Child-Murdering Jewish Nasties

Paul Weston returns with a sardonic take on the international media and their ostentatious hand-wringing over those Poor, Poor Palestinian Children.

Child-Murdering Jewish Nasties
by Paul Weston

OMG!!! Have u seen what those Isralis r doing in Gazza? It’s like, totally murderous and unfair and like, really murderous! You no wat I mean? Why r these jews trying 2 kill as many Pallystinians kids as poss? I’m like, totally grossed out by them, I’ve been watching the MSM news and cant believe how this can be happening in todays day and age. I prey for peace and rainbows and prey that these innocent children be stopped being killed by brownshirted Jewsih nasties. I heard from one of my mates at uni, that the jews have like, invnted missiles that only target muslin children and my mate got it from someone who, like, works at the BBC and is like, you know, an expert on these fings.

And who can really blame such a typical attitude from such a typically half-witted, semi-educated product of progressive liberalism’s Western majority? If you rely on the MSM for your news, then what other opinion could you possibly hold? The less-than-curious amongst us have been subjected to a barrage of breathtakingly biased journalistic output from Gaza, with a particularly repellent fixation on dead Palestinian children, murdered we are unceasingly told, by Israeli Jews who are acting in a thoroughly disproportionate manner.

In actuality, there are deliberate child killers in this awful conflict in Gaza, but they are not the Israelis. Rather, they consist of a sinister multi-headed monster comprised of Hamas, Palestinians, the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA) and the Western media and Western charities such as (rather ironically) Save the Children.

Semi-educated left/liberals will stop reading at this point. Despite their twitterish excitement over the opening paragraph, they do not wish to hear an unbiased, adult, educated take on Gaza, even if it means fewer dead Palestinian children in the future. But perhaps they should read further, if only to re-tweet excerpts to their sordid little friends as an example of typical right-wing lunacy — in their opaque eyes.

Getting down to the important issues here, what did Hamas think it was likely to achieve by lobbing thousands of rockets into Israel? Clearly, the obliteration of Israel and the slaughter of its Jewish inhabitants — as per the Hamas Charter — was not a realistic ambition despite, its being a fervent desire.

No, the point of lobbing rockets into Israel, and the kidnapping, mutilation and murder of three Israeli teenagers, was done for one reason and one reason only — to provoke a reaction by Israel which could then be broadcast to the Western world as an act of disproportionate aggression. It is thus a propaganda war dependent entirely in this social media age of photographs of dead children as opposed to photographs of victoriously bearded Arab soldiers overrunning enemy positions.

Without dead children, the propaganda war is lost. No one is interested in seeing dead Hamas soldiers, because, quite frankly, even ill-informed liberals see the need for a response to Hamas rockets aimed at Israeli civilians. But dead children, hey? No one can ignore them, so the Hamas machine and the Western media cranked into action.

I am not going to bore readers with the many links substantiating what I am about to say, but they are all out there if you WANT to utilise Google. Hamas has deliberately placed its rocket launchers in the middle of civilian areas and within schools, hospitals and refugee centres. Hamas has threatened Western media types with violence if they disclose this fact. Some have indeed disclosed it, but only after they were safely out of Gaza. Hamas has forced Palestinian children to stay close to rocket launch areas because as I said earlier, without dead children there was little point in goading Israel into a response.

And by golly, it works well. Hamas knows exactly how to pull the strings of biased journalists, who then go on to pull the heart strings of vapid liberals the Western world over. The Daily Mail ran an obviously staged Pallywood production of a father mercilessly gunned down by a purported Israeli sniper who fired magic bullets that produced no blood. The Daily Telegraph ran a full page article with graphics thoughtfully provided of the dead children and dead babies, along with their names, all killed by Israel, according to the headline. Save the Children took out a full page advert in the same newspaper, listing the names and ages of children killed in the conflict — by heartless Israel.

What a lot of research to gain such detailed figures! The organisations responsible for collating this data are all Agitprop organisations, all Palestinian or linked to Palestinian pressure groups, all thoroughly and utterly biased and all bought hook, line and sinker by the Western media.

The result of all this is anti-Semitic violence ramping up all across the Western world. When one considers how easy it is to be prosecuted for deliberately inciting racial and religious violence these days, one can only wonder just why so many Western media outlets are not in the dock for transgressing laws introduced to soothe community cohesion… it is almost as though said laws apply only to those who criticise Islam rather than those who incite genuine, reported violence against Jews.

And it is worse than this. Hundreds of thousands of people are being murdered in a variety of incredibly sadistic ways by Muslim militants all across the Middle East, yet there are never names, ages or photographs detailed by the media. Only Israel. Only Jews. Muslims are blameless.

Left/liberals need to understand they are complicit in the killing of Palestinian children in Gaza. Hamas has engineered the killing of their own children in order to delegitimise Israel. In a war Hamas cannot militarily win, they are prepared to sacrifice, to martyr, their own children. If they were held to account for this by a responsible Western media then they would stop deliberately placing their children in the direct line of a legitimate Israeli response to rocket attacks.

But they are not held to account by the left/liberal media, and everything has gone just as planned. Lots of dead children. Widespread revulsion toward Israel. Anti-Semitic attacks raging across the Western world. Happy Hamas. Happy BBC. Unhappy Israel. Perfect!

Yes, it is ultimately Israel which pulled the trigger, but if dangerously naïve and ill-informed left/liberals were removed from the equation, Hamas would never sacrifice their children in order to cold bloodedly and calculatingly gain their sympathy. So here we are today: sympathy for a murderous terrorist organisation that deliberately causes the killing its own children for political ends, and revulsion for a liberal democracy seeking to defend itself against a terrorist movement which wishes to liquidate every last Israeli, including children and babies.

Conclusion: Left/liberals and the Western media are directly responsible for the deaths of these Palestinian children in Gaza, and 100% literally have their blood on their hands.

Paul Weston is a British-based writer who focuses on the damage done to Western Civilisation by the hard left’s ongoing cultural revolution, which seeks to destroy the Christian, capitalist and racial base of the West. He is the leader of Liberty GB, his website may be found here, and his political Facebook page here. For links to his previous essays, see the Paul Weston Archives.

13 thoughts on “Child-Murdering Jewish Nasties

  1. Yes, because of Western anti-Semitism, there is a disproportionate concern if Jews are the attackers, regardless of motive. The demonizing of Jews has a multi-millennial tradition in Europe, and the jihadists are playing to it. While that may be working for them propaganda-wise, their ethic of hatred and violent supremacism is causing their own societies to dissolve into anarchy, somewhat neutralizing the threat of jihadism.

  2. Excellent commentary.

    It should also be pointed out the UNRWA has assisted HAMAS murder children.

    The UNRWA has quietly allowed HAMAS to use children to build the tunnels hidden in UNRWA facilities. Reportedly over 160 children died building these tunnels. UNRWA has allowed missiles and other armament to be stored in UNRWA facilities.

    Western liberals and the UN should be quite happy with themselves – your bloody efforts to ignore the reality of Islam and HAMAS has paid off quite well.

    Western European liberals get ready – the misery of Islamic hatred you ignore in the HAMAS Israeli battlefield is coming home. What are you going to do when the Muslim no-go-zones of Paris and London start lobbing rockets?

  3. Is the first paragraph fictional, or real? There’s so many who would say that, that it’s difficult to tell… Britain’s new “educated elite” in action!

  4. Interesting the OMG!!! illiterate characterisation of the lower order presumably being gifted the role as the anti Semitic fall caste when their only crime has been to blindly consume the brownshirted Jewish nasties propaganda forced fed to them by their betters.

    Better to start at the top of British society from say the House of Lords and work down from there to root out the brownshirted Jewish nasties propagandists.

    The Warsi nudge has exposed the top echelons of the British establishment and they have been found to be firmly entrenched on the Gaza side of the fence.

  5. “Conclusion: Left/liberals and the Western media are directly responsible for the deaths of these Palestinian children in Gaza, and 100% literally have their blood on their hands.”

    This is a good example of how exaggeration diminishes persuasiveness. The author of this quotation seems not to know the distinction between “directly” and “indirectly”, nor the distinction between “literally” and “figuratively”. The all-inclusive quantification “100%” is not literally true either.

    • Why criticize the ‘good guys; when the bad guys are far, far worse. I think PW proves his point about the 100% direct responsibility of the western media, no Hamas snuff movies; no war, its simple.

      Come to Sderot instead of pontificating, find out what its like to be out in the rain, then you can start nit picking…..

      • Well said. I think all critics of Israel should have to spend some time in Israeli towns near the border so they can see what it is really like. Maybe they could go and visit a Palestinian school and view the loving curriculum in how to love Israel taught to their children. They could also view Palestinian childrens TV that should be enlightening for them.

  6. Good article, Paul. The truth is gradually seeping out and the biased reportage is being exposed for what it is. Gaza is a police state and Hamas is suppressing any opinion or activity it doesn’t like. Unfortunately, the western press is in thrall to the petro dollar and will not print anything that will stop the flow of islamo-slush.

  7. Jolie Rouge, it is not aimed at the “lower order” at all. It just typifies the sort of trite, mawkish illiteracy one discovers on left-wing web sites and the twittersphere. The media is run by teenage adolescents (some in their 50’s….) and this is just an exaggerated take on their output. On Sky News the other day, the truly awful Kay Burley said “my bad” when an error was pointed to her. She’s like, down with the kids, ya know man. And is all too typical sadly.

    • Working class, educated at a comprehensive, and with a broad Yorkshire accent, Warsi ticked all the politically-correct boxes — she was the perfect antidote to Cameron’s middle-aged, grey, Eton-educated colleagues. Daily Mail


      The point I was making is how that mawkish illiteracy is used to conceal sophisticated political agendas and when or if exposed the mawkish illiteracy prop takes the fall.

      Warsi inadvertently exposed how far down the Gaza road the British establishment have travelled albeit not far enough for her hence the resignation nudge.

      Now that the agenda is exposed the mawkish illiteracy prop becomes the distraction. Baroness Warsi is no longer the muslim Cinderella of the British establishment but the working class comprehensive illiterate with a broad Yorkshire accent.

    • Only if you were under voting age in the last election there, now when was that? 10 years ago I think…..

  8. Good article Paul, the MSM here is so biased. It virtually ignored the persecution of Christians and other kafirs in the Middle East and elsewhere in the world. Yet it has let Israel have it with both barrels every day, since it began to defend itself.

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