Love For All, Death For Apostates, And No Women Allowed

The 38th annual Jalsa Salana hosted by Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama’at of Canada was held recently at the International Centre in Mississauga, Ontario. Justin Trudeau, the leader of the Liberal Party, was the guest of honor for the occasion.

The motto of the three-day event was “Love for All, Hatred for None”. Yet the man who reads from the Koran in the following video is delivering a somewhat different message. Just prior to Mr. Trudeau’s speech, he quotes a verse that describes just how really, really bad apostates from Islam are. This particular verse doesn’t say explicitly that apostates must be killed, but an alert listener will get the drift.

Also, pay attention to Justin Trudeau’s introductory words and see if you notice the same thing I did.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for uploading this video:

Those who are interested in hearing more may watch the full 4 hour and 41 minute video on the MTA Canada YouTube channel.

What about those women and children mentioned by Mr. Trudeau?

The article by Laura Armstrong in The Star (the same article that appeared in other online news outlets; it appears to be the standard account of the event) includes this description:

A rainbow of Hijabs and the pitter-patter of little feet livened up the women’s auxiliary, but the message was the same: love for all, hatred for none.

But what Ms. Armstrong fails to note is that those women and their pitter-patterers were somewhere else, and not in the main room where the speakers were holding forth. Except for the few hijabs visible on the podium, it would seem that the primary meeting area for the Jalsa Salana was a males-only venue. Considering that this event was held in Canada, one would have expected a great uproar outside the building, with angry feminists carrying picket signs and shouting slogans. The Religion of Peace seems to have been given a free pass, as usual.

The same article includes this superb example of objective reporting:

[The keynote speaker Maulana Mubarak Ahmad] Nazir, a leader in the country’s Ahmadi community, was a beacon of light as he stepped to the podium, his white suit a stark contrast to the heavy black curtains cornering off the main room.

Are the women mentioned by Mr. Trudeau in the corners of the room behind those black curtains? If so, how does Mr. Nazir’s radiant luminosity penetrate into their purdah?

It seems that the fabled light of Islam is for men only.

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  1. Several years ago I was looking at a book of essays by a Western convert to Islam, from an earlier generation — supposedly a gentle, spiritual, mystical type of Muslim. (I think he was a Sufi.) Some of the thoughts therein seemed indeed spiritual and mystical — until I got to the essay explaining the moral and spiritual rationale for killing apostates. Not just explaining, but defending.

    The lesson for me: watch out for the core of deep evil in the most high-sounding Muslims.

  2. Just imagine what democracy is if justin troubadour is the leader. In theory communism was good too.

  3. How many people including justinian left the hall when the New Muslim read the translation. Why? They did not dare or they did not understand even their own language. If they did koran would not be around as in the west every country has a law against hatred.

  4. “I, (state name here), a member of good standing of the He-Man Woman-Haters Club, do solemnly swear to be a he-man and hate women and not play with them or touch them unless I have to and especially never fall in love and, if I do, may I die slowly and painfully and suffer for hours or until I scream bloody murder.” ~ The Little Rascals

  5. “Love For All, Death For Apostates, And No Women Allowed” – sounds really gay
    sorry, I couldn’t help it

  6. I spent 15-20 minutes flipping through the video. The experience left me inclined to vomit. The absence of women and children aside it was the naked, exploitative politicism of ‘Shiny Pony’ Trudeau in particular that disturbed me the most. Hazel McCallion I forgive a bit as she is in her 90’s and likely innocent in her ignorant, naive stumping for the evil that is islam, although I think I spotted a Mohamadan in RCMP uniform on the stage as if to imply government approval of this parody. And islam is pure evil no matter how it is dressed up. But then, is ignorance an excuse? I was prepared to be objective; right up until the point where the usual suspect delivered the usual assurance about the sanctity of the pervert, murdering, paedophile, pederast mohamed. From there it was downhill.

    This POS Trudeau gives me the willies. Have we learned nothing from the disaster that is Obama? Trudeau is the white version of Obama the fraud. We were caught blind-sided by Obama but now that we know what he is why is this clown Trudeau running amok in Canada? He is a vacuous tool who will say and do anything to get elected. Like Obama he has no track record except a famous father, I am not a Trudeau senior fan but I do feel the senior believed what he politicked for while this ass-clown will say whatever is required to get elected. The ‘special’ interview at the end with this useless punk really put me over the top. But then I remembered the tramp that is his mother. Another thing the POS has in common with Obama. Human excrement as a parent. BRB. I need to get to the bathroom to vacate.

  7. Justin Trudeau is an encourager of Islam. For more on Islam’s encouragers see:

    The Encouragers: Jihadists’ Agents of Influence

    Douglas Murray, Gatestone Institute 2 July 2014

    “The wilful effort to ignore what is in front of our eyes, to cast blame where there is none and ignore it where there is, are not demonstrations of entirely wholesome societies. Rather, they are examples of societies suffering through a sickness. And if we cannot see our way through this, then it is this sickness that may yet prove to be the one historians in the future will recognize to have been terminal.”

    • From Douglas Murray: “there is a nervousness about singling out what is different — namely, violence — in one especially prominent ideology at the moment.”

      And there’s another problem: thinking the problem can all be put under the label of “violence.” So if Muslims aren’t violent or enablers of violence, we don’t have to worry about the stealth tactics they employ to worm their way into the system and make it bend to their will; or about a demographic conquest with all its horrifying implications. It’s true that the well-grounded fear of Muslim violence often allows them to achieve their ends by nonviolent means, but deception is highly effective too.

      For Murray, “the problem of our time” is “radical Islam.” Actually the problem of our time, and of a long time before, is Islam, period. Those who do not understand this clear lesson of history are engaged in a “wilful effort to ignore what is in front of our eyes” (again quoting Murray).

      • I would imagine Murray is aware of the discrepancy – it has been pointed out to him by many readers of his Spectator blog – however, he is probably at the margins of what is possible to say in British polite society.

        He is doing the best he can to warn whoever might be listening that Britain may become less polite if Islam is not checked – it is possible that such effort will remain ineffectual as power seems to have slipped away from our leaders to land in the hands of not so-shadowy figures intent on the rapid Islamification of the West. It is perhaps too early to say whether or not there will be a “public eruption down the road” as Murray puts it in another piece at the Gatestone Institute on witness intimidation at the public inquiry into London’s mega-mosque.

    • Hmmm…if you saw this video a year ago, then your computer has a “Forward” feature I’d love to borrow.

      As noted in the post above, this excerpt was taken from a four-hours’-plus coverage of the Jalsa Salana Canada 2014 convention. What you saw was/is from Session 2 live-streamed on June 21st – about ten days ago:

      This Amadiyya splinter group is no less murderous toward infidels and those who don’t believe their version of Allah’s instructions than the larger, better-known groups.Despite their belief in Allah, they are severely persecuted by the other splinters.

      Since you’ve seen deeply into videos about Islam, to the point that you can tell when they’re being repeated, here are some random inquiries which you may be interested in answering:

      What version of Islam does Syria’s dictator belong to?
      Before Syria became embroiled in the current meltdown, what varieties of refugees from other M.E. countries did he let in?
      Again, before the civil war there, did Christians flee from Syria & where did they go?
      Where do most of the adherents to this sect of Syria’s leader reside?
      The Syrian dictator is also an important Ba’athist. How do Ba’athists figure in the current strife in the Middle East?

      These aren’t trick questions; anyone can have a go at them.

      Answering them widens our understanding of the phenomenon known as Islam and the more we know, the safer we are…

  8. Ahmadiyyas try to couch themselves as a “friendlier” brand of Islam. True, they do not espouse violent jihad as do mainstream muslims. However, they are just as intolerant of other religions as mainstream Islam is. They are also very evangelical. Befriend one, and it is a matter of time before they ask you to convert to their “beautiful brand of Islam.”

    • Yog, if they were ever to attain ascendancy, which they won’t, they would be every bit as bloody as the current kings of the hill. Let’s just say they all display a different twist of the knife, but the knife still goes in.

      The Muslims who interest me, at least at an intellectual level. are the ones David Yerushalmi’s longitudinal study identified as non-violent. The results of his study are at the Middle East forum. He and his co-author found ~ 20% of American mosques to be non-violent. You can imagine how hard that study was slammed by the usual leftists, but no matter. What remains interesting is that 20%. They could be the nucleus of a righteous remnant.

      NOTE: THIS IS MERELY A THOUGHT EXPERIMENT. I KNOW THE BLOODY STORY ALREADY. What intrigues me are the people at the margins.

      Generally speaking, the margins are usually far more interesting that the smack-dab middle of any subject. The middle is usually known so well we can’t see anything else.For example, the margins of the left can be quite intriguing. Noam Chomsky is a good example of this type. He is considered an anarchist by many, but he self-identifies as a libertarian socialist. Now there’s a real oxymoron…but such as he people the margins…

    • Several days ago I heard an Ahmadiyya Muslim being interviewed by a gullible (conservative) radio host. The Muslim sounded sincere in his commitment to democratic (secular) pluralism, is rejection of violence, etc. One could almost be reassured. Then, at the end, referring to terrible things happening in the Muslim world, he said: “The problem isn’t Islam; it’s bad leaders.”

      Which raises some obvious questions, such as “Why does Islam have such a knack for generating bad leaders? Why do so many Muslims behave abominably when they’re not even living under one of those bad Islamic leaders? Or do you mean the imams at their mosques? In what other religion do the religious leaders have such a terrible influence on people?” Etc.

  9. DNo women, no children, hijabs on the podium, that’s where Justin Trudeau goes for his votes. The white guy in the beret reading disgusting passages from the Koran, is that the way, get the white guys to say it so it sounds nice? It sounds disgusting no matter who says it. Canadains need to smarten up having just in Ontario reelected the most corrupt government ever. If federally they are equally stupid and elect this son of a once famous father, Ontario is done, maybe Canada too.

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