A Troubling Past

Yet another “American” imam has given the Quebec government heartburn. A fellow named Siraj Wahhaj — who is alleged to be a co-conspirator in the first World Trade Center attack in 1993 — was scheduled to speak to an audience at Islamic Relief Canada in Brossard, a suburb of Montreal. The brand of cultural enrichment preached by Mr. Wahhaj proved to be to rich for the authorities’ blood, and the event was cancelled.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for subtitling this news video:

Below is an article on the same topic from TVA Nouvelles in Quebec, as translated by CB Sahsenka:

Another Event with a Controversial Imam Cancelled

By Pierre-Olivier Zappa

After the Shariah Academy of North America was forced to change its plans this past weekend, it was the turn of Islamic Relief Canada, a charity, to cancel its event with an imam who has a disturbing past.

A decision that comes after J.E. (TVA’s investigative reporting) report on religious radicals invited to preach in the Montreal area.

This time it was a conference that was supposed to be held on Saturday at the mosque in Brossard, to be led by a controversial imam from the United States, Siraj Wahhaj.

The organizers confirmed to TVA News that the event is cancelled, mainly because of J.E.’s findings.

We learned that this imam has a disturbing past: he is deemed by the FBI a co-conspirator of the first World Trade Center attack in 1993. However, he was never charged.

Many of his speeches and sermons are about the U.S. government, which he considers to be the real terrorist that must be fought.

He also believes that Muslims should refuse to integrate into the host society, and instead impose their own customs.

The imam was supposed to appear in Brossard by invitation of Islamic Relief Canada, a charity that has received a grant of $1.5 million from the federal government.

Video transcript:

00:00   There’s been development following last Friday’s JE report on the presence,
00:05   in Montreal, of several radical elements, both are Islamist and Jewish radicals.
00:11   And there is a new development which you have now been informed of.
00:15   Yes, Paul, after the Shariah Academy of North America was forced to change its plans
00:19   last weekend in the Montreal Outremont borough, well now we learn
00:23   that another organization, Islamic Relief Canada, decided to cancel an event
00:27   that was going to be held this Saturday in Brossard, on the South shore of Montreal.
00:31   That was going to host a controversial imam. The one you see on the screen,
00:36   Siraj Wahhaj, from Brooklyn, New York, in the United States,
00:41   who planned on giving a conference. However, after the revelation by JE last Friday,
00:45   the organization decided to cancel the event.
00:49   Who is Siraj Wahhaj? Well, we showed you that has a troubling past. He is considered, Paul,
00:54   by the FBI, as one of the co-conspirators of the first attack against the World Trade Center in 1993.
01:04   Although he has never been charged, authorities suspect and we have also revealed in this report
01:09   some excerpts from sermons he talks that suggest Mr. Wahhaj
01:14   has a radical discourse, and in particular he describes the US government as terrorist,
01:18   a terrorist organization that must be fought.
01:23   He also invites Muslims living in the West not to respect the customs and traditions of their host society.
01:28   In light of these revelations, Islamic Relief Canada, a charitable organization
01:33   that is subsidized by the federal government
01:37   chose to terminate the contract binding them to the imam and cancel the event.
01:42   An event in which 700 people were expected to attend in Brossard this Saturday.
01:48   It will therefore not take place, Paul. — Pierre-Olivier Zappa with the JE team. Pierre-Olivier, thank you!

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  1. Now taking bets on what Obama and the Muslims will do or [vulgar verb] next. A WW3 might galvanize or pulverize the EU Tower of Babel. We need a movie director like Mel Brooks to make a movie like Blazing Saddles that would explain all this? Woody Allen shares too much in common with the imams.

  2. Islamic “charities” receive taxpayer funds?
    Surely Canadians must put an end to this.
    Islamic law obliges one eighth part of zakat, “alms”, to go to Jihad.

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