Geert Wilders: The West is at war and should de-Islamize

The PVV just released this statement:

The assassinations of ten journalists and two policemen today in Paris serve as a warning to all the countries in the free world. We are at war. Charlie Hebdo was under police protection following numerous threats because of its outspoken criticism of Islam. Despite the protection by the police, terrorists were able to murder their opponents.

Western governments have to realize that we are at war. We should no longer show any respect for an ideology that rejects our fundamental values. The only way to defend our democratic values and fundamental freedoms is to start the de-Islamization of our societies.

Geert Wilders: “We have to close our borders, reinstate border controls, get rid of political correctness, introduce administrative detention, and stop immigration from Islamic countries. We must defend ourselves. Enough is enough.”

17 thoughts on “Geert Wilders: The West is at war and should de-Islamize

  1. I’d like to hear from those with knowledge of the political equation in France whether, based on this attack, Hollande is likely to be replaced by Marine LePen in the near future. High probability? Low?

    • She might actually win the first round but will always be defeated in the second round. Only a 50+ percent victory in round one will make her president but that is almost impossible. Even after the very islamic events we saw today in Paris.

      In a second round the left wingers will go out and vote for the UMP candidate in this case mr; Sarkozy.

      This scenario unfolded in the 2002 French presidential elections.

      • TDP,

        I’m not so sure that the 2002 French presidential election process and result will be replicated in 2015.

        These are my reasons:

        1. The French have since experienced 13 more years of Islamization replete with 3 very recent “lone wolf” Islamic murder events. And the Merah quintuple murders in Toulouse.

        2. It was Marine le Pen’s father, not her, who was the presidential candidate in 2002. She is more photogenic, female and untainted by her dad’s, much exaggerated, “anti-semitic” views.

        3. For all his encouraging rhetoric, Sarkozy did nothing meaningful or effective on the anti-Islamization of France. This is recognized.

        4. The Socialist mayor of Marseilles asked for the French army to help police his out of control city – wracked by Kalashnikov-wielding, competing Muslim drug-lord gangs. His unprecedented request was refused. This did not escape the notice of middle of the road French people who would have despised Jean-Marie Le Pen. And any Frenchman with half a brain can see that the Marseilles scenario, where the Paris government abandons a major city to Islamic gangsters, will be only the first of many.

        5. Charlie Hebdo was a leading, hugely popular with the under 50’s, publication of the Left. Much of the British intelligentsia in the 1980’s, publicly “hated” Margaret Thatcher because that was de rigeur in their socio-educational milieux, but in the secrecy of the ballot box they voted for her. Novelists David Lodge and Martin Amis have both commented on this phenomenon. Many young educated French leftists will now be so appalled by the vicious Islamic slaughter of Hebdo – it is now defunct – that they will, I predict, quietly vote for Marine Le Pen. And then deny it.

  2. In this instance, Mr Wilders speaks for me. We cannot and must not continue to show tolerance to the intolerant. Islams lickspittles on the left HAVE to be called on their support for this disgraceful situation. Nazism has been driven out, so must Islam be.

    Innocent peoples lives are at stake.

  3. That’ll be the day. When white wake up.

    I’m not going to hold my breath though.

    Whites for the most part aren’t stupid, but they have been heavily brain dirtied. Not brain “washed”.

    They have been conditioned to be passive and lethargic when it comes to being more alert to their future based on past events that are indicative of future results.

    Muslims are out to get them. You’d they’d know by now, but unfortunately you can’t just only tell them once, not even twice, but you’d have to commit to explaining the situation again and again and again until they understand it. But even then, they might not move to action. It’s sad.

    • Whites? Let’s not go there. I think we are more concerened about worldview here than ethnic origin.
      Islam is a violent worldview. It is not just a religion, but rather a religious system that is the glue that ties together a whole political, financial, social, legal and military system .
      We must remain welcoming to immigrants from “non-white” countries who either share a judeo-christian worldview, or are at least willing to adapt themselves to it, and respect it. I don’t hear about problems with Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Filipino, Vietnamese etc, nor with Sikhs and Hindus and others.
      Islam is the problem, and Wilders is right that political correctness must be thrown out the window, along with every remaining vestige of Antonio Gramsci’s poison of cultural Marxism.
      I have no problem with an outright end to Islamic immigration, and the deportation of all who have been found in any way to sympathize with the radicals. Straight back to the Sharia state from whence they came.
      And yes, border controls must be re-instated, as the current European structure permits anyone to travel anywhere within the EU without presenting a passport, once they are in.,

    • Truth is that the majority of our populations are too immersed in TV reality shows to actually notice what is happening around them. Nor do they tend to read newspapers and even if they did they wouldn’t be told much about the threats to their very existence.
      Another problem is that people become inured to the dangers. I well remember, in the 50s and 60s. living under the threat of nuclear war. In those days we did acknowledge the threat and were frightened – but we just got on with life.
      I also remember working in the City of London for a few years in the 1990s. There were police with machine guns at every entrance to the Square Mile (IRA threat). At first it bothered me but eventually I hardly even noticed them but remained aware of the threat. In my small village and countless others in the UK these threats are still meaningless because they are not immediate; are not apparently in the vicinity; are rarely publicised; the religion of any person is rarely apparent (apart form burkhas and those silly nightshirts). To top it all every world politician declares that islam is a “religion of peace” – a clear oxymoron.

  4. Hurrah for Geert Wilders and all the others who “get it.” The sooner they can be thrown out of office the better, the sooner the EU is disbanned the better. While I’m wary of Ms. Le Pen as the NF is not exactly my cup of tea she and the NF is patriotic and that goes a long way.

    Even a dumb girl like me knows that Islam is evil, dangerous, and ought to be at a minimum evicted. But these liberal elites cannot seem to get enough of it.

  5. Sorry, pushed the button too soon. I meant that the sooner the pantywaist elites – who just want to give the Muslims and Islam more and more opportunities – are thrown out of office so that national heroes, like Geert Wilders, can take over and rid their countries of Islam and Islamic influences.

  6. Alright, stop with the [activity of lesser intelligence] about liberal elites. This, and all other manner of [derogated expressions of opinion], erodes any hope we have of changing minds. The very real threat, indeed, the declaration of permanent war that is Islam since its founding, must be resisted and stopped using the best of our selves, not the worst. Let’s defeat them by being a lot smarter. This is easy to do in the case of Islam.

    Certainly there is great resistance in Europe to anything that seems at all like a return to the totalitarian political philosophies of the 20th century, let alone weeping calls for white supremacy. But of course! Racism and ignorance are weaknesses, not strengths, and to seek refuge in them is not a solution, it is a panic reaction. Worst, it means we become just like the terrorists, brandishing lies and calling for violence.

    A healthy resistance to fascism is essential to our peace and freedom. It is precisely by demonstrating that Islam is ***fascist*** that everyday people across Europe can be brought to understand that this is no religion teaching peace, but a mish-mash of tribal nonsense that threatens all with its idiocy.

    Our goal must be to squarely place Islam in the criminal docket, accused of and prosecuted for its crimes. Islam is an open death threat to all, by its own admission. This itself is illegal; it contradicts all that is democracy. It is a hate crime, and promoting Islam must be seen as an ignorant, hate-filled act of extreme betrayal to all that is honest and good. It is an attack on modernity.

    There is no way – none at all – that the views expressed in the comments above will ever prosper. You will never win an election and hold national power in the EU. Not as long as you allow the weakness of doubt to lead you to abandon the Western intellectual tradition. Stand strong and firm for the core values of truth, justice and equality under the law. Islam contradicts all of these, and soon enough we can convince the world this is no religion to be respected, but the code of a band of criminals.

    It will be a long battle, but we will prevail. We will expose the liars for their deceit; uncover their dirty plots; demonstrate that there is no moderate Islam, only lies; and show the world that Islam is a tribal sickness typical of the ignorance that reigned millennia ago, the worshipping of a grotesque idol-god that consents to all manner of evil in the name of the tribe.

    Notice that once it is broadly recognized by society that Islam has indeed issued a very real and permanent death threat to us all, we can then show that the right to self-defense applies. From that point forward, the hesitance to call evil by name and confront it should dissipate, and we will be able to eliminate the false impression that Islam deserves classification as a religion. It is a political philosophy. That is its weakness, that is where we can tear it apart, conceptual limb from limb, with implacable reason and unyielding commitment to our own values.

    • “Certainly there is great resistance in Europe to anything that seems at all like a return to the totalitarian political philosophies of the 20th century”

      Sorry to say, but this is qualified [bovine effluvia]. There have been a great, almost choleric and sometimes comical resistance against the rise of one of the totalitarian political philosophies of the last century, namely nazism. Not that I would want to see it rise again, but the concerted effort to “n-n-never let it happen again”, even though there is absolutely no chance it will, is what gives you a spinal reaction as soon as someone mentions the word “white”, get pictures of swasticas and concentration camps though your mind, and automatically assumes he’s talking about some white supremacism.

      There have been almost no resistance at all against the other evil totalitarianism, communism. In fact, even though the Soviet bloc fell, it is still very much in fashion, especially among left wing intellectuals who are the ones sitting at the newspapers and TV stations nowadays. We all know that their “intentions where good”, don’t we?

      And if it where not for these people, we would never find ourselves in this position in the first place. They have never had to make up with their past atrocities. So, I suggest you go all rabid when someone makes any type of (cultural) marxist remark, and make them complicit in the millions of people (twice or three times those of Hitler) killed by Lenin, Stalin and their lackeys.

      • Actually, you are confusing state ownership of all production – communism – with socialism. Because these two terms get easily conflated, especially given the name of the old USSR, many get confused.

        Not surprised; socialism is another set of car keys the 1% uses to get the feeble-minded to vote against their own interests. The slaughters you mention occurred when those holding ideas lost the ability to see their frailty and limits, as they confused mere theory with absolute truth.

        This truculent attitude of unquestioning self-righteousness is typical of ALL who mistake dogma for truth. Muslims, political fanboys, weak-minded people with low self-esteem looking for an easy way to be somebody: same pool of sorry losers. Don’t join them.

        For the record, as an American in Europe, I cut my teeth arguing with leftists who spout silly propaganda for the last 40 years. I have been jailed by Franco’s Catholic fascists, too. Been there, done that. Time for you to grow a pair and read books.

    • Best idea, all free countries need it. May the great and loving God in heaven bless you.

  7. I am convinced that our political elites have been bought up and paid for with petro dollars. Their reactions over the coming days will give weight to this.

    I notice that only one report I have read so far refers to catoons of the muslim prophet mohammed – Fox News as I recall. All the others refer to the prophet mohammed. Is he YOUR prophet? He sure as hell isn’t mine.

    In the UK we can end this as early as the May general election. Do not vote conservative, labour or lib dem. Then let’s see what happens.

    • Peter on January 8, 2015 at 4:54 am said: “I am convinced that our political elites have been bought up and paid for with petro dollars. Their reactions over the coming days will give weight to this.”

      I tend to agree. In fact, if you track the habits of top political figures and the very wealthy, you will find they all consort together, worldwide. This is nothing new, and has really always been true. Just look at what the Hong Kong executive said about disallowing democracy: they do not let the poor vote in order to protect “minorities”: the 1%. It’s all the same at the top: money and power are the raison d’etre.

      But we should not confuse the real tendency of everyone to promote their own interests with a global conspiracy. What we have today is a global goofball notion that Islam is a religion, and that makes it peaceful. Baloney.

      Many people in the West are accustomed to associating the term “religion” with a creed or belief that promotes peace and harmony, apart from identifying a deity to worship. This is what has so many confused: Islam promotes none of this (well, until all are subdued and “harmoniously” obeying).

      We must provide the general public with the tools needed to perceive Islam for exactly what it does and teaches. Make no mistake: there are apologists in Islam hard at work at denying the obvious, making the public hesitate. They employ double-speak: “tolerance” isn’t what we mean, for them it means to accept all they say, and disrespect anything else, especially our own ideas. They will attempt to tie our hands with our own words, accusing us of their own real faults. This is why any effort to resist Islam cannot possibly succeed if it is inspired on anything but the best of our intellectual traditions.

      Ridiculous absolutism is using our hard-won freedoms to cloak its lies and objectives; time to fight, but with clear thinking and superior knowledge. Islam can only melt in the face of reason. Indeed, what astounds is just how silly, stupid and brain-dead Islam is. Ridicule, ridicule, ridicule, in solidarity with Charlie Hebdo. Let’s not stop until people are too self-respecting to believe to such obvious idiocy.

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