Day 15: Cold Steel

MC’s latest report concerns a visit to Sderot by a busload of leftists and peaceniks on a road trip to the border with Gaza.

Day 15: Cold Steel
by MC

My wife and I stopped off at the bakery in the middle of town to buy some confectionary for Shabbat dinner tonight. Just up the road, ill-informed members of a ‘Peace Bus’ were trying to give the people of Sderot their message of cultural Marxist peace. This was the result (many thanks to Vlad Tepes for editing and uploading this video):

To Sderot, ‘peace’ means war and war means peace. Thirteen years and many thousands of hate missiles have removed any sympathy for the useful idiots who want to give peace a chance. Imagine how a child feels when no matter what he does, he gets beaten for it. Thus is Sderot, there is no reasoning with Hamas, so any peace is going to be so ephemeral as to be a daydream. A ‘Peace Bus’ carrying lefties and Arabs is not going to be viewed as anything but contemptible.

The credibility of the pro-Palestine lobby should be getting very thin now that they have attacked Jews with no connection at all to Israel, and many times over. But somehow the penny doesn’t drop that this is about anti-Semitism and nothing else. “Kill the Jews” is a giveaway: it is the traditional chant of the pogrom going back over a hundred years, and no doubt was used at the York massacre in 1190.

Some things never change, and the hatred of Ishmael for Isaac and of Esau for Jacob knows no bounds. This same enmity has come down the pages of history. Sephardic Jewry has always had to deal with the problems of Islam and dhimmitude. The Ashkenazim had to deal with European despots and their petty hatreds. Now we have a combination of both Islamic and socialistic pogroms to cope with, but now we also have an army, and can fight back.

They went into Gaza last night. The noise today has been continuous; we had a series of missiles over this morning but nothing since. I pray for our soldiers, may Yah keep them safe as they fight the forces of evil.

Islam can be fought, must be fought.

“The first thing to remember: There’s no substitute for cold steel. They do not like it up ’em, they DON’T LIKE IT UP ’EM”Jack Jones

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Note from the Baron: Vlad, who processed the video material embedded above, had this to say about Sderot and the “peace bus”:

They shouldn’t have kicked them out, although I totally get the anger. They should have made them stay in a field two minutes from a bomb shelter. And that would, I guarantee you, convert them into rational human beings. If they go to Gaza they won’t change their views at all.

MC lives in the southern Israeli city of Sderot. For his previous essays, see the MC Archives.

11 thoughts on “Day 15: Cold Steel

  1. These imbeciles would take themselves calmly off to the gas chambers for their “peace”.

  2. The massacre in York obviously has no connection to today’s events. What is it with semites(of all stripes) and their desire to feel like perpetual victims?

    I suppose when you believe you are the Chosen People, the very idea that your own flaws and prejudices may cause tensions is out of the question, it makes reflection and introspection near impossible. I don’t see how European gentiles and Jews can successfully cooperate against Islam(or more importantly cultural Marxism) when this mindset is so prevalent. Small pockets of resistance, sure, but not on a large scale.

    The simplistic comparison between my ancestors and today’s Muslims just sparked a little bit of ”antisemitism”(criticism of the Jews in a world where only relentless criticism of European gentiles is okay, thanks Adorno), and it has as always nothing to do with stories from the Bible or Torah.

      • If there is a connection, it might be that the Jews of York were as blind to their own prejudices and flaws as Jews are today. Making simplistic comparisons between Islamic Jewhatred in 2014 and the many historical conflicts between Europeans and Ashkenazi/Sephardic Jews, certainly appears to be influenced by a ”chosen race” vs gentile outlook.

        I do understand why many Jews are so fearful of a resurgence of ”antisemitism” amongst Europeans. If you actually believe that ”bigotry” and ”hatred’ kept returning without any explanation or sensible reason, then trusting Europeans or considering them equals is a difficult task. Much like the Muslims, the Jews have a long memory. But when events are not remembered as they actually occurred, this does more damage then good. Any Jew who is wise enough to understand that Europeans must be their allies in the future, should not take transmitted Jewish or PC history for granted and be interested in more critical sources.

          • Oz, there is no ethnic, national or religious group which is perfect (even we British!), but there is also, so far as I know, none which has endured such sustained hatred over so long a period as the Jews.

            Unless you can demonstrate that they are in some way more unpleasant than the average human, I’m afraid MC is correct.

          • @Mark

            “Oz, there is no ethnic, national or religious group which is perfect.”

            This is exactly my argument. The accepted historical narrative casting Jews as the perfect victims and European as the perfect villains is implausible, yet refuting this narrative is considered controversial. Since no ethnic, national or religious group can be perfect, its only rational to be interested in actions of the Jewish communities which may have led to discontent. To simply compare completely different conflicts, those between Jews and natives in York and Palestine/Israel is senseless, but typical amongst Jewish thinkers who have a tendency to stereotype political adversaries and have no interest in self criticism.

          • From the article:

            ” the world is burning with jealousy of Israel and what it achieved for its people in a mere 65 years.”

            I do not recognise this at all, though ”envy” is considered a popular though incorrect explanation for ”antisemitism” amongst Jews. In reality, Jews are simply seen as ”white European invaders” in land ”belonging” to brown Arabs. This motivates the gentile left.

            ”The Israelis are a very special people because they know how to live in the present and make this present worth living, while the West has drained its peoples’ souls and made their lives meaningless, with only shallow-minded hedonism and materialism remaining. This is why Gentiles often hate the Jews”

            Another strange comment from the author, not sure where the strength of this article lies.

            I’m completely aware that Israel cannot cave in to demands of the international community, as this will make life unbearable for Israeli Jews. This doesn’t mean I consider Israel a partner in the struggle of Europeans against their own demise, on the contrary,the Israeli government likes to abuse ”white guilt” in Europe whenever it suits them.

  3. I was bemused by the story of the CNN by reporter reporting from Sderot–apparently unaware that it is one of the most targeted spots in the world–who was so indignant at being heckled by local by-standers that she tweeted a remark about “Israelis. Scum,” and found herself instantly transferred to Moscow. Is she being exiled or sent to friendly territory?

  4. So glad they were jeered away. Are CNN reporters even stupider these days? Check out the moron who thinks its racist or something, whatever, how nobody checks the Canadian border. Read Mark Steyn on this, how one little Canadian/American town now has concrete abutments stopping friends and relatives from meeting and how their little library is split into two. The whole scale invasion on the southern border of children and gang members is just AOK with the American government. Won’t they be wonderful American voters? Off topic, but relevant, I think.

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