The BBC, Dishonesty, and the Jews of Paris

The following BBC News report about the plight of Jews in Paris contains an exceptionally dishonest segment — not exceptional for the Beeb, just among news reports in general.

Halfway through the report the producers have inserted a clip from the archives to illustrate the “growing anti-Semitism” in France. The segment is taken from footage of a neo-Nazi march that took place last year (if I recall correctly). A number of MSM outlets seized on it eagerly at the time — “At last! Some non-Muslim Jew-haters! Now we can report on rising anti-Semitism in France!”

It’s typical of the BBC to use this as the only example of Jew-hatred in France, as if Muslim mobs had not attacked synagogues. As if a mujahid had not murdered four Jews at a school in Toulouse. As if a disciple of the Islamic State had not just taken hostages and murdered four Jews in a kosher supermarket.

In contrast, repulsive as they were, the neo-Nazi marchers did not attack any Jews. However, at the BBC, the truth is cast aside in service of The Narrative.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for uploading this video and annotating it with his commentary:

15 thoughts on “The BBC, Dishonesty, and the Jews of Paris

  1. It’s good that you highlight the BBC in this way. It has to be done. The MSM is complicit.

  2. In “What is a Caliphate? In 90 seconds”, the BBC set out the Caliphate’s terms: “Religious minorities must: Pay tax Convert Or leave”. There is NO MENTION of “or be killed”.
    When the figure of over 5,000 Jihad killings in November was produced (jointly with the BBC World Service) the news broadcast announced it as more than 800 deaths in Afghanistan, please go to the website for more information, this to an audience that includes many not on the internet.

  3. It looks like the Jews are going to be sacrificed for the sake of the Leftist agenda. First we saw that in France where the Communist government let feral Muzzies beat and shoot Jews with no fear of reprisals from the government.

    Now we have the beeb whitewashing attacks on Jews by Muslims and blaming some moronic Neo-Nazis.

    This reeks of throwing people under the bus.

    If I were a European Jew, I’d make sure my passport is in order. Because it’s clear the ruling regimes are preparing to sacrifice their people for the agenda.

    And after them, who will be the next sacrificial offering to Islam?

    • France locked Dreyfus up in the notorious Devil’s Island for 5 Years even though they knew he was not guilty (Esterhazy was, but then he was one of the ‘boys’).

      To have admitted that Dreyfus was innocent would mean the government having to make a public climb-down and lose a lot of ‘face’.

      To admit that Multiculturalism is a disaster would also mean a loss of ‘face’ for a whole raft of professional politicians. Better the Jews be encouraged to leave……..

  4. On the flip side is the great care taken to highlight a handful of Muslims in the “unity” rallies, as well as the genuinely heroic (nominal?) Muslims in the story. “Look! Islam is not a problem! Muslims are just like any other French people!”

  5. Imagine being a poor sap who believes in the BBC’s narrative! Jews leaving France in record numbers because of a solitary small Neo-Nazi march – I think not! Why doesn’t the, oh so “concerned”, BBC ask a sample of French Jews why they are leaving for Israel? Because they wouldn’t like the answers they’d get. I truly wonder how BBC staff manage to sleep: the breathtaking dishonesty, obfuscation, misrepresentation.

  6. It is not exactly honest of the BBC to refer to “the prophet Mohammed”, not a description appropriate to the majority of its viewers. So many reporters and presenters are doing so that it looks like imposed policy. There can be no objection to “Islam’s prophet Mohammed”.

    • I agree Michael and have made the same point elsewhere.Last week after the shootings one or two BBC reporters did indeed use the phrase “the prophet of islam”. They’ve clearly been censured.

  7. This sort of stuff is entirely what is all about. There is a piece on their now about anti-Semitism at the Beeb titled ‘Tim Wilcox’ – quite appalling when you watch it.

    • Yes, I would say so. The “poor” Palestinians, the BBC guy has to make that clear and uses his guest with less than fluent English to get that in.

    • I’ve just watched this- excellent, and indeed balanced. Also Douglas Murray was less obnoxious than sometimes, and the more effective for it.

  8. Yes as an American, with ancestors descended from AustriaHungary, the News should call Mohammad, “Islams Prophet”, he is not a prophet for Jews or Christians.

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