Mark Humphrys: Is Islam a Religion of Peace?

The man in the video below is a very rare bird: an Irish Counterjihadist. His name is Mark Humphrys, and his talk was part of a debate at the Literary and Debating Society, NUI Galway, on October 9, 2014. He spoke in opposition to the proposal “Islam is a religion of peace”.

Mr. Humphrys’ words are spot-on, although a bit mild by Gates of Vienna’s standards. However, Ireland is an extremely hostile environment in which to be an “Islamophobe”, so he is to be commended for his courage in speaking out:

A full transcript is available at Mark Humphrys’ website. A video of the entire debate is here.

4 thoughts on “Mark Humphrys: Is Islam a Religion of Peace?

  1. to me it’s a waste of time, debating if islam is a religion of peace .. if you don’t know by now then mebbe’
    you should take up bird watching .. before all the birds are
    butchered on a spur of the moment fatuwa from a person living in a 7th century tent ..

  2. Same ol’ muslim malarkey from three of the usual muslim characters. Saudi Wahabiz and mosques grow apace in Ireland like elsewhere. Money talks and bs walks. One would have though the Irish with all the claims to longtime colonization would be able to recognize the common Islam dominator for what it is.

  3. I thoroughly admire Humphry’s logic and presentation, which is not to say that I agree with his conclusions.

    He holds the Ahmadi Muslims up as a group that eschews violent jihad in this life, leaving it up to Allah in the next life. He claims that not one Ahmadi has been involved in the more than 20,000 violent Muslim terror attacks which have occurred since 9/11. His rosy picture of the future is that mainstream Islam will move towards the Ahmadi outlook, since religion is based on belief and not logic, according to him.

    There are a few flies in the ointment, however.

    It was an Ahmadi, Abdus Salaam, who initiated and developed the Pakistani nuclear bomb program, giving Pakistan an impenetrable umbrella behind which to pursue its covert and not-so-covert sponsorship of terror against India and Afghanistan.

    The biggest threat to the US right now is not necessarily covert terror acts, but the “civilization jihad”, in which Muslim money and influence infiltrate US institutions of news, government, and education. The most malevolent result of this is the open borders policy our government has adopted to Muslim immigrants, who exert organized political pressure directly contradictory to our traditions of freedom, liberty, and checks and balances. The Ahmadis were directly involved in the proposed state curriculum for Texas, in which the philosophy of Islam was thoroughly whitewashed. The Ahmadis are directly involved in the official and unofficial ban on real discussions concerning the nature of Islam and its threat.

    In a sense, the Ahmadis run interference for the more violent sects of Islam, providing money, political support, and a civilized face on the basic philosophies of Islam. While an Ahmadi might not personally kill an apostate, would an Ahmadi support a government ban on criticism of Islam and Muhammad? I think so. Otherwise, the Ahmadis would not be Muslims.

    In return for being the point men for Islam when Muslims are still a small minority, the Ahmadis are killed, banned, and persecuted in countries like Pakistan by the Sunni and Shiite sects. But, the Ahmadis still push and defend Islam. That’s Islam, and there is no civilized face of Islam.

    Our best defense against Islam is impenetrable borders, zero Muslim immigration, and a non-involvement in Islamic countries, especially when dictators like Saddam Hussein, Mubarak, or Ghaddafi are able to ameliorate the worst aspects of Islam through police-state tactics. The more Ahmadis in the US, the less likely any of these tactics are to be adopted.

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