright blond hair is a thumb in the eye to anyone prejudiced against his ethnicity. In the Netherlands, that goes from the monarchy on down…

        • This is confusing:

          His father worked as a manager for the printing and copying manufacturing company Océ,[24] and had remained hidden from the Germans during the Second World War; an experience so traumatizing that he refused to physically enter Germany even forty years later.[25]

          Why did his father have to remain in hiding during the Occupation? Why would he have been a target for the Germans? I didn’t check the footnotes.

          [Definitely OT, but your question (and that statement about his father being in hiding) reminded me of the studies I’ve read on the effects of nutrition in WWII- and/or the lack of it – a subject which has long interested me. Some time ago I ran across this information (can’t find the site where I originally read the information)

          “Cohort Profile: The Dutch Hunger Winter Families Study”

          These “effects” can have generations-long echoes; this is a subject not just for those concerned with physical health but also for forensic cultural anthropologists who are trying to make sense of history and of decisions which might not otherwise make “logical” sense.

          Does anyone know of a meta-study/overview of any or all of the countries whose populace was starved as the result of Germany’s aggression? Like other people, I find that a renascent Germany makes me nervous, especially if they – if Merkel – decides to double team with Putin…

          It’s a complicated subject…I need to follow the red thread out of the labyrinth and well past political correctness into the light of what genuine (NOT p.c.) cultural anthropologists have been able to discover. This definitely has implications for today, for those whose bodies are fat but starving for real nutrients. It is no coincidence that obesity occurs more often among the lower classes. Or, rather, “diabesity” as they’re beginning to call it]

          • Hi Dymphna, I might be able to clear this up from some of my family’s anecdotal history.

            Many youth during the war, my Oma included, were sent to live on farms for safety from bombings and for a more reliable food supply. Apparently this was organised with the Red Cross, though I have only been told these things word of mouth by family. My Opa did not leave, and was taken during his teens to be used as slave labour. He escaped, and returned home to live in hiding. If people were in hiding during the war, it didn’t necessarily imply they were jewish or an ‘other’. People often forget how traumatic the whole thing was for all groups.

            As for the Indonesian blood, there has been a tiny trickle of Indonesians for a few hundred years, so it is very possible, but I think it has also taken on the kind of rumoured descents such as Americans who think they “may have some cherokee” in them. Given his physical appearance (and very dutch stature) if Wilders were of mixed descent it must be very far back.


          • This German-induced starvation was a common Dutch experience. One of the most famous cases was Audrey Hepburn and her family. The father of a Dutch friend of mine wrote a book about his family’s starvation in those years. The family, BTW, being French-Huguenot — in Holland since the late 16th century.

            All these “Jewish grandmother” stories are a totally useless diversion, anyway. Even if true, so what. DNA studies seem to show that Adolf Hitler had some Jewish and African (for my money, Mizrahi-African Jewish) blood, from some generations back. So what?

            Half the royal houses in Europe, including the current issue of Windors are partly Polish, after a common Polish “grandma” of long ago, Julia Hauke, later Princess Battenberg, born as a Pole in Warsaw of a German father and Polish-French mother with, some historians have claimed, Jewish roots. And since Kate Middleton is, by current pundits’ accounts, “Jewish,” how will the issue of Will and Kate be classified? Hmm, there seems to be no doging this one…

            These things are silly. There has been an admixture of all kinds of people in Europe over the last 3000 years, and of Jews for at least 2300. Pretending that one is able to untangle that DNA soup and assign it a psycho-social meaning is laughable

            … Which, BTW, does not mean that the craze of marrying Blacks Arabs and other Muslims that’s currently in vogue is salutary for the future of Europe….

      • Dymphna,

        I have long been aware that some Dutch Leftist academic postulated that Geert Wilders’ political position was driven by his “impure racial ancestry”, ie he was part Indonesian. One of his grandparents was a “Dutch-Indo”, implying he is part Indonesian.

        If one follows the link to Wikipedia you provided we find this from the footnote:

        “In June a genealogist said he had found several Indonesian ancestors of the populist Dutch politician known for his rabid anti-immigrant and anti-Islam ideas. Now anthropologist Lizzy van Leeuwen describes how his roots can be seen as the driving force behind his outspoken views.”

        Lizzy van Leuwen is the aforementioned Dutch Leftist academic about whom it is stated:

        “The conclusion reached by Van Leeuwen is that these [Wilders’ anti-Islam] statements – plus the fact that he dies his hair peroxide blond – are indeed related to his genealogical link to the largest Islamic country.”; and

        “Known for his anti-establishment and anti-immigration politics, Wilders has been calling himself a ‘Dutch freedom fighter’. But given that his mother’s roots lay outside of the Netherlands, Van Leeuwen says a sense of ‘displacedness’ is the recurring, underlying motive in his statements.”

        But here comes the sleight of hand behind Lizzy van Leeuwen’s amateur and tendentious pseudo-psychoanalysis of Wilders:

        “The 6-page article reveals that Wilders’ grandmother, Johanna Ording-Meijer, came from an old Jewish-Indonesian family…”

        So Wilders isn’t, through his grandmother, a “Dutch-Indo” as that term is conventionally understood in Dutch society. Rather his grandmother was Jewish from Indonesia. Shock, horror! I very much doubt, given his pronounced Judeophilia and robust, decades-long, support for Israel, that Wilders is ashamed he had a Jewish grandmother; He’s probably chuffed about it.

        • I was aware of the purported Jewish grandmother. And somewhat familiar with the cranky Lizzy.

          But thanks for showing the ways in which wiki pages on politicians from the Right are not to be trusted entirely.

        • Isn’t the Leftist academic postulation that Geert Wilders’ political position was driven by his “impure racial ancestry” racist – according to the left’s definition?

          • Of course it is! In my experience people on the Left are very often genuinely racist and, being privately ashamed to be so, make up for it by publicly spouting anti-racist rhetoric. When one relative of mine planned to marry a Jewish woman, my oh-so-truculently-vociferously PC schoolteacher sister-in-law took him aside and asked did he understand that his future children would thus be Jewish. He answered: “Yes”. A curmudgeonly old Greek man of my very long acquaintance was notorious when I was a teenager for his “right-wing” or “reactionary” views. When his oldest daughter married a very dark-skinned Sri Lankan he was completely comfortable with it (and his grandchildren). My sister-in-law, on the other hand, would have a conniption if one of her daughters married a dark-skinned man.

            Always remember the unspoken motto of the Left: “Take my advice, I’m not using it!”

      • Hi Dymphna, I might be able to clear this up from some of my family’s anecdotal history.

        Many youth during the war, my Oma included, were sent to live on farms for safety from bombings and for a more reliable food supply. Apparently this was organised with the Red Cross, though I have only been told these things word of mouth by family. My Opa did not leave, and was taken during his teens to be used as slave labour. He escaped, and returned home to live in hiding. If people were in hiding during the war, it didn’t necessarily imply they were jewish or an ‘other’. People often forget how traumatic the whole thing was for all groups.

        As for the Indonesian blood, there has been a tiny trickle of Indonesians for a few hundred years, so it is very possible, but I think it has also taken on the kind of rumoured descents such as Americans who think they “may have some cherokee” in them. Given his physical appearance (and very dutch stature) if Wilders were of mixed descent it must be very far back.


        • It may not be far back at all if it there. I worked with a woman of Dutch-Indonesian descent here in Australia some years back. She was quite tall, definitely very blonde, and blue eyed. And I met her mother, a small, dark Indonesian lady.

          There is enough Dutch blood floating around the Indonesian population that recessives like blond hair and blue eyes can pop up in Euro-Indonesian children.

        • Zac–

          No…not far back. His momma.

          Does (Did) Roman Catholicism flourish in the Netherlands among purely ethnic Dutch or is/was it more likely among the Indonesian enclaves? Catholicism was his family’s religion in the last generation…come to think of it, his parents would turn out to be literally THE last, the final generation to practice any religion in meaningful numbers. Communism and atheism rushed into the vacuum created in all the cultures of Europe as the bombs rained down on their monumentally beautiful cathedrals.

          • The southern provinces of the Netherlands: Noord Brabant and Limburg are historically overwhelmingly Roman Catholic, like Flanders. The north, Protestant. The industrial revolution brought the Catholics into the big Protestant cities like Amsterdam, Rotterdam The Hague and Utrecht.

      • My fellow country-commenters sort of answered your question(s), Dymphna.

        Wilders is of- what we Dutch call: Indo-descent. That’s a brought group to define. In general you can say they are the former rulers of Indonesia. The Netherlands occupied Indonesia for some 400 years. Indo’s are the group with the highest average income in the Netherlands.

        Since the left says mr Wilders is a racist they try to frame him with this: Mr. Wilders paints his hair blond-> Mr.Wilders must be a crypto Arian. His Indonesian roots are also used by the left. Since mr Wilders is not of true Dutch blood (their implications) he must have something to compensate for and thus be a waycist…

        More on topic. Fjordman has a good case about the S.A.involvment in this second political witch hunt by the Dutch government. In the 1973 oilcrisis the Netherlands was among the countries that were hit by a boycot from Opec/ S.A.

        And there is one more reason mr Wilders is being brought to trial now. A couple of weeks ago a member of a Dutch (political correct) Thinktank called Clingendael wrote an artical with the title: Wilders heeft gelijk! (Wilders is right). The article is in Dutch/pdf but google translate is not that bad for it.

        Or maybe mr,Numan can translate it.

        The article is so devastating for what the left thinks and says.. They are rather silent about mr Wilders at the moment.

        • Ad.

          Therefore the Left needs a conviction so bad now. If mr Wilders is convicted for his questions about Maroccan immigration the left is not only saying mr Wilders is a racist. Judges agree with them. And that’s something the left can sell to the uniformed voters they depend on.

          Btw. The Dutch government runs a program to get foreigners out of the Netherland. They want less-less-less Maroccans themselves. And they have written the laws to do just that.

          Maroccans in the Netherlands tend to have two nationalities. Dutch law already says: if a Maroccan- or any person with two nationalities- is convicted for “terrorisme” they can be stripped of their Dutch pass and “deported” to the country they have this other pass from.

          So mr Wilder’s questions to an audience about less Morrocans in the Netherlands are perfectly in line with the political lefties own laws.

        • My basis for understanding Dutch culture is a 2008 essay by Dutch historian Arthur Leggers:

          WHY SPINOZA WAS NOT MURDERED Marts 2008 – Arthur Legger

          If you like to think of Holland as the cradle of free speech and the Enlightenment, don’t read this

          ‘Nobody needs permission beforehand to publish by print
          thoughts or feelings – while taking into consideration
          every person’s responsibility according to the law.’
          (Article 7, Dutch Constitution)

          Again the ruthless reflex sets in. Because that lies at the core of our Dutch character: the social annihilation of the deviating individual –including a neat political murder, every now and then (we never go after a group, that is not done after our very active partaking in the Holocaust).

          The latest news on the chronicle of the death foretold of right wing parliamentarian Geert Wilders, infamous for his bleached haircut from outer space, is that the CEOs of Dutch multinationals fear loss of profit because of Fitna. The Movie. Wilders gained notoriety because of his wish to ban the Koran and his severe criticism of islam in comparison with “our shared Dutch heritage of Humanism and Enlightenment, as it was successfully proclaimed by our highly esteemed Spinoza”. The captains of industry state that Wilders’ movie will prove too critical and, hence, will harm their age-old connections and business in the Arabic world and Indonesia (a former Dutch colony). The highly successful and erudite lawyer Gerard Spong, a very nice fellow from Surinam (independent in 1975), is hired to sue Wilders: “For irresponsibly damaging Dutch interests”. It almost goes without saying that many of these directors, managers and members of the board have been key members of the public service, previous Cabinets included, or will be in future times. The Union of IT Businessmen In The East (FME) strongly seconds their concern: “The real problem is that Wilders’ movie fits a pattern of confrontation: the Danish cartoons; the war in Iraq. The movie might prove to be the straw that breaks the camel’s back” (Intermediair 11, 13 March 2008). “Wilders, don’t do it!” prays Bernard Wientjes, the chairman of the VNO-NCW (Union of Dutch Business). “Surely you know that when it really counts the reverend is always traded for the businessman” (The Volkskrant, 15 March 2008).

          [Reading the whole essay provided a more visceral understanding of the Dutch heart than would have been possible otherwise. For instance, I learned again the inescapable truth (truism?) that our best qualities are always shadowed by their opposite flaws. When I ponder the way the Dutch gave up New Amsterdam as not worth the effort, I see how that mistake must have been an arrow to the heart of the highest Dutch values. And yet, and yet…New York City is shadowed here and there with the ghosts of Dutch commerce. Underneath the Anglo skin and muscle are those Dutch ribs…

          Jewish history in America owes a karmic debt to Dutch tolerance. Without it, the struggle to enter the New World would have been delayed by generations. When no other port on the Atlantic coast would permit entry of that “Jewish” ship, New Amsterdam did so willingly]

          Every country, every culture – and families, right down to their individual components – creates and then maintains its own set of peculiar virtues-and-vices that allow Others to assess them. We say “he’s Italian” and there is a broad consensus within *our* culture about what is contained in those words; that consensus is visceral.

          Mr Leggers says [in 2008]:

          These last few weeks my foreign friends have called and asked me: “What the hell is going on in the Netherlands? How is it possible that so many Dutch politicians favour censorship and lawsuits, and that leading men of opinion openly and repeatedly compare Wilders to Goebbels and Hitler? How is this possible with your tradition of Spinoza?”

          They didn’t like my answer. Nobody likes their academic wet dreams about the 17th century cradle of Enlightenment and Freedom to be disturbed.

          While you’re reading it consider the fate of Gregorius Nekschott:

          Compare and contrast his eventual fate with that of Spinoza…

          As the hymn says, and as Calvin beat us into submitting to the inevitable truth, “we are all of us, miserable sinners”. However, that’s only half the truth. We are also dancers and singers and painters. Some of us are even cunning linguists…[cue lights and music for Arthur Leggers’ most fascinating account of his country]:

          • That’s an accurate description of our “tolerance” and the system we call: the priest and the merchant.
            Our parliamentary system is in control of these 200 families and their politicians. The constitution favors these people.

            One thing has changed. They got away with murder in mr Fortuyn’s case. That night we came very close to an open revolt against their politicians. They know if they touch Wilders? This powder keg will explode. The social contract between them and us will no longer be valid.

            I rather be poor and free than rich and enslaved.

  2. Fjordman may well be correct in his conjecture. If he is, a corollary immediately follows: in order to support Wilders, threaten Dutch economic interests. Inundate Dutch trade commissions, consulates embassies and international businesses (as well as US companies doing business with them) with threats of boycotts, harmful publicity etc. Do the same to Dutch politicians; their e-mails are easy to find. There is no other European country more dependent on international trade and goodwill than the Netherlands.

    The Dutch do business with Israel as well. If Israel were also to apply countervailing pressure it would hurt. Perhaps not quite to the same extent as a threatened Saudi embargo, but it would hurt. If you have any contacts or influence in Israel, use them. Israel has few better friends in Europe than Wilders.

  3. re. Dutch experience/trauma during WW II:

    During a public presentation by Els van Baarle, a Dutch quilter “of a certain age” who remembers 1944-45 as a child, her words went right to the marrow: “The Germans sent off all the men and boys over 12 years to work at the railroads and then didn’t let food come into Rotterdam again.” This meant that children, mothers, and grandparents had no additional food for that winter other than what they happened to have on hand, several years into the war. They *also* had no fuel for heat, whether wood, coal, or oil.

    Ms. van Baarle said that 22,000 people died during the Hongerwinter from starvation and/or hypothermia or both. She didn’t say (nor did we ask, since the focus for most in the audience was her work in hand-dyed batiks) whether these 22,000 people were in Rotterdam alone or throughout the Netherlands. This Wikipedia article ( on the Hongerwinter gives other numbers and says they were Netherlands-wide.

    The referenced sources in that Wikipedia article are worth checking; they were studies conducted by Dutch medical personnel themselves. The long-term, multi-generational effects of the Hongerwinter, in fact, were one of the factors leading to the current field of study called epigenetics.

    If someone had to hide from the Nazis to
    –avoid slavery and, at the same time,
    –avoid being betrayed by neighbors (perhaps betrayal would mean food for the traitor?), *and*
    –eat enough to stay alive without endangering sisters, little brothers, mother, etc.,
    I think it’s entirely understandable that such a person would have a very long-lived fear/dread/hostility/phobia about visiting the land where the Nazis had held such power.

  4. “Je suis Geert”

    I wish I was ! But my courage and readiness for self-sacrifice does not reach the ankles of his.

    “J’admire Geert”

  5. PS: I really would like to tweet this article, but can’t find the twitter button.

    I know, I repeat myself, repeat myself, repeat….;)

  6. Saudi Arabia is blackmailing wealth from the West for the only sellable commodity they have. But this oil will not last forever. Due only to geography their lands will return to semi inhabitable desert as soon as the oil wealth is used up. So they have expanded into the West and are colonising us demographically and culturally – whether our established leaders are aware of this or not.

    • Man won’t those seedy devil worshipping sad Saudies and their lazy legions of Muslims feel betrayed when the Euro masses turn on them with a fury that the traitor class assured them could never happen.

  7. Fortunately the USA (which sits on more oil and gas than Saudi Arabia) is now exporting some of their oil wealth. Obama, the Communist Muslim in the White House, and our clueless “enviromentalist”) are trying to stop the USA from becoming a world player in the energy market. But as Churchill said “you can always count on the Americans to do the right thing – after they have tried everything else.” SO my point is that soon we will be shed of Obama (even some of the left wing media is seeing through him now), and that America will hammer SA and the rest of theses boobs.

    Also there are a lot of elections in the next few months in Europe and I predict that PVV, National Front, and Ukip are going to do very, very well. When Geert Wilders is head of the Dutch government will the left continue to pursue him. I think not.

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