Praying for Omar

The spot on Svanevej in Copenhagen where police shot Omar el-Hussein to death last Sunday morning has become a place of pilgrimage for “Danish” Muslims. “Youths” from the surrounding area have vowed to return to the spot every Friday and pray for their departed comrade.

Many thanks to Liberty DK for translating this article from Jyllands-Posten:

Every Friday from now on we will pray for Omar

Monday’s unofficial commemoration of the alleged assailant, Omar Abdel Hamid el-Hussein, escalated in a very short time. Every Friday from now prayers will be said for him.

Terror in Copenhagen — Nola Grace Gaardmand

42-year-old Bilal Gurleyek kneels down and puts a note on the ground. He puts it in front of the many flowers that passers-by had, throughout the day laid on the ground in front of the place where the 22-year-old Omar Abdel Hamid el-Hussein was shot and killed by police on Sunday night.

On the note Bilal Gurleyek writes that this place will be a meeting place for the country’s many Muslims.

“I put a great distance between myself and his actions, and I have a big problem with Islamists. But I have come here today because he was born a Muslim, and he died as a Muslim and as a Muslim I feel it is my duty to come here and pray for him,” says Bilal Gurleyek who knew the presumed perpetrator, and who will now start a new tradition in Nørrebro’s Northwest district of Copenhagen:

Every Friday he intends to invite other Muslims from the neighborhood to come and pray for Omar Abdel Hamid el-Hussein’s “Muslim soul”. Already, Bilal Gurleyek has spoken with numerous men from the neighborhood, who also intend to make Svanevej a place of prayer every Friday.

We will not distance ourselves

Throughout the whole day the street was teeming with journalists, police and local residents. Some of those present knew the alleged offender, while others just came by to show support for the family of the deceased.

While the vast majority of observers whom Jyllands-Posten spoke with during the day took strong exception to Saturday’s terrorist act, there were other attendees who explicitly did not want to distance themselves from the act:

“Why don’t you distance yourselves from Jews who kill our children and rape our women in Palestine? Why should we Muslims distance ourselves?” said one of those present to Jyllands-Posten before continuing with raised voice and big arm movements, until he finally was yelling very loudly:

“We will not distance ourselves. It is our duty as Muslims to stand together. No, a Muslim does not distance himself from one who loves the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, saws sallam (peace and blessings be upon him, ed.). This man has felt pity for the suffering of Muslims in Palestine, he has a heart of gold. Look, there are lots of flowers — it is proof that people are proud of this man, because he sacrificed his life for what he believed in” he said.

‘Allahu Akbar’

From 4 pm. for half an hour the number of participants more than doubled as a group of thirty young hooded and masked men joined them. Around 4:30 pm, with tempers flaring, they raced from the corner of Nørrebrogade and Svanegade to the spot where the 22-year-old Sunday night was killed.

In one clearly orchestrated movement they gathered the flowers and threw them down the street. This was supposedly because it is against Muslim tradition to lay down flowers at a place where a person has died. Instead they stuck a white sign on the wall whereupon one could read “Rest in peace. May Allah be merciful to you” before they went down on their knees in front of the site of the killing.

With their hands up beside their ears they prayed to God before they together stood up and shouted “Allahu akhbar” with their fists thrust into the air. None of the young men wanted to talk to Jyllands-Posten, but the rumour amongst the observers was that one of the young masked men was the 22-year-old’s brother.

Whether this scene will be repeated every Friday in the future, none of those present would talk with Jyllands-Posten about it. But Bilal Gurleyek is cocksure:

“I definitely think that this will be a new gathering place for Muslims in Copenhagen. And so it should be, because it is our duty to pray for another Muslim,” says Bilal Gurleyek.

Even after what he apparently has done?

“Only Allah can pass judgement on that.”

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36 thoughts on “Praying for Omar

  1. Keeping letting the savages into your country you Eurozombies. Tolerance ueber alles, even at the price of your lives.

    • If the members of this mob were like the perpetrator, they were born and raised in Denmark of “immigrant” parents. However, neither their parents nor they themselves have lifted a finger to become Danish in outlook or behavior. QED.

    • And please, Eurozombies, keep prattling on about how Muslims are “just as British [or French, or Swedish, or Danish] as I am”; keep sneering at those “vicious right-wing Islamaphobes who DO NOT represent my country”… while you concoct some reason to move out of your neighborhood when you see Muslims move in. “Oh, I’m not racist or Islamophobic, I just… um… don’t like my apartment anymore.”

    • Caroline…
      Have you looked at our southern border lately? It’s crawling with these “savages”…and there are plenty of zombies to go around on the North American continent.

      The U.S. is even now dying of the toxic tolerance of the Left…

      Please don’t.

    • Most people don’t want them, the fact is the state and the political elites are the ones pushing it here in the U.S. and Europe.

      The Muzzies are aggressive because they have state sanction to do as they please for the most part. If the natives get a bit chesty and protest like PEGIDA, EDL or BNP they are demonized by the state’s organs(the MSM, professional counter protesters, jailed, etc). So many learn to keep their head down. Not so much fear of the Muzzies but from local magistrate and police.

      But it is a very dangerous game the state is playing. Muslims are not content with the loner jihad attack. Sooner or later the jihadis will escalate their attacks, probably getting into the infrastructure which can bring down a city. When that happens, fear will be something the elites will know.

      • That is exactly what has already happened. The unassimilable Muslims have penetrated every level of society they need to in order to take out anyone and anything they want a la carte. Obama. It’s all been said. Meanwhile go through a British airport like London, Birmingham or Manchester and a joker would say you are now entering a planet of the apes – a work in progress. We are busy chopping up our once stable countries into a post colonial Africa. Let’s hope we hit the wall sooner or later so than some kind of sane reconstruction can start.

  2. This report refers to “a group of thirty young hooded and masked men (en gruppe på 30 unge, hætteklædte, maskerede mænd)”. Thirty men wearing masks that conceal their identity? I can understand the hoods, as a way to keep warm, but why the masks? The accompanying news photo shows no such group, and no such masks.
    And can anyone cite an aya or hadith to the effect that “it is our duty to pray for another Muslim”? Are infidels exempt from this duty?

  3. ” We will not distance ourselves”

    In other words, we are not afraid of you, indigenous cowards. We have discovered over the last 50 years how you think and how you behave. You can’t hurt us, deport us, you invited us in the name of being nice but we don’t respect the weak people. We will celebrate those who murder you in your face, under your noses and you cannot arrest us put us in planes and ship us to where we came from because others, heart-bleeders, NGOs, the Opposing Parties, Naive Humanists, UN, …. will all blame you and defend us. We thrive because you are against each other.

    Your rulers are liars… they lie to you day and night, and most of you don’t know … that’s why we thrive.

    After coming coming here we discovered that most western people and countries hate the Jews. They talk about human rights, but those human rights, to our relief are not extended to the Jews. That ‘s why we muslims thrive.

    Your stupidity is unlimited, our mocking of you is unlimited, and you can’t do anything. We turn your churches into mosques, you lavish welfare money on us, and if you refuse you know what we do, burn your cities, so you don’t even think of that, we cry Allahu akber on planes, disrupt traffic when we pray on the streets, to show our strength, we frig you in every way, and you accept that with you heads down, and justify you cowardice “muslims are also part of us and they are here to stay.” The truth is that you dare not take a measure because we know how to burn everything.

    • To me thats about it. It looks like we are headed helter skelter for the planet of the apes. Obama with his Muslim Brotherhood hoodlums is taking the US down unopposed. Is anyone watching him? Are there any checks and balances? Euroland has gender issues.

    • By collecting every Friday at this site, I would think they would be worried about communicable diseases.

  4. The [redacted]-> Muslims are all full of bravado when they congregate in numbers – and that is their general style for infidel intimidation. However, it has been my experience that when the [redacted]-> Muslim is alone and faced with a determined police officer who knows exactly how [redacted]->Muslims operate, the bravado is kept well in check, and even to the extent that some of them actually displayed real fear.

    • Actually, one on one, it has been my experience and the experience of a myriasd of others – that they are complete and utter cowards. They simply do not know what to do when infidels strike back directly at ‘the best of peoples’.

  5. Someone open up a snackbar selling bacon sandwiches on the site,or just leave lots of rashers of best danish back lying about for the scumbags

    • You just brought back a family memory. My ancestors (Ireland) used to travel to Denmark to learn how to process hog meat into decent bacon. Who knew that would be a badge of honor? Or sure death, depending on how it goes.

  6. The problem is that politicians in a democratic pluralistic country will always let in anyone who seems like they’ll vote for those politicians. For example, Obama is intentionally allowing massive illegal immigration from/through Mexico because most of them are Marxists who will vote for anyone who promises to give them free stuff and as a result they’ll vote for democrats. Even without citizenship, some percentage will commit voter fraud (no doubt “in pursuit of justice” because that always justifies all sorts of fraud) which in some cases is sufficient to affect the outcome of an election. The democrats will of course do anything they can to enable this fraud because the fraud will be in their favor. (Now that voter ID laws are getting passed, suddenly it’s really important to make sure illegal immigrants can get IDs.)

    The truth is that if illegal immigrants from Mexico were believed to be the sort who would vote for Republicans, Obama would be laying land mines along the border and doing everything he could to keep them out regardless of what “race” they were. Executive orders would be issued to round up and deport as many existing illegal immigrants as possible, etc.

    (Cuban refugees will mostly vote for Republicans, after all they’ve faced the consequences of Democrat Marxism first hand. So you can bet that if there were a mass exodus of Cuban refugees to the us that Obama would be doing everything he could to keep them out. Propping up the Cuban government is undoubtedly related to this.)

    I suspect something similar to this is happening in Europe. Immigrants make great political slaves if you can keep them impoverished and dependent on government thus forcing them to vote for whoever promises to give them free stuff.

    We need more awareness of what’s actually going on here from a political systems perspective because it constitutes a serious problem just by itself even without the involvement of Islam.

    • Is this a “stop-Islamization” site, Gates of Viena? or a neo-nazi site?
      What is all this about Mexicans Cubans etc???
      Only [epithets] here, what a disappointment!!

      • No, he’s simply stating unpopular facts. The Left side of the political class is bringing in Hispanics(here in the U.S.) the same way it’s Europe is importing Muslims – because both know they will support Marxists who will give them loads of free goodies.

        Hollande in France is a case in point, he owes his position to Muslims supporting Communists.

        Democrats in America import Hispanics for the same purposes – to achieve political power.

        Both become political slaves to the dominant political party class because of their dependence on patronage. Though long term the Muzzies won’t be content with being slaves.

        If incoming illegal Hispanics voted Conservative the borders would be closed to them and many here would simply be given the boot. This is the reality of it.

        • No comparison to what is happening in Europe, such generalizations only take you to wrong conclusions….or the intention was just wrong from the start.
          No way you can compare a Muslim with a Mexican, I prefer Mexicans a million times!!
          In my case, as you can see by my name, I’m a Jew who’s grandparents escaped Europe JUST before the war and fortunately came to be born in this wonderful country named Mexico.
          And I thank life everyday for it instead of being born in Europe and having to think on moving yet AGAIN (shameful for EU!!)
          Actually, there aren’t ANY Muslims in this place…and in relation to Mexicans themselves they are pretty good people comparing to many….and about all of them being Marxists that’s just ridiculous!!
          Actually Mexican/Americans were supporting Mc Cain and not Obama and they were behind Bush as we’ll….inform yourself.

          • I’m very glad to see a Mexican in our comments, albeit one of Northern European extraction…I don’t think ethnic Mexicans – either the fully Spanish or the mixed mestizo would ever read our website.

            I like how tough Mexico’s visa limits are and how difficult it is to settle there. I’d be happy to have those same laws applied here.

            OTOH, Mexico’s economy would wither without that whole economy of remittances coming in from the US. Much the same way many Indonesian countries would contract without the wages from its indentured citizens serving in MENA. Both systems aren’t a form of indentured servitude, not far from outright slavery – as we often see in news stories out of Saudi Arabia. The Arabs’ refusal to get their hands dirty will eventually be their downfall, though the system has functioned for a thousand years.

    • Cuban refugees after 1980 could care less about politics. I’d dare say that they would vote Democratic instead. I am a refugee from the class of 1961 and my friends from that era in Miami constantly complain about them. They come here for economic reasons only and travel to Cuba and back all the time. I know a musician nicknamed “El Negro” (he is white) who asked for political asylum in Italy in the 90’s, came to the U.S, was given rave reviews and played with some big names and now he’s back in Havana where he bought an apartment near the U.S embassy. And there is this fellow (Gilbert Man), a “reggaeton” performer who committed credit card fraud in Florida, fled with the dough and just recently, because of the opening of “relations”, was busted by the Cuban interior ministry in an FBI type sting. If this change in policy had not taken place, you betcha that this guy would still be living it up down there. Google Gilbert Man and a Billboard article will be at the top of the list. His arrest was filmed and is on Youtube under “Video completo del arresto de Gilbert Man” in case you want to see the Cuban security services in action. S.O.B’s arresting another S.O.B. I don’t trust anyone that came over from my country after 1980. And now I hear that the Iranians want to build a “Mesquita” there? Good Lord! I don’t know if THAT will go over there. Also, many children of exiles from the 60’s and 70’s, voted Dem in the last elections including my daughter.

  7. Apropos to the Gates of Vienna idea, zoom out to the big picture – what will people discern, looking back a hundred years from now. They will read that Europe, with the notable exception of Denmark, spent the first half of the 20th century murdering or chasing out all its peaceful and productive Jews, and the second half of the century willingly replacing them with hostile Moslems. Of course, by then Islam may rule Europe and history will be rewritten by them.

    • Or the miniscule (less than 500) Muslim minority will be persisting with their futile and extremely polite requests for “compensation”.

  8. Apropos to the Gates of Vienna idea, zoom out to the big picture – what will people discern, looking back a hundred years from now. They will read that Europe, with the notable exception of Denmark, spent the first half of the 20th century murdering or chasing out all its peaceful and productive Jews, and the second half of the century willingly replacing them with hostile Moslems. Of course, by then Islam may rule Europe and history will be rewritten by them.

  9. Are the muslims laying flowers in memory of the murderer the “moderate muslims” we keep hearing about? Who knows what other muslim depradation and evil they understand and/or approve of? The chance that these people will assimilate and see things the way Danes see them is slight. They’ll never adopt Danish values.

  10. Me thinks the “youths” have it wrong. Raping in the Middle East is the Islamist practice not the Israelis. And if anyone is oppressing the “Palestinians” it is other “Palestinians,” Fatah and Hamas in particular.

    And do you guys mean Jews can’t live in the land of Israel. Muslims must control everything? How about this, Islam packs up and leaves conquered Africa. Start with Sudan where you guys murdered at least 2 and 1/2 million blacks. Yes that is Darfur and before that South Sudan. Some of us haven’t forgot that. Then we will discuss whatever your problem is with Israel. At least you won’t stink of hypocrisy then.

    And by the way were you guys or your older brothers and fathers and mothers out in the streets protesting the Muslim murders of blacks then, or don’t Black Lives Matter to you.

    Is it possible you are the biggest racists on the planet? Here’s one vote for yes.

    Try discussing the murders and slavery of native populations in Africa (that means blacks fellows, (you know ‘abid, slaves – the derogatory word for blacks) next Friday when you put flowers or notes down for your Muslim “brother.”

  11. Dymphna:
    “I’m glad to see a Mexican abeight one of North European origin ….”??
    No thanks.!!!!!…. youk!!
    I’m an Hebrew you know… Yes…One of thouse…..
    And we’ll never be back, my friend, and when the last one of us lives European soil, then Europe is dumed….
    ……[insulting and offensive anti-European anti-Christian statements redacted].

    • So you’re a Mexican Jew whose family originated in Europe. And now you want to sit on your pity pot and shout imprecations at everyone because they fail to realize your suffering or the evil your family experienced.

      News flash, Sergio: the genocide carried out on the Jews was not the first OR the worst the world has experienced. Some idjit once donated to our blog and then wanted his money back because he’d just noticed our “We Stand with Israel” symbol on the sidebar. You know why he doesn’t like “your” people?? Because when Moses reached the Promised Land they cleansed the land of all the Canaanites. His ignorance is almost as gob-smacking as your impotent hatred of people you’ve never seen.

      Consider this your last warning. Either contribute something of value to these comments or vamos. You have added neither warmth nor light with your vitriol.

      People like you, filled with vitriol, eat up your own insides. For shame.

  12. No pity at all I told you I live in the best country and I love it.
    My objection was on the comments someone made about Mexicans witch I find full of prejudice.
    To relate that issue with the one of the emigration of (mostly) Muslims to the EU I find misleading and based on wrong assumptions.
    To say that the Mexican economy will fall apart without the money of the emigrants to US is “too simple” a statement, and in fact false.
    I accept I acted a little impulsive and I regret it.
    A friend of Israel is my friend, that’s all I care about, my resentment is not with the past but with the very real PRESENT. Not many friends of Israel or the Jews nowadays as you might have noticed.
    So have a good day and accept my apologies.

  13. If you are not publishing my apologies, be so kind to at list delete my last comments from witch I already retracted.
    And…I never made any “anti-Christin” remarks, it is dishonest from you to say that (next to my comments).

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