Importing Addicts, Exporting Slaves

Our longtime reader and commenter Egghead examines the possibility that the United States may be importing massive numbers of underage glue addicts among all those Unaccompanied Alien Children (UACs) that are currently pouring across our southern border. She also offers some informed speculation about the possible commercial interests of those who would urge immigration “reform” upon us.

Importing Addicts, Exporting Slaves
By Egghead

Satan loves glue. Satan hates Saint Paul.

In 1994, Children’s Rights Advocate Bonnie Hayskar wrote,

”In Latin America, where two-fifths of the earth’s 100 million street children live, inhalant abuse, particularly glue-sniffing, is pandemic; and it is a legal and profitable business for corporations like St. Paul, Minnesota-based H. B. Fuller and the German company Henkel.”

“Most Latin American street children, ranging in age from four to 18, have parents who cannot afford to send them to school. So they work on the streets for income — washing car windows, shining shoes, selling food. At night, these children ‘en la calle’ go home to their families. Those with families and homes represent about 60 percent of Latin America’s estimated 40 million street children. For the other 40 percent, or 16 million children, their home is the street. These children have been orphaned or abandoned; some were sent to the city to earn money, others have fled violent or sexually exploitative situations.” [1]

It is now twenty years later — and the worldwide incidence of glue-sniffing is higher than ever.

The huffin’ glue website explains, “Fifteen years ago this [glue] was primarily a Latin American problem among homeless street kids, but in the ensuing decade and a half, the practice of ‘huffin’ has spread around the world….UNICEF and other U.N. agencies estimate there are 150 million homeless street kids in the world today and nearly 90% are abusing inhalants [glue].” [2]

Importing Zombies

Glue is arguably the most popular drug used by children and teens in South America — children and teens who were likely born to glue-addicted mothers — and children and teens who mainly fund their lifelong drug habit via street crime and prostitution. It is these often-orphaned, drug-addled, brain-damaged, health-compromised children and teens that the Obama administration has now enticed and aided to immigrate en masse — without adult guardians — to the USA.

The Organization of American States which “brings together all 35 independent states of the Americas and constitutes the main political, juridical, and social governmental forum in the Hemisphere” reveals via an article entitled, Inhalant abuse looms as a major threat for South American youth:

“Although public opinion and the mainstream media view inhalants [glue] as a street-kid drug and governments do not give inhalant use a prominent place in public health and drug policy in most South American countries, a careful reading of the latest surveys of secondary school students shows, in some countries, inhalant use is far more prevalent than the consumption of cocaine, coca paste and amphetamines, posing a serious problem for public health.” [3]

“Long-term use is associated with a variety of neuro-psychological disorders including loss of muscular coordination and widespread brain damage (Makalinao), and evidence supports disruption to other sensory motor functions governed by the nervous system (Galinda et al, Oetting et al). Toluene, for instance, also produces damage to the heart, lungs, liver and kidneys (Medina Mora).” [3]

“CICAD’s comparative analysis shows that across age groups and gender lines, inhalants are the second most common drug used [after marijuana] among secondary school students, and in more than one country, they are the first drug used. This holds true for both lifetime prevalence of drug use, and for more frequent use as well.” [3]

“Research on inhalant use among street children has established that many street children begin sniffing glue or toluene to ward off hunger. However, we do not have a clear explanation why children in the school system, who presumably are comparatively well off, begin using inhalants.” [3]

“Inhalants’ neurotoxicity affects children’s ability to perform in school (Lara et al), in addition to posing long-term consequences for the state’s public health system when children develop heart, kidney and liver dysfunctions as a result of use.” [3]

Exporting Slaves

Richard Lakin of the huffin’ glue website describes how their homelands view the glue addicts: “These kids, in huge numbers all over the world, are either regarded as ‘invisible’ or are treated with contempt in their societies. Subsequently, programs to curb this brain-damaging addiction are rare. In Honduras, for example, glue-addicted youth are seen as a nuisance and a source of crime, so neighborhood vigilantes routinely execute them. The local police appear to have a ‘good riddance’ attitude toward this kind of street justice. I actually witnessed the digging of two graves in a vacant lot, intended for two glue-addicted boys who were known to be persistent thieves. The next morning the graves were filled in.” [4]

So… let’s talk about Saint Paul’s College in Lawrenceville, Virginia, where the Obama administration ostensibly planned to ‘patriate’ 500 unaccompanied minors from South America. Why Saint Paul’s College? The main glue company that furthered glue addiction was located in St. Paul. The target location being named Saint Paul is an inside joke for people who appreciate that sort of symbolism.

As recent history has shown, the Obama administration gets what it wants by law, executive action, or court ruling — and yet, the Obama administration appears to have quickly and easily ceded its ‘patriation’ plan after only one town hall meeting.

With all due respect, the New World Order plan is to impoverish everyone except the elite. [5] It simply does NOT matter to the elite that Lawrenceville would be more poor — although Lawrenceville played its role in the drama so beautifully. Who can argue with bullet-proof poor blacks who want to deny refuge to poor Hispanic children? But, there is another more evil reason that the Obama administration gave up so easily which is that…

The drug trade is intimately connected with sexual slavery. The same people who trade drugs also trade people. It is incumbent upon us to ask if the immigrant children and teens will be disappeared into child and teen sex trafficking rings now that the children and teens are to be collected — and rejected — by the Obama administration?

Was a mass child and teen abduction for organized crime the intended purpose all along? Writing in the German Law Journal, Professor Vincenzo Musacchio notes, “The European Commission estimates that 120,000 women and children are trafficked into Western Europe each year… The phenomenon has taken on such dramatic proportions in Europe and the rest of the world that many European organizations are considering how to counter a trade which comes in third (behind only drugs and arms smuggling) in the league table of profitable crimes.” [6]

Please note that organized crime does NOT have to enslave ALL of the unaccompanied minors, but organized crime can pick and choose the children and teens that meet the specific criteria of their clientele — with the main criteria being youth.

Richard Lakin of the huffin’ glue website mentions, “An NGO worker in Nairobi told me that the police, collecting a fee, enable foreign pedophiles to exploit glue-addicted children. Inhalant abuse raises the already high odds of becoming the victims of violence and sexual exploitation for children in many of the world’s poorest places.” [4]

Who is going to miss these children and teens when they disappear from the USA? Young ladies around the globe have been forced into sexual slavery upon seeking employment in foreign countries. The very real danger is that the same evil offer of ‘advancement’ — that turns into sexual slavery — has been evilly extended under the guise of kindness to unaccompanied minor children and teens from South America.

Thus, we remember the words of Saint Paul in 2 Corinthians 11:

13   For such are false apostles, deceitful workers, transforming themselves into the apostles of Christ.
14   And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light.
15   Therefore it is no great thing if his ministers also be transformed as the ministers of righteousness; whose end shall be according to their works. [7]



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  1. What a mind numbing article – I’m simply gobsmacked! I know from personal experience the many problems that children face all around the world, including so called first world nations, but I had never realized the numbers! Staggering!

    The world is full of evil and an evil place for those who find themselves as victims to it.

  2. You gotta have some seriously deep pockets to be huffing HB Fuller or Henkel. I use their products in my designs and their stuff is outrageously expensive. That’s like the local wino drinking Dom Perignon, not to mention that the larger companies shy away from using VOCs due to EU and US restrictions. Usually spray paint, model glue, and rubber cement are the easier, cheaper alternatives, and off brand made in china stuff can be had for a lot less, so methinks looking elsewhere for an explanation for the St. Paul immigrant dump might be worthwhile. But who knows with this administration…

    • Large corporations offer different products at different price points in different markets – often via foreign-based subsidiaries. The current 130+ million lifelong addicts of glue are a HUGE international market for an ostensibly ‘legal’ product – a market which attracts industrial sized suppliers – now including the Chinese. The last updates that I can find on the internet allege that Fuller continues to supply the glue market via foreign subsidiaries. At the street level, bulk glue is split into little pots (often baby food jars!) sold to addicted children.

      From a 1995 New York Times article:

      “Nor is glue-sniffing a new issue for the makers of solvent-based adhesives. The Testor Corporation added a noxious ingredient to discourage abuse of its hobby glue in July 1969. And Henkel, a German chemical company that competes with Fuller, stopped making certain toxic glues in Central America last year [1994].”

      “But Fuller, which dominates the Central American market with its Resistol brand of glue, seems to have been singled out for more than its share of recent criticism, one industry consultant said.”

      “For years, the [Fuller] directors had been under pressure by a loose alliance of child advocacy groups concerned about the hazards of glue-sniffing among the homeless children of Central America. Those young glue-sniffers are widely called “resistoleros” — for Fuller’s Resistol — regardless of which brand they actually abuse.”

      “By October 1992, the advocates had learned that Fuller had not stopped selling Resistol in Central America — and did not intend to. It no longer sold the glue to retailers and small-scale users in Honduras and Guatemala, but it did sell large tubs and barrels of it to industrial customers in those countries, and to a broader list of commercial and industrial users in neighboring countries.”

      Summary of facts:

      Info on Glue Suppliers:

      Business Ethics Case Study:

  3. The utopians have been agitating for their reforms for some 130 years but the end result of all the influence they have been able to bring to bear is misery. The unopposed Camp of the Saints invasion of Europe and the reckless experiment with a borderless United States drain the life blood out of the places on earth that were able to create order, sanity, and wealth for all.

    Lies pervade every aspect of our public life here and in Europe, sordid crimes are tolerated, laws and traditions are jettisoned recklessly, millions are captivated by trivial entertainments, and traitors and subversives rule. Instead of what might loosely be called “progress” we will all experience a rocket sled ride back to barbarism and privation.

    Hieronymous Bosch was just a warm up for us moderns.

    • I think you’ve just about got it nailed there Colonel, with a description of all of two paragraphs.

  4. Self evidently, Medical staff warned: Keep your mouths shut about illegal immigrants or face arrest is not as well referenced as this fine exposé, but it clearly is related.
    “A government-contracted security force threatened to arrest doctors and nurses if they divulged any information about the contagion threat at a refugee camp housing illegal alien children at Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio, Texas, sources say.”


    “The sources say security forces called themselves the ‘Brown Shirts.'”

    Personally, I would take it with a grain of salt. Especially that last report seeming all too over-the-top. But as we live in such dangerous times, and those in charge seem all to self-satisfied and willing to boast of their power, it is not too far fetched either.

  5. Having actually lived through a flood of illegals coming up from the south, I can tell you that scabies, head lice and TB are very common in this group.
    Imagine having your 2nd grader sitting next to someone with these diseases and being told that you are a racist for not liking the “diversity.”
    The problem is that for the elites this is an abstract thought. Their children will NEVER sit next to someone that can’t speak English and has a communicable disease. (Sidwell Friends wouldn’t admit them.)

    • Speaking as a professional swindler of the young–oops, public high school social studies teacher–I think you nailed it, Babs. I live in the Washington Area and have known many wealthy Lefties who get all huffy and puffy (as in huffington Post) about vouchers, but whose own kids went to expensive private schools.

      • Yes ma’am, Dymphna! 😉

        Dear TheOPINIONATOR: Thanks for the source.

        From the article, Congressman Jim Bridenstine asks:

        ““What are they trying to hide? Do they not want the children to speak with Members of Congress? As a Navy pilot, I have been involved in operations countering illicit human trafficking. I would like to know to whom these children are being released.”

        “Ft. Sill is one of three facilities in the U.S. currently housing the unaccompanied alien children. The Administration policy is that after they are apprehended on the border by U.S. Customs and Border Protection, the children are transferred to U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement for transport, and then placed in the custody of the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) until released to a so-called “sponsor” in the U.S.”

        It is important for people to realize that 1) the United Nations, 2) literally millions of national and international NGOs that provide social services, and 3) Western military forces – all of which work in – and with – third world countries 100% know, study, and understand a) the danger of the spread of disease vectors, b) the high incidence of glue and other drug problems among street children, and c) common methods of human trafficking – which is simply a euphemism for the sexual slavery of women, teens, and children.

        The fact that these experts are SO quiet indicates a HUGE profit motive for many – whether those are social ‘service’ providers OR organized crime OR a combination – this extraordinary project is STILL human trafficking of children across international borders – which is a major international crime!

  6. I think the game plan is to disperse these children as much as possible across the US.
    That way many, many communities can bear the cost of housing and educating the children. They can pay for their hospital needs on a local level and most importantly, allow their parents to reunite with them, furthering the need for local services (as well as state and federal services like food stamps and sec 8 housing.)
    I think for the Dems it is a win/win; you hobble local communities with a flood of people that need local services and… you grow a constituency that will vote for these services in elections.
    What are the republicans doing about this? Nothing really…

    • I think the Dems have mapped out all the electoral districts that can be swung from R. to D. with a small demographic push.

      What are the Republicans are doing about it? Well, John Batchelor (inter alia) is mostly worried about how the border situation is getting in the way of “real immigration reform.” He’s reading the Wall Street Journal, of course, and he assures us that we really really need more workers in this country and it’s a shame that those nasty “exclusionists” see uncontrolled border-crossing as a serious issue and believe that lawless invaders should not be rewarded.

      Like most Republicans of that ilk, he’ll say, well yes, we need border security too, but we need to do “reform” at the same time. Like Larry Kudlow (who is right on many things but very wrong on immigration), he totally dismisses the idea that the manifest bad faith of the Obama administration, and Democrats generally, argues strongly for demanding a serious effort to enforce existing laws and defend our borders BEFORE we entertain any possibility for any kind of amnesty.

      The Wall Street Journal kind of Republicans keep telling themselves that Democrats are mistaken in believing that waves of new voters from south of the border will definitely push the country leftward.

  7. I truly think that many of the Wall Street Journal people are in thrall to the same big, big money interests who support “immigration reform,” aka amnesty, because they want cheap labor. These may be Republicans or Democrats.

    To the extent that these big money interests have any party allegiance, the Republicans don’t care about the future of the country–they are not worried about the disappearance of the middle class and they are interested in cheap labor.

    The big money Democrats also want cheap labor but many of them are in thrall to a socialist vision (crazy but there it is) and–most importantly–they know that massive 3rd world immigration is a way to stay in power through changing the demographics. I guess it doesn’t occur to Democrats that a one-party system is one of the hallmarks of a banana republic.

    • check one of those essays – part two, I think – for a link to the infamous U.S. govt page looking for people to work as “child escorts” to bring groups of children north to the border. I’ll bet the real position offering is now long gone and would be hard to find. IIRC, it was dated in January of this year. Makes you wonder what a knowledgeable surfer of government pages could uncover. Some non-profit org ought to hire some young whiz kids to spend a few hours just looking around. I’ll bet there’s a goldmine in those cyberspaces.

      For example, I wonder who found the directive from a local EPA office sent out to its employees ordering them to stop pooping in the halls…? I wonder how many more bizarre memos are in the bowels of our constipated, lethargic bureaucracies?

  8. @Charles declares Mumbai shanty town model for the world

    In the UK the elite do not even want to facility the shanty town their preferred option is a transitory disposable caste – a policy of democide against the indigenous peoples .

  9. Being the author of several of the “huffinglue” articles, I’m a bit taken aback that you want my approval for a connecting link to your anti-immigrant screeds. Personally I’m of the opinion that if international borders have been eliminated for the easy movement of global capital (corporations), then it is only fair that borders should be eliminated for the easy movement of global labor (people), as well.

    Most of the comments here I would have to categorize as covert racism/mindless paranoia, coupled with the standard, run-of-the-mill, right-wing hatred for anything-Obama. It’s a sad thing to see such hatred of “others,” especially when those “others” are destitute children, all living so much further below most Americans on the social/economic scale.

    I understand it is much easier to turn one’s anxieties, fears, hatreds, upon those with even less power than oneself, rather than actually take steps/become active against those who sit at the top of the political/economic power scale but it is still a shameful thing to do.

    Huffinglue is a site intended to generate awareness of the plight of these children and hopefully spur some humanitarian actions from the U.N., the wealthy West, and any other interested parties who genuinely care about these children. This site is not one of them. On the contrary, this site merely wants to use the terrible plight of these children as just another weapon in their arsenal of hatred directed at some of the poorest and most downtrodden children that exist in this world.

    You people should be ashamed of your lack of genuine compassion for those worse off than yourselves.

    • bosonm —

      I’m glad you’re here to provide a countervailing point of view.

      I see two major fallacies in your assertions above:

      1. The mind-reading fallacy. You assume that you know the feelings and motivations of those who participate here. You have characterized people who are at least as well-meaning as yourself as lacking in “compassion” for the suffering of these children, and referred to their personally felt emotions, such as “anxieties, fears, and hatreds”. You may be correct about their possession of these motivations, but you may also be mistaken. The persons for whom you diagnose “hatred” may in fact experience love and compassion for the victims of glue addiction; they just propose a different set of solutions for the problems that cause the suffering.

      2. The validation of one’s proposed remedies by the type or intensity of one’s feeling. Even if one assumes that you are correct in your assumption of “hatred” on the part of those who hold different opinions, as contrasted with your own “compassion”, this in no way proves that your proposed solutions will in fact help those children or alleviate their suffering — the opposite may be the case. It is quite possible that people who care less about children, but whose actions change those children’s circumstances, may in fact do more long-term good for the children than all the people whose hearts are brimming with charitable compassion. In other words: one’s feelings alone are no guarantor of the desired outcome.

      One more thing: you have engaged in ad-hominem arguments and name-calling — characterizing people’s “hatred”, “paranoia”, and their behavior as “shameful”, for example — which are in violation of our rules of discourse. I’ve let you slide because you’re new here. In future I expect you to display civility towards your fellow commenters.

      Gates of Vienna’s rules about comments require that they be civil, temperate, on-topic, and show decorum.

      1.   Civil: No name calling, gratuitous insults, personal slurs, denigration of someone’s intelligence, etc.
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      For more information, see our guidelines for comments.

    • I will now repeat the THEME of my essay:

      It is incumbent upon us to ask if the immigrant children and teens will be disappeared into child and teen sex trafficking rings now that the children and teens are to be collected — and rejected — by the Obama administration?

    • Asset stripping the central American countries of their younger generations not to mention the denial of their national heritage most of them will probably end up as cheap labour to undercut American pay checks or as stock in the prison system then like the indigenous poor their poverty will then be classed as relative and the liberals will wash their bloody hands of them for the next round of human trafficking.

  10. To Bosomn if you are still following this thread:

    What would you think if you read that, in a banana republic, an elected congressman was denied access–by the Federales–to a holding facility to check on the welfare and disposition of “undocumented” children being held.

    What would you think if you read that, in a banana republic, no one could find out what the disposition of these “undocumented” will be and that the Federales would not say.

    What would you think if you read that, in a banana republic, the NY Times reported that aside from the current batch of illegal “children” (most of whom are male and over 14), there were another 240,000 or so people who entered the U.S. over the border just during this spring and summer, so far.

    What would you think if you read that Border Control has ordered 24,000 pair of men’s cotton underwear up to size 6X (obviously not for children).

    All of the above is happening in the United States. What do you THINK?

    Please view this:

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