Yezidis Head for the Hills

The following footage from the BBC shows the Yezidis of Sinjar being driven into the barren hills of northern Iraq by the forces of the Islamic State. The refugees left their homes hurriedly, carrying no supplies, and are now stranded in a region that looks a lot like a Martian landscape — only much hotter.

Notice that the Beeb refers to these horrendous events as a “tragedy”, as if they were caused by a tornado or an earthquake or some other natural disaster. But the situation actually constitutes an atrocity, a word that the ever-fastidious BBC is unlikely to use when discussing the “militants” of ISIS:

Hat tip: Vlad Tepes.

5 thoughts on “Yezidis Head for the Hills

  1. I am getting more than a little tired of the BBCs biased, pro-islamic reporting of what are, after all, atrocities committed by muslims. I only get to see the world service but my contacts in the UK tell me that the BBC more than earns its nickname of the Biased Broadcasting Corporation.

  2. The BBC is poisonous. The egregious Clive Myrie did not mention the appalling attack and bomb at a mass in Baghdad Cathedral, which killed more than London 7/7, when it happened. Two days later it did feature, and he referred to it as a “disaster”.

  3. “Atrocity”, yes. To be a little more informative it could be “one of history’s endlessly repeated Islamic jihad atrocities”.

  4. Oh, and another thing.
    There is nothing “natural” or “holy” about Islam.

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