“A Totalitarian System is Taking Root”

Riposte Laïque and Résistance Républicaine are two of the most prominent grassroots organizations that resist the Islamization of France. Last Sunday (January 18) they had scheduled a rally in Paris in support of PEGIDA, and using the PEGIDA model. A few days before the event (that is, after the Charlie Hebdo massacre) the authorities ordered that the demo be cancelled.

Below is a portion of a news conference that was held in place of the rally. The speaker is Christine Tasin, the leader of Résistance Républicaine.

Many thanks to Oz-Rita for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Transcript (times are from the original, longer video of the press conference):

00:00   Parts of a European Press Conference
00:04   18 January 2015 Paris
02:25   Christine Tasin, Director of Resistance Republicaine
03:41   How can we be accused of inciting
03:45   hatred when we simply ask that the terrorists/jihadists
03:49   not be our neighbours, or child-care workers
03:54   in the social services etc.?
03:58   We don’t get it. The judges (last week) agreed with us,
04:02   but, apparently, the Chief of Police [Bernard] Boucault,
04:06   under a direct order from and intervention by the Interior Minister Casseneuve,
04:10   has decided to issue a new ban
04:14   on our demonstration, by finally accusing us of
04:18   being Islamophobes. So it is clear
04:22   that the ban imposed on us this time
04:26   is nothing less than
04:30   an prohibition on criticism of Islam.
04:34   This is very serious. I believe we are at a historic turning point.
04:38   Here you have a Minister of the Republique
04:42   who via his Chief of Police does the same thing
04:46   as the terrorists who killed at Charlie Hebdo,
04:50   and who killed at the Kosher grocery store the next day, namely
04:54   impose by fear, by terror in one case,
04:58   by fear and censure in the other,
05:02   the prohibition on criticism of Islam.
05:06   What is happening, with the active complicity of
05:10   the Government, is the imposition of Sharia.
05:14   That is, the prohibition on criticism of Islam
05:18   in non-Islamic countries. I remind you that
05:22   there are 57 Muslim countries,
05:26   and none of these 57 countries allows the freedom of speech,
05:30   nor are dogmas allowed to be criticised.
05:34   We are not YET a Muslim country,
05:38   yet our governments do everything so that we might become one,
05:42   and that Islam is forced on us. Today something
05:46   very grave happened in Dresden,
05:51   because PEGIDA Dresden has given up on
05:55   the march which was to be held tomorrow evening,
05:59   under the pretext that a terrorist organisation,
06:03   the “Islamic State”, had issued threats against one of the organisers.
06:07   This sounds very bizarre to us,
06:11   and we say clearly we see in this a political manoeuvre.
06:15   We do not know what means of pressure were applied
06:19   to PEGIDA Dresden,
06:23   how they were forced to renounce their march in the streets,
06:27   but it is very clear to us that what we have here has to do with
06:31   the will of the powers in Germany, in Europe among all
06:35   present European elites to let Islam
06:39   take hold in Europe, Germany,
06:43   and to reduce to silence the people who do not want this.
06:47   Once more: by terror, by menace.
06:51   What is happening is absolutely the contrary of what should be
06:55   If this organiser of PEGIDA really has received
06:59   threats, then the German government would be obliged
07:03   to assure his protection. They had to respond
07:07   by assuring, as is the case with Geert Wilders and for [Robert] Redeker,
07:11   the protection of this person. To kneel down and to ban
07:15   is really saying that freedom of thought and criticism of
07:19   Islam is officially forbidden. PEGIDA goes further,
07:23   and we ask ourselves if the powers in Germany
07:27   are not behind this: they invite tomorrow at 6.30 pm
07:31   all Europeans who say “No to Islam” to light a candle
07:35   in their windows. I translate this as follows:
07:39   ”We will be able to identify all who are anti-Islam and we can
07:43   point out living targets.”
07:47   When you are in a protest march, you have a certain anonymity.
07:52   When you light a candle in response to such an appeal, your neighbour,
07:56   perhaps a Jihadist, can locate you.
08:00   Your boss, who might not be happy that you have different ideas
08:04   on Islam, has discovered you and your risk is great.
08:08   So, in our opinion this is a grave manoeuvre
08:12   undertaken with the complicity of the German powers, which does not surprise us,
08:16   in view of the position taken by Merkel where she joins with Hollande,
08:20   who for the last ten days has multiplied the interventions against
08:24   ”Islamophobia”. I end by telling you
08:28   something important: Islamophobia
08:32   means “being frightened of Islam”. Islam is not a race;
08:36   it’s not a man; it’s a dogma.
08:40   One can be frightened of Christianity, of Communism,
08:44   of Fascism, of Islam. In France, a democratic country,
08:48   we have the right to criticise dogmas.
08:52   And to forbid “Islamophobia” as do Ministers
08:56   Casseneufe, Taubira and as does Hollande,
09:00   is saying that they change the law.
09:04   French law does not forbid the criticism of Islam, does not forbid
09:08   the criticism of dogmas, so I assume that we are in
09:12   a totalitarian system which is taking root in a dictatorship
09:16   which has not pronounced its name, but which has proven it.

22 thoughts on ““A Totalitarian System is Taking Root”

    • Christine Tasin is one of the most courageous women in France, of course she has death threats, but it’s also the so-called “French Justice” who is persecuting these brave French resistants. For example, when she told a Muslim that she does think “Islam is crap” (reported here on GoV), the public prosecutor demanded a custodial sentence as punishment.

      Just one in more than 10 prosecutions (accused by mainly 5 state-sponsored islamic fake “anti-racist” associations) – a blatant attempt to bring these brave folk to their knees financially (on top of all the physical threats). She also lost her job as a Professor of Greek and Latin because of her resistance.

  1. Kerry said that concluding negotiations with Iran is a good thing for everyone including Israel.
    This is how you bury people alive. Implicitly it means Israel rejects any kind of negotiations with Iran. And that way Iran will not attack Israel in the future.
    No matter how much you have read or how many PhDs you have if you don’t know your enemy, you are not versed in human nature, you have no conscience . . . then nothing matters.
    Certainly fooling oneself is the worst weakness exploited by the enemy.
    Israel does not need more enemies. Or intensify the enmity of its enemies. Israel is being choking by everyone. Silently. From all sides. Often with crocodile tears.
    Luckily it has a sea coast.
    But today countries have to deal with each other. Like the dealings the west has with Gulf Darlings.
    This is a cursed world. If you obey the Ten Commandments. and pray for others, and be polite, and are meek you are devoured alive. All friends are false. All enemies are real.

    What Kerry did not say was that the west pretend that the negotiations are difficult and need a lot of time. That’s why they have taken decades to conclude.
    And conclude they will because Iran Mullahs are dealing with Great Powers.

    Well that’s the impression instilled in naive western voters and citizens. As a matter of fact Iran has declared from the beginning ten years ago that their intention is to get nuclear weapons, they never hid that. And that is a red line and cannot be negotiated.
    So what is the little “western powers” talking about? These negotiations are not serious. They are intended to deceive the west not Iran. Jihadis cannot be fooled. allah is the master of deceit. Jihadis emulate allah the father of deceit. War and negotiations are deceit only if one side chooses to be deliberately stupid.

    I am interested to change the western subservient thinking. Not Jihadis.
    You can only change yourself, so say or leading psychologists.
    What does Eli Eli Lama Sabachthani mean?
    Eli Eli why have you poisoned our western minds ?

    • No matter how much you have read or how many PhDs you have

      I don’t think you have to worry about that with Kerry. He has a J.D. – in other words, he’s a lawyer with a penchant for marrying wealthy women. And a tax cheat who moored his yacht in Rhode Island in an attempt to avoid Massachusetts’ luxury tax rates for baubles like yachts.

      This is a cursed world. If you obey the Ten Commandments. and pray for others, and be polite, and are meek you are devoured alive.

      The point of following the Commandments, or being courteous is not so others will be nice to you. The Ten Commandments (and Christ’s Two Commandments) are about our behavior changing others. The point is to live a moral life despite what you see around you. Christ said you have to be as innocent as a dove and as wise as a serpent. That’s a good place to start.

      “Western subservient thinking” is a kind of inverted self-hatred which is both arrogant and subservient. The arrogance is the reality and the West has been on the wrong track for over a hundred years. Or at least America has. The elitists hate the middle class and always have. They ape the most nihilistic aspects of European thinking amongst the governing class. The latter’s murderous punishment of Germany after WWI – in which America fully cooperated – set us up for the killing fields that have followed since.

      We all look to something as a turning point. For me, it will be the global demographic implosion at mid-century. We won’t be here to see it, or at least I won’t – but none can predict its outcome, or rather a wise person would refrain from doing so. Maybe by 2115, they’ll call it The Great Inversion, who knows?

      Life is full of sorrow, Murad. It always has been. It is only in recent generations that we’ve demanded it be any different, that somehow we should be immune to the lot of being human. “Liberty” is costly and it is always a freedom to do something, not a freedom from travail. The latter is the socialist’s mirage.

      • Moving and Inspirational, and thank you.

        Hope you do not mind as I want to edit and quietly put in my blog, as the last paragraph brings it all home.

      • Thank you Dymphna. When I say/write something, I always listen/wait for the reaction/response from others. Many a time the response/feedback I get enlightens my ideas and deepens and increases my understanding and perception of already held notions.

        No wonder wisdom is a wonderful thing to try to obtain.

        Today Kerry was wonderful in Davos. He painted a vivid picture of the Cult of Death and Pieces. Why does he and others, otherwise, hide this knowledge about Jihadis from the public.

        People have they right to know what’s brewing around them and to predict in advance the kind of danger that is gathering around them and how to defeat it in the bud, and not wait until the time when every westerner is chased by the city’s 50% muhammads.
        A far-fetched idea, one might say? No. It is happening right now.

        • Murad, you are right, Dymphna is inspirational.

          You are right about Kerry being so “wonderful”.
          I do wonder what else he is hiding besides jihadis.

          Kerry dared not name the names, Mohammad, koran, hadiths, sira, that make up islam. Nor mention islam, or mosques from his speech in the Washington Post as per white house/media policy

          He only said “the root causes of despair and hopelessness”………. “issues like poverty, rampant unemployment and the lack of accountability in government”……”determined in classrooms, workplaces, houses of worship, community centers, urban street corners, in the perceptions and the thoughts of individuals, and the ways in which those perceptions are created.”

          His main point was that
          “We have to do more to avoid an endless cycle of violent extremism. … We have to transform[ like what? free speech? internet? ] the very environment”

          so was really a blurb for

          “White House will host a “”Summit on Countering Violent Extremism”” Feb. 18 that will highlight how local committees in United States have worked to curb extremism”

          More at:

          http://tinyurl.com/m3xqdpd and scroll down to 2nd part below “Protecting Islam from criticism” after “Darkness imminent” Part 1

          “From 12 to 14 December 2011, the DoS and OIC working teams [focused] on implementation mechanisms for “Resolution 16/18,” a declaration that was adopted by the U.N. Human Rights Council in April 2011.” ….”It would not be overreaching to conclude that the purpose of this meeting, at least from the OIC perspective, [was] to convince the Obama administration that free speech that rouses Muslim masses to fury … must be restricted under U.S. law to bring it into compliance with sharia law’s dictates on slander.

          H. Clinton’s own statements reflect the OIC language …

          “Together we have begun to overcome the false divide that pits religious sensitivities against freedom of expression … We are pursuing a new approach based on concrete steps … to use some old-fashioned techniques of peer pressure and shaming, so that people don’t feel that they have the support to do what we abhor.”

          “The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam. But to be credible, those who condemn that slander must also condemn the hate we see in the images of Jesus Christ that are desecrated, or churches that are destroyed, or the Holocaust that is denied.”

          Will that just be a momentary concession cessation/truce to Jews, and Christians while the “thought hate criminalizing laws” are put in place?

          On February 18th 2015 “White House Plans Conference On Countering Violent Extremism” http://tinyurl.com/kzcmkjn
          So what “success” will be pulled out of the bag? to make and the pressures put on to other countries to comply, if they have not already got draconian “hate speech criminalizing laws” that criminalizes speech if some one feels offended, even if the truth is spoken.
          It will appear like a magic statement, and acclaimed as a success so Governments and UN combining and coming up with a resolution that the will apply to their people, and slipped through their Governments, Parliaments, Judiciary/judges systems, so will not need ratification, or even a Presidential decree, as a law to be practiced before Christmas.

  2. We are cooked.

    It is very clear that the main motivation to stave off criticisms of Islam has to do with the concern of authorities of maintaining social order. They know full well that the only logical conclusion these movements (PEGIDA or its French equivalent) will reach will be that we need to expel muslims from our lands, something that may easily lead to civil war, and so it cannot possibly be allowed.

    The only chance I see is electing a party with an anti-muslim immigration agenda such as the Front National in France. In Canada where I live, there is no party that promises that. In France, it is very hard to believe that they would ever be elected.

    I would gladly vote for such a party (if it existed), but I would also vote for punishing those in power who were letting this disease come within our walls for so many years, without permission from the people. It probably won’t happen in my lifetime.

    • We’re cooked? Really?

      Your second point is cogent: maintaining order at whatever the cost has always been govt’s motive. That’s why we work toward down-sizing the bloat.

      Canada has some flaws; so do every place in this world. But Canada has – at the moment – someone in charge who doesn’t seem totalitarian or insane so you’ve got that going for you. Canadians have in common with the Swedes a national tic about having to be nice. Both Canada and Sweden live too close to bloated countries that could suck all the air out. So you both keep your heads down.

      You’re right: not in our lifetime. So keep rowing, keep plugging up the holes, keep the bucket brigade going. Do it for the next generation, the way an old man plants oak trees.

      • As Dymphna touches on, free to do something, plant oak trees.

        All survival stories portray how in difficult situations, it was the small things they did and maintained, even when the broad picture looked overpowering to them, and they did keep also keep an eye on the broad picture, so that what they were doing could be changed.

        Sure there is such a thing as “good luck” “fortuitous timing”. The other part is when “preparation meets that opportunity”, that timing, not what you know but who you know, being in the right place at the right time, surely also means with the skills that are needed.

        History has done that, as Britain in 1939, and that little bit of preparation, for 10 years by Churchill, writing articles/letters to newspapers despised as a war monger, called a “Germophobe” opened up to be the ” man of the hour” as he had stayed true to his principles. A person that for all his foibles, the people trusted for that purpose, ” win the war”

      • “We’re cooked? Really?”

        As far as I am concerned, personally, I am rather BOILING…with rage !

        But thanks to sites like GoV, Vlad Tepes, and people from PEGIDA, Riposte Laique, Resistance Republicaine (both sites went down right after this press conference btw and are still down) my rage is not altogether impotent.

        And if it is into the night we go, we shall not do so gently, but “…rage, rage against the dying of the light.” (with apologies to Dylan Thomas) .

      • Yes, we do have a serious person as a Prime Minister. But in my particular area, that person is seriously hated and demonized every day in the media, and elections are due this year.

        If our next Prime Minister is Justin Trudeau, then all bets are off. He is an absolute ignorant and a hard-core leftist. He may not be as malicious and totalitarian as Obama, but I am sure that he will do much damage to the country.

      • But Canada has – at the moment – someone in charge who doesn’t seem totalitarian or insane so you’ve got that going for you.

        Canada CURRENTLY has such a leader. However, Canadians are every bit as dumbed-down informationally, as Americans and Europeans and generally, as you point out, are ‘nice’ to a fault, except for the generally surly Quebecois.

        There is increasing evidence that ‘Shiny-Pony’ Trudeau will carry the federal elections later this year. That will be an unmitigated disaster for Canada as he is a barry soetoro clone without the suntan but comprising all the same moldy ingredients; socialist, unqualified, vacuous, moslem-appeasing and clueless.

        Even more dangerous than barry as he is one of the anointed; offspring of a former dinger of the same name Pierre. With Canada facing a serious economic downturn due to collapsing oil prices, this clown might almost make barry appear quasi-competent. I fear.

  3. Our elites who coddle and protect Islam probably have some limit to their embarrassment. How many times can they stand being proved the fool? How much Islamic violence can they deflect and blame on generic extremists?…and deviants from true Islam?…before they become the subjects of ridicule and satire themselves? Pretty soon we are going to treat them like buffoons and clowns. As Islam insanity and violence continues our insensate leaders will find themselves being seen as cretinous dimwits. We need to speed this process.

    We have to hope that this progressively despicable regard for our leaders will finally cause them to enter the real world.

    Also, the more we ridicule and criticize and satirize Islam, the more the quasi- iffy Muslims will show their true colors. The radicals will develope like a print in a dark room. It is critical that we keep complaining and attacking this satanic doctrine. Free speech is a way we can win. It will clarify brains on both sides.

    • @William Palmer:
      I respectfully disagree with you, that our western leaders will somehow start to notice their folly and magically begin caring. This is because the premise upon which you have based your observation is a false assumption: “Western Leaders are essentially Good, Sane Human Beings.”
      The majority of the leaders in the Western world are mostly psychopaths and/or sub-100 IQ humans, by virtue of the fact that they have run for –and won– office.
      Therefore their capacity for compassion, empathy or ability to feel shame / embarrassment simply does not exist.
      And as other readers have said, Western leaders are simply denying the truth because of the need for social order. Otherwise, Western Europe (in particular) would devolve rather quickly into civil war.

  4. The question is, why? As far as I can see this is merely keeping the lid on. The establishment has painted itself into a corner and hasn’t the slightest idea how to resolve this situation – for it knows that resolution will undo the very system that allows it (the Traitor Class) to maintain its snouts at the trough of public money. Thery are hanging on to the death – as they are bound to do.

    • Ernst Rohm thought he was well in with the Nazis too. Did their dirty work for them, etc. Then one fine day …

      • Well, he was homosexual, which didn’t fit their agenda. Remind you of any other fascists we know?

  5. So. The French government. The one that says: Liberté, Egalité, Fraternité is violating all 3 of that principles?

    O wait. The current French government only acts against the French indigenous people? To hell with the current racist French government! Expel them to sharia countries. Dont let them impose sharia on you.

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